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Ellen The Embezzler 1

— Ellen the Embezzler 1 —

It was late in the day as I visited the real estate office where my stepdaughter Ellen worked. The owner, Howard, was an old friend; we went way way back, all the way to our school days. He’d been kind enough to hire Ellen as his bookkeeper after she’d not done well in several other job areas. She complained about the work and the lengthy hours, but so far as I was concerned, it was a decent job, Howard was looking out for her, and he reassured me she was doing all right at the work despite her complaints.

I saw her car still parked in back, along with Howard’s, and thought it curious that the office lights were out. It wasn’t unusual for them to stay after hours, but not in a dark office! A quick thought went through my mind: don’t tell me Howard is porking my stepdaughter! I laughed to myself; no way; she was sexy enough, and maybe even promiscuous enough .. but Howard knew better than to screw around with anything that close to work: he was too smart a businessman!

I let myself in, using the key I kept for the occasional legal work I did for him, and heard curious sounds from the storage room in back. Curious .. and familiar: the sounds of heavy sex and excited lovers! Quietly I walked back, to discover Ellen naked and bent over a stack of boxes. Howard was standing by her head with his cock buried in her energetically sucking mouth, his hands fondling her full dangling breasts.

But it wasn’t just the two of them as I’d suspected. Standing behind Ellen was Howard’s mentally handicapped son, Junior. Junior was 21, was quite normal physically, well developed even .. but had the mental capacity of perhaps a 10 year old. He was holding Ellen’s naked hips with both hands as he took long strokes with a remarkably long and thick cock into Ellen from behind. His eyes were closed, and a soft smile of pleasure lit his face. I couldn’t help but notice the extraordinary size of his manhood: there certainly was nothing undeveloped about that, I thought to myself!

I stood there quietly for a few minutes, watching the energetic sex until Howard finally had a climax, his body jerking as he came into Ellen’s still sucking mouth. “Oh yeah,” I could hear him groan with pleasure. “That’s good, honey, suck it up! God, you’re a great cocksucker!” There was little doubt as to his satisfaction with Ellen’s skills at fellatio .. nor of her willingness to do a good job: I couldn’t see her face buried in his groin from where I was standing, but I could hear her slurping sounds as she worked to milk him dry.

This seemed to be a cue to Junior, who sped up his movement and hammered his cock even harder and faster into Ellen’s body. Ellen’s moans of excitement were clear and louder now that Howard had pulled his softening cock out of her mouth, and it didn’t take long for the already excited woman to come in her own orgasm. Her eyes clenched shut, she cried out in passion as her body convulsed beneath Junior’s hammering cock. That really triggered the young man’s own completion, and I saw his face clench as he pushed his cock its full length into Ellen’s cunt. His body jerked as he came inside her, and I was surprised at how long it took and how obviously copious his ejeculation must have been.

Howard finally noticed me standing there, and his exclamation of surprise opened Ellen’s eyes as well.

“You all appear to be having a good time,” I commented with a grin. “I can’t believe you didn’t invite me to have some fun too!”

Ellen’s face was bright red but she was unable to move, since Junior’s cock was still buried in her cunt and his body weight was holding her firmly pinned down on the boxes. I let my eyes roam over her naked body, especially her full breasts hanging in front of the boxes, and she seemed to blush even more. She didn’t say anything to me; what was there to say? Dropping her head, her long blonde hair hid her face and her embarrassment as she resigned herself to the long cock still fucking her from behind.

Stuffing his softened cock back into his trousers, Howard stuttered an explanation. “Well, this young lady kind of screwed up in the office, and she’s paying me back.” He grinned at me. “What do you mean, invite you? Well, yeah, I would have .. if it had been some other hot cunt! But I figured, well, you know, her being your daughter and all …”

“Stepdaughter, Howard,” I reminded him. “And the only thing that’s kept me from fucking her a long time ago was her threatening to tell her mother if I tried!”

I met her disapproving frown with a stern look of my own. I had a feeling the rules just might have changed! “So tell me, Howard, what the hell did Ellen do to let BOTH of you fuck her?”

Howard gave me the full story. He had caught Ellen embezzling money from the office funds. She’d been very clumsy at it, and it was only his not paying attention to things as he should that let her get away with it as long as she had. Still it added up to almost six thousand dollars, over the past year, and he’d caught her at it. When he confronted her with the evidence, she’d pleaded with him not to press charges, that she needed the job and the money, and she’d do ANYTHING if he’d forgive her, if she could keep her job.

Howard had taken the guilty and pleading Ellen at her word, demanding she have regular sex with him in exchange for him not calling the police, not firing her outright. Eager to please, Ellen agreed to all his demands and let him use her sexually any time he asked, usually at the end of the workday when he could close up the office and take some time for his own pleasures.

“Six thousand dollars?” I exclaimed. “Damn, Howard, that’s gonna take a lot of fucking to make up that much money!” I got serious for a second: “Look, I’m sorry about that. I knew my stepdaughter had her problems, she’s done some damned stupid things in her life. But I thought she was pretty much getting straightened out. And she’s never been a thief!” I glanced at her again, but she avoided my eyes. She was probably more ashamed of being caught than she was at being fucked right in front of me!

“Yeah .. but I figured she’d do better for me this way than being in jail and having all the jailers fucking her.” He grinned at me, “Plus I’m still getting my books done, my phone answered, as well as getting my ashes hauled!”

I grinned back: Howard always did have a coarse side to him, but he usually kept it fairly well hidden .. except for me. Like I said, he and I went way back, and I had stories about him, things he and I had done together, that I’d never be telling ANYONE!

“So how did your boy get involved in this?” I asked, nodding toward Junior. Disinterested in the conversation, he’d begun to slowly stroke inside the helpless Ellen, and I could see her attention wandering away too, her eyes closed as she savored the feel of that long cock stroking inside her.

Howard continued to explain. After several satisfactory sessions with the fully cooperative and uninhibited Ellen, Howard had decided to increase his demands. Having her tied up one day, playing around with amateur bondage along with the usual sex session, he brought his retarded son Junior (who often spent time in the office watching cartoons in his father’s office) back into the storage room. Howard had been planning to introduce his son to sex eventually, but hadn’t figured quite how to do it. Pleased and encouraged by how cooperative and uninhibited Ellen had proved to be as his submissive sex toy, he figured this would be an excellent opportunity.

He’d tied Ellen bent over a chair, her ankles bound to its rear legs, her arms stretched out and wrists bound beneath the front of the seat. He’d fucked her once already, and she was still breathing hard from the orgasm he’d been careful to give her. She strained to raise her head when Howard returned with a second person, and her eyes opened wide as she realized it was Junior!

She didn’t make any objections. “He’s going to fuck me too?” is all she asked.

“One more cock isn’t gonna hurt you, honey,” Howard replied as he led his son around behind the helpless woman. “Jimmy, Missy P is going to help you feel real good, okay?” His son knew Ellen well and had always called her Missy P, since he couldn’t pronounce her last name. And his father had raised him to be polite.

“Look down here, son,” Howard said as he pointed between Ellen’s spread thighs to her shaven cunt, clearly visible from behind. “This is Missy G’s cunt, okay? You put your cock in there and move it in and out to feel good.

“Watch, this is how you do it.” Howard was experienced in teaching his son new things, and knew the boy easily caught on to all sorts of new things if it was all explained slowly to him. Howard pulled his cock out of his pants and, with his son watching closely, stepped up behind Ellen’s naked body. “See? You put your cock right here in her cunt, right down here, this long slit sort of thing. Not in this round little wrinkly hole here ..” Ellen gasped as Howard teasingly pushed his cockhead against her anus. “But down here, okay?” Howard slowly pushed his cock into Ellen’s still-wet cunt, slowly buried it all the way inside her, and then made several slow demonstration strokes. “That’s how you fuck a woman. Think you can do that, son?” Howard asked as he pulled his cock out of Ellen’s body.

“Fuck a woman? Sure, Daddy .. that’s easy! I can do that!” Jimmy replied in his soft voice. Despite his mental handicap, he seemed to have all the right instincts. Clumsily unzipping his trousers, Jimmy pulled out his cock. Howard blinked: he couldn’t remember ever seeing his son with a full erection, and he couldn’t help being impressed! Easily seven or eight inches long, quite thick, with a bloated head exaggerated by the circumcision his mother had insisted on. Howard grinned to himself: wasn’t Ellen going to have a nice surprise! He could see her trying to see past her bound body, to see what Jimmy was doing, and tried not to laugh. She didn’t have a clue as to what was going to be happening to her!

Taking his father’s place, Jimmy looked down again to be sure he knew where Ellen’s cunt was beneath her buttocks, up between her legs. Then, hesitantly, holding her steady with one hand on her naked hip, he used his other hand to guide his cockhead up against her vulva. Ellen gasped a little as she felt the pressure against her labia, but remained silent, just waiting for whatever the young man was going to do.

“Just push it inside now, Daddy? Like you did?” Jimmy asked, looking to his father for guidance. “That’s right, son, push it in .. kind of slow so she gets used to you being inside her. And then, nice and slow, keep pushing until you’re all the way inside her!”

He grinned again, waiting to see Ellen’s reaction.

Encouraged, Jimmy pushed his cock head inside Ellen’s vagina. Howard, watching closely, could see her labia stretch out, forming a thin fleshy band around the thick cock shaft right behinid the bloated head. Ellen gasped, “Oh! Oh .. it’s .. it’s BIG!”

Ignoring her, Jimmy continued pushing and slowly, inch by inch, slid the long hard shaft inside the gasping Ellen until it was completely buried, his pants pushed hard up against her naked buttocks.

Howard started to remind Jimmy to start stroking, but he discovered the young man needed no further instruction! His instincts were good: holding her hips firmly with both hands to keep her body steady, Junior began a rhythmic fucking of the helpless Ellen, smiling with pleasure and delight at the wonderful feeling her hot wet cunt was giving his cock.

The sounds Ellen was making as the young man fucked her were very entertaining to Howard. He knew he wasn’t a young man, and he certainly had no illusions that he’d impressed the submissive woman with his fucking and his quite ordinary sized cock. But now .. now was a whole different story! He watched with pleasure .. and waited .. and waited. His son was very energetically fucking the helpless Ellen, and she was obviously getting very aroused indeed! Howard was surprised to hear her suddenly moan, “Oh god .. oh, I’m coming! Ahhhhh!” and then saw her body convulse in an obviously powerful orgasm.

That didn’t affect Junior: he continued stroking, pleasure still on his face, as he fucked her right through her orgasm. Finally after what must have been a full five minutes, his face clenched and his rhythmic stroking paused. “Oh Daddy .. it feels good! It feels really good!” Instinctively he pushed as deep inside Ellen’s body as he could, and then took slow strokes, pausing completely buried inside her, as his body spurted out his full load of cum. Ellen’s soft cries of pleasure and excitement just seemed to punctuate his ejaculations.

Finally sated and satisfied, Jimmy pulled his cock out of the helpless Ellen. Smiling, he accepted a wet wipe-up towel his father handed him and carefully cleaned off the wet shiny shaft of his still-hard cock.

“Should I fuck her again, Daddy?” Gazing at his son’s erection, Howard grinned in satisfaction. “No son, not right now. That’s enough for one day. But next time, I’ll let you fuck her all you want, okay?”

Smiling with pleasure but obedient as always, Jimmy carefully put his hardened cock back into his trousers and went back to the front office to continue watching cartoons as his father directed.

Watching his son follow his instructions, seeing the young man’s pleasure and excitement as he’d eagerly fucked the helpless Ellen, and Junior’s obvious satisfaction when he finally came inside her body, Howard decided that they would continue this arrangement.

Hearing her soft moans as she tried to get her breath back, he didn’t think Ellen would have any complaints either. Reaching down he untied Ellen’s wrists and helped her straighten up. Then he knelt and untied her ankles from the chair legs. He could see dribbles of white cum running down the inside of her smooth thighs, as his son’s sperm drained from her heavily used cunt. She felt it too and took another wet-wipe to clean herself a little.

“God, he came a lot,” she muttered to herself. She glanced at the grinning Howard. “My god, he has a big cock! And I didn’t think he was ever going to quit!”

“Well, I hope you can get used to it .. because I’m going to be bringing him here regularly to have fun with you.”

She stuck out her lip, pouting. “I knew you were going to be fucking me, having me suck you, even tying me up and stuff. But I didn’t know you’d be letting other men fuck me too!”

“It won’t be other men,” Howard explained. He tried to make it clear to her, “I didn’t do that just so I could watch you being fucked by a big cock. Junior .. well, as you can guess, he isn’t going to find a real girlfriend, somebody he can have sex with. I was thinking of taking him to a hooker, just so he could learn what sex was all about, see if maybe that would get him some satisfaction, you know?”

Ellen was surprised at this relevation. “You mean .. that’s the first time Junior has ever had sex with anybody? His very first time?”

Howard nodded. “Yes .. and I actually have to thank you. He really seemed to enjoy that; it didn’t take him any time at all to figure it out!”

The naked Ellen was still pouting a little, but Howard knew she wasn’t going to make any real objection. He wondered if she might not have a soft spot for the c***dish young man, especially knowing that she was his first sex .. and perhaps his ONLY sex!

He suspected the size of Junior’s cock and the energy and thoroughness with which he fucked her had quite a bit to do with her decision. But he had no problems with that: indeed he was happy if Ellen was enjoying the sex; that made it all the more likely for her to continue their arrangement.

I agreed with Howard’s decision: Ellen would do no one any good in jail, while with this arrangement, Howard and his son would be able to enjoy the benefits of having an uninhibited and cooperative sex toy.

“Look,” Howard said, his eyes still on Ellen’s naked body as his son continued to stroke her. “Like I said, I would’ve invited you to be part of this too. There’s no reason why all three of us can’t enjoy her.” I glanced at Ellen, but she seemed to be fully occupied with her own approaching orgasm, from the sounds of her passionate moans anyway. Well, I’d take care of breaking the news to her.

I wasn’t surprised that Howard so readily invited me to join him in sharing a woman. This wouldn’t be our first time with this kind of a thing; indeed, the very first sex for both of us was an older high school girl when we’d both been barely in our teens. We’d taken turns fucking her and enjoying her sucking mouth for several years, even later in high school when we both had our own girlfriends. Her .. and another .. but my memories were interrupted. Jimmy suddenly gave a groan of pleasure.

“Oh yeah .. oh Missy P, I’m coming inside you! Here I come!” He’d become quite a bit more experienced at having sex with the uninhibited Ellen, and knew she liked hearing that. It helped her own timing, because it seemed to bring her own arousal to a peak. “Ohhhhh .. oh god, Jimmy .. fuck me hard! Ahhhh!” I heard her cries and saw her body jerk as she orgasmed, her pleasure peaks extended as Jimmy’s cum spurt deep inside her with those last driving thrusts.

Then, sated for the moment, Jimmy took his eyes off his cock that was still buried in Ellen’s cunt and smiled at me. “Hello, Mister Fritz,” he said, polite as always. “Are you gonna fuck Missy P too?”

Looking up, still dazed from her own orgasm, Ellen tried to focus on me. “You .. you’re .. what? You’re going to have sex with me too?”

I nodded. Stepping over to stand by her body still bent across the stacked boxes, I carelessly fondled her naked bottom as I reached beneath her to squeeze one of her full hanging breasts. She tried to lift up, to stand up, but Junior’s cock inside her cunt kept her hips pinned to the stacked boxes, and my hand moved up to her naked back held her firmly in place. She finally relaxed, submitting to the inevitable.

“That’s right, honey. You’re fucking Howard and his boy because of what you did. And I’m disappointed in you too: I was depending on you to do a good job. So now you’re going to have to pay me back too!”

I didn’t mention that I’d wanted to fuck this hot piece of ass for years, stepdaughter or not, and I would have if she’d given me a single chance. Well, now, I had the control, and she was going to do what I wanted.

Ellen objected at first. “You .. you’re my stepfather! You shouldn’t be having sex with me!” she argued, trying to keep her thoughts collected despite Junior’s cock continuing to slide in and out of her sensitive cunt. “What .. what if Mom found out? I could tell her, you know!”

I shrugged, “I don’t plan to tell her, and I suggest you don’t either. It might be a little embarrassing to tell her or anybody else that I’m just one more guy fucking you, taking turns because you’re trying not to go to jail.

“In any case, I’ve been wanting to fuck you for a long time now, and I see no reason to put it off any longer.”

Junior was moving again, beginning his usual rhythmic stroking inside the helpless Ellen’s cunt. “Ohhhh!” I heard her sigh, “Ohhh, he’s fucking me again!” And then her eyes drifted away from mine as her attention was pulled back to her cunt and the excitement that big cock seemed to always bring inside her. I released her breast after one last fond squeeze, not wanting to distract Junior from his fun.

Howard was looking a little dubious, perhaps having second thoughts about sharing his new treasure and pleasure with another man, concerned that more demands on Ellen might make her do something stupid .. like break their arrangement! But I’d known him for a long time, and I knew he’d come around. He was a little selfish and insecure, crude at times, but basically a kind and generous man. I wasn’t surprised to see him giving Ellen the opportunity to be his sex toy, rather than punishing her with jail. Or sharing her with his son. And, as I’d been remembering earlier, we’d done this before and it had always worked out well.

To strengthen my argument, I pointed out a real possibility. “Howard, Ellen might just decide someday that she’s had enough of you two fucking her. She might decide to accuse you and Junior of **** or extortion, or at least workplace harrassment.” Howard and I both glanced over as Ellen’s moans of excitement grew louder at Junior’s continued heavy hammering into her cunt. “So if I’m part of this, if I’m fucking her too .. well, she might be less likely to want to do anything like that .. me being f****y and all.”

Howard rubbed his chin, watching the overexcited Ellen come yet again in an orgasm from the lengthy sex .. with Junior just continuing his regular stroking, not giving the gasping quivering Ellen a moment’s respite from the stimulation and penetration of his cock so deep inside her.

“Well, I can’t say how she’d ever be able to claim she wasn’t having a good time .. thanks to Junior anyway. God almighty, but can’t that boy fuck a woman! He can’t count to five .. but I’ve seen him fuck her for an hour straight! He came easy three or four times that time, and he was still hard when I finally made him call it quits. And I’ll bet she had just as many orgasms!” He stepped up and lifted the exhausted Ellen’s face. Wearily, still dazed by her orgasm, she looked up at him. “You sure like Junior’s cock, don’t you honey?” She just looked blankly at him for a second and he shook her head a little. “Come on now,” he prompted, “He’s gonna fuck you again. You want that?”

Ellen gasped a little as she felt Junior start to move again, and as his cock bottomed out in her vagina at the end of his first deep hard thrust. “Ohhhhh .. oh god .. I can’t believe .. yesss, yesss! I love his cock!” she gasped as he picked up fucking her with just as fast a pace as I’d seen earlier. Her eyes closed as her entire universe closed down to the feel of that big cock moving inside her, and her excitement climbing right back toward the orgasmic peak she’d just reached not a minute before. “Ohhhh .. god, he’s making me come again!” And then another long drawn-out moan of pleasure as she convulsed in yet another orgasm.

Howard shook his head, “Yep, that girl sure does like being fucked.” He glanced at me, “No way I can fuck her like that, don’t you know? And I don’t plan to embarrass myself either. Once Junior starts in on fucking her .. I just let her suck me off, that’ll do me just fine. Because that boy is just flat one hard act to follow!”

The two of us watched as Junior, uncaring that Ellen was still quivering and moaning from yet another orgasm, continued to hammer away in her helpless body.

“But I get your point, and I agree,” Howard said. “It’ll be a good idea for you to be fucking her too, or just getting blow jobs if you prefer.” He grinned lecherously and dug an elbow into my ribs. “It’s not like we’re gonna wear that cunt out after all! Or her mouth either: she’s got a fine mouth, you know!”

Yes, Howard did have his dirty old man side, no question of that. But no matter: that wouldn’t discourage me from thoroughly enjoying my sexy stepdaughter’s helpless situation.

I watched her being fucked by the well-endowed Junior and debated whether to go ahead and take my turn with her now, or wait for another occasion. I had my own pride and knew I wouldn’t size up (literally and figuratively) to the young man fucking my overexcited stepdaughter at the moment. But I wanted to ensure she accepted me as her new and additional sex partner, so she was going to get fucked by me, no matter what she thought of my abilities and size.

It was just a matter of waiting .. only a few minutes if what I had witnessed already was any judge of Junior’s performance and ability to recover. I decided to ask.

“Junior, are you going to fuck her quick? So I can have a turn?”

The young man lifted his eyes from Ellen’s naked body, from his cock sliding in and out of her hot tight cunt, and looked at me. I saw the eyes of an innocent young boy enjoying himself, not a hint of the hugely obscene sex act I’d been watching. Ellen was moaning again, “Ohhh .. oh god, you’re .. you’re making me come .. I’m coming .. ahhhhh!” a long cry of pleasure and passion, and she convulsed again, her hands grasping at the cardboard box that supported her, squeezing it in passion and pleasure.

“Huh?” Junior said, slowing his pace as he gave his attention to me. “Did you say something, Mister G?” Junior was always polite; his father insisted on good manners despite his handicap.

“I’d like to take a turn with her. Could you fuck her quick? Really quick?”

Junior grinned. “Oh, you gonna fuck Missy P too? Sure, I can fuck her fast, you don’t mind if I do that and come inside her one more time anyway?”

I smiled back at the cooperative young man. “You just go right ahead, Junior, fuck her as fast as you want. I can wait.”

Smiling innocently, Junior took a fresh firm grip on Ellen’s full hips and began a really fast stroking, the slapping of his body against her buttocks loud in the small room. Ellen’ sounds of pleasure were loud now, a short barking cry of passion at every full deep penetration mixed with the almost constant moans of pleasure and excitement. She peaked again in a long wavering cry of orgasmic passion .. and then I heard Junior’s deeper groan of pleasure as he took one, two, three long hard plunges into her body, obviously timing each to match a flood of sperm he was jetting out inside her.

Relaxing, he smiled with pleasure and satisfaction, patted Ellen’s full bottom in a friendly fashion, and pulled his long and still hard cock out of her body. “Thank you, Missy P .. that sure was a great fuck!” Yes, that was Junior, always polite.

I stepped behind my naked exhausted stepdaughter and pulled my own cock out of my pants. Looking down at it, I felt a little discouraged. I’d always been happy enough with my size and sexual abilities, but like Howard had said, Junior was a hard act to follow! He’d make any man feel insecure! No way was I going to be able to match the pleasure and excitement this woman was still quivering from! But no matter, I could accept that. The object now was to fuck her, to let her know she was going to make herself available for my pleasure, that her cunt and mouth were going to be for my pleasure as well as the other two men. Slowly I slid my cock into her cock, trying to ignore the thick ribbon of whitish cum that was droooling from the pinkish depths of her gaping vagina. Her body automatically reacted to the new cock penetrating her, and I could feel the muscles of her vagina close up around my cock head and shaft, giving a deliciously smooth tight fit. God, my stepdaughter had a wonderful cunt! No matter everyone wanted to fuck her!

“What .. what are you …” I heard her murmur as she strained to turn, to look over her shoulder. Obviously, dazed by her orgasm, she hadn’t noticed Junior leave and me take his place. “Ohhhh .. oh Fritz, you’re fucking me!” she sighed.

“That’s right, I’m going to fuck you now, Ellen, so you just relax and get ready for me to come inside you. This won’t take long .. not this time anyway.” That was the truth: I was pretty excited from watching all the heavy sex and this naked woman’s response to the almost unceasing fucking.

“Ohhh .. ohhhhh .. you’re .. you’re fucking me!” she said in a plaintive little girl’s voice. “You’re really .. fucking me!” Her voice was interrupted at each of my cock strokes into her body.

Ignoring her now, I kept my eyes on my cock shaft sliding in and out of her cunt, her labia stretched around me, rolling in and out with each penetration. She felt good, very good indeed!

“Ohhhhh .. oh god .. oh, I’m coming again!” I couldn’t believe it, but Ellen really was building back to yet another orgasm! Her overexcited body was responding to even the little bit of stimulation I was now adding to her with my fast stroking inside her. I felt the unmistakable sensation as her vagina opened up, loosening around the head of my cock, opening to receive the sperm her body instinctively knew was going to spurt inside her! I came then, hard, spurting again and again as deep within her as I could f***e myself. And I heard her cry out, another long wavering cry of passion, as she quivered and jerked and pushed her bottom up against me, burying me as deeply as she could inside her.

Then she slumped, totally relaxed except for the slight quivering of the muscles in her vagina squeezing around my cock.

I stood there for a few seconds, savoring the feel of my freshly fucked stepdaughter’s cunt around me, and then pulled myself out, adding my own drool of cum to the streams of Jimmy’s cum dribbling down her naked thighs.

That would do for now, I thought with satisfaction. She knew without question that she had finally been fucked by me. She was already used to being the sex toy of Howard and his boy; I’d just be the third. She’d resisted my demands for a long time .. but that was over: now she was mine to use as I pleased.

Standing there looking down at her naked and thoroughly fucked body, I listened to her dazed murmurs of pleasure, “Ohhh .. oh god .. that was so good .. that felt sooo good! I love your fucking me!” That was doing all sorts of good to my self esteem, no question! And it certainly looked like an end to any thoughts of resisting.

But I wondered, looking at her .. would my stepdaughter tell her mother about this? Complain about my forcing her to have sex with me? I didn’t think so: her mother had never been very sympathetic toward her daughter, knowing full well her somewhat promiscuous and irresponsible behaviors as a young girl and woman. Ellen would know she wouldn’t get any sympathy from my wife if she complained that I was taking my place as one of the three men who fucked her any time we wanted. And the reason why she got in that situation in the first place.

No, Ellen wasn’t going to complain to anyone. She was going to be ours, to enjoy as we would. And that’s just what I planned to do!

— More to come —

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