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Episode 58 – Alia and Uncle mack

Uncle Mack picked up Alia on Friday afternoon, just after she arrived home from school.

“Off for a dirty weekend”? Mum joked.

“You bet” replied Alia, giving her Mum a hug. She picked up her rucksack, stuffed with her favourite clothing – mostly underwear, clasped Mack’s hand and strolled out to his car, parked outside.

Once inside the car they kissed – his fingers tracing circles on her bare thigh, easing her skirt ever higher until he made contact with warm pussy nestling inside her pink panties.

Alia panted: “Stop it – Mum is watching – you’re making me all wet. I need to suck your cock – so just drive!”

They soon arrived at Pizza Hut on the outskirts of town, where Dads took Daughters, Step-Daughters or Grand-daughters for a discrete meal before bed. The tables were snugly enclosed in booths, where little girls could explore their sexuality without too much interference.

Almost as soon as Alia was seated opposite Mack, their waitress Mandy arrived. As Mandy lent over Alia, Mack couldn’t help looking down the front of her low-cut white top at the pale blue bra encasing her shapely young breasts.

“Stop staring, Uncle” whispered Alia, trying to block his view of the big brown nipples.

“I don’t mind” replied Mandy “now what can I get your gorgeous daughter?”

Uncle Mack spluttered “A large spicy pepperoni for me and Alia will have a Hawaiian; and she’s my Niece, not my daughter”.

Mandy stroked Alia’s thigh: “Lovely ch1ld –I can see we’re going to have a lot of fun”.

“Ahh Dad, there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you. We’ve been doing a Fam1ly History Research Project at school. Mum said that Dad was away at sea (or in prison) for the whole year before I was born, and that you as his older br0ther came to stay most weekends. Mum said you were a fantastic lover and got her pregnant almost straight away. I was born and then Dad came back, so you had to move out. So I know you’re my real Dad, not my Uncle”

Alia kicked off her right shoe and brought her bare foot up into Dad’s crotch under the table, massaging his rising erection.

Mack discretely undid his belt and fly buttons – Alia’s foot felt fabulous against his bare cock.

“Naughty Daddy” hissed Alia “you’re not wearing any underpants. Oh I love you”

Mandy re-appeared with their pizzas: “Spicy Pepperoni for Daddy – Oh what a lovely penis. Hawaiian for my favourite Daughter; drinks and fries and dips”.

Mandy slipped into the seat next to Alia, sliding one hand up her bare thigh, stroking across her lightly furred pubes. Alia opened her legs wider to allow Mandy’s probing fingers between her hot wet lips.

“Naughty Girl – you’re not wearing panties either – where are they?”

Mack chuckled, stroking the bulge in his shirt pocket and licking his lips: “These are really tasty baby”.

Alia moaned softly, leaning into Mandy’s neck, responding to her expert fingering: “You’re so pretty, are you really a lesbian?”

“No baby girl, I’m bi-sexual – I fuck girls and attractive older men”, smiling at Mack “here’s another pair of panties for your collection”.

Mandy eased her black silky high-legs down over her knees, and then off.

Alia tried to drink her Coke, rub Daddy’s cock with her foot and avoid cumming around Mandy’s fingers quietly. It didn’t work – her nipples hardened – her tummy quivered – her foot flexed around Daddy’s cock. Mandy’s thumb pressed into her clit, two fingers plunging deeper. Alia came with a gasp, closing her eyes and burying her head in Mandy’s neck: “Oh shit Daddy – she’s making me cum again”.

After a few moments “Sorry baby – Got to go” said Mandy, licking her sticky fingers “there’s more customers to serve. I’ll come back when you’ve finished eating – I’ve got a pass for you for the Adult Play Room – it’s that blue door over there”.

Adult play room
Alia bounded into the brightly-lit room, leaping full length onto the huge water-bed, skirt flipped up above her waist. Mack wasn’t far behind, dropping his trousers, holding her hips and burying his face in Alia’s bottom. Alia moaned as his tongue flicked around her butt-hole: “Stop it. Stop it Daddy. You mustn’t do that – it’s dirty”.

“Don’t be silly, baby – you taste fabulous – I love all of you –I adore your bottom – I just want to make you happy – just relax and let me eat you all up”.

Alia squirmed away, flipping over onto her back and opened her legs wide: “Come and get me Daddy – this pussy is all wet for you.

Come here and make me cum with your tongue”.

Mack didn’t need asking twice – his tongue fitted perfectly in her pussy, sliding up over her hard clit and back down into her gooey depths. Occasionally he left her cunt to continue down between her cheeks to rim her arse, making her giggle uncontrollably. Alia was creaming – pussy juice spilling out as fast as he could swallow it down.

Alia’s wrap-over skirt was all bunched up around her pretty waist – naked below – and a tiny tee-shirt above. She undid the skirt button and pulled it off – lifting her bottom up – f0rcing her cunt harder into Dad’s face. That just left the tee-shirt: Dad slid both hands up and onto her tiny breasts – Alia squealed. Dad pinched her nipples quite hard – Alia climaxed noisily – furiously rubbing her cunt against his tongue. Dad moved further up her body – kissing her belly button, then each nipple, her chin and then her on the mouth. His cock had crept up her thighs and now lay just inside her pussy. One quick shove and he was in – Alia whimpered: “Fuck Me – Oh Fuck Me Daddy”.

Daddy slammed into his little fuck-bunny, kissing away her tears of joy: “Quick get on top, baby”.

Dad and Alia rolled over so that she was riding him – sitting upright, little knees poking into the water-bed. Dad could watch his cock sliding up into her wet cunt – what a sight. Alia bounced hard for a minute, then collapsed onto his chest as waves of hot sperm filled her young body. Dad held her bottom as they lay glued together in post-sex bliss. Alia’s breathing was very slow – perhaps she fell asl**p, until Mandy rolled up beside them.

Mandy had stripped down to her see-through blue bra and black stay-up stockings. Dad and Alia took in her astonishingly dark nipples and dark brown pubic triangle.

“Oh Daddy, I want her. Can I kiss you, Mandy”?

“Of course, baby. But first why don’t you look in that toy cupboard? You should find my favourite dildos and some anal lubricant, oh and a condom for your Dad – I think he wants some cuntal”.

Alia returned with an enormous wobbly double-ended dildo and popped a finger-full of lube in Mandy’s bottom and then her own. Dad pulled Mandy into a reverse-cowgirl: erection between her buttocks, pulling back on her hips, driving the cock deep into her arse. Alia pushed one end of the dildo into Mandy’s wide open cunt, the other end into herself: “We don’t need a condom –Dad’s had a vassi-dictomy thing on his balls – he shoots blanks; but don’t worry – it still tastes as good as real sperm”.

Dad slid both hands up inside her bra, massaging her tits, gripping the dark nipples, fucking Mandy’s arse, while Alia fucked her cunt with the dildo. Mandy was moaning: “Oh shit – that is fabulous. Suck my cunt, little girl – I want to cum on your face”.

Dad watched his darling daughter eating the cunt of the waitress he was arse-fucking. Mandy lifted up higher, so that his cock slipped from her wet arse and smacked into Alia’s chin. Alia sucked it clean, before thinking about where it had been. Mandy’s mouth joined hers –one on the balls – other at the tip – kissing each other around the sides of his cock. Alia clambered on top of Mandy – Dad kneeling between their thighs – first fucking Mandy, then Alia, then Mandy again; finally cumming all over Alia’s bottom.

“Don’t move” demanded Mandy “I need to clean you up”. Mandy licked all the sperm out of Alia’s bottom – pushing her tongue in deep for the last drops. Then Mandy fucked Alia properly with the dildo, while Dad chewed on the tiny bumps behind her nipples. Dad smacked Alia’s bottom as he fingered Mandy’s. The two girls were now locked together at the cunt by the double-ender, gripping each other with their thigh muscles. Being the least experienced Alia was the first to cum, closely followed by Mandy who sucked him back to full hardness for her final fucking, with Alia sitting on her face.

They all quickly found their s**ttered clothing and left before the next fuck-party arrived; Mandy with a £25 tip stuffed into her bra.

In the car
On the way home to Mack’s flat, Alia pulled her panties out of his shirt pocket, then Mandy’s, then a note slipped out: “Mandy says she’s free all day Sunday, and left her phone number with three kisses”.

Alia was really drowsy – gently massaging Dad’s cock through his trousers.

Sitting on his lap watching her favourite lesbian porn on his laptop, then “Read me a story – that one about the girl with the Horse Cock again. I love the bit where she cums in that pregnant girls mouth and the baby comes out as a foal – is that possible – I’d love to get pregnant – fuck me now”.

Alia stuffs her favourite teddy bear head down, down the front of her blue tights, sticks out her hips and walks around the room “look I’m having a baby – fuck me all weekend, don’t bother with those nasty condoms – fill my belly with your spunk – it’s not like we’re related or anything”.

Alia saw that strange expression on Uncle Mack’s face again “Come here baby – sit on my knee – hold your hand up”. They pressed their right hands together, then their left.

“Our hands are identical – look -your fingers are the same length as mine. Mum always said my hands don’t look like Dad’s or hers – why is that – are you my real Daddy?”

Uncle Mack didn’t answer straight away, but licked his middle finger and slipped his hand down the back of Alia’s tights. Her hot buttocks parted to take his probing finger – the finger tip pressing gently against her tender butt hole.

“Oh Uncle, I love the way you do that – please push it in, Daddy never touches me like that. He just makes me take my top off and wants to cum on my tits. He must know my tits are far too small – I don’t like flashing them about – I love it that you let me keep my top on, when we make love”.

Alia’s top was a tiny white strappy affair that held her tiny firm tits perfectly level, allowing a heady view of young tit flesh from the sides and slightly hiding her puffy nipples from the front. Alia thought it made her look very desirable – Uncle Mack agreed – kissing her lightly on the lips, then brushing his mouth across each nipple in turn.

Uncle Mack’s middle finger was inside her body up to the first knuckle – Alia squirmed around on his lap, trying to take more. Alia was pretty sure that releasing the growing cock from his trousers would do it. She unbuckled his belt and slipped one hand down the front of his black boxer shorts.

“Oh Uncle – it’s enormous – you must love me very much. Can I stroke it? Here, look – I need both hands to hold it still. Do you want me to suck it? Will you cum in my mouth? Is sperm really hot and sticky – some girls at school brag about how much they can take”.

Alia didn’t wait for an answer –dropping to her knees and taking his cock-head into her little mouth. Will it all fit? Could she satisfy him?

Would he still love her? Is it all right to gag? So many things to learn. She sucked and looked up into Uncle Mack’s eyes – he was grinning like the Cheshire Cat. Yes –she was doing something right. Open her mouth a little wider – take more cock – roll her tongue around the head. Would he fuck her throat? Perhaps she should pull back a little – let him see her smile.

Then to bed; Alia curled up in his arms was soon fast asl**p, breathing gently into his neck, both hands grasping his erection.

The following morning Mack woke first – Alia was laying across his body – face snuggled into his neck, one thigh trapping his morning erection. Alia was still sl**ping like a baby; moving slightly as Mack ran fingers down her spine and between her hot buttocks. She opened her thighs, allowing his cock to spring up against her crotch, feeling the heat radiate from her hardly-fucked pussy.

Mack’s hands pulled her cheeks apart, allowing fingers to slide down between his cock and her pussy. Now she was fully awake, wondering if she could take all this erection cuntally. She loved the word ‘cuntal’ and tried using it to all her girlfriends – some understood, many were disgusted.

Alia and Dad lay in bed for most of the morning, sucking and fucking occasionally; Alia creaming whenever he licked her bottom. After a quick naked lunch, they pulled on a few clothes and sat in the park watching the parade of pretty girls in skimpy sun dresses or shorts.

Alia tried sitting on Dad’s lap without attracting too much attention, but his erection kept lifting up her short skirt, exposing her bare pubes.

Two girls walked past hand-in-hand, giggling and disappeared behind a tree, imagining that no-one could see them groping each other.

Except that Dad and Alia had a perfect view of one girl’s knee pushing between her friend’s thighs. The gasps of pleasure left no doubt that one of them was cumming. Alia took the opportunity to mount Dad’s cock, straight up her pretty arse, while his fingers played with her pussy under cover of her red skirt. Alia sat very still, just flexing her thigh muscles to keep the anal pressure on her Dad. His fingers played havoc with her gaping pussy; juice cascading down to soak into his trousers.

Alia suddenly looked up as a group of 5 or 6 girls, dressed in jeans and skimpy tops surrounded the bench she was fucking on. One of the girls was her best friend Tee – her white high-legged leotard tucked into rolled-down running shorts contrasted beautifully with her dark chocolate skin. Her exposed bare hips inviting anyone to slide a hand down into her crotch to feel the over-heated pubes inside.

“Hi Ali” she shouted “lucky bitch – fuckin in the park”.

“Hush” replied Alia “we don’t want everybody to know”.

All Dad could think of was that gorgeous wide-open cunt photo that Tee had sent to Alia, and was now safely stored on his phone: “turn around baby, real slow – let this old man admire your backside”.

Tee had obviously been running – sweat ran down her bare back – the bottom end of the leotard all scrunched up between her buttocks – most of her beautiful arse on show inside the tiny shorts.

“Shit Daddy – did you just cum in my arse?”

“Daddy!!?? I thought he was your Uncle – tell all baby”.

Alia lifted off Dad’s sticky cock to help Tee lick it clean: “I thought so too, until yesterday; but it’s right – this disgusting specimen is my real dad – and I just love him– why don’t you come back to his place – we can fuck all afternoon”.

“Sorry babe – I’ve got a hot date tonight – going out with two of my Cousins – haven’t seen them in ages – lot’s to catch up”.

“Male or Female cousins?” asked Dad, still imagining that beautiful moist cunt inside her shorts.

“One of each, actually – but she always brings an enormous strap-on, so I might not be able to walk tomorrow”.

“That’s OK, just come on over in the afternoon – I think we’re going horse-riding with Mandy from Pizza Hut”.

Sunday Afternoon
Mandy was already at the riding stables when Dad, Alia and Tee arrived, not quite knowing what to expect.

Mandy surveyed their clothing: “Thought I said no jeans – they are all far too tight for riding – take them off now!”

They were inside a warm changing room with lockers down one wall: “It’s all right – I won’t look”.

Alia and Tee stripped off, dropping their jeans on the floor, then realised they weren’t wearing any panties. Dad was OK – his black boxer shorts hid his erection for now – but then he noticed a fleeting glimpse of Mandy’s arse clad in tight leggings, not jodhpurs and it grew. Alia tried to pull down her baggy tee-shirt to cover her newly acquired dark brown pubic hair – she and Dad had only drawn it on with eyebrow pencil before lunch. The Tee noticed a row of heart shapes diving down across Alia’s buttocks, ending in a kiss on the inside of one thigh.

Tee stood close behind Alia, trying not to show Mandy just how wet her succulent purple pussy lips were – from when the girls had been playing on the journey over.

“Here, put these paper panties on, you two – they should provide a bit of cover for a while”.

Alia expected the paper panties to be all scratchy; she delighted in the feel of the silky smooth tissue paper against her crotch. She teased at the finger-nail sized tear just above her clit – the paper gave way as the moisture from her opening pussy petals strained against the crotch. Tee grabbed her arse cheeks from behind, splitting the paper further until they were completely crotch-less. Alia retaliated by carefully rolling down the waistband of her friend’s panties until they lodged just above her pubic bone, giving her a perfect camel-toe for the few minutes before they ripped open climbing up on the horse.

“Come here girls – and stop playing with yourselves – these Masturbating Horse Riding Simulators will soon have you cumming”. Alia and Tee climbed up into their ‘horses’ saddles.

“So girls – put your feet into the stirrups and grip with your knees – you’ll know you’ve got it right when the vibrators start”. Mandy wound up the speed on her remote control – the simulators were soon into a canter – rocking the girls forward in the saddle – bumping their pussies against the pommel.

“How do you fancy riding bare-back”? Without waiting for an answer, Dad lifted up Alia as Mandy removed her saddle, then the same with Tee. “You might want to take off your tops, this can get quite sweaty”.

Dad lost no time in helping Tee out of her tee-shirt, rubbing her gorgeous little breasts. Alia flung hers at Dad: “Stop m*****ing that little black slut – come and suck on your daughter’s pink nipples”.

“Oh I can feel all the bumpy vertebrae down his back – one seems to be growing into my cunt. Shit – there’s another one going up my arse. Mandy are you doing this? You’re making me all wet. How am supposed to ride this horse if he keeps fucking me”?

“Mack – why don’t you climb up and sit behind Alia, and I’ll take Tee with this strap-on”.

Alia leant right forwards, holding onto the horse’s neck, lifting her arse, offering her tight, wet cunt to Dad’s cock, sitting behind. Alia sat back down on his vibrating erection; his hands tweaking her nipples. “You’re going to make me cum, if you keep doing that. Please do that. Fuck me deeper, Daddy. Oh shit – you are cumming in my pussy; I can feel all that lovely blank sperm filling my womb. Oh Daddy – now you’ve got a finger up my arse – you are so rude. Mandy are you fucking my best friend’s arse? That dildo looks way too high for her pussy. Yes, you are – you filthy bitch – I can see her empty cunt from here”.

Tee’s cunt didn’t stay empty for long – Mandy had two fingers inside her in a flash – exploring her delicate folds as she pounded the girl’s backside. Tee held onto her own tits, twisting the nipples hard to ease the pain in her arse – Mandy’s cock kept on fucking.

Suddenly Tee clamped her thighs together, crushing Mandy’s fingers and shook through her climax. Mandy replaced Tee’s hands on her tits with her own and pulled back, driving the strap-on deeper yet into soft arse to keep the orgasm going for as long as possible.

Alia and Tee clambered unsteadily off the masturbation ‘horses’ to hug and kiss, letting their overheated cunts cool down for a moment.

Now Mandy wanted Alia and Dad was lusting for Tee.

Alia sidled up to Mandy, grabbing hold of her plastic cock “Can I borrow this? I’ve always wanted to try one”.

“Of course babe” Mandy replied undoing the straps and sliding the artificial cock down her thighs “here, let me help you”. Alia stepped daintily into the confusing array of black leather straps; Mandy guided it up past her knees to nestle against her tummy while she tightened the straps for a comfortable fit. “You do have the prettiest arse; it looks edible framed in black.” Mandy knelt down behind Alia kissing and stroking her bottom, gripping the cock in one hand and caressing Alia between the legs with the other. “See this button – it operates the little egg vibrator resting against your clit”.

“OK bitch, enough of that. Get over the back of this horse – I need some practice with this cock”.

Mandy was so happy to oblige – she lay over the back of the horse, legs spread wide – even holding her pussy lips open for the cock to enter. No such luck – Alia had other ideas for her first dildo-fuck – it had to be anal. She ignored the glistening cunt and pushed straight in to Mandy’s puckered butt hole.

“Now scream bitch!” joked Alia, holding onto Mandy’s hips and thrusting the cock deep, pulling out and then deeper “am I doing it right?

Are you going to cum for me”? Then in a much lower voice “do you think I can fuck my Dad? He’s always playing with my bottom – even when I was a little girl – he would lick his middle finger and slip it between my cheeks when Mum wasn’t looking. Then he made me suck him, while he had a whole finger up my arse”.

“Did he take your cherry, babe? Or was it some spotty boy behind the bike sheds”? Mandy asked while jilling herself hard.

“Shut up bitch – that’s personal – I’m not discussing my virginity with a waitress who has the hots for my dad. Oh look now he’s inside

Tee and mauling her tits – do you think they’re prettier than mine”?

Mandy looked up from her arse-fucking “I think you should try your dad now and he can clean me out with his tongue”.

Dad was still deep inside Tee’s cunt when Alia pushed the plastic cock into his arse “Naughty girl – I love it – hope I don’t damage your little friend – you’ve learnt well from Mandy”.

Mandy offered her dripping cunt up to dad’s face “Eat me daddy – make your little slut cum”.

Tee came first from the cuntal pounding and heavy nipple tweaking, Dad wasn’t far behind filling her womb with gallons of hot spunk. Mandy squirted on his face, both hands on her own clit. Alia found the vibrator control on the strap-on and brought herself off – cock still buried in her dad’s arse – the best feeling ever.

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