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Ex GF Steps****r (Cheryl) , part2

Sorry a little late writing a another chapter about my ex girlfriends cock teasing steps****r ( Cheryl) and how we ended up fucking. Now on to the story.

Well as you probably know if you read my first post on her that Cheryl had been teasing me for sometime and we ended up finally fucking. Well Cheryl and myself have been fucking for a good 6 months up to this point and it was the best 6 months a guy could ask for. Cheryl would be waiting for me to get home from work at times and we would sneak a quick fuck in her bedroom or out in the living room when everyone was sl**ping.

Well this is a time of Cheryl and mine fun that I feel was the best fuck session I ever had with her and eventually led up to me fucking her mom later down the road. Everyone was busy getting ready for my and my girlfriends weeding this day and running around so that no one was late. I was staying at a hotel with my groomsmen but I had my own room as it was where my and my gf were to stay after the wedding. I had just woke up with a pounding headache (both heads lol) after drinking with the guys all night celebrating my last night as a single guy. I was about to jump n the shower when someone knocked on my door and when I answered it I saw that it was Cheryl. She was dressed in a short sundress with of course no bra and her sweet tits were looking great in that outfit. I ask what she was doing here and she said everyone was in everybody’s way at the house and wanted to know if she could get ready here at the hotel.

Well I sure as hell wasn’t going to say no and mentioned that I was about to jump in the shower and to make her self at home. As I was in the shower I heard Cheryl come in and said she needed to pee and couldn’t hold it any longer. Once she was done I turned around to see that she had joined me in the shower. Which of course I wasn’t going to say no. As she was pressed up against me we exchanged long passionate kisses and she stroked my hard cock as I would rub her great tits and clit making her cum multiple times in the shower. We quickly got out of the shower and made out way to the beds where Cheryl had my lay back and proceeded to suck my cock like the pro she was at it. As she was sucking my cock, I told her I need to taste her sweet pussy as she sucked me. We ended up in a 69 for a good 30minutes with my cock balls deep down Cheryl’s throat and my tounge deep in her pussy.

I told Cheryl that I need to feel her wet silky walls of her pussy sliding on my cock till she cums. Cheryl then turned around and slide down my shaft till I was balls deep in her. She then just sat there contracting her pussy muscles massaging my cock and making me go crazy cause I need to fuck her. Cheryl then started to slowly ride my cock telling me she wants to give me a long slow fuck so till I busted a huge load deep in her pussy. Cheryl would slowly ride me and has she was on the up stroke she would stop so that the head was just inside of her sweet pussy. She then would contract her muscles around the head squeezing it making me crazy and wanting to slam it deep in her.

Once Cheryl had teased me long enough she slipped off my cock and rolled over on her back spread legs and begged me to fuck her deep and hard till she couldn’t walk. So who was I to say no, I quickly dove between her thighs and slammed my cock deep and hard in her waiting pussy. As I pumped her cunt I would lean down and suck her sweet tits as she would be telling me that she plans on fucking me even when I’m married. I told that I had hoped so cause I would be fucking her more and more every chance we had because there was no way I was giving that sweet pussy of hers a rest. As I was pumping her full of cock I grabbed her legs and put them over my shoulders so that I could really get deep in her pussy and wear it out. I would pull out till my head is in her cunt and just slam my cock home making Cheryl moan so loud I’m sure the people in the next room heard her.

I then had Cheryl on her hands and knees pumping her doggie style and would lightly play with her sexy ass while I fucked her cunt. She really started to enjoy the attention that I was giving her ass and pussy at the same time and it was making her very wet as I slipped my index finger knuckle deep. Ii worked her sweet ass like that the whole time I was deep in her pussy pumping her deep and hard. Cheryl was enjoying so much that she was thrusting her ass harder and harder onto my finger with every time I slipped it out. I asked her if she was enjoying her ass finger fucked and all Cheryl could do was moan and pushed more onto my finger. I then slipped a second finger in her and this made her jump till she was used too the extra thickness. So with it being my wedding day I mentioned to Cheryl that she should let me pop her ass cherry for a wedding present. Cheryl at first protested but the more I pumped her pussy and ass with my fingers she finally gave in. I already had lubed in the room due to the fact my gf lover her ass fucked so I was planning ahead for her. I slipped out of Cheryl’s ass and grabbed the lube and squirted some on my cock and on Cheryl’s soon to be gapped ass.

When I felt there was enough lubed on her sexy ass I slowly guided my cock into her tight ass and Cheryl pulled away saying she didn’t think she could take the thickness of my cock. I told her to reach between her legs and rub her clit to help her relax as I slipped in her ass, Cheryl then reach and started to rub her clit but at the same time she would massage my balls as I pushed more of my cock in her. As I stuffed her ass Cheryl would moan and scream louder and louder telling me it felt like I was in her stomach. I was enjoy Cheryl’s tight ass wrapped on my cock as I popped that cherry and with her moaning so loud it just made me fuck her deep and harder every time. It wasn’t going to be long before I was going to cum deep in Cheryl’s ass and she knew I was on the verge as well as she would squeeze her ass together making it tighter around my cock.

Cheryl asked m to pull out so that she could lay in her back because she wanted to see my face as I came in her ass. As I pulled out I couldn’t help but enjoy the view of her ass gapped and used for the 1st time and what a great wedding present it was. Once Cheryl was on her back she grabbed my cock and guided back in her ass with her legs over my shoulders and begged me to show no mercy on her ass till I came. I slipped back in her ass and started pumping like a mad man on her ass as she rubbed her clit making her pussy wetter and her juices dripping on to my cock and her ass. Once I tensed up she looked at me and said she could feel my load shooting in her ass and it was driving her crazy. After I was finished coming in Cheryl ass I left my cock in for a bit longer then slowly slipped it out and watched my cum leak out of her ass.

Well after Cheryl was able to move from the deep hard pounding I gave her pussy and ass she said she didn’t think she would be able to walk down the aisle since she was a bridesmaid for the wedding. I told her that I will enjoy watching her walk down knowing I had just fucked her hours before and took her ass cherry. Cheryl snuggled up against me and we laid there for a bit then headed back into the shower to get ready for my wedding. Once in the shower and getting cleaned up I couldn’t help but to have her sweet pussy on my cock one more time before the wedding. I leaned Cheryl back against the shower wall she guided my cock into her waiting pussy for a another deep pounding. We fucked for about 20minutes in the shower then she go out and started to get dress as I finished my shower and shaved. Cheryl was dressed when I go out and was looking so hot in her bridesmaid dress that I wanted to fuck her again this time while she was wearing the dress. Cheryl told me we didn’t have enough time but maybe later after the wedding since she wasn’t wearing panties under her dress and is hoping for a quickie later.

Once at the wedding and I was up at the alter watching the wedding party come down the aisle I could not help but have a hug hard on once I saw Cheryl. Knowing that she and I had fucked hours before and now she was pantyless and waiting for another fuck session after the ceremony. Hope this was worth the wait and will add more about the wedding if you guys enjoyed this.

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:28 pm

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