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Excerpt from the Ultimate N3gro Manual

Excerpt from:
**************** The Ultimate Negro Owner Manual *****************
by (a very awesome negro buck from the UK!)
Dear reader, Congratulation! You finally got yourself a new nigger. Niggers make for delightful, loyal pets, and will bring smiles and joy to the whole f****y. However, I know that for first time negro owners, such a big a****l can be intimidating.
I am Missy of the NWO, and my passion is owning niggers. With this manual, I wish to encourage non-black citizens to explore the joy of nigger ownership. The first chapters of this book will introduce you to the basics of caring for your nigger. If you are a seasoned nigger owner, you can skip directly to the later chapters, which delve into more advanced topics in nigger slavery.

Chapter 1: The negro, demystified
One frequent misconception many people hold, is that niggers resent being enslaved, and as a consequence, are dangerous and aggressive, especially for c***dren and young ladies. While a few years ago there were a few wild aggressive niggers, most negros these days have been tamed or bred in controlled condition, and can be classified as domesticated a****ls. In this day and age, it is a myth that negros are dangerous. Rather, nigger aggressiveness often comes from improper handling by the owner. The first mistake beginner owners make is to treat their nigger like it is human.
While some niggers have a physical appearance that somewhat resemble humans appearance, it is misleading. Niggers are a race of apes, originally from Africa, who evolved the capacity for speech. Nevertheless, they are niggers, monkeys, and attributing them human emotions like aspirations to freedom and pride is a mistake, it confuses you, the owner, and it confuses the nigger, which will result in pain for the a****l. As any social a****l, niggers understand hierarchy, and it should be perfectly clear in your household where everyone’s place is. The negro should obey not only you, the owner, but every one in your household, as well as all non-niggers.

Another mistake beginner owners make, is to not give their negro enough work to do. The negro originally comes from the jungle, and it needs exercise to stay mentally and physically healthy. Whether it’s giving him field work, or house chores, you should make sure your nigger gets the appropriate amount of exercise, which is, ata minimum 10 hours a day, 6 days a week. If you have sheepdogs, they can also help watch for your niggers. Negros tend to fear dogs, and having been bred to watch over cattel and farm a****ls, sheepdogs are perfectly capable to handle niggers as well.

Once you have established your superiority, the negro is actually a very docile and affectuous a****l. It craves to be touched by his owner, and is eager to play and please you. This might be one non ideal characteristic of niggers. They can be high maintenance, and require multiple visits to the vet, as well as attention from their owner. You can have them sitting at your feet and licking you while you read, trample them, or pee on them, it does not matter to the negro. However it needs some attention from you or it will wither away. But I hope to convince you, dear reader, that once you go nigger, your life will be brighter.
The next chapter will describe some important features of the nigger’s body.

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:30 pm

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