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Experiencing puberty and involving daddy about sex

If you men think life was tough for you as a boy, then imagine the complexity of puberty as a girl, when you only have a daddy to turn to, and yes, I was a vixen and played on my poor fathers nerves.

That sugar and spice stuff was really pointing to where my poor old dad was avoiding, the little orifice between my legs, that came alive, with so many questions, emotions, cramps, urges and needs, and one of those needs hung between my daddy’s legs, and I just had to have answers, after all, that was what puberty was about, awkward questions and serious answers.

Growing up with my daddy was magical in my early years, puberty and the ‘baggage’, that came with it, were years into the future, and we just simply had one of those wonderful bonding relationships, where anything I wanted, I got, and he in return had his little princess, a capricious c***d with a doting daddy, who would do anything for her happiness.

I was twelve when I became aware of sex, and it was very late that night, when I woke up and went down to the living room. I knew daddy had been drinking and suspected he had fallen asl**p. The living room door was ajar as I approached, and the hallway was partially illuminated by the flickering of the TV, strangely, there was no sound from either what was on the TV, or daddy’s snoring.

I peeked in through the door and my eyes caught sight of something on the TV, daddy jumped as I pushed the door open and walked in, he had switched off the TV, before I could see anything tangible, but I suspected it was Porn, and daddy started being apologetic, claiming he was now tired and suggested we go to bed.

As he got up, I could see he had a huge bulge in his pants, I knew he had an erection, and it was almost comical to watch him fluster and try to hide it from my curious eyes.

I arose that same morning early and could hear my father snoring in his bedroom, so I tippy-toed past his door and went down to the living room, and looked at the DVD cover, it was a Porn movie, so I switched it on and watched most of it before daddy got up. I never told him I had seen it, but for some reason I wanted to know why he watched it.

I went back up to my bedroom and climbed back into bed. My head was full of those images of the women, and I knew daddy was not seeing anyone, so I could sympathise with his wanting to see those women do those things, perhaps if he had a girlfriend, he would not need to watch or rent porn?

As I played it over in my mind, I was subconsciously physically touching myself, finding a hidden pleasure I never knew I had, and soon I was masturbating, with great results, I had an orgasm, and it left me shocked and very sensitive.

I had a mixture of the Porn movie, Daddy and myself, somehow I had got them all mixed up in my head, and suddenly, out of the blue there was this strange feeling, building up and up, until I started convulsing over and over, with this incredible feeling sweeping through my body, which left me shaking.

I lay still listening to my daddy snoring, I was naked, having taken off my pyjamas when I climbed into bed, so I began to enjoy another new revelation, my own nudity, even though my breasts were still in the cup cake range, my nipples were like tiny hard rocks, and my vagina was a sensational feeling of softness, warmth, slippery titillation, even my bum hole, lubricated with my vaginal secretions, was a revelation, as my index finger poked it, and slid inside with ease, which was where it was when daddy knocked on my room door.

‘Emma, you awake darling’?

I was lying on my side with my finger up my bum when he came into my room, and as he approached my bed, I purposely started touching my vaginal lips and hole, I was experimenting in daddy’s presence, and almost immediately could feel that wonderful feeling starting to build up deep inside my tummy and around my clitoris.

Daddy saw my fidgeting, as I pushed my fingers inside my vagina, ‘What are you doing down there sweetheart’, as he sat down on the edge of my bed, his eyes widening as he looked at my chest.

Sitting down had pulled what cover my top sheet had over my pert breasts, and they both popped out to show my nipples, but I was too busy marvelling at the intensity of feeling my vagina close around my inserted fingers, I was cumming in daddy’s presence, just like I did earlier, only then it was in my head, but now he was actually sitting there and watching my as my body shook, and I let out my first public orgasm.

To say daddy was sat there in absolute shock, at my openness and display of sexual candour, but once I had started cumming, there was no way I could stop this incredible process, and yes he got to see his grown up daughter masturbate, but in time, it was good he did, because it brought us closer, and made my entering puberty as it should be for a girl, a sexual revaluation, and gave daddy an opportunity that most men never get to experience, an intimate bonding.

As the waves of pleasure subsided, there was no doubting my nudity, as my twisting body was revealed as daddy sat there wide eyed, pouring every pore of naked flesh on display.

I saw in the bulge in daddy’s pyjamas his cock was hard, and that told me he loved me in that way too, so I was naughty and never fully covered up.

‘I watched your movie daddy’, I held him responsible for my display of sexuality, I was still his little princess, but with a woman’s sexuality to contend with, but now as my eyes descended onto his bulge, I asked him that question every girl wants to know when she crosses over from being his little girl into a l****a, ‘Did I make you hard daddy’?

Not only was my question explosive, I pulled myself closer to him and touched it, and as I did so, I asked him to hold me, and as he did, pulled him down onto the bed and wrapped my leg over his, burying my head into the nape of his and kissed the soft skin.

I was almost on top of him, his thigh between my own legs, as I rocked gently feeling my clitoris stimulated from the shape of his high and the heat of his body.

‘Emma’, he cried silently, ‘what are you doing’, my hand was inside daddy’s pyjamas and I was holding his thick soft cock. Bringing my mouth to his ear I whispered breathlessly, ‘I’m wanking your cock, please let me finish daddy’, and now, like in the movie I began sliding my hand along the shaft and down between his legs, squeezing his tight balls, all the while staring into his face and noting every grimace and tortured expression, as my small hand handled him with a desire that only the love of a daughter could give her daddy.

‘Please cum for me daddy’, I whispered into his ear, before pushing my tongue inside and swirling it around, biting his lobe and humping his thigh.

‘Put you finger in my bum hole daddy, pleaseeee’, I begged, and as his finger tip toyed around the crinkled opening, I pushed back onto it, and felt the wonderful feeling of his penetration, upon which I squeezed my sphincter muscle then relaxed as he went in a bit more, then squeezed again, that’s when I felt his warm semen on my wrist and forearm, daddy was cuming with my exertions, but it was the sounds he made that excited me most, I just had to put my mouth on top of his and French kiss him until his cock went limp in my hand.

We lay there quietly until our heartbeats returned to normal. Daddy was embarrassed, but I was elated, with the intimacy and the discovery of my now found power of sex, ‘Did you enjoy that daddy’, I asked him in my little girlish voice, my brain not wanting to quite to relinquish being his little girl quite yet?

But daddy was deeply embarrassed, his ejaculation showed he had enjoyed the sexual awakening of his daughter, gratified her demands, and curiosities, but he was more afraid of the consequences, should I accidentally blab to one of my friends about masturbating him so openly and making him cum.

I could feel the warm semen come out of solution and start to run down my arm, ‘It’s moving again’, I said as we both watched it run down my arm, and as his eyes followed the saline trail, I brought me hand to my mouth, and pursed my lips, and drank daddies nectar, licking my forearm as I did so, ‘Now I have you in my tummy daddy’, and at that we just held each other until I awoke, alone some hours later.

The sun was streaming in through my bay windows as I stood in front of them, admiring my nude body in my full length mirror. Not quite fully there as a woman, but even part way, I looked ravishingly hot. I was still in an enthralled state of mind, now I was sexually aware, even old Mr Smith from next door, who was standing open mouthed as he started at me, could only wave back to me, as I acknowledged his presence, and shamelessly let him look at me, I wanted him to have a hard-on too, and pirouetted on the spot, so nothing about my nudity could escape Mr Smith’s coveting stare.

I went down into the kitchen with my new found sense of being, nude of course, and found daddy sitting at the dining table reading the morning paper.

I walked over to him and put my arms around his neck and kissed him on his face, ‘I love you daddy’, I said, smothering his face with little pecks.

‘Emma, sweetheart’, he protested meekly, your naked. His protestations were meek, and it gave me added confidence in my nakedness, that I had an ace up my sleeve, which of course my nudity did not have.

I f***ed myself onto his lap, still with my arms around his neck, ‘Stroke my back daddy’, which he did, and the heat from his other hand as he laid it on my thigh, sent shivers up and down my spine, as I snuggled in tight to his body warmth, ‘I want to start sl**ping in your bed daddy’.

I could feel him stiffen, no, not down there, his whole body, as my innocent words sunk in, ‘We can’t sweetheart, it’s not right, I’m your daddy’, he was looking for the right words, speaking in short sentences, but the sensations under my ass cheeks spoke otherwise, ‘Daddy you’re getting hard again’, I giggled, ‘please let me sl**p with you tonight’, I pressed my desire home, by wiggling his erection between my eager bum cheeks, ‘you know I’m right’?

In the end he got up, he was losing the argument, my sexual urges and naked body were too much for a man starved of being intimate with a woman for more than 12 years, I had to admit even to myself, this flood of powerful sexual urges I was exhibiting, surprised even myself, but I saw and felt no wrong in my expressions, even to daddy, or Mr Smith next door, I felt it was the right thing to do, and I knew I needed to get this new horniness out into the open and wear it down.

‘Lets take the movie back into town daddy’. He looked at me, now fully clothed as I walked into the living room. ‘I don’t think they will let you inside the shop baby’, and I looked somewhat surprised, I knew my age might provide a restriction, but how would they know, I looked way grown up, sort of like a twenty one year old being asked for ID, because she looked sixteen.

‘I want to buy a vibrator daddy, and I want you to help me choose one’. I could see the exasperation etch lines across his tanned face, ‘come on daddy you know it makes sense’, I continued?

‘Well dressed like that you do look a whole lot older’, he reluctantly agreed, but I looked at his crotch to see if I was still making him hard, and he saw my eyes drop down to look. ‘Emma, stop it’, he mockingly complained, but I just laughed, ‘Stop what daddy’, I teased, walking towards him again, only this time he backed off, fearing I would touch him again.

‘OK, OK’, he surrendered, ‘we’ll go into town and do your shopping’, he said it as he grabbed his keys and then asked my to go fetch the DVD, which I did.

Sitting in the car I saw daddy looking down at my legs, and he saw that I was watching him, ‘Are you wearing panties honey’, he asked me?

‘No daddy’, I answered honestly, and he said he could see my ‘Camel Toe’, so plainly, ‘I know daddy, but you know I am going to buy a vibrator, and I thought it would be easier if I could try them all out’, daddy looked at me as if in disbelief, ‘Your going to insert them into your pussy in a shop full of men’, he asked me in credulous voice, ‘Why yes daddy, I don’t mind if the watch me, just as long as your there helping me’, I replied.

Daddy indicated to pull over into a car park, he turned to face me, we’re here sweetheart, are you ready?

I looked at daddy, the man whom I loved very much, ‘Yes daddy as ready as ever’, I replied, he looked down between my legs again, the dark damp stain on my outer pants was spreading as I wetted in excitement, ‘I really hope the shop is full of horny men daddy’, I giggled as I nervously got out and eased the tightness from my crotch, by pulling my pants down a little.

‘Lets do this darling’ I heard daddy say, but I was at the door and already pushing it open, and stepping into the darkness and the cooler air, already I could see a couple of men turn to stare at me, at last this was what I wanted, and I undid the small zipper in the front of my shorts, the cool are hit my exposed lips, and I walked towards the two men, with a huge smile on my face, I turned back to look for daddy, but he had gone, perhaps to hand in the DVD, ‘Come here sweetheart’, one of the men said, ‘Come to daddy’, said another, and I walked over to them, my coochie open and showing, it was too late to turn back.

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