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Explanation to my wife

Trying to tell my wife how this all happened was tough to say the least! I am married to a lovely early 40’s brunette with large 38dd breasts on a very lovely not fat but thick frame. When we met she had already had 3 c***dren youngest Bradley 13, Dakota 17, and Daphne 23. I work alot of hours at night so Katherine and i dont get to see alot of each other at times,but we are very very much in love with each other. I am 37 a decently built man 6’3 212 pounds not ripped but in good shape. My main asset is that i have a fairly large cock…its over 9 inches!!

One day i came home from work to an empty house. Katherine was at work,Dakota and Bradley were out doing k** things during the summer heat. Exhausted i just stripped down to my underwear and laid down on the couch. I must have fallen asl**p i started waking up…. Katherine must have come home…..i am being woken up by the most awesome blowjob ive ever gotten!! I hear her moaning while shes sucking me i lay my hands on her head and start pumping my cock in and out of her hot mouth. “Ohhh Katherine!!!! You are amazing today!!” She gags on my cock i let her off it and oh my god i get the shock of my life…its Daphne!!! “Thanks daddy but im obviously not mom. Will You take it easy on me? You about shoved that thing into my stomach!!!”

“Daphne!!! WHAT THE HELL!!!??” She looks me in the eyes “daddy i don’t know what came over me! I walked in the door looking for mom. My boyfriend has been really treating me like shit! I came over to vent to mom, you must have been having a sex dream. You were hard as a rock and peaking so far out of the waistband that i just couldn’t resist seeing it all!” She continues to stroke me while she is giving her explanation. “Once i saw all of it i just had to taste it! Daddy i need this ive had such a rough day and well u know it feels good!” She winks at me and wraps her lips around the head looking me in the eyes while sucking me.

Now i should tell you that Daphne is almost the spitting image of her mother except Daphne has even BIGGER breasts!! I was moving towards telling her to get off me and doing the right thing when she pulls up the tshirt she’s wearing and her monster boobs come out and rub against the base of my cock and balls!!! I was a goner then… “Mmmmmm Daphne!!” Once she figured out i wasn’t going to stop her she keeps my cock in her mouth and strips herself naked. She lets go of my cock long enough to ask”do i look better than mom?” “Daphne you both look exactly the same except for these” my hands grab her breasts and i caress them while shes sucking me. Daphne stops sucking and stands up walks over to the wall and leans against it, shaking her fantastic ass at me”daddy i need you inside me!”

Im already rubbing my cock between her ass cheeks almost as she’s finishing the statement.reaching around and grabbing her boobs while my cockhead splits her pussy open.” Oh my fucking god dad!!!” She cums just from me entering her.this drives me crazy and i start pounding my stepdaughter’s hot pussy! Shes making all kinds of noises and grunts enjoying it so much!”oh god daddy fuck me! Yes oh god mom is so fucking lucky!!” Hearing that i pull out of her feeling guilty. She turns around looks at me and says “oh no you don’t!” She pushes me backwards i land on my back on the couch. She walks over and slides down onto my cock. “Oh no daddy don’t get scared now! This cock is so good and im going to get more of it!”she begins bouncing up and down on me. Of course i get right back into it fucking her pussy meeting her.

She leans forward as she’s shuddering through her 8th orgasm and i lock my lips around her nipple and start sucking on it sending her into another roaring orgasm!!! She lays down against me heaving as she comes down, my cock still buried deep inside her.”daddy will you cum inside me?” “No honey i don’t want to get you pregnant” she slips me out of her,kneels down and wraps her boobs around my cock and starts fucking them with it. ” Then im going to make u cum in my mouth!” She wraps her lips around the head and sucks hard while tit fucking me. “Oh my god Daphne oh don’t stop amazing honey oh fuck!” The feeling of the soft skin between those huge boobs and her lips on the head is just overwhelming. “Oh baby im going to cum!!!” Daphne moans approvingly and sucks harder! I can’t hold out any longer and i shove my cock deep in her mouth as i explode in her mouth!!!!

Daphne expertly swallows as much as she can before my orgasm overwhelms her and some of my cum spews out of her mouth and down between her boobs with my cock. I lean my head back,my mind swirling as Daphne cleans up all the cum she can. “Mmmmmm wow daddy so much tasty cum!!” “Daphne we need to talk about what just happened…” she looks me right in the eyes “oh no im not letting you analyze the best sex ive ever had!” She stands up and begins getting dressed as i try to get her attention. As she finishes up and turns to leave she puts her finger to my lips and says ” if you keep talking next time i wont let you fuck my ass!” She kisses me and walks out the door… “Next time??? Wait did she say fuck her ass???” I mutter to myself aloud as i head for the shower.

I didn’t see much of Daphne for the next few days, work and sl**p and scheduling differences i couldn’t get a moment to speak to her. One week later we all were at a birthday party for a f****y friend. I was trying to find a moment to talk with Daphne about what happened but Katherine was using the time to spend with me since our hectic schedules dont allow much time for us. Sitting across the room on a couch while Katherine was conversing with someone i happened to see Daphne talking with my other daughter Dakota. I see them looking over in my direction and im trying to find a moment to slip away to go talk with Daphne when i see Dakota’s eyes widen in disbelief and im no lip reader but i know for a fact the words that came out of Dakota’s mouth were “oh my god! How big was it???”…im in deep trouble

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