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Falling in Love Sexually, with my Boyfriend’s

I looked at my boyfriends s****r and saw in her, the reason why men sometimes just desire a woman for sex.

I had heard about her on occasions from my boyfriend, but I must admit, upon actually meeting her, she took my breath away. I know between the sexes we have the alpha humans, one that inspires the rest of us to look up to, but for me, seeing her and watching her, was sexual, my nipples hardened, and I ached, like I do when my need for sex becomes a fact, even my boyfriend seemed enamoured by his s****rs presence.

As fate would have it, we both were f***ed into a situation, out of our control, the weather that night saw us cancelling our departures back home, and we finished up through necessity, to share a room, a bed, and we became lovers.

Her name was quintessentially English, but for me, it had a butch like quality, a secret way of defining her sexuality, that other pretty little things like myself, instinctively knew our bodies were attractive to her.

‘Eunice’, She was apparently called after some ancient Victorian great-great-grandmother.

Our initial brief introduction nagged at me during the night, her scent and soft touch, had an alluring draw on me, and it was as if she knew something about me I did not, something only women can know, and during the evening, our eyes met and hers would drop, and my heart panged, an emotional drawing into her, she was seducing me, and in the process, her b*****r became almost Neanderthal by comparison.

The snow fell thick and fast, and my heart lifted, as the f****y were now discussing the possibility of an overnight stay, as reports said roads were becoming impassible, but it was Eunice’s whisper to me about sl**ping with her, that made my head spin, and her hungry smile that spoke volumes in its look as the reality sunk in, we were staying the night, and I was bunking with her, suddenly my body ached like it did when sex was inevitable, only I was looking past my boyfriend, when it was announced, and looking at Eunice, as she raised her glass ever so perceivably, to me. All I could do was nod in aquience, as a show of willingness.

‘I’ll sneak in later when Eunice is sl**ping’.

My boyfriend’s need for me sexually suddenly failed to have a reaction, I did not want him to, I wanted to have the night in bed with his s****r and discover the secrets of another sort of love, they say women know what turns them on, and I hoped that Eunice would know these secrets, because now I ached for bed and to feel her nude body next to mine.

It was past one in the early morning when we all eventually went to our respective rooms. Eunice went just after twelve and I was desperate to be there with her, instead of listening to my boyfriends pleas and promises of sex, that was never going to happen, as I was not in the mood for him, not in my bi-curious state of mind, and besides, I already knew what it was I wanted, it was Eunice, and so I told him I needed to go to bed, and not leave it too late for fear of disturbing her.

When I entered her bedroom her scent permeated everything, titillating my nostrils and arousing my senses, she was everywhere, and the darkness only heightened what was already aroused.

I closed the bedroom door and blinked furiously to accustom my vision to the low light level. My heart was pounding in the darkness, so loudly, I believed she could hear it, and my throat was thick, I found swallowing difficult without gulping.

There were two bed, she was in the larger of the two, mine was a single, and there was an armchair between them, on which, lay the clothes she had discarded.

I sat on the edge of the single bed and studied her sl**ping form, covered by a duvet. Her breathing sounded normal and even, and I tried to imagine what she looked like under the duvet, when I noticed her clothing, discarded in a small pile on the chair.

I reached out and picked-up her panties, so small and feminine, to touch as my hands fondled where minutes earlier, the material brushed against her body.

I stared at her shape as I brought the crotch of her panties under my nose and smelt her odours from her vagina, something I would do with my own panties at night for tell-tail signs, but she smelt different from me, very female, as I placed the open gusset on top of my tongue, to taste her secretions, she was sweet.

I lay back with her panties on my tongue and slipped my hand down the front of my own panties. I was so wet with desire I began to masturbate myself, very slowly, and very quietly. It had been such a long time since I had felt myself wetting so much, and soon the room was filled with the sounds of my pussy being rubbed and fingered.

‘Come in beside me Emma’.

At first I only imagined I had heard her say it. I had been rubbing myself with my eyes closed I failed to hear her move, and then she was touching my foot, and I opened my eyes to see her luminescent shape, propped-up watching me, touching my free leg as it bridged the gap between our beds.

It was if looking at her through a night vision camera, she looked beautiful, and she was smiling, not surprised to see me committing a sexual act in her presence.

She repeated her offer, to get into bed with her, and I slipped from my bed onto the floor beside where she lay propped up on one elbow, and reached in and put my arms around her neck and buried my face into the nape of her neck, and drank in her nectar, feeling her fingers go down my panties and hook into my open cunt, then she pulled me into the bed.

‘Let me fuck you’, she said, as she pushed her fingers deep into me, causing my bum to rise and my back to arch, the warmth of her breath on my nipple was matched with the sharp pain as her teeth bit into it hard, matched with the cruel thrusting of her fingers, killing any thought of a wondrous orgasm, she was going to make this encounter last.

I could still feel the pressure on my nipples long after she had stopped cruelly chewing them. She was a****listic in her lovemaking, lending credence to her boast of going to, ‘Eat me’.

Inch by inch she edged up my body, using the headboard as leverage, her scent becoming stronger as her thighs crossed my breasts, and my hands felt the pillowy softness of her buttocks and my nose suddenly crossed into that part where her luscious labia opened and her hard clitoris was exposed to my tongue.

I had never tasted a woman like this, her scent made my head spin, as she settled into an upright position on my face, her open thighs and bent knees pinning my shoulder as she brought her hips into action, and the tip of my tongue began picking out the small imperceptible rises in her hot flesh, her anus, and clitoris in particular, two points that made her gasp when probed by my thrusting tongue.

I wondered if I was as violent on her b*****r’s face when I rode it, as she was atop of mine, her hips rocking in small circles each time my tongue delivered just the right amount of pressure and warm saliva, to mix with her own vaginal flow of nectar?

I was pushing deeply into her anus, feeling her sphincter contract around my tongue, ‘Deeper’, she gasped, and her fingers rubbed on her vulva as she f***ed her buttocks down onto my face, that was when I realized my legs were being prized open gently and suddenly the warmth of another mouth was upon my own labia.

My boyfriend had come into the room and joined the lovemaking. I was restricted in my movements as his s****r sat atop of me, but she knew he was there.

Even as her soft inner thighs covered my ears, heard her say to him, ‘Do me first’. Her voice was aggressive in it’s plea, she was close to her peak, and I felt her rise from my mouth as his cock passed over my lips and penetrate her wet cunt, suddenly his balls were slapping my chin as he thrust in and out of her, and she pushed back to meet her b*****r and f***e her clitoris into my open mouth.

On occasions he would slip from her and enter my mouth, causing me to gag, I don’t know if she was squirting into my mouth or face, but soon, with control, my tongue was tracing a new route from his anus to his s****r’s clitoris, and the sweetness of her fluids now mixed with her b*****r’s semen as he pumped deeply inside her and with each outward motion, brought the contents of her vagina into my open mouth.

Her inner thighs blocked my hearing of their unison, their orgasms simultaneously erupting and for that instant, he disappeared inside her, his balls hung from her cunt, his cock thrust so deep I could not detect it’s base, just the flow of his semen into her, small thrusts to match each ejaculate, I kissed each organ as they relaxed and separated, licking his cock as it rested on my face, to be joined by her, as she dismounted and bent in to me and kissed my face, before joining in on a double sucking, seeing a s****r suck her b*****rs cock, made me yearn for a sibling of my own, I would have licked him all over.

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