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Ginny Weasley. For weeks leading up to the yuletide, mental images of her, of her red hair, flawless fair skin, had flooded Harry Potter’s mind. He wanted to kiss her, be with her. She was beautiful, one of the best looking young women he had ever seen. Yet, she was out of reach. In a broken relationship and also the s****r of one of his best friends. It was getting to him, distracting him from his day to day. His head was full of raunchy thoughts and desires all the time. He knew, of course, that Ginny wasn’t an object, but his body’s urges didn’t respect her like his mind did; his raging hormones couldn’t help themselves. Tension just kept building…


That was how he had ended up in a broom cupboard with Luna Lovegood.

“Hnn! Hah… Ahnn!”

When he asked Luna to attend Slughorn’s christmas party with him, he did so innocently; the idea of fucking her didn’t even cross his mind. He had wanted to go as friends with Hermione, but she had gotten tangled up with McLaggen to try and make Ron jealous. Really, Luna was just another option for a friend to take. She was definitely attractive, yes, but he had no ulterior motives when he extended an invitation to her. It was Luna who had noticed he was on edge during the party, who had correctly guessed it was due to sexual tension, and then offered to help. She had set it all in motion. Of course, he had taken her up on her offer, but really, what was he supposed to do? Self control wasn’t an option in that situation, at least not for a horny teenage boy. He had been on edge for weeks, not able to think straight because of how badly he wanted to overcome the obstacles between him and Ginny, and here was a pretty girl noticing his problem and willingly offering herself as a solution.

That’s what had brought him to where he was now, in a dark, confined space with Luna. Her silver christmas-tree dress was pushed up just over her smooth hips, her black tights were pulled down to expose her rounded ass, not too large or small, and she was bent over ever so slightly, propping herself up by her hands against the stone wall of the small ‘room’. Harry’s hands had found their way under the fabric of her dress up to her uncovered B-cup, which he was holding on to while he fucked the bleach blonde.

“Ah… Ahhnn… Ah! Harry…”

“Luna… Luna…” he continually muttered under his breath.

She was hotter than he could have ever guessed. It almost made him wish this could be more than a one night stand. He knew they had a silent agreement this was to relieve Harry’s tension, and they both had other interests, and it was certainly for the best, but in the moment, possessed by lust, he could only think of how tight, hot and shockingly wet she was. How arousing her high-pitched staccato moans and her lack of underwear were (the latter was definitely Harry’s new favorite of her idiosyncrasies). When she first offered her help, when she fished out his length and began to stroke it, when Harry began to move past his decent character to let his desire rule him, as it was now, he thought he’d imagine Ginny during the act. Here he was though, happy to be fucking Luna, thoughts of the redhead far from the forefront of his mind.

Since Luna was doing him such a great service with no objections, and since, for the first time in a long while, his head wasn’t filled with images of a certain Weasley girl, he was set on fucking his partner properly, on pleasing her. Luna’s humanity wasn’t something Harry could consider while his personality was buried by his lust, but giving her sexual pleasure was an easy task. He leaned over Luna as he fucked her, and found her moans drove him even crazier as he brought his ear so close to their source and heard the sharp, enticing notes leave her soft lips directly. They managed to turn him on even more, and he responded by peppering kisses over her neck and shoulders and trailing them over her back. At the same time, his hands massaged her rack, and he rolled her nipples in circles with his thumbs. Harry’s actions lit a fire inside Luna, and she started to thrust back against him, her hips rolling, her ass running back against his hips and thighs over and over, her pushing backwards while he moved forward. She got into rhythm with Harry, slowing down and speeding up when he did. Her body began to shift as she did, tensing and making arches and then relaxing, changing with each push. It was an intoxicating sight that drove Harry on.

Harry’s hands eventually left Luna’s breasts, and he reached one hand down to rub her clit, to further his quest of pleasuring her while she satisfied him. His other arm reached across her belly, and he bent her over further, trading some of his upward angle for the ability to thrust into her deeper. He was in a fast phase at the moment their position changed, so Luna was able to feel the effects of the shift vividly and immediately, resulting in the volume of her moans spiking. Harry responded to her hot noises growing louder by pounding her with even more vigor. It created a cycle between them, and as a result of their escalating ecstasy, Harry’s lack of control quickly spread through his whole body, and he lost his rhythm in a haze of pleasure. His senses began to fade and he only felt the caress of her vagina along his cock, and her ass whenever his hips ran against it. His ears only took in her sexy moans, his own muttering and groans, and the noises that came from their bodies smacking against each other. Everything else in the world disappeared, and only two things mattered; pleasing Luna, and the need for relief that had brought him here in the first place.

“Hnnn… aaaaahhhh Harry!” Luna cried, only able to respond to the sudden change in tempo with more moans.

Harry continued to moan and groan, though at this point he didn’t even hear the words he spoke.

“Just like that Luna… yeah…”

His hands moved again, and Luna leaned further forward again, in order to support herself more and keep standing. Harry pulled her back toward him by her shoulders, and then rapidly moved his hands down her gorgeous slender form. He fondled her ass for a few moments, and then shifted his hands back upwards to her hips, which he grabbed down on and used as his new handhold while still pressing his prick into her.

She was incredible and driving him crazy. His head lodged deep inside her was quivering, and grew tense as he kept going balls-deep into her. He felt a familiar turning inside, knowing the glorious orgasm his fantasies had caused to build up was drawing near. He was doing everything in his power to hold it off, but knew he wouldn’t be able to keep himself back much longer.

“Luna, oh Merlin, Luna I’m gonna…”

“Hah… ahhh… i-in me…”


He wouldn’t deny her requests, and he let himself go. His orgasm was hard, violent even. Bursts of semen flew from him and filled Luna. He kept thrusting all the way through, his senses completely overloaded by the time he was done. Just as the last drops of semen left him, Luna screamed and her body began convulsing around his now half erect cock, and she came nearly as hard as he had. When they were at last done, they fell backwards, and Harry leaned against the other side of the closet, Luna on his lap with his spent member still inside her. Both of the two panted, and sat backwards onto the floor, very satisfied.

“Thanks, Luna”

“It was no problem. I enjoyed it quite a bit” she replied in her voice, which was already back to its usual calm tone. Harry knew he had lost control during their sex, but actually found it hard to believe the Luna he had just fucked and the normal one he had seen everywhere else, the one standing in front of him now, were the same person. Someone who was always kind and level-headed was capable of making the sort of sex noises he had just witnessed. It was shocking.

Gradually, Luna stood up, and Harry’s size slid out of her. She pulled out her wand from behind her ear, and waved it once, speaking the incantation “Tergeo”. Just like that, their bodily fluids, sweat and secretions and semen were all gone. Presumably it worked on the seeds he had planted inside Luna, but there were contraceptive spells just in case. They weren’t technically taught, but you could find them in the right library books, and every female student ended up learning them through gossip.

“You know, you’re very good at sex, Harry” she remarked while fixing her clothes. Harry stood up, and put his penis back into his trousers.

“Well- thanks, I guess”. With his inner tension relieved (at least for now), he was back to his usual demeanor like Luna was, and her blunt questions were once again making him stumble over his words. She smiled at him.

“Shall we get back to the party? I don’t think that took us very long, and you’ll be better at interaction now that we’ve solved your problem”.

“Yeah, uh… sounds like a plan”.

He took her hand, and off they went back to the Slug Club, Luna skipping.

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