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f***ed to be Female Pt4

For the next 2 months I continued with the same routine and treatment. I did aerobics every morning followed by afternoons spent learning to dance, dressmaking and various womanly pursuits.
I was still taking the hormone tablets and their effect was becoming most apparent. I now had a real pair of breasts and a slim waist whilst my hips and bottom had filled out to give me an excellent figure.
I had lost all of my masculine strength, my arms and legs were now soft and rounded rather than muscular. My skin was soft and smooth and had that sheen to it that I had noticed on girls in the past.
My hair had grown much longer and was now well below my shoulders. Ann had insisted that I have it styled and I had learnt how to use curling tongs and a hair dryer to keep it looking nice.
I now had quite a large wardrobe including some expensive dresses and lingerie. Likewise I had accumulated many items of jewellery which I now wore regularly. Some of the pieces had been presents from whoever had paid Dr Knowles to make me into a woman and Ann said that they were all very expensive too.
It was funny, but I now felt incomplete unless I was wearing jewellery, whether it was earrings or bracelets, I automatically put them on when I got dressed.
Ann had made sure that I tried as many different styles of clothes as possible and I had begun to enjoy feeling the swish of my skirt as I walked. As my body changed so did the way in which my clothes fitted.
It took time for me to get used to the fact that body shape was changing. I now needed to wear a bra for comfort at least, my breasts were now so well developed. It had felt strange at first to have a bosom that made me look so feminine. Ann told me that my breasts had developed so perfectly that I should take pride at the fact that other women would be so envious of me.
My hips and bottom had changed noticeably too. I now had what Ann described as a perfect figure for a woman. I could even feel how my clothes fitted so much better.
Ann showed me what corsets could do to make my waist even smaller and though uncomfortable at first, the reaction I got from Eric and other men was starting to make me tingle with excitement. The feminine side of me was now so strong that I could enjoy the thought that men were attracted to me.
The more feminine my appearance became the more feminine I felt. My emotions and feelings had become almost entirely female and ever since that night with Eric I had even begun to enjoy feeling feminine.
Dr Knowles and Ann were so pleased with my progress that I was now allowed to go out of the clinic with either Eric or Ann as e****t. Ann would take me shopping and if I saw any clothes or lingerie that I liked she would buy them for me.
My trips out with Eric were to get me used to being out with men. He would take me for a meal or out dancing. On these trips I would be expected to dress up in my prettiest dresses and make myself as beautiful as I could.
I had gotten used to being stared at by other men when I was out and to being treated like a lady.
Often the nights out with Eric would end up with him taking me back to my room. There Eric would use me like a woman, at least as far as he was able to. Sometimes Eric would spend the night and we would sl**p together.
Wearing only panties or a G string I now looked completely female and Eric would fondle my breasts and kiss me before making me either wank him off or give him oral sex.
Each time that I failed to act like a girl I was punished by not being allowed to take my capsule on time. The pain was so intense that I would beg to be allowed to take my capsule and would promise to be a good “girl” in future. They would make me tell them who and what I was, “Susan, a girl called Susan”
Gradually my cooperation became automatic and I reconciled myself to the fact that I was becoming a woman.
I was no longer locked in my room of a night but allowed to come and go as I pleased. The threat of not getting my capsule was enough.
The thought of having sex as a woman still scared me but the hormones in my body had changed my desires in way that I knew they could only be fulfilled if I had the genitalia of a woman.
It was at this stage that after taking my shower after ny aerobics session, Ann told me not to get dressed but to return to my room and lie on the bed to wait for Dr Knowles.
I returned to the room and did as I was told. I lay on the bed naked and waited for Dr Knowles to arrive. The door opened and he and Ann came in.
“Good Afternoon, Susan” he said ” I am going to explain what we do during the operation and give you some idea of what it will mean for you”
He then went on to explain that it was quite a simple operation these days and that I would wake as complete a woman as was possible. It would be painful for a day or two but that the pain would soon pass.
“To be honest most of the ladies we operate on feel so good that they do not notice the pain at all.”
He explained that I would be given a pre-med which would make me drowsy and would then be taken down to the theatre. There I would be put on the operating table and my legs would be put up onto a cradle which would keep them apart during the operation.
As my testicles had already been removed the operation would start with the unfastening of my penis. My penis would then be “skinned” and my urethra exposed. This is what I urinate through. A cavity would then be made between my legs which would in fact become my vagina.
He would make it deep enough to accommodate even the biggest penis. My urethra would be “stitched” into it and the soft sensitive skin from my penis would be used line the inside of my vagina. What was left of my scrotal sac would be used to create my labia (the lips of my vagina) and my clitoris.
The shaft of my penis would be amputated and removed.
Dr Knowles smiled at me, “You will find that your vagina will look and function perfectly. Your vagina will be quite capable of penetration just as fully as any woman’s. In fact you will find that because we use the nerve endings from your penis to form the clitoris you will have exquisite orgasms during sexual intercourse.”
He spoke as if he was explaining something so simple and I just lay there listening. I could hear and understand what he was telling me and yet even now it still sounded so incredible when he talked of me having a vagina and that it would so like any other woman’s that I could have sex as a woman and even enjoy the experience.
I was told that the removal of my testes had meant that my body no longer produced any male hormones and that gradually it would start to produce female hormones naturally. For the first 2 months after my operation I would continue to have to take hormone tablets until my body was producing its own.
He then told me that I would wake from the operation with some degree of discomfort as they would have to insert a mould into my new vaginal cavity until it had healed and that it would be a few days before it could be removed and the swelling go down. After that and provided that I was able to urinate through my new vagina properly I would be allowed up and about.
He told me that I would have to use a dildo to help my vaginal cavity heal properly and to keep it open. The Doctor added that most women found this highly pleasurable as the dildo would cause me to have an orgasm very easily.
After a few months my vagina would be fully healed and I would be ready to have sex as a woman.
“You will find that you enjoy sex just like any girl, especially the penetration of your vagina. You will have orgasms exactly like any other girl and will be brought to climax in exactly the same way.”
“When you are ready for full sexual intercourse, I will find a good lover to give you your first shagging, I promise. After that you will be taught all the sexual techniques and sexual positions we can teach you so that you will become the perfect woman”.
Ann came over to me and smiled as she took hold of my arm and gave me an injection.
“Well Susan, soon you will be a whole woman and ready to start a whole new life.”
I gulped, reconciled as I thought I was to the fact that I was to be changed into a woman. Now the time had come, I felt dazed. Once they had performed the operation there could be no chance of me ever becoming a man again. Even now I could have looked like a man with synthetic testicles, but once my penis had been amputated that would be it.
The injection was already making me drowsy as I was lifted on to a trolley and wheeled down to the operating theatre. There was no escape for me now.
In the operating theatre I was lifted on to the operating table and my legs were spread wide apart and a tube was pushed into my mouth. The anethsetist gave me an injection and I was told to breathe deeply and count backwards from a 100. I focused my eyes on my penis as I took a deep breathe, This was to be the last time I would see it and the last time that I could call myself male. I had just said 蔴! when I fell asl**p.
I dreamt, and my dreams were both pleasant and terrible. I was floating along on the clouds wearing a gossamer thin gown and feeling so at peace. Then I was plunging down and I felt my body being pulled and pulled. The pulling was centred on my groin and became so intense that I thought I was being turned inside out, then suddenly the pulling stopped and I floated free again.
I woke and felt a sharp stab of pain between my legs. I lay there not knowing where I was, only aware of the intense pain in my body. I heard a voice say,
“Ah you are awake. I will give you an injection for the pain now”
I felt a movement between my legs and the slowly the pain began to ease. As it eased my mind started to clear. My operation was over, I was a man no longer! From this day on I would have the body of a woman and have to do all the things that women did, and had done to her!
Ann spoke again,
“You will feel better soon, Susan. Try to sl**p a bit”
I did sl**p and when I woke a second time my head was much clearer. Dr Knowles was standing over me and smiled,
“I just want to see how you are, Susan” he said and lifted the bedclothes from me.
I tried to see what had been done to me but I was still covered in dressings. A tube ran from the top of my thigh.
“Very nice, Susan. You will have a very nice vagina when the swelling goes down. One of the best I’ve done. You really are a woman now, there’s no going back!”
Although I knew my penis had gone and with it the last trace of my masculinity, I tried to sense if it was still there. But the sensation was strange. Instead of feeling as if there was anything between my legs I now felt as if there was a void.
“When can I see” I asked the Doctor. He smiled and told me that the swelling should have eased by the morning and that I would be able to examine my vagina then.
“Don’t forget that it will be some weeks before your pubic hair grows again. When it does you will look and feel just like any woman between your legs”
Two days later I had my dressings and tube removed and for the first time was able to see how I looked between my legs. Even though I knew what to expect, I was still shocked at what I saw.
Though swollen I now had a vagina where once I had a penis. I had not realised how much space my penis and testicles had occupied. With their complete removal my legs even looked longer than before. Despite the swelling between my legs I now looked exactly like a woman.
My new vagina looked like any other woman’s and it seemed so perfect in every way that I could not resist touching it. As my finger touched my labia I trembled, it was so sensitive that I felt my whole body shake.
“My God” I thought,”If my finger feels like this what will intercourse be like” The fact that I could now be penetrated by a man was now suddenly so real to me. I suddenly felt very vulnerable.
That morning I had my first pee through my vagina. I had long since got used to sitting rather standing to pee but this was different. I could not direct the flow at all now and I peed just like every other women.
The rest of the day I was allowed to use the lounge, wearing just my nightie and dressing gown. Walking was different too. It was so much easier and I found that I now walked naturally in a feminine way.
The following day I felt even better and after Dr Knowles had examined me I was told that my vagina was healing nicely.
“You should start to use the Dildo from now for the next month. You will not be ready to have sexual intercourse for that time, at least not full penetration.”
Dr Knowles told me that Anne would show me what to do with the dildo and that I should use it at least twice a day for half an hour. He also advised me to wear stockings rather than tights for at least another week.
After he had gone I was allowed to get dressed for the first time since my operation. My panties now fitted me so tightly, no little bulge at all.
Once dressed in stockings and a pretty skirt and blouse I was allowed to walk in the clinic grounds. I stepped outside for the first time as a complete woman. Passers by could have had no idea of what I had undergone and could only see me for the girl that I really was now.
I realised that my reaction to men had changed too, I could now be fucked by them and a tingle went down my spine, if a man so much as looked at me. I could almost picture them parting my legs and thrusting their penis in to me. I was both scared and thrilled at the idea.
After a walk I returned to my room where Ann showed me how to use the dildo. She explained it’s use very thoroughly and said that I would enjoy the experience.
“I’ll leave you to do it in private” she said as she left the room.
I removed my panties and lay on the bed with my legs apart. Ann had told me to rub some KY jelly around my labia, which I did. I picked up the dildo and looked at it. The dildo was about 9 inches long and shaped very much like a man’s erect penis.
As instructed by the Ann, I began by gently stroking the edges of my vagina with the dildo. To my surprise the pleasure this gave me was so delectable. Then I began to gently insert it into my vagina. Almost at once I felt my head spin with sheer ecstasy.
I was amazed at how deep I could insert the dildo into my vagina and the deeper I inserted it the more blissful the sensation. My body was trembling with enjoyment as I moved the dildo in and out of my vagina.
Of course I had masturbated as a man. But the pleasure then came suddenly and was over. Now as a woman I felt the exquisite pleasure of a multiple orgasm. The idea that a man would now be able to bring me to such a climax frightened me and at the same time thrilled me to the core.
I would have continued using the dildo for hours more had Ann not returned. She smiled at me as I put my panties back on and whispered,
“That’s the best part of the operation.”
I asked her how deep my vaginal cavity was and she told me that I had been very fortunate as Dr Knowles had been able to make it as deep as most women’s. It seemed that I would easily be able to accommodate even the most well endowed man and the very thought made my body tense.
It was starting to come home to me just what had happened to me. From now on a man could make love to me just like any other woman. My body was now that of a girl and capable of being penetrated by a man. And men would want to make love to me, Ann told me. And I would enjoy it because I had a woman’s body.
I was allowed to spend the next week relaxing and letting my body heal fully. I walked in the gardens and sat around the lounge or my room reading and watching TV. All my reading material and TV programmes were still restricted to those considered more suitable to women and by this time I had actually started to find them interesting.
The romantic novels that I had been given to read now took on a different meaning. I found reading the passages dealing with sex took on a new light now that I too could perform sexually as a woman.
I mentioned this to Ann one night when she was sitting with me in the lounge. Ann laughed and said that if I thought reading about was different now, I should try watching a blue video. She promised to bring me one to the my room later that night.
“If you watch it while using the dildo, you will find it even more interesting” giggled Ann.
I had not seen Eric since my operation and I wondered what he would be like now that I had finally become a whole woman. Ann said that he had been away doing a job for Dr Knowles, and then she smirked and said,
“Now I wonder why you want to see Eric? Well soon you will be able to give him more than just a blow job”
I asked if Eric would be the one that Dr Knowles had told me would teach me how to enjoy sex as a woman. Ann said that Dr Knowles might allow Eric to “deflower” me but that there was someone else, a sex ther****t, who would show me how to get the most out of being a woman.
“I am glad that you are showing such a keen interest in sex, Susan. It makes everything so much easier”
I replied that it was simply that I had no alternative but to be willing.
“Thanks to you and Dr Knowles, I have all the sexual urges of a girl and I know there is only one way for me to get satisfaction now. It is not that my mind wants sex, it is my body that is crying out for it and there is only one way now for me to have it, and that is as a woman”
I was still sitting in the lounge when Eric entered. He came over to me asked how I was. I told him that I was fine. I then realised that I did not know if Eric knew that I had been operated on.
“I had the operation a few days ago, Eric, Did you know?” I asked
Eric looked at me and smiled, “Yes I did know. Dr Knowles says it was very successful. That you are perfect now”
“Well I am certainly different” I said, conscious now that Eric knew that I could have full sex as a woman. It was a funny feeling knowing that Eric could now thrust is penis into my vagina and bring me to climax in a way that I had done to woman in the past.
Eric was busy and said he would come along to see me later. He said it with a twinkle in his eye and I hoped that he knew that I still had to wait some weeks before I could have full sexual intercourse.
I returned to my room and lay on the bed and watched some TV. As usual it was a woman’s programme and was about hairdressing. I started to picture myself in the different hairstyles. My hair was now so long that I could choose almost any style.
After a while I decided that it was time for my exercises with the dildo. I was getting to like using it as it gave me so much pleasure. But I had been told not to overdo it, especially at first.
I removed my panties and tights and lay on the bed with my legs apart. Slowly I began to caress the outer lips of my vagina with the dildo. This was enough to make me tingle with excitement. Gradually I allowed myself to insert the dildo further and further into my vagina.
At first my vagina was a little sore but as I slid it in and out the soreness faded away to be replaced by sheer pleasure. I was still astounded at how far I could get the dildo inside me.
I began to climax and let myself relax and enjoy the sensation of pleasure when I was conscious of the fact that someone had entered the room.
It was Eric. He looked down at me and smiled,
“You look as if you are having fun, Susan” he said, “Mind if I join you?”
I was still in state of ecstasy and hardly able to speak. Eric bent down and kissed me as I continued to slide the dildo in and out.
“It might be more fun if I did it for you” said Eric. “But first I think you should take off your clothes so that thy do not get crumpled”
Eric helped me to undress and I lay back on the bed wearing only my jewellery and a smile. Eric looked down at my naked body and grinned at me.
“You are perfect” he said as he looked down at my new cunt. “Your body is perfect in every way now”
Eric then took off his clothes and lay on the bed besides me. He picked up the dildo and began by stroking the inner part of my thighs, gradually moving closer and closer to my vagina. My senses of anticipation was tremendous. Having no control over the dildo made the pleasure even more acute.
When Eric finally touched my labia with the end of the dildo my entire body shuddered with delight. Then he began to slide it into my vagina, very gently but with such affect that I began to climax at once. I pressed my head back in to the pillows and just revelled in the sensations I was feeling. Eric was pleased too I could feel that his dick had become hard and erect.
I suddenly wished that Eric was using his dick inside me rather than the inanimate dildo.
As Eric carried on sliding the dildo in and out I began to stroke his dick for him. I could feel him respond and heard him sigh with pleasure. At last we were able to give each other pleasure.
“Lets try it this way” said Eric and I willingly let him manouvere my body around until we were lying on our sides but with our feet against each others heads. In this position Eric was able spread my legs and insert the dildo inside me again while I now found that Eric’s penis was close to my mouth.
I wrapped my lips around Eric’s penis and began to lick and suck as Eric slid the dildo in and out of my vagina. I was in a permanent state of climax and enjoying every minute of it. I could feel Eric responding too as I sucked and sucked his dick.
By the time that Eric shot his load and my mouth filled with his semen I was so delirious with pleasure that I was sorry it was nearly over.
Eric turned my body around and we lay together on the bed. I kissed him and smiled,
“Thank you, Eric Dear” I said “That was wonderful”
Eric grinned and kissed me back.
“And soon I will have you properly, Susan. And then you will find out what it feels like to have man inside you instead of a piece of plastic”
We lay together for several hours. Eric held me in his arms and I felt so safe there. I felt like a woman and wanted to be loved as a woman. There was no trepidation at the thought of being shagged any more, my body was that of a woman and it ached for a man.

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