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Finger Training – Eddie

Finger Training – Eddie

Finger training was just the beginning for sweet Eddie.

Rocco held out his large powerful hand with the palm up. Eddie looked at him shyly and flushed. Eddie’s face was pink and warm. It glowed with health… and with shame. He had never been nearly naked before and the fact that Rocco was completely naked, caused his eyes to lower. His downcast eyes immediately rose. He was startled. He had caught sight of Rocco; an important, very scary part of the man. His (what had the man called it…) COCK. Eddie had never seen an adult one. Even this short, unintentional glimpse, caused alarm in his mind. Eddie became pink to his toes. He gasped and then seemed to hold his sweet breath.

Eddie placed one of his slender hands in Rocco’s large one… palm to palm. His hand trembled. His whole body trembled. Goosebumps rose on the back of his skinny arm. Eddie felt excited and frightened at the same time. He panted softly as he watched Rocco. He glanced from their hands to his smiling face and back.

The man looked into his eyes. Eddie stared for a moment and then slowly nodded. Rocco was going to teach him. Eddie wanted to be taught. He wanted to learn everything. He ached to discover the world… Rocco’s world… the adult world. Eddie would surrender himself to this wonderful man.

Rocco smiled. He began.

The man took the small hand in his strong fingers. Rocco held it gently and turned it over, examining it minutely. The hand was soft and small and beautiful. The fingers were delicate and thin. Rocco took the index finger from his other hand and ran his index fingertip against Eddie’s index fingertip. He did it softly. It seemed to create sparks. Eddie jerked his pretty bottom on the chair seat.

Rocco rubbed his index finger back and forth across the meaty part of the boy’s thumb. It tickled, Eddie giggled and smiled. Rocco was being so nice. So gentle.

The man put his thumb and index finger on each side of Eddie’s middle finger and slid his fingertips softly and slowly up and down. Waves of pleasure spread from Eddie’s finger along his arm. It spread all the way to his young hairless armpit. He shivered. He wasn’t quite sure what Rocco was teaching but the feelings he was generating in Eddie’s body were delicious. He felt warm and desirable. Warmth spread from the area between his legs. His private parts were reacting to Rocco’s actions. Eddie wondered why his fingers were connected to such a private place. He felt so warm there. He needed to remove some of his clothes but that would be wrong wouldn’t it? He was told not to undress in front of anyone. Only big boys did such things. And HE was not big yet. Or was he?

Right now Eddie felt really big. His underwear felt not only too warm but too tight. Was something swelling in his briefs? His underwear was nearly brand new. Was he outgrowing them already? What a shame. He loved the dark red color. They held his penis and little balls so snuggly. They looked so wonderful on him when he looked at himself in the big mirror. He loved to stand there and admire himself. He would slowly turn and look at everything. His skin looked like swirls of peach-vanilla ice cream. Everyone was always telling him that he was so handsome. He was starting to believe them.

Eddie abruptly came back to the present… and to Rocco. The man had taken his little finger and was slowly scr****g his fingernail up and down it. He was doing it so gently that it did not hurt. It felt wonderful. Eddie looked into Rocco’s eyes as he continued. Rocco was so beautiful.

Rocco knew that he had no daddy. Would Rocco like to be his new daddy? Could he be Rocco’s boy? Eddie would like that.

The man tenderly squeezed the end of Eddie’s pinky. Eddie felt weak all over. He surrounded Eddie’s little finger with three of his and slowly slid his fingers up and down from the tip of the boy’s smallest finger to the base at the palm. Eddie shivered again and closed his eyes. Rocco continued stroking the dainty finger and Eddie had a waking dream. He was on a cloud, floating along.

His small nipples started to tingle. He didn’t even know they could do that. He shook his shoulders gently seeking relief from the tingling sensation. Eddie wondered why; it felt too good to try to stop it. Shaking his shoulders didn’t stop the strange feeling anyway. As long as Rocco was teaching his fingers, it did not seem like anything could stop the feelings that Eddie was being given.

Eddie realized that he was breathing deeply and gently panting. He opened his eyes and found Rocco watching him. He blushed again, even deeper than before. Eddie’s face looked so pink and pretty. Rocco marveled at Eddie’s reactions so far. He was so special. The man was looking forward to completing the training. Eddie was going to be his best student ever!

Rocco took all four of the boy’s smaller fingers into his. He squeezed delicately and Eddie closed his eyes again. He looked like a sl**ping angel. His breathing slowed and he relaxed. Rocco bent over and gently kissed Eddie’s thumb. Eddie jumped and opened his pretty eyes really wide. His first kiss! And… it was so wonderful. Only people who loved each other kissed. Did Rocco love him? Eddie hoped so!

Rocco moved from Eddie’s thumb to each of his other four fingers and kissed each one. Eddie’s other hand was lying in the boy’s lap and he was clenching and unclenching it over and over. His little nails pressed into his palm so hard he felt sweet pain. He couldn’t stop clenching his own hand. The hand Rocco was holding was so open; this other one just had to be closed tightly. It had to be! Eddie couldn’t stop it.

Rocco held Eddie’s thumb up in the air. He cleared his throat and Eddie looked up at him. The man held Eddie’s eyes and bent to the thumb. The man slid Eddie’s thumb into his mouth. Rocco held Eddie’s eyes with his. With just the tip in his mouth, Rocco slid his tongue across the meaty part of Eddie’s thumb. Eddie jerked his whole body but he did not try to pull his hand away. He knew he would not be able to do that anyway. He was in Rocco’s control. He was Rocco’s. Besides that, he did not want to pull away! Eddie felt like he was in a dream and he didn’t want to wake up.

Rocco formed his lips into a warm ring and slowly slid that ring down to the base of Eddie’s thumb. The man moved his mouth ring slowly back up to the tip. Rocco licked the end of the thumb several times and moved his mouth ring down his little thumb again. Rocco removed his mouth and started licking from the base to the tip working slowly around Eddie’s thumb. Rocco took the tip back in his mouth and sucked on it. The man started very gently but increased the suction after a bit. Rocco sucked for several minutes, then licked for several minutes, then bit gently for several minutes. Rocco formed his mouth ring again but this time he formed it with his teeth and sc****d them up and down.

Eddie was watching him closely but he seemed to have electricity flashing through his smaller body. He was wiggling and squirming. His nipples were on fire. His little briefs were getting tighter. His mind was overloaded.

Rocco stopped for moment. Eddie panted for the longest time.

Eddie looked up and moved closer. He hugged Rocco. He couldn’t reach all the way around the man but he tried. He was murmuring “thank you” over and over. His sweet face was pressed against Rocco’s shoulder. His face was hidden from Rocco so he sneaked another peek at the man’s cock. It stood straight up. It seemed to be bouncing back and forth. It was awesome!

He knew Rocco’s cock had something to do with big boys but was not exactly sure what. I wonder if Rocco will show me, he wondered.

Rocco returned the hug and moved Eddie slightly so they faced each other again. Rocco held up his own thumb in from of Eddie’s pretty face. He looked at Eddie and used his eyes to speak to the boy. Eddie’s eyes widened with insight. He knew what to do! He had figured it out.

He wrapped his small hands around Rocco’s large one. Eddie kissed the big thumb while watching his eyes. Eddie needed to be reassured. Rocco smiled. Eddie kissed it again. Rocco smiled broadly.

Over the next 20 minutes or so, Eddie licked, he sucked, he bit; he moved his lips and teeth up and down. He moved his little tongue all around and up and down Rocco’s thumb. Rocco closed his eyes and just let Eddie guide himself.

After a while, the boy stole another peek at Rocco’s cock. It was so red, it almost looked purple. It seemed to be getting larger. Big ropy veins appeared. It was the most amazing thing to see.

The man helped Eddie sit back. Rocco gave him a little kiss on his cheek. Disappointment showed on Eddie’s face. That was NOT a big boy kiss. Rocco saw what happened and moved his head toward Eddie’s again. This time he kissed Eddie’s mouth. He put his hand on the back of Eddie’s head and drew their heads together. By the time Rocco ended the kiss, Eddie was breathless.

He let Eddie catch his breath for a minute then took his little hand again. He brought it to his big cock and moved the little fingers up and down. He rubbed the fingertips across the head gently. He wrapped Eddie’s whole hand around his cock and showed him how to grip and stroke it.

Eddie’s body and mind separated. His hand was doing all these amazing things to Rocco but Eddie’s mind had shut down. There was no thinking… there was only doing. Eddie was in sensory overload. And, so was Rocco!

Eddie’s hand felt warmth, softness, smoothness, wetness, throbs, and other things he could not describe. Without removing Eddie’s hand, Rocco placed a pillow between his feet and helped Eddie move between his legs and kneel in front of him. Rocco placed Eddie’s other hand with the first and showed him how to get both his hands to work together.

Rocco leaned back and watched him work. However, Eddie did not act like this was anything close to work. He seemed to think this was what he was born for. To do this for Rocco, only him. Eddie was smiling as he moved his little fingers and hands all about. Small amounts of a mysterious liquid were seeping out the little hole in the top of the cock. It made his hands slippery and he could stroke faster. Rocco let him continue for a while. Then Eddie had his hands stopped and looked up. His expression was questioning Rocco.

Rocco took one of his own fingers and pressed it on a wet spot on the cock head. He put this fingertip just in front of Eddie’s tiny mouth. Eddie’s eyes widened as he made the connection. He watched Rocco as he kissed his fingertip. Rocco grinned and nodded. Eddie had guessed right! Again!

Eddie leaned forward and kissed the head of the large cock. Rocco patted the top of his head. Rocco told him that he was being such a big boy. When he heard that, Eddie was in heaven!

He began kissing it all over with his sweet lips. When he had covered it completely, Eddie began licking it. His little tongue did the most amazing dance all over the head and shaft. Rocco took the little hands and demonstrated how to get his mouth, tongue, and lips to work alongside his hands. Rocco leaned back and just watched. Eddie had a natural talent. He was gifted. He was such a fast learner.

He was so proud of Eddie!

When he neared a climax, Rocco stopped him. He took his cock back into his own hands and stroked it. Eddie watched closely and saw a miracle. A fountain shot into the air. Blast after blast splashed on Rocco’s belly and legs. The last oozed out and ran over Rocco’s fingers. Eddie was numb. He had no idea something this wonderful could happen.

Eddie reached one of his fingers toward the milk but stopped and looked at Rocco before touching it. The man looked him in the eyes and nodded with a grin. Eddie smiled and picked up some on his finger tip. He put it into his mouth and tasted it. After a moment, he reached for more. After several more fingerfuls, he moved his tongue to Rocco’s body and started lapping it up. He swallowed every drop. He thought that he had to be a very big boy now! He was so happy.

Rocco grasped both small hands and helped Eddie stand up. He picked the pillow up and put it beside him. He finished undressing Eddie. Eddie stood silently as he thought a dutiful big boy should. Rocco rubbed his tiny nipples and gently pinched them. Rocco watched the pretty face closely to make sure he didn’t hurt Eddie. His boobs were nothing but slight mounds. His nipples looked like peas sitting on a dime. The peas were as hard as rocks. Rocco wondered if they would scratch his chest when Eddie was lying on top of him. It would fun to find out, he thought.

He leaned forward and kissed the hard little nipples. They were so sensitive that Eddie whimpered.

Rocco pushed Eddie’s briefs down and the boy stepped out of them.

Eddie clasped his hands in front of his penis, covering his nipples with his arms.

He looked at the shy boy in front of him; Eddie’s little face turning red again. Rocco said “Where’s my big boy?” and held out his arms. Eddie forgot his shyness and rushed to Rocco’s embrace, arms wide to hug him. Eddie had returned!

Rocco picked him up and sat the boy in his lap… both of his slender legs spread wide on either side of him. Rocco could feel the heat! His own cock had returned to its erect state and was now resting happily between their bellies. In this position, it reached up nearly to Eddie’s nipples. They kissed hungrily and Rocco taught him a new experience. He slid his tongue into Eddie’s mouth and raked his own tongue across Eddie’s tongue. When he retracted his tongue from his little mouth, his little tongue followed it back into his mouth. His little tongue went exploring! Rocco kissed it and sucked on it while Eddie squirmed in his lap.

Rocco picked him up by his ass using only one hand. With the other, he guided his big cock to Eddie’s little asshole. He entered Eddie with the first inch; the boy grunted. Rocco dropped him down another inch and then removed his hand from under the sweet boy. Rocco said “Big boys” can take it all.” Eddie jumped and wiggled; he bounced and pushed and only managed to take about half. He was nearly exhausted but then got his second wind. He reached down with both hands and gripped the base of the big cock tightly. He pulled himself down until his butt checks touched Rocco’s belly. He had done it! He really was a big boy!

Eddie went up and down slowly at first and then faster and faster. Rocco helped him ride. While Eddie rode, Rocco stroked the boy’s sweet penis.

He thought: Eddie is wonderful. I want him to be with me forever. I love him!
Eddie thought: Rocco is so amazing. He is making me feel so grown up. I love him!

Soon, they came. Eddie’s little penis spasmed. Rocco pumped so much cream in Eddie, the boy’s little bottom dripped for two days.

As he collapsed on Rocco, Eddie thought about his wonderful training. And it had all started with fingers. Who knew!

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