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First Lady pt2

Audrey spoke, “How old are you my baby?”
I stuttered, ” 14 just before Christmas,” she allowed her tongue to run across her cherry red lips, ” How wonderful! You know I’m 56yo?” I shook my head, ” Yes really I am more than 40 years your senior, oh my God that sounds ancient!”
” You don’t look it,” I answered truthfully, feeling her fingers gliding over the front of my knickers, “Oh you are almost as big a flatterer as your friend David!” She laughed loudly, ” Come here, kiss me,” instinctively I tried to pull away but her hand caught my arm and pulled me to her, our lips came together, her lips pushed hard against mine, her tongue snaking its way between my naked lips,exploring my mouth, I tasted a hint of mint upon her breath as our mouths remained locked together, I felt her hands roaming over my boobs, caressing and squeezing them, suddenly she pulled away and taking both my arms lowered me down onto the rug, I felt her pull my vest off over my head as her right hand experts unfastened my bra clasp and slowly she pulled it towards her, freeing my ample,42C tits. Her red lips found a nipple and she nuzzled at it, her soft touch causing it to harden, her free fingers touched its twin and found the same reaction. I lay stone still as the woman made love to my breasts, she sat up and unfastened her blouse, pulled it off over her head, a lacy, champagne coloured 3/4 bra covered her large breasts partly. They heaved a little as she breathed, then she let her lips find my chest and nipples again, I reached across her back and struggled to unfasten her bra, she sat up and smiled at me, “Plenty of time for that my darling, first its your turn, ” she moved down the rug, lifted my skirt and slowly pulled my dark knickers to my knees, I watched as she looked intently at my nest of soft blonde hairs that covered my young pussy, “So beautiful, so sweet, so tempting…so mine!” Her lips found my small clitoris almost immediately, almost as quickly I felt my orgasm build within me, sending a huge ripple through my body as she tongued and licked deep in my tight cunt, I had never felt such an orgasm as I was having with this 56yo woman, I wondered what would happen next.
I did not have long to wait, Audrey lapped at my oozing juices eagerly for a while, her tongue,lips and fingers bringing a further strong orgasm to me, her chubby fingers pumped my pussy like a stunted cock, fucking me, then her lips would clamp over my pussy and her cultured tongue would probe and lap at me, sending wanton tingles and mini electric shocks through my young body. Abruptly she stopped, I looked up to see her absent mindedly lick her rose red lips as she reached behind, unfastening her bra, releasing her pendulous breasts. I sat up, my body still tingling, my hand sought out her left nipple , a large areola surrounding it, I touched it gently, then squoze it lightly, my mouth found her other nipple and I gently nibbled at it, eliciting a low moan from the older woman, she continued to make soft noises as I tried to mimic her touches on my own breasts from earlier, “A.J. I need you to eat me now!” Her voice betrayed an urgency that she, could not disguise ,pulling up her skirt I saw she was knickerless and her perfect heart of a trimmed pussy was displayed there for me.
I lent forward, my slender fingers tracing the shape of her pubic hair, ” That is so beautiful Audrey,” I spoke softly, mesmerised by the sight of the older woman’s slightly greying pussy , my fingers touched her inner lips, a low moan came from her, I moved around until I was between her thighs, slowly and gently moving my weight until my mouth could easily find its goal, a slight whiff of perfume hit my nostrils, “Fidji” my mum’s favourite…wait she scented her cunt area?
“A.J., don’t tease me!” Audrey entreated me, I obeyed, my mouth finding her divine cunt in an instance, her body tensed as my tongue pushed inside her, my lips sucking on her pussy lips as I searched within. This seemed to go on forever until Audrey clasped my head with her thighs and I felt her convulse time after time, I had made my first woman cum on f******n year old tongue!

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