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First sexual encounter with my nephew (True Story)

When I was still a young teen I found out that I had a nephew that was around the same age as me that lived in Durban.. I was ever so excited about it.. We began chatting on a private social network and hit it off immediately. Now in order for you to understand everything I want to explain that I was a very experimental and kinky girl. I would go out with my cousins every weekend to a casino where guys would hook up with me and enjoy a one night fling within the casino premises… the fling would consist of intense grinding, passionate kissing and a lot of the time I would end up giving the guy a blow job… ( I always swallowed)…
For a young teen I had a look of a 18 year old, a very sexy body with growing early C cup breasts, flat stomach and a great juicy voluptuous ass.. I always lied about my age to get with the older men.. around the age of 18 or 19… I wasn’t interested in small boys as I knew they had no experience, and well obviously not very big penises.
When my nephew and I began chatting I was an expert at phone sex.. It wasn’t that I needed it for my sexual benefit but I did enjoy the fact that I made guys hard… (Nothing has changed as I still love doing that today).. Besides I use to read taboo and i****t stories about aunts and their nephews while I masturbated to those stories making myself cum so hard!!I knew it was utterly and completely wrong in every way to want to talk dirty to my nephew but I felt a sexual chemistry between us that I could not ignore. And it turns out that I wasn’t the only one that felt that way. We began innocently flirting with each other and then it became more and more sexual… we spoke to each other about what we want to do to one another and how…. It was beyond exciting and our chats definitely made my teenage cunt moist… I came many times imagining he was touching my clit.
Eventually we lost contact for a few years when one day we found each other on another social network. We were older now, young adults but the chemistry was still there.. We spoke for months about how much we miss each other and how we want to see one another…. And just like in the past, what we want to do to each other.. we sent dirty nude pics to one another too… About 2 years later I decided to take a trip to Durban as I really wanted to see and be with my nephew. I took a bus and arrived there in the morning. I spent the day 4 days with my cousins that I haven’t seen in 8 years as well as my nephew and we got to know each other personally.. on the 5th day we made plans for me to come to his house as he would be alone.
I decided to wear something that would show off my ass as he commented on it the previous days. I wore a very thin low cut top that was bare at the back with a purple bra and a pair of hot shorts shaping my ass perfectly. As soon as he saw me I could tell he was impressed as his eyes scanned my clothing like he was imagining what lay under it… He invited me in and I sat on the couch. He sat next to me and we began chatting.. after a few min I asked him if he expected me to make the first move which he found amusing and told me no… he then moved closer and asked me what would I do if he began kissing me… I told him id probably kiss him back… he then pulled my body down so that my back were flat on the couch and started kissing me… our kiss grew from slow to more f***eful. He whispered telling me how sexy I was looking and that I’m an excellent kisser… his lips drew apart from mine and began kissing and biting my neck… his hands were trailing down my body, touching my breasts, squeezing my waist and raking my bare legs… I pushed him up, looked at him and asked him to undo his jeans which I could see had a massive hard on. He did as I asked and without any delay I took out his very stiff, long, thick cock… it was oozing out so much pre cum. I rubbed the tip of his head with my index, wrapped my hand around his cock and moved my hand up and down slowly all the while looking straight into his eyes watching his every reaction. I then suddenly dropped my head and began sucking him as deep as I could… his cock was too big even for my very experienced mouth to handle but even though I couldn’t take him all in, I could tell I was giving him a wonderful experience!! He was moaning and squirming… I could taste his precum… after a few min he picked my head up and told me that it was my turn… he once again started kissing me… moving lower to my neck, biting and teasing me a lil… his hand going down to my cunt rubbing his fingers over the fabric of my now very wet and hot slit. His mouth continued to go lower down to my tits pushing aside my bra and nibbling away at my hard nipple… I was in heaven…. His hand found its way to my clit through my leg and he was pleasuring it with his fingers while his mouth continued sucking my nipple… he then stopped unzip my shorts and looked at my lacy black thong… he removed it and pulled my body upright so that I sat up on the couch with just my top and bra on… he got on his knees in front of me, opened my legs, stuck his face in my cunt and began eating my cunt like i was the best thing he ever tasted…. I couldn’t help myself… I began moaning and screaming…. “oh yeaah!! Ooooooooh fuck yeah!! That feels so fucking gooooooood oooooooooooooh mmmmmmmm”… I didn’t realize it but my legs were wrapped around him and my hips were grinding to the touch of his tongue flickering away…. Teasing my cunt… making me drip more and more…. I wanted to cum so badly but he wouldn’t let me… he just continued to make me moan while teasing my cunt with his tongue on my clit… I couldn’t take it anymore… I wanted him to just put his cock inside me and I knew that I couldn’t have that so I told him to stop…. He looked up at me, mouth covered with my juices with a smile that showed how proud he was at his performance… he stood up and I couldn’t help but smile to myself thinking about what I too did to him…. We sat there on the couch still not dressed, talking about how we had a great first time sexual encounter and how our encounter will definitely go a lot further….

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