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First time with a black woman

I think we all dream of being with a woman from another race, but being from the deep south, its honestly a bit taboo. I had searched for a while for a fling on AFF, but never had much luck. I wasn’t particularly looking for a black girl, I just wanted somewhere to get my dick wet. But I met this black girl in the next town over. We chatted back and fourth for a few weeks, things seemed to be going good. She was a little on the chubby side, which was fine with me, we seemed to be into the same things, and seemed to hit it off. So after some talking, we agreed on a meeting place which will remain out of the story for private purposes.

It started out awkward as hell, as you can imagine with two strangers meeting. Not only were we different colors, but at the time I was I think about 23 or 24, she was 31 or 32 I guess? Somehow I finally managed to break the ice and started making out with her. After a few minutes she asked me if I wanted to go to the bed room. So I led her by the hand to the bed room and she started to undress. She asked if she could go to the bathroom and freshen up right quick, of course I said yes. On her way out of the bed room she said “It’s not fair that I’m the only one getting naked” so I quickly obliged her and stripped down. When she came back, I greeted her with my now hard throbbing cock. She had been bragging during out chat’s about how black girls sucked dick better so I quickly asked her to put her “money where her mouth was, or maybe my cock in her mouth?” she quickly obliged and went to town on my uncut cock. After about five minutes of sucking I pulled her away and rolled her over. She had pretty big tits with huge nipples, no complaints though so I started going to town sucking on them. I went back and fourth between them and nibbling her ear and kissing her neck before she finally asked for my cock inside of her. I slid it in slowly, with my tight foreskin, I have to be careful, but was quickly greeted by a nice wet pussy. I went to town fucking her. It didn’t take her long to really get into it. After about ten minutes of pounding, I could tell she was going to cum. She pulled me down to her and started to kiss me. The erotica of the moment caused me to fuck her pussy even harder. I could tell she was close, but I knew it was time when she grabbed me by the goatee and pulled me closed and passionately started kissing me as if we had been lovers for years. I’ll never forget that feeling I got when she pulled me in. I felt her pussy pulse on my hard cock and the juice run down my balls, I knew my job there was done.

Wearing a condom, which I hate, I would have never cam fucking her, so I asked if she would give me some more of that good head. In our conversations before hand, she had asked if I was into “snow balling”, nervously I said I’d try it, hey, I’ll try anything twice, so deep down I was hoping she would take my load in her mouth, then meet me with another one of those passionate kisses. After about ten minutes of an awesome blowjob(why I hadn’t cum yet, I’ll never know) I reached down and gave her a hand. I love to stroke my cock with a woman’s tongue going in and out of my foreskin licking the head of my cock. This didn’t take long for me to blow a big load of cum everywhere. Sadly, she didn’t swallow, but she did take it on the face and in her hair(ooops). After we cleaned up, we snuggled for a few minutes and then decided to be on our way. We parted with another passionate kiss and promised to meet again one day!

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:25 pm

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