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Five (5) Short Stories by Pia

Most of you know me, Mariel, and for years I have mentioned my daughter, the precarious and wonderfully uplifting Pia.

Teens are not blank canvases for your fantasies, as many writers try to convey in their stories, yes they can and some will allow that extra step, but more for their own curiosity, than the man’s pleasure, but when put together, they are both the same, as from my own experience, I wanted to see the man cum because of who I was, just as much as he wanted to put his seed into something considered i*****l.

I now hand you over to my girl, and through her short stories I hope she will convey the confusing life a girl goes through when looking and interacting with men, I think you might be surprised, and pleasantly encouraged.

Because it’s my daughter, I urge you to communicate your thoughts with her thinkings, after all, it might be the only time you get to chat with a girl of 14, please comment seriously.

Hi I’m, Pia and I would like to sit down with you and talk sex. As mother has pointed out I’m just 14, but yesteryear’s 17. Thanks to the internet we learn more, see more, and experience things sexual, that were locked away and out of sight.

Now it’s open, and if you visit sites, you can see openly, girls my age fingering themselves, and if I am going to be honest with you, I am no angel, I have done it a lot myself, and gone a bit further.

A girl is wonderfully complex person with her own perspective. She’s still trying to sort herself out and figure out what she wants and who she wants to be, when it comes to sex, masturbation is natural and a release valve for a girl of 14, but as I have said, I have on occasions, gone further, these are my short stories, please comment, I plan to read the them.

1. It started in the morning, in the aptly named ‘Sweetie Shop’.

I learned quickly one day, as I framed myself in the doorway to my favourite sweet shop. I peered through the glass door at all the mouth watering jars filled with sugary delights in jars filled to the brim.

What I was unaware off was the morning sun shining through my thin summer dress, from my back, illuminating my thigh gap and the girlish contours to the old man who owned the shop.

He came to the door and opened it, invited me to step inside, and choose some sweets, gratis free. I soon learned from another girl what it was he was doing, and as I had a sweet fix, I entertained his perversion.

‘Why do you like to look at me like that’, I asked him openly, and he showed me some photographs he had taken when I stood in the doorway.

I looked at them and saw he could see me as if I was without my dress, ‘What would you give me if I took my pants off?

His face darkened and his mouth opened, ‘Anything in the shop Pia’

I reached up under my dress and dropped my panties, walked back to the door, and opened my legs wide, letting the sun warm my inner thighs, and his eyes see the outline of my delicate lips, and curvature of my buttocks.

He reached into a Jar and took out a handful of sweets and placed them on the clear counter-top, then did a mind blowing act, by cumming on them.

Sweet and sour, all parts of the tongue reacting, as I sucked them on the way back home, savouring the old man’s testicular contents, in my mouth, but it was the cock that tickled my cunny, I just had to try it.

2. My mother never knew, until now of course

I was still Virgo intacta, feeling my hymen with its small entrance as I tenderly poked with my pinkie, my reason for opening my hole, was the noises coming from the activity in my mother’s bedroom.

She was fucking and the walls were like paper. k**s are many things and curious is high on the agenda, so I snuck out of my room and went for a peek.

Watching your mother having her ‘Snatch’ licked, sent an uncontrollable steam of warm pee running down my inner thighs, my finger rubbing my clitoris, to this most delicious of scenes to the eye of a girl approaching her 13th did it for me.

I had not quite hit the mark when she rose and made me scupper for the living room. At first I thought she had heard me, but the sound of the shower running told me otherwise.

I got up and went back to her bedroom and opened the door, and stepped inside. The man was still on the bed, naked and hard, the look on his face when he eventually saw me standing there watching him play with his cock.

I waved him to come to me, which he did, his cock swaying like a fleshy pendulum, ‘What do you want’, he asked my with a very nervous edge in his voice, ‘That’, I said pointing to his cock?

The wall felt cool on my bare back, and the noise of the shower water filling my ears, as long as it flowed I was safe, as my hymen stretched to its breaking point.

Much has been said about when it breaks, but in reality, you never feel it going, you just know it, when he hits the bottom of your vagina.

For me, with my arms around his neck and my long skinny legs around his back, I bounced and pleasured myself during the act, all limbs acting simultaneously, as they tightened like a noose, even my tiny cunny, now stretched, like my mothers, moulded onto his cock as I bit into his neck, I had just been fucked by my mothers lover, and I smiled naughtily, as I slipped from his very wet cock, goodbye virginity.

3. My Helping Hand

My men take their cocks out in public to frighten little girls, well, that’s what the experts tell us.

I was on an intercity in my school uniform, not because I was under orders, in today’s world, it alerts men to your status of vulnerability, your innocence and curiosity to sex, and encourages certain men to show you their penises, and entertain you with a wank, as the ride clickity-clacks over the lines to your destination.

It has always been on the lips of the innocence of girls discussing their favourite topic, men’s cocks, and their desire to show that particular girl (A sign of her desirability), so when I found myself conveniently sitting across the isle from a man, and no one else at the start of my journey, I laid the foundation for him to entertain me with a wank, by lifting my legs up onto the seat opposite, making sure my hemline barely covered my knickers.

His reflection in my window gave me deep satisfaction, I could see him look across and down at my exposed pins.

Of course the more he looked, the wetter I got, my inner temperature needle was pointing at ‘Horny’, and I found myself slightly agitated at his lack of response, so I turned and looked at him, smiled, and deliberately looked down at his crotch.

I removed my jacket to show the two small barely perceptible bumps, I thrust out as breasts, but it was in my leg department he looked at, now my bent knee exposed my panties to his gaze.

I could feel my body sway with the trains motion, my raised leg with its bent knee having more impetus than the other, its motion more driven by my need to caress my clitoris between my labia.

Like the night I fucked my mothers lover, an impulsive and daring act, I dropped my leg whilst maintaining my bent knee with the other, and with my foot firmly planted on the cold floor, I let my modesty slip, along with my knee, as my thighs opened wide enough to expose my open crotch and damp gusset.

Now he was confident enough, and sure enough he pulled it out, as we looked at each other, ‘Can I join you’, he suggested, and I said yes, opening my legs for him to sit between.

‘Will you join me’, he asked, as I watched his foreskin peal back to reveal his glans. I got up and took my panties off and sat back down, opening my legs to contain his between mine, and exposing my pink crotch, I began to insert my fingers.

Suddenly and without warning, he leant forward on top of me, and covered everything with his cum, my masturbating hand and my pussy.

Forty minutes of building up on my part, and under two minutes of action, I was left masturbating in a pool of semen, as he held my legs open.

4. Up-Skirted in the Supermarket

I had a lemon coloured billowy mid-thigh summer dress on, most girls wear this sort of dress in extreme sunshine.

I sat in the back of dad’s 4X4, sweating and uncomfortable, the air conditioning was not fully functioning, so I took my panties off and opened my legs.

I was sitting behind dad, the passenger seat being used to accommodate a large box, that was too large to fit into the confined back-seat.

I stuffed my panties into the pocket behind the drivers seat, and soon forgot about them. As the journey progressed I finally had to ask dad to allow me to open the window, as my sweat was soaking my lemon dress.

I had hiked it up around my waist and was sitting bare-assed on the fake leather, I had even un-zipper my front, so that the air, would open my front and expose my bare breasts, I was past caring, but my nudity was exciting me, especially with dad in the front seat unaware his 14 year old daughter was flashing motorists.

When we arrived into the car park, dad auto wound down the windows, ‘You go ahead baby, I’m gonna wait here a little’.

I alighted the car and adjusted my sweat soaked dress, enjoying the evening convection windows billowing around.

I felt really naked as the cooler air fanned my bare kitty, as I made my way to the mall and the supermarket.

I took my time walking around the packed mall, my tanned legs causing a slight stir as men openly stared, ‘If only they knew just how bare I was, with this one piece of cloth covering my modesty’.

In the supermarket I pushed the trolley in a lazy fashion, leaning on the handle and looking at the list mother had given me.

Suddenly I was aware of a guy following me. I recognised him as on a couple of occasions he had got close to me, and making me aware.

Dad had not shown-up up so I wandered through the vegetable section, when this creep approached me again, ‘WTF’, I exclaimed?

He stopped in front of me, ‘What’s the problem babe, I’m just getting a few photos’.

I was puzzled and looked around for security. ‘Hey babe don’t worry I’m going’, he said, ‘but check the wed tonight, you’re gonna be a big hit’.

He said it with an air of confidence, ‘What do you mean’? I asked him, a tad concerned.

He took his phone and asked if he could approach me. I gave him my consent and he held his phone to my face, ‘I have uploaded them to my cloud’, he said softly and quietly, and sure enough, he had caught me beautifully, as I had entered into the supermarket all airs and graces, without knowing he was filming me.

Suddenly to my horror, he was filming between my legs, leaving the viewer in no doubt to my nakedness walking around in public, and there was no way I was going to shout out, without drawing attention to my predicament.

‘What do you want’, I blurbed, feeling helpless?

He looked at the toilet sign, ‘In there, 15 minutes max’.

In one way being wet was a blessing, ‘Thanks Dad’, flashed through my head, as this man insisted I keep my legs straight but open.

With my lemon dress hanging over the small of my back, and my buttocks high in the air, my head low over the pan, onto which I held, he fucked me.

Arriving back to the car I found dad had gone, but left the car unlocked. My immediate first thought was to cover up after wiping myself clean.

I reached into the pocket where I had stuffed my panties and withdrew them. To my horror, they were full of ejaculate, all over the thin gusset, the only thought going through my feverish mind was ‘Daddy’.

5. Getting my boots for free

When I saw them I instantly fell in love with them. On display in the shop window they screamed,’buy me buy me’.

Trouble was, I had no money, and when I did, it was never enough. Then out of the blue, call it divine intervention, a bunch of men were passing on the other side of the street, began to ‘Wolf Whistle’.

I turned and they were doing it to me.

I was flattered, what 13 year old would not be, then it hit me like a thunderbolt.

I ducked into a door way and slipped off my panties and hiked my school skirt up a couple of turns at the waist.

Taking a deep breath and feeling my cunny respond to my actions I walked into the shop and saw the man’s mouth fall open.

‘Can I be of assistance’, he said falteringly, his eyes running over me non stop, he was clearly excited.

‘Good’, I thought, ‘it’s now or never’.

‘I would like to try on those boots in the window’, I said, and sat down in the chair, ‘Which boot Miss’, he replied, ‘we have many displayed’?

I put my satchel down and walked over to where he stood at the window, and pointed to them, my heart was pounding.

We both turned away from the window and he walked towards the door leading to the back room, ‘What size are you Miss’, he paused as an after thought.

I removed one off my sandles and read out loud, ‘Six, EU’, he smiled and went through the door.

I looked down at my legs, well exposed and riding high on the thighs, suddenly he returned with a box, ‘They just arrived yesterday, he said, smiling as he approached, his eyes fixed firmly on my exposed thighs.

He knelt down in front of my legs, ‘Would you mind if I put a sock on your foot’, he asked thickly, ‘just to protect the inner from sweat’, he exclaimed.

I told him it was OK by me, and he got up and went to the rack and took of a packet with fishnet stockings in it.

I blinked repeatedly, then smiled, ‘I thought you meant ankle socks’?

‘This is a ladies shop only’, he replied as he opened and removed the stockings, and handed them to me.

I got up and went behind the curtain where there was a full length mirror, and I put them on, my first ever pair of stockings, ‘Did this man know I was a girl?

I hiked my dress up and saw the full extent of wearing stockings against my milky white legs, and hairless crotch, I felt myself wetting.

I went back and say down, ‘You suit stockings with a nice mesh’, he said, and I felt myself blushing.

‘Now we shall see how the boots set them off’, and he took hold of my slim ankle and pulled my leg upwards, we both could see the stocking tops as my dress was too high.

‘You have great legs, you should show more when you feel comfortable’, he complimented me, as he slipped my foot into the soft leather sole, and as he did so, made sure my thighs were open.

He placed his hand on my knee as he zippered up the boot, the heat leaving an imaginary imprint, and as the zipper neared its end, his hand slipped up my thigh, without protest.

I felt both sick in the stomach, and empty in my crotch, feeling my labia grasping at air. ‘Shall I put the other one on so you can see the effect’?

I nodded, suddenly too weak to even try to close my legs together, he took my other foot and repeated the same process, driving me wild with lust.

He looked from my crotch to my eyes, he face frozen, seeing a girls cunt swollen and oozing, pinks and reds, milky white and black meshed stockings, ‘You look very ripe indeed’, he said quietly and his voice like treacle.

‘How would you like to pay for them’?

I never really answered him, his hands were on my stockings and inching under my dress, minutes later I could feel his fingers moving inside me, rubbing my ‘G’, making me squirm where I sat.

I sat on the bus with a contented smile on my lips, the stockings and the boot in a bag by my side, and salty taste of cum in my mouth.

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