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Former Mother In Law Went Shopping (Part 2)

Continued from part 1…

So there was Gail, on all fours with her hands bound to the headboard, tits hanging out the top of her bra, a butt plug in her ass, vibrator in her pussy (both held in place by her panties), and my cum plastered all over her face. She was ready to get fucked, but I wanted to have some more fun before we got to that. I moved behind her and slid her panties off, exposing the plug & vibrator. I took the handle of the vibrator and moved it in and how slowly, pushing it in a little bit harder with each instertion so the vibrating tip could tickle her clit. Each time I put it in she would let out a soft moan, seeing her from behind with my cum all over her hair and face was such a turn on. After a few minutes of this I left the vibrator inside of her and switched to the plug. When I started fucking her ass with the plug her moans & gasps got louder and louder with each insertion. After a short time the plug wasn’t going in & out as easily as I would’ve liked it to, so I pulled it out and replaced it with my tongue. As soon as it got in her hole and I started swirling it around Gail completly lost it and started screaming.

“Oh my fucking God that feels so good! Don’t stop, don’t stop! Ughhhhhhhh!”

Her whole body shook with that orgasm. Once she stopped shaking I picked up the plug and moved out from behind her so I was kneeling on the side of her, took the plug and started fucking her mouth with it, getting it extra wet for when I put it back in her ass. After I finished getting it coated with her mouth I ran the end along her face, scooping up some of my cum on the tip, then slid it into her ass. Between my tongue working her hole, and the combination of her saliva and my cum on the plug, it went it pretty easily. After getting it all the way in I got on my back and slid my head underneath Gail. I took the vibrator and turned it so that the vibrating tip was firmly pulsating on her taint, closer to her ass hole though. I reached up, putting my hands on Gail’s loser back and pulling her clit right to my face. Once I got her down I started lightly sucking on it & massaging it with my tongue. It wasn’t long before Gail started rocking back & forth, grinding her pussy on my face and moaning. I had my hands firmly on her ass cheeks, pulling her as close as I could when I felt her ass tighten up.

“Oh, oh, oh, I’m going to cum again!”

When she started shaking I moved one hand from her ass to the handle of the vibrator just in case she was going to squirt like she did the 1st time we were together, and she didn’t disappoint. Once she started I grabbed the plug with my other hand she started fucking her ass with it, making her squirt more.

“Oh yea, fuck my ass, fuck it good! Swallow all my cum!”

I lapped up as much as I could & loved it. Once Gail finished I slid out from under her and grabbed her panties, wiping up her cum I missed swallowing from my face. After I wiped my face I used her panties to wipe my cum from her face. They were pretty damp by the time I finished, and I felt like getting even kinkier with Gail, so I balled them up and shoved them in her mouth like a ball gag. Surprisingly, she let out a muffled moan when I did this. My dick had returned to a full hard on by this point and I had to get inside her. I moved behind her and started rubbing my dick up and down along her slit, teasing myself just as much as her. After I couldn’t take it anymore I positioned myself and slid my full length right into her, causing what would’ve been a very loud moan from Gail had her mouth not been full with her cum soaked panties. It wasn’t long before I knew I was going to cum and I wasn’t quite ready for that yet, so I pulled out and started rubbing my dick on her slit again, taking a break now & again to give her a couple smacks on her ass, which she loved.

I decided I wanted to be able to see Gail’s tits bounce while I fucked her, so I moved to her front to undo the ties and get her to lay on her back. Once she was on her back I secured them above her head again because while II wanted to see her tits bounce, I still wanted to have my way with her. Once she was on her back I put a couple pillows under her so that I could comfortably put the backs of her knees over my shoulders while I fucked her. I loved watching her eyes roll back into her head and her tits bounce with every thrust into her. I could feel the cum building in me when I realized I had yet to fuck all her holes. I pulled out and leaned forward onto her, taking 1 nipple in my mouth & caressing the other. With my free hand I reached down, grabbing the plug in her ass and slowly pulled that out. Once I got it out I got back on my knees and put her legs back over my shoulders & started rubbing my dick on her slit once more. Once I got it coated in her juices I positioned myself on her ass hole. When I did this Gail’s eyes got big with anticipation. I was able to slide into her ass with relative ease, and almost instantly Gail started letting out some very loud muffled screams and started shaking with an orgasm. I didn’t last more than 10 strokes in her ass before I was ready to cum. I grabbed her hips and pushed myself inside her as far as I could go and started shooting spurt after spurt, which triggered another orgasm from Gail.

After I finished cumming inside her I collapsed right onto her chest from exhaustion, not even taking my dick out of her ass. We laid like that for a minute or two before I reached up and untied her hands. When I did, the first she did was take her panties out of her mouth.

“That, was soooo fucking amazing. Now I can’t wait to tie you up and have my way with you…”

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