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82yo Mother In Law


I have always been sexually attracted to my mother in law and have had many sexual fantasies about her and have come close to getting inside her knickers a few times but have always been to scared to do anything about it until now……..

My Mother in law Betty is in her 80’s, the typical woman of her age, 5’ 5” tall, bottom heavy, tight grey perm, glasses, average breasts (Saggy) and dresses to her age slacks or a skirt usually worn with tights and a blouse or a jumper.

Last week she asked me if I would clear out her garage of years of accumulated rubbish, so I hired a van and went over to her house. It was a very warm day so I wore my shorts. When I arrived she greeted me with a kiss as usual and said, “I love your shorts, they make you look sexy, lovely legs”. I thanked her for the complement and was ushered into the garage where a mountain of rubbish had been piled up. “Now all this stuff here has to go sweetheart, I‘ll leave you to sort it out while I make us a nice cup of tea,” she said. Then disappeared into the house. After about 10 minuets she reappeared with a large mug of tea and put it down on the bench in the garage. “Here you are sweetheart this will wet your whistle” she said, I thanked her and proceeded to load the van. Then just as I bent over to pick something else up I felt her hand go up my short leg, I don’t know who had the greater surprise, me or her, because I wasn’t wearing any underpants but I didn’t pull away and thought to myself I’ll let the old dear cop a good feel before I do or say anything, then I said, “Is that nice are you enjoying yourself.” After what seemed like an eternity she withdrew her hand and said, “It felt wonderful, it had been a long time since she had felt such a lovely firm bottom“. I said, “It’s a good job you’re not wearing a skirt or I might just do the same to you, only I might want to feel more than your bottom”. “You wouldn’t want to sweetheart I’ve got nothing you would want, it’s all past its sale by date down there”. She said with a grin. I put my arms around her and said looking straight into her eyes, “Trust me I would love to do to you what you’ve just done to me and I would really enjoy it and I think you might as well.” “Your just a little tease.” she said. “O.K. Betty I’ll Finish off loading the van and you can go and put a skirt on then we’ll see who the tease is.” I replied.

After about an hour I had loaded the van and went into the house expecting to see my mother in law still in her slacks, but to my pleasure and surprise she had changed into a navy blue knee length pleated skirt. “Have you loaded it all sweetheart?” she said. “Yes Betty you can see the floor in your garage again.” I said. “I’ll make us another cuppa you must be parched.” She said walking into the kitchen, I followed her in, noticing she wasn’t wearing any tights just her tartan furry granny slippers on her feet and as she bent down to get the milk from the fridge door her skirt tightened over her lovely round bum showing the lines of her large knickers. She finished making the tea and we made our way back into the sitting room, as she called it. She took a sip of her tea and put it down saying, “Have you got cold feet sweetheart, I’ll understand if you have. “ Not at all, just that I’m not sure you would like what I would do to you.” I replied. Is that so I bet there’s nothing you can do that will shock me?” She said with a rye grin.

I said, “very well stand up then lets see how far you’re prepared to let me go.” She struggled out of her arm chair and walk to where I was sitting and stood in front of me with a cheeky come on then grin on her wrinkly old face. I put my hands behind her knees and slowly slid them up over her dimpled chubby thighs until I reached her bottom and the soft cotton knickers that covered it. I kept eye contact with her to see her reaction as I fondled her ample bum through her knickers pushing them into her bum crack and squeezing her bum cheeks together and apart, Then moved back down to where the leg holes in her knickers would give me access to her bare behind and so making it now possible to give her bum hole a tickle, so I slid my hands inside her draws worked my fingers right into her lovely smooth bum crack and proceeded to run a finger around her pucker that made her expression on her face change to one of pure delight, as I tickled her bum hole I told her to lift the front of her skirt up which she did. I had read how old ladies cunts drop with age they go fat and saggy, well that’s what happened to my mother in laws cunt, it look fantastic bulging out of the front of her White cotton knickers. I pulled her towards my face and buried my nose and mouth into her mound it smelt of the soap she uses Dove hand wash cream and a very faint smell of piss. I kissed it and pushed her knickers into her fanny crack with my tongue causing her to thrust her hips forward and her cunt into my face. “You like that?” I asked. “Oh yes sweetheart that feels wonderful.” She replied. “I could make it feel even better honey if you’d like.” I said, “Oh yes sweetheart, do what ever you want to me, I don‘t mind.” She replied.

So I took my hands out of her knickers and undid the zip and button on her skirt and let it fall around her ankles, then put my thumbs into the elasticated waste band of her large white cotton knickers and slowly pulled them down giving me my first good look at her beautiful old cunt it was virtually bald, apart from a few wisps of grey hair about half a dozen at most and the most fantastic fanny crack I had ever seen, it must have been 4” long and as deep as 1” quite a crack to fill, anyway I told her to step out of her knickers and skirt a part her legs as wide as she could and bend over the chair I had been sitting in, I then got behind her and knelt down so that her large round dimpled bottom and her saggy bald cunt were exposed to my tongue. I first parted her dimpled bum cheeks as wide as the would go with my thumbs it was wonderfully smooth and soft her chocolate starfish was twitching in anticipation and so I began to lick and suck and probe her bum hole with my tongue causing my mother in law to moan with pleasure, soon it was wet enough to start to finger fuck I pushed my index finger right into bum hole and wriggled it around inside her. “Ooooh! Ooooh! Sweetheart that’s so good, oh you naughty boy ooooh!” Then I moved down between her chubby thighs where her bald crack was hanging down, I reached between her legs and pulled her saggy mound toward my hungry mouth my tongue was only just long enough to penetrate her cunts tight dry hole, she tasted sweet and fruity and was soon eating her old cunt like there was no tomorrow, spreading her cunt lips with my thumbs just as I had done with her bum so I could get to her pink meat inside her crack and importantly to her clitoris which was in very good working order, as I soon had her legs going to jelly.

At this point I asked if she wanted a break to compose herself. She told me she wanted to continue but needed to lie down, so I took the cushions off the sofa and put them on the floor for her to lie on, together with a bath towel, which I had taken from her airing cupboard. I’ve got no idea why I just didn’t take her to bed. Anyway then I told her take the rest of her cloths off, I also got undressed at this time. I asked her if she wanted me to fuck her. She replied, “What do you think?” I said “ I’ll take that as a yes then.

After a short while we were both totally naked, her pendulous breasts hung down almost to he navel her nipples were large and erect. I bent over and lifted each breast in turn to my mouth and kissed and licked it flicking my tongue over each nipple, while I was doing this, my mother in law started playing with my rock hard cock and balls, cupping my balls in one hand while rolling my foreskin back and forth with the other. “Now you will be gentle with me won’t you, it’s been a bl**dy long time since I’ve had anything that big inside me.” I told her I would take it easy and that she was to let me know if it hurts and I would stop. Then I helped her down onto the cushions placing another cushion under her bottom to raise her up.

I knelt between her legs, I asked her to open her legs as wide as she could and lift them up. I was amazed at how supple she was for her age, when she bent her knees her legs were at 90 degrees to her body causing her cunt to spread wide open. It looked delicious, so I went down on it again, this time using plenty of spit to get it lubricated, I managed to give her old cunt a good finger fucking managing to insert three fingers into her snatch, I spat directly into her now gapping hole making sure it was nice and wet. I then positioned myself between her legs which I now had held up behind her knees and lined up my now throbbing cock against her pink hole and slowly pushed it into her old bald cunt, I did shallow strokes at first but enough to make my mother in law start to moan with pleasure again. After about 3 minuets I had all 7” inside her saggy old cunt my balls were slapping hard against her bum hole, I occasionally had to take it out and give her old cunt another lick and spit but it just made it last longer and feel better, I must have fucked her for about 30 minuets and gave her one hell of an orgasm, I thought she was having a turn until I felt warm piss trickling over my cock and her cries of yes you naughty boy oooh! Don‘t stop, harder oooh yes that’s it, the piss got it well lubricated and I was soon fucking her quite hard, so much so her floppy old tits were jumping all over the place. After a while I lifted her legs right up so I could get really deep penetration. Her saggy old bald cunt looked great with my cock in it pounding away for all that it was worth wet with piss and very soon with my cum. I asked her if she wanted to see me shoot. “ Oh yes sweetheart give it to Me.” she cried. I just managed to pull out in time and ejaculated all over her tummy and tits some even ended up in her hair. I had never in my 55 years cum as hard as I did with my mother in law.

Before we cleaned our selves up I had one last lick of her now piss soaked fanny boy did it taste good, it looked good as well all red and puffy. I asked my mother in law if she had enjoyed it, as I helped her up, she just through her arms around my neck and gave my a full blown passionate kiss open mouthed, tongues, everything and said. “That should answer your question, will there be a next time sweetheart?” “I hope so.” I replied. I don’t think I gave your boobs and bottom the attention they deserved. So next time I will.” “Is that a promise?” She said. “Most definitely Yes it’s a promise and I’ll bring along some lubricating gel, we’ll need that if your bottom is going to have the attention it deserves.” I replied “You are a very naughty but I would love to feel your willie up my bum I used to enjoy John (Father in Law) sticking it up my bum.” She said with a grin. I was getting hard again at the thought of fucking her lovely old bum but had to take the rubish to the tip, so I got dressed had one last passionate kiss and a cuddle and left with all sorts of thoughts running through my mind, only this time they weren’t fantasies.

It had been about a week since I last saw my 82yo MIL and had thought about her last words to me as I left her, about loving to feel my cock up her bum. So I was pleased and excited to here that she wanted me to come and help her sort out her new digital TV.

I arranged to visit her on my way back from work at 6pm. The day dragged I can tell you, but come 5 o’clock I got in my car and drove to her house, stopping off at the supermarket to buy some lubricating gel on the way.

When I arrived there she was in the garden picking weeds from the boarders. She was wearing grey slacks and a pink T-Shirt type top, which rode up her back every time she bent over exposing about 4” of bare flesh and about 2” of the top of her white knickers and when she stood up the seat of her slacks after being stretched over her beautiful round bottom disappeared up the crack of her bum. God she looked good.

After watching her for a minute or two, she noticed me standing by the back door and me greeted me with big smile and a cheery. “Hello sweetheart how long have you been watching me”. “Oh not long.” I replied. “See anything you liked?” She asked. “Only you and your lovely yummy bottom.” I replied. “Shush the neighbours might hear you.” She said. She took my hand and led me into the house, asking if I would like a cuppa I told her I would love one and gave her a peck on the cheek. “Is that all I’m getting.” She said throwing her arms around my neck. I stooped down and kissed her on her lips, to which she responded by opening her mouth and began kissing me passionately, like she did after I had fucked her last week, as she kissed me I could feel my cock straining trying to burst out of my pants, she noticed it and gave it a squeeze saying. “I think he’s ready for action isn’t he” “I hope your bottom is Betty I’ve been dreaming about it all week.” I said. Running my hands over the seat of her slacks feeling and squeezing her soft bum cheeks and stroking a finger up and down her bum crack where her slacks had disappeared. “So have I, I could hardly sl**p.” She replied. “Do you still want to feel my willy in your bum hole?” I asked hopefully. “Oh yes sweetheart I would love your stiff willy up my bum.” She replied squeezing my cock through my trousers and pants, causing it to grow even bigger and harder. We kissed again and she said. “We’ll have a cup of tea first, then we’ll go upstairs.”

After A while Betty swallowed down the last drop of tea in her cup and stood up saying that she had to pay a visit to the toilet and freshen up and that she would give me a shout when she was ready. I said. “O.K. Betty take your time there’s no rush.” After about ten or fifteen minutes I heard the toilet flush and her shout down the stairs. “I’m ready sweetheart.” I got up and grabbed the carrier bag with the lubricating gel in and climbed the stairs to her bedroom where I found her sitting on her bed.

It was a typical old ladies bedroom, a lot of floral prints on the wallpaper, bedspread and curtains, she had fitted wardrobes with mirrored doors and a musky smell only found in old peoples houses. She was wearing a white cotton nightdress with a blue flower print on it, which came over her knees. I dropped the carrier bag on the bed next to her and started to get undressed while she watched. When I was completely naked she told me to stand in front of her and proceeded to suck my cock while cupping my balls in her wrinkly old hand and rolling my foreskin back and forth. God it felt good, I had to tell her to go easy otherwise I would have cum in her mouth. Anyway I wanted to please her, so I helped her to stand up and reached up her nightdress and pulled her big white granny knickers down then helped her back down on the bed while holding the back of her nightdress up over her bum so that she didn’t sit on it, then told her to lay back and open her legs and knelt on the floor between them and began to lick and suck at her fat puffy bald cunt, spreading her crack wide open causing her to moan and convulse while grabbing handfuls of the bedspread and nearly pulling it off the bed. Her cunt look so good I just wanted to stick my cock in it, all wet and glistening with my saliva. I lifted her legs up over her head and eased my throbbing hard on into her tight pink hole just for a few deep strokes, my pre cum was flooding out the end of my cock at this point so acted like a lubricant, after a while I pulled it out of her lovely old cunt and slapped my hard cock against her bald puffy crack, saying lets have a look at that bum hole of yours Betty. “Oh yes sweetheart how do you want me?” She asked. “I think stood up and bent over would be best to start with, we can get more adventurous as we go on.” I replied. I helped her to her feet and pulled her nightdress over her head so that she to was completely naked, her pendulous breasts hung down onto her tubby tummy and looked fantastic I led her over to the dressing table and told her to bend over, I squatted down behind her saggy bottom a parted her cheeks with my thumbs exposing her bum hole to my eager tongue and began to lick and probe it “Mmmmm yes sweetheart eat my arsehole.” She moaned. I reached between her chubby winkled thighs and inserted my thumb into her still moist cunt while rubbing my forefinger along her deep bald fanny crack and sucking, licking and probing her bum hole ever deeper with my tongue, causing her knees to buckle.

After a while I stood up, gently patted her bottom and walked over to the bed to where I had left the carrier bag, I took out the lubricating gel and pulled the top off, it was a pump action device that need a few pumps before it delivered a blob of lube onto my finger, I then returned to where Betty was still bending over the dressing table and asked her to spread her bum cheek as wide as she could, so that I could see what I was doing. Her wrinkly old hand reached round and pulled her cheeks apart so wide it made the skin between them tighten so much it went as smooth as glass. I could see her face in the dressing table mirror, loose skin around her neck hung down, as did her floppy old tits. I wiped a blob of lube on her puckered brown bum hole and proceeded to insert my finger into her back passage, I soon had my finger right in and wriggling about deep inside, her passage was clear of shit, as I couldn’t feel any as I probed it, I could tell by the look on her face that she was enjoying the sensation, but needed to open it up more so I slid my finger out, and reapplied the lube to two fingers and slowly worked them back into her now slippery bum hole twisting my fingers from side to side as I worked them deeper into her warm tight orifice.

Soon it was gapping wide open so I wiped my fingers on her knickers that were screwed up on the floor and lined up my cock against her glistening pucker and slowly eased it inside her, the look on her face was fantastic, pain and ecstasy. I soon had my full 7” deep inside her old saggy bottom and started to fuck it, long deep slow strokes at first as I reached around and pinched her nipples and rolled them between my thumbs and forefingers. “ Oooooh yes fuck my arse harder.” She Moaned. That was all the encouragement I needed, so I took a good grip of her wide hips and started to pound her old arsehole, slapping my tummy against large soft saggy bum cheeks while watching my cock slide in and out of her lovely smooth brown bum hole like a well oiled piston and her tits swing back and forth. This was the best fuck I ever had, after awhile I asked if she would like to try another position, she could hardly speak, so just nodded her head. I told her lay on the bed, I put several pillows under her bottom to lift it up high in the air, then began fucking her again even more vigorously than before pulling my cock right out before ramming it back into her gapping bum hole. I asked if she was all right she said. “Ooooh my darling yes it’s you know how to fuck my old bum don’t you sweetheart.” After about ten minutes I felt my cock swell inside her and pulled it out and shot my spunk all over her puffy bald slit. I wiped my cum into her deep pink crack with my fingers and used it as lube to finger her cunt while rubbing her clitoris to another orgasm causing her to piss all over my hand and just in time for me to clamp my mouth over it and catch the last few drops on my tongue. YUMMY!

After we got cleaned up we kissed and cuddled for some time, her bum hole was still wide open when I left, but has told me it’s back to normal now. If she has her way it won’t be for long.


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