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Fragments: Lesbos Fact and Fantasy

Sappho was a poet born in Eresos on the Greek island of Lesbos in about 600 BC, She wrote many heterosexual love poems, but is most remembered for her graphic depictions of the physical love between women. She gave the world two present-day words: Sapphic from her name (meaning sexual relationships between women, who can be homosexual or bi-sexual) and of course the ‘lesbian’ (simply meaning a female homosexual).
Unfortunately only fragments of her poetry remain; it is not even known whether all writings are meant to rhyme.
This story is written as a series of fragments for a gorgeous lesbian named Jana.

The recent widespread use of ‘lesbian’ gave the residents of Lesbos a problem as they like to call themselves ‘Lesbians’, especially the male residents.
They even tried, unsuccessfully in 2008 to ban all non-native lesbians from calling themselves ‘lesbians’ to avoid confusion with ‘Lesbians’. An Athens court rejected an injunction application by Dimitris Lambrou, a magazine editor, to ban the Homosexual and Lesbian Community of Greece (OLKE), from using the word ‘lesbian’ in their title in a sexual context.
“Today’s decision is unacceptable and an insult to the people of Lesbos and their three thousand year long history”, said Mr Lambrou,
“The decision means that we will appeal instantly to a higher court and, at the appropriate time, to the European Court of Human Rights”.
The islanders said they did not mind if lesbians use the terms “female homosexuals” or “gay women” to describe their sexual preferences, but insisted that using the name of the island and its people was a violation of their right to a national and regional identity.

For many years the world’s lesbians have flocked to Lesbos – the ancestral home of Sapphic Love Poetry to worship Sappho, party on the hot beaches and make love long into the night. Can you imagine anything more beautiful than 4 naked biker lesbians frolicking in the warm sea, then running down the beach and whacking each other with towels to dry off.

Recent mention of Greek island of Lesbos in the news and the papal visit makes me imagine this fantasy, to seduce any local girls of a suitable age who had not yet experienced physical Sapphic lovemaking.

When they were much younger, Jana and her biker friends Danni, Greta and Anna would ride down from their east European hometown, through Romania, Bulgaria along the Black Sea coast into Turkey and catch the ferry to Lesbos for a filthy week or two. They took tents, stopping by the roadside for the night to make love, or just collect up local girls for torrid sex in the long grass under the stars. Any virgins were rapidly deflowered and by the morning were turned into lush lesbians themselves. Fam1lies would bring their nervous Sapphic-virgins down to the roadside, often dressed in a simple see-through white cheesecloth dress. Sometimes the girls would try to hide their hard nipples and dark, lush pubic bush showing through the thin fabric. They would nervously snuggle up together on a bench in a park to keep warm, but quickly realised they were arousing each other in anticipation even before the bikers arrived.

As leader of the biker gang, Jana would try to ensure that the local girls were at least close to the age of consent for girl-on-girl sex in their country, but the others were less bothered. Danni just selected the most innocent looking one, fling her onto the back of the bike and roar off to a quiet spot to begin her education. Danni would start gently – kissing, stroking, touching, feeling – getting the girl to respond open-mouthed and open-legged. Soon the pussy juice would be running down the girl’s thighs as Danni’s insistent fingers sought out her hard clitoris and soft lips. Most girls reacted passively – just getting wetter, nipples hardening, often embarrassed at how easily they came.

The ones that Jana enjoyed most fought back, determined to resist – clamping their young thighs together around her probing fingers or her face, trying to push her away, screaming when the dildo hurt. Jana adored these fiery girls – they usually came the hardest, quivering on the sl**ping bag or up against a cafe wall. Some timidly explored the inside of Jana’s shorts with fingers and tongue, feasting on her rock-hard muscles, astonished at how easily their fists were swallowed between wet pussy lips.
Outwardly in the morning when the new lesbians were returned to the fam1ly they might have a shorter haircut and perfectly shaven pussy, but the inner changes were far more significant. A new confidence permeated their young bodies, knowing that they could satisfy a biker in many, many erotic ways and would spread their new-found love-making skills to all their female friends.

Nowadays the bikers tend to fly down to the island and hire the most powerful bikes available to terrorise the locals, wearing a uniform of black leather shorts, thigh-length boots and not much else. The local girls still crave teaching in the use of dildos and the finer art of trib, while their dads stare open-mouthed as they ride by, hair flying in the breeze and breasts bouncing.

Jana and her three biker friends hire a Lesbos villa up a high mountain track. Each morning they ride down to the coast to a favourite tavern for breakfast and checkout the local talent. The very first time they visited the pretty young girl in bright blue shorts was sat on the counter, swinging her long legs. She was apparently oblivious to the fact that her tight camel toe, visible through the thin fabric was exciting the bikers.
Jana stood very close, just touching the girl’s thighs; her own hot pussy only inches away. The girl kisses her nervously, wondering why her own pussy is on fire. None of the bikers speak any Greek, but with sign language and kissing they discover the girl’s name is Alexis.

Every year, Jana is delighted to watch the girl develop in to a beautiful young woman – high breasts, slim hips, a gorgeous smile and the tightest pussy Jana had ever licked. The pretty young waitress brings them coffee and ouzo; leans over to kiss Greta, this time her short black skirt rides up, exposing her hot thighs and panties.

She is always happy to have Jana’s hand up her short skirt, expertly rubbing around her hard clitoris inside her white bikini cotton panties. Alexis spreads her legs as another hand enters her panties from behind, causing the orange juice to splash onto her thighs. Danni lifts the girl onto their table, opening her uniform blouse, ripping open her white bra, gorging on her pert breasts. Soon all four friends are sucking or finger-fucking the hapless teenager, her Dad watching in amazement. Soon her legs are lifted over Jana’s shoulders and a cruel black anal plug inserted in her pretty arse – she mewls into Danni’s breasts as the pressure on her clit becomes unbearable and she climaxes violently; squirting a little stream of pee down Jana’s thighs.

Outside the cafe three more local girls are admiring the powerful bikes, stroking the hot, wide leather saddles still smelling faintly of overheated pussy. They are all perfectly tanned a deep olive colour – flashes of pale bikini top marks visible through their open mesh tee-shirts. One girl lifts her skirt flashing her dark pubic triangle surrounded by a narrow margin of un-tanned flesh; Greta licks her lips, inviting the girl into the cafe. Soon that tongue is buried in the girl’s backside, three fingers rotating her hard clitoris, then entering her pussy from behind. The girl leans over the table, spreading her thighs, Jana attacks her breasts; then a dildo appears replacing Greta’s fisting.

To Andromeda
That country girl has witched your wishes,
all dressed up in her country clothes
and she hasn’t got the sense
to hitch her rags above her ankles.
–Translated by Jim Powell

Her remaining two friends outside clamber onto the bikes pillion seats, opening their hot pussies to take in the large, black saddle-mounted dildos. Jana, Danni, Greta and Anna carry the naked well-fucked cafe girls outside and thrust them onto the unoccupied saddle-dildos. It readily enters the cafe girl’s dripping cunt, f0rcing her to cum again as Greta fingers her arse from behind. The bikers mount up and ride off to the villa with their impaled passengers hanging on grimly.

At the villa they all strip off and jump into the pool after the bikers don their largest strap-on dildos. The four islanders stand in the warm shallow water, holding onto the pool side, while the bikers enter them from behind. First dipping the cock-heads into warm pussy, then angling upwards to invade their tight puckered butt-holes. The girls scream in unison as the bikers pull back on their arms to penetrate them fully anally and then again cuntally. Back on the poolside the dildos are discarded and the 4 friends try out tribbing with Jana and the bikers. Danni finds a double-ended dildo in her bike pannier-bag and uses it to fuck Greta, while Anna and Jana have a wild pussy-fisting contest.

Alexis and her three friends are lined up on the grass, under the stars, legs wide open to be shaved clean and loved.
Then Alexis is reading Sappho poetry; wrapped in Jana’s arms, caressing and kissing. Jana gently strokes her hair, her shoulders, her breasts. Jana cannot understand a word of Greek, but it sounds gorgeous as Jana strokes her young body, dipping a finger between her moist lips. The three new Lesbos lesbians try to act out the poet’s words by rubbing their smooth skin against each other and all over Jana’s three biker friends.

After shaving, Jana applies a soothing cream to their tender pubic area, before fucking them one last time with the strap-on before bed.
In the morning the Lesbians can’t wait to jump back on the bikes and roar down the Lesbos mountainside, now fully-fledged lesbians to demonstrate their Sapphic-love making skills.

The Greek for vagina is (κόλπος or μουνί), the clitoris is (κλειτορίς).

Alexis never forgot that first kiss; perched up on her step-dad’s cafe counter – Jana and the bikers strolled in as if they owned the place. Discarded motorbike helmets, jackets and boots littering the floor – now just in their gleaming black leather shorts and scarves. Jana walks straight up to Alexis and plants that first kiss on her lips; Alexis melts – all her young resolve to be cool dissolves. She opens her mouth to accept Jana’s tongue and kisses back. The sensation of finger-tips brushing upwards across her bare thighs towards the crotch of her shiny blue shorts was overpowering. Alexis clamped her thighs shut around Jana’s waist in a desperate attempt to preserve her dignity (and perhaps her virginity). Jana’s tongue ran around inside her mouth at the same relaxed pace as one finger (or was it two?) inside her shorts circled her lips.

Alexis found herself making funny little ‘ng’ noises as her tender young body automatically reacted to the twin onslaught. Alexis kissed back hard, flashing her tongue against her assailants front teeth, savouring the feeling building in her groin – it could only be a matter of time before her vagina overcame her reluctance to climax around the probing digits.

Jana looked over Alexis shoulder at her step-dad standing, open-mouthed, behind the counter as if to ask ‘Is this alright?’
Alexis explained that he liked her to call him Daddy, but actually her was her step-dad. Jana wasn’t so sure –they did look alike, but had to accept what she said.

Alexis roughly translated his long Greek reply into ‘Yes, of course you can make love to my beautiful step-daughter’.

Then Alexis resumed kissing and had her first crashing orgasm on Jana’s hand; shaking her young body from toe to head. Jana picked her up from the hard counter – one hand under each taut buttock to lay her down on the table, surrounded by Danni, Greta and Anna, who took turns discovering all her erogenous zones with fingers and tongues. Danni licked her to a second climax; Greta had the third, Alexis couldn’t believe she actually squirted into Anna’s mouth:

“Oh, I’m so sorry. It’s all dribbling down your chin”. The three friends helped lick Anna clean.

a Sappho fragment
Sweet c***d, with garlands be thy tresses bound,
Twine marjoram with woodbine, sprat with spray;
The gods love those who come with chaplets crowned,
From those ungarlanded they turn away
–translated by A. C. Benson (1862 – 1925)

Each year Alexis grew bolder – kissing Jana’s neck before being asked formally; scratching Jana’s back during her orgasm, sometimes dipping her fingers into Jana’s shorts.

One year Alexis could see and feel the bulge in the front of Jana’s shorts – what was it? Surely not a cock! Jana undid her wide leather belt and unbuttoned the front of her leather shorts – Alexis was horrified to see a fat bright blue dildo sticking straight up out of Jana’s crotch: “Oh My God –What is that”?

“This, my little ch1ld is your introduction to fucking lesbian-style”.

Alexis eyes grew wider and wider as the tip of the dildo penetrated her vagina “Daddy she’s fucking me! Daddy there’s a plastic cock in my κόλπος. Daddy it feels amazing; she is going so deep!”

Jana gently fucked his beautiful step-daughter to her first screaming climax of the holiday. Alexis hung onto Jana’s shoulders as her young body shook with each thrust of Jana’s beautiful cock.

Check out for more information on Sappho.

Several years later Jana was delighted to be greeted at the cafe door by Alexis – now a gorgeous young lady with full breasts poking out the top of a tight plunging red dress. Alexis kissed hungrily as Jana’s hands wandered over her shapely hips and waist – no panties here. Then Alexis pressed her hips forwards:, the strap-on dildo lifting the hem of her dress – stroking against Jana’s bare thigh: “Naughty girl – what have you got down there”?

Jana dropped to her knees – hands behind Alexis thighs – pulling the dildo into her mouth – riding it hard, twisting it between her teeth: “I hope you know how to use this”.

Jana bent over one of the outside tables; dropping her shorts, pushing backwards onto the cock head. It slipped in easily – Jana was already very wet – Alexis didn’t disappoint – she had been waiting for this moment for almost a year – practicing on any friend who was willing.

Alexis leant forward, grasping Jana’s tits from behind and pulling her backwards and further onto the dildo – fucking hard and fast: “Whoa – slow down – I like it deeper – roll your hips – that’s it – now nearly all the way out, then slam it back in. You’ve got it, my girl –that’s making me really happy. Pinch my nipples and I could soon be cumming.”

Jana lifted her head from the table: “Oi – you lazy bitches – get you’re arses over here and give me some cunt to eat”.
Danni reluctantly clambered up onto the table, opening her legs wide for Jana to eat her out; Alexis was amazed at the low growling sound coming from the woman she was fucking.

Greta and Anna stood either side of Alexis, lifting the back of her dress to reveal the narrow black strap-on straps around her waist and thighs, framing her tight backside: “Nice arse” said Greta “I fancy some of that”.

Greta kissed and sucked her way up Alexis right inner thigh, rubbing hard and chewing chunks of hot arse. Alexis felt she was being eaten alive – her butt-hole had never felt so exposed – then it happened – at first just one finger, then two, then her arse was being finger-fucked by one hard lesbian as two fingers entered her cunt as she continued pounding the dildo into Jana.

Every year Jana was delighted to see Alexis growing from a timid pretty girl into a gorgeous young woman. Alexis stood in front of the counter, lips and hips thrust forward provocatively, waiting to be ravaged by Jana and her friends. Danni kissed her lightly on the mouth, Greta on the side of her neck. Anna m*****ed her hard young breasts, inside her blue tee-shirt, while Jana slipped one hand down the front of Alexis shorts.

“What’s all this”? cried Jana in mock disgust “so much hair – look girls it’s so thick, you can hardly see her pussy”.

Danni stopped kissing Alexis to get a better look between her legs: “This has got to go – we might never find your clit in this forest. Quick girl, get some soapy water, this lot is coming off”.

Greta fetched a bowl of warm water from somewhere and the three lesbians carried Alexis out to a table in the sun-lit private courtyard behind the tavern.

Jana pulled down Alexis’ shorts and pale blue panties: “Wow, you are hairy, little girl. We’ll soon have you cleaned up”.
Danni covered Alexis’ thick pubic hair with soapy water and Jana started shaving away her long dark curls with a battery-powered razor. Occasionally she held the buzzing handle against Alexis’ clitoris or dipped the end between her moist lips. Each time Alexis’ nipples hardened and she breathed harder, closer to her orgasm. Soon her pussy was completely bare and smooth; Jana bent down to taste her juices flowing down between her thighs.

Alexis looked down her lovely Mediterranean- colour body, over her proud, high breasts, perfectly flat stomach to watch Jana standing firmly between her legs, lifting her ankles high and wide, exposing her young sex. Jana dipped one middle finger into the little bowl of olive oil, that her step-dad – the cafe owner puts out fresh every morning, and smoothed it around her hot flesh. There was a slight pressure against her taut butt-hole, and then it was in. It slipped in easily to Jana’s first knuckle; Alexis squirmed in surprise – nothing had ever felt so good. Jana smiled as her thumb pushed open Alexis’ pussy lips and slid in. Alexis yelped as the cold metal thumb ring made contact with her over-sensitive inner lips.

Then – bliss – Jana pressed thumb to finger – both deep inside Alexis; rolling and stroking and rubbing her to a certain climax. Alexis was babbling now: “No – stop – you can’t do that – you’re making me cum all over your hand”.

Jana kept finger-fucking this delightful girl from Lesbos, knowing that one day soon she would return the favour. Jana’s three friends were suddenly beside her – stripped down to their usual sex-outfits of dog-tags and strap-on dildo. Danni pushed Jana aside; taking over control of Alexis’ ankles, then the short purple silicone cock was inside. Jana offered her sticky fingers to Alexis’ mouth – she hungrily sucked them clean – delighting in her own tangy cuntal and anal flavours.

Looking up Alexis spotted step-dad on the first floor balcony directly overlooking the table where she was making love. The movie camera looked a bit incongruous staring straight down at her hot body, but she was now beyond caring who knew she was a proper lesbian – after all she could recite many of Sappho’s poem fragments in both Greek and English – odd phrases kept popping into her head as another climax built between her thighs.

Danni pulled out, satisfied that Alexis had cum for her too; allowing the long blue anal dildo sported by Greta to churn up Alexis’ bowels. She was almost incoherent now – alternating between Greek and English, panting through her long deep orgasms. Greta inserted two fingers coated in olive oil – the heat emanating from Alexis cunt was astonishing.

Jana held the juiciest olive between her front teeth; kissing and smearing the olive oil around Alexis’ lips. Alexis found the mixture of scents intoxicating: Jasmine, Bougainvillaea and Wisteria in the bush behind, Jana’s perfume from between her breasts and now the flavour of olive. Alexis took the proffered fruit into her mouth, letting it lay against her tongue, before swapping it back into Jana’s mouth. Eventually they ate half each.

Alexis lay in her step-dad’s arms, exhausted but happy. He gently held the sides of her face, but slowly encouraged her head down into his groin. Alexis was suddenly aware of the hot tip of his cock brushing against her cheek, only inches from her mouth: “No daddy – I can’t do that anymore. I still love you Daddy; but I’m a proper lesbian now – I have dedicated my body to Sappho – I only make love to beautiful women”.

Long after the lesbians had ridden off into the sunset Alexis lay curled up on the sofa with her step-dad. He was stroking her hair and trying to angle her face into his groin.

“No Daddy – I still love you – but I can’t do that anymore – I can’t suck your cock – I’m a real lesbian now – I only perform cunnilingus now, not fellatio”.

Step-dad only heard the Greek word πεολειξία from his beautiful Lesbos daughter, he slid his eager cock into her reluctant mouth for the very last time.

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