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Fred Submits

It has been more than a few Saturdays since “Fred” went shopping with Mary Pat. If you haven’t read the first three “stories” about how “Fred” became my cock sucker you might understand this one a little better if you do; but if you don’t that won’t matter too much! After all, reading about a formerly straight married man who learns to love being a sissy cock sucker is what it is!

Mary Pat is my ex-wife, she visits town four times a year and we always get together. She’s bi-sexual and loves to play. She helped me by introducing “Fred” to two “ladies” who work in the lingerie department of an upscale department store. Mary Pat won’t be back in town until October but Fred can shop with Alice any time I want.

“I’ve been thinking, Fred.” I announced as he began to lick my balls.

“Yes, Master.” He mumbled into my crotch.

“You’ve become such a good little slut it’s a shame to keep you all to myself.”

“But..” He tried to object.

“Quiet, Slut! Keep licking and listen.”

He sucked one of my balls into his mouth and worked it over with his tongue. “You must have thought about it, Slut! I mean, you’re so good at sucking cock; surely you don’t want to limit yourself to just one. Admit it Fred, you’ve been thinking about this too and just waiting for me to prod you along, haven’t you?”

Fred just mumbled, which by the way felt very nice.

“I asked you a question, Fred. Answer me!” I commanded.

He released my balls and spoke. “I admit that I’ve thought about it but I don’t want to include anyone else unless they are very safe and discreet. You know I’m almost anal about disease and if my f****y found out I wouldn’t know what to do.”

“But if I knew someone “safe” you’d be willing, that’s what you really mean isn’t it?

“I suppose..” Fred admitted.

“Back to work, Slut! While you suck you can listen and think about my plans for your talented mouth. First, you’re going to need a costume. I think the French Maid is so cliché but none the less appropriate. You should talk to Alice about that. Second, as a sign of your submission, I want you to wear a collar. Not around your neck but around your balls. I wouldn’t be surprise if you can find just the right thing at a pet store. Third, I want to do this tonight so you’ll have to make some excuse to your wife.”

“I can’t possibly do that!” Fred objected.

“Silence, Slut.” I snapped. “You can and you will. The sooner you bring me off the sooner you can start on your ‘project’.”

Fred did his usual great job of sucking me off but he seemed distracted. When I finally filled his willing mouth with my sweet cum I informed him, “One more thing, Slut, you should arrive back here tonight at exactly 7:30 and you should be dressed and ready to serve when I open the door.”


“Let me worry about the ‘buts’, Slut, you worry about your costume.”

Fred left my apartment and went shopping. And, just as I expected he was standing outside my door at 7:30. He was dressed as a French Maid complete with heels and the wig Mary Pat gave him. A raincoat was d****d over his shoulders. I made him wait, not too long of course, maybe thirty seconds, but it must have seemed like forever to him. As I turned the handle to open the door he let the coat drop to the floor.

“Right on time, Slut!” I greeted him sweetly. “The leash?”

Fred handed me a lightweight nylon leash attached to a pink collar that encircled his nut sack and made his balls hang away from his body. “Very nice, Slut, you have good taste in obedience equipment!”

Fred curtsied and said, “I hope it pleases you. Master”

Fred’s costume started with shear black stockings with lace tops and matching garter belt. His collared balls were framed perfectly! His “top” was a sheer black chemise with open cups and lace trim. His apron was white lace and just barely covered his “package”. He was wearing the wig and lipstick and shoes that he got with Mary Pat.

“I think Mary Pat will be jealous when I tell her about your new outfit, Slut.”

“I can only hope, Master.”

I gave a gentle tug and guided Fred into my entry. He stooped to pick up his coat but I tugged on his leash. “Get inside before you’re seen!” I exclaimed.

Fred stepped into the foyer and waited as I picked up his coat.

“Let me look at you, Slut.” Fred held his arms out and turned first to the left, then to the right and then around in the small hallway. He looked silly dressed as a French Maid but I knew it made him feel sexy. His cock was half full and throbbing. I reached for one of his tits peeking out of the lace lined cups and pinched it.

“Oh! Master, please don’t pinch so hard! You’ll bruise my titties!”

“Silence Slut! Listen carefully; I don’t want to repeat myself. My neighbor is sitting on the couch. You are going to go in there and come on to him like the slut that you are! You are going to beg him to let you suck his cock, do you understand?”

“Yes, Master, if it is what you want from your slut!”

I led Fred into my living room with the leash and presented him to my neighbor, Ernie. Before Fred had arrived I told Ernie that he would get his cock sucked by my slut but that he was to play hard to get and not just let Fred get into his pants. Ernie agreed so the game was on!

“Ernie, this is the cock slut I told you about.”

“Fred, this is my neighbor, Ernie. He wondered why you were over here every week and asked if I was gay. I told him that you just liked to dress up like a cheap slut and suck cock, isn’t that right?”

Fred looked right at Ernie and said, “That’s right! I am a cheap slut for my Master Sam. I lick his balls and suck his cock and he would like me to suck you off too.”

“I don’t know….” Ernie feigned reluctance even though he was dying to get Fred’s mouth on his cock.

“I’m going to get us some beers, you two get acquainted.”

I left Ernie and Fred alone in the living room as Fred sat next to Ernie and started stroking his chest. “Please, you won’t regret it Ernie! I love to suck cock and I’ll bet yours id a nice big tasty one, isn’t?” I couldn’t believe how easily Fred started to act like a whore!

When I returned to the living room Fred was rubbing Ernie’s crotch and kissing his neck and moaning, “Ernie, your cock feels so nice, so big and hard! Please let me suck you off, please…!

“Ernie! I exclaimed as I winked. “You’re still dressed. I thought Fred would have hi lips on your cock by now. Fred, I think Ernie needs a little warming up, why don’t you unbutton his shirt and suck on his tits while you tell him how much you like cock.”

As Fred unbuttoned his shirt and started squeezing Ernie’s boobs (they are boobs too, Ernie is a little overweight and his tits are more than a mouth full). “I love sucking on nice fat cocks, Ernie. I love to feel the precum lubing my tongue, I love it when a cock slides into my throat And I love the taste of cum, please let me suck you, please!” Fred’s lips found one of Ernie’s tits and sucked while he stroked Ernie’s cock through his slacks.

“I think Ernie needs some help with his belt, Fred. Be a good slut and loosen up his pants.” I could tell that Ernie was ready to let Fred go down on him but I wanted to see if we could get Ernie naked, maybe Ernie was a little submissive too. “Ernie looks uncomfortable, Fred. Help him off with his shoes and socks.”

Fred got down on the floor and untied Ernie’s shoes and slipped them off. He rolled his socks down and took them off. “I’ll bet if you rub Ernie’s legs real nice he’ll let you see his cock!”

Fred began rubbing Ernie’s legs and pleading, “Please let me see your cock,!”

Ernie just let me direct the action; I don’t think he really believed yet that he was going to get his cock sucked. “If you ask really nice, Fred, I’ll bet Ernie will let you take off his pants.”

“May I take your pants off, please?” Ernie didn’t need a second invitation. Fred slipped them off as Ernie raised his butt off the couch.

“Why don’t you kiss his cock, Fred, you know how.”

Fred crawled between Ernie’s legs and kissed his cock through Ernie’s tightie-whities. “Ernie needs some boxers, doesn’t he Fred?” Fred just mumbled as he rubbed Ernie’s cock and balls with his face. I was afraid that Ernie might not make it to the main event!

“Do you believe me now, Ernie?”

“God, yes! You weren’t bull shitting, this guys a real slut, quit teasing me and let him blow me!”

“Ok, Fred, lean back and let Ernie stand up and drop his drawers.” As he did Fred gave me a sly smile and took Ernie’s cock into his mouth down to the root. Ernie was just average but the way he held Fred’s head and fucked Fred’s mouth made Fred very happy. Ernie was so worked up that he lasted just about a minute, maybe less! Fred sucked him dry and then thanked him like a good little slut.

“Ok, Ernie, time for you to go!” I announced abruptly.

“But don’t I get to watch him suck you?”

“No, you don’t. There’s just one person in charge here and that’s me. If you want to be granted any further privileges you’ll have to earn them.

“I don’t understand?”

“You will. Now please leave.” Ernie dressed and left.

“Well done, Slut! Now go prepare my shower. You have more to do.”

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