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Friday Afternoon Part 6

Part 6

As soon as they got out of the car, Bobby raced upstairs and got changed
for his basketball game that night. He was out the door not long
thereafter and probably wouldn’t be back till late.

Having witnessed her son’s masturbation in the car and having
subsequently gotten a good taste of his cum from the soiled kleenex that
he had used to clean up with had gotten Norma really randy. As she sat
or walked around the house she was constantly aware how swollen her
entire cunt area was and how it seemed to itch for the services of her
own finger. Something vague was holding her back, however, and prevented
her from simply locking herself in her room or the bathroom and bringing
herself off.

Having had a silent dinner with Jake, her husband, she retired to
a recliner in the basement den to watch the news. But she couldn’t
concentrate and her mind kept wandering back to the sight of her
son jacking his cock while looking at her as she drove back from
Charleston. A couple of times she had almost taken a detour down
one of the many dirt farm roads leading off the two-lane, but each
time she declined to give in to the temptation feeling it would
only lead to their eventually touching each other. That was something
she was determined to avoid at all costs even though her fantasies
were filled with thoughts of getting her long slender fingers around
her son’s big prick. And not only her fingers. She wanted to devour
him. The thought of Bobby’s big cock filling her mouth and throat
brought to mind how much she wanted to have contact with him.
Contact with someone. She needed to have sex with someone she could
at least touch. Jake was going out to see Bobby’s ballgame, as
usual, but maybe Caroline was home. She went to the phone on the
wall and called next door.

Caroline was glad to hear from her. And yes, she’d love to visit,
but not before eight when Brad, her husband, was leaving with Jake
to go to the same ball game. Norma said she would be over as soon
as she heard Brad’s car pull out of the driveway.

Hoping that Caroline would be in the mood for some hanky-panky, as
she called it, Norma went upstairs to clean up and she was next
door as soon as Brad and Jake were gone. It didn’t take long before
both of them were hunkered down on the sofa drinking white wine in
front of a nice blaze in the fireplace. In a matter of minutes
Norma found herself for the second time that day with her blouse
open and her bra undone as she sat on the edge of the sofa. This
time Caroline was kneeling between her wide-spread legs and sucking
on one of her nipples; she seemed to be just as horny as Norma.

Enjoying the sensations of Caroline’s lips and tongue working on her
erect nipple, Norma’s mind began to fantasize what it would be like to
have Bobby sucking her breast and she was suddenly overcome with a need
to confide her troublesome situation with her best friend. Reaching down
with both hands she grabbed Caroline on either side of her head and
pulled her away from her breast. She then bent her own head and gave the
startled woman a deep tongue kiss which she broke off almost as soon as
it got started saying, “Sorry, love, but I’ve got to talk about

A worried expression crossed Caroline’s features as she replied, “I hope
it’s nothing serious. Are you in some sort of trouble? Did I do

Norma leaned back into the cushions while pulling her blouse closed in
front of her and said, “No. It’s not you. It’s me. I must be crazy.” And
she hesitated, trying to figure out a way to explain what was going on
between her and Bobby.

Seeing what looked to Caroline like reluctance she quickly put it, “Come
on, Norma, we’ve never had any secrets before. What is it?”

“Well . . .” and there was another long pause before she launched on
breathlessly, “I’m not sure how to say this, but Bobby and I are having
an affair – of sorts.”

“You’re what!?” Caroline flubbered. “With your own son?!”

“Uh huh. With my own son. I know – it’s wrong, it’s even i*****l.
It’s perverted, it’s dirty, it’s lecherous, it’s filthy, it’s nasty
and lewd and I just love it. I can’t help myself.”

“Holy shit, Norma! How did this all happen. And what do you mean by `an
affair of sorts’?”

“Well, I haven’t exactly fucked him, but . . .” and Norma launched into
the whole story while Caroline sat and listened without interrupting.

Thirty minutes later Norma finished the tale and sat back exhausted and
feeling a little bit relieved that she had finally been able to share
her secret with someone she could trust.

There was a couple of moments of silence which Caroline finally broke by
saying, “Wow. You sure have a lot of will power. I’d have been fucking
his brains out from the git-go. Anyway, I’m glad you told me. You just
really needed to get this out, didn’t you. And don’t worry, I won’t tell
a soul, honest. Your secret’s safe with me.”

“Thanks – I needed to hear that, I guess,” Norma replied, relieved.

“Yeah, well. Now I know why you’ve been avoiding me these last few
weeks. And I don’t blame you. Tell you what!”

“What?” Norma asked.

“I’ve got an idea how you’re feeling, especially after what you said
happened just this afternoon. You must really be uptight. What I want
you to do is settle back here while I do you, OK.” When Norma started to
protest Caroline said, “No! Now just listen to me. I know what you need
so just do what I say, OK? So just settle back and enjoy this and don’t
worry about me. In fact, just close your eyes and think about Bobby
while I do this to you, OK.”

Norma just nodded her head and slouched down while Caroline reopened
her blouse. Leaning down next to her, Caroline began once more to
manipulate Norma’s tumescent nipple with her lips and tongue while
she reached under her skirt and began to fondle her large hard clit
between thumb and forefinger. With her other hand she reached into
her own slacks and began to masturbate herself. It wasn’t even a
minute before Norma’s cunt drenched her best friend’s hand with
girl cum as her body shook with each wave of her orgasm. When the
spasms passed, Norma just lay back and looked over at her friend
and watched as Caroline finished herself off.

“Wow, that was short and sweet,” Caroline said as she withdrew her hand
from her waistband. “Wanna talk some more?”

“Not really. I’m super tired. I just want to go to sl**p.”

“Yeah, I understand. I’ll bet you are worn out. Go on, go home and get
some rest. We can talk later.”

Norma leaned forwards and kissed Caroline lovingly and said, “Thanks for
listening. You’re a dear.” Pulling herself together she was out the door
in a flash and sound asl**p the minute she hit the bed.

Two weeks passed and it was another long dry spell for Bobby and
Norma. Still remaining super cautious both acted as normal as
possible and trudged on day after day hoping for a break. None came
along. Norma did visit a couple of times with Caroline, but neither
one seemed in the mood for sex so they just wound up talking. Norma
was now of the opinion that maybe it would be best if they just
stopped the whole business, but neither she nor Caroline could come
up with a strategy that wouldn’t be devastating to Bobby. The only
thing they thought they could hope for was that Ariel or one of
his other girlfriends would grab his attention – or maybe something
else – and divert his interests and sexual energy in that direction.
Otherwise they were stumped.

When the two weeks had rolled by and it was Friday again there didn’t
look like a thing they could do. Bobby had a ballgame at Oakmore the
next evening and it was decided that Jake and Norma would drive the
hundred miles to see the big game. Even though Brad couldn’t make it,
Caroline wanted to go as well. After the game they could all get
together with Bobby and go to this swell pizza place in Oakmore for a
late supper. Bobby could then ride home with them instead of taking the
team bus back. That would save his dad the trouble of having to pick him
up at the high school so late that night.

Southfield played a magnificent game that evening and Bobby was the
star. Flushed with victory he, his parents and Caroline had pizza at
Gino’s Pizzaria. During the meal Bobby sensed something strange at the
table. At first he couldn’t put his finger on it and figured maybe he
was getting “signals” from his mom, but when he started to pay attention
to this he noticed that she didn’t act out of character at all. She
spent a lot of time talking to Caroline and him and virtually ignored
his dad which was par for the course and nothing unusual. After some
time he began to notice that Mrs. Bishop seemed to be giving him what he
thought were wierd looks. It was difficult to divine, but she seemed to
look at him differently although he couldn’t quite explain it to
himself. And each time he looked over at her he noticed that she would
look him directly in the eye as if no one else were at the table and she
never broke contact; he was always the first one to look away. After
awhile it got almost embarrassing and he simply quit looking at her

Caroline Bishop had been their next door neighbor and Bobby’s mom’s
best friend for just about as far back as he could remember. She
was a blond woman of medium build except that she had large breasts. She
was cute in a “pixyish” sort of way which didn’t especially appeal to
Bobby, but she was always nice to him and paid him well for cutting her
grass and doing odd chores now and then. To him, Caroline was just one
of those sort of neutral people in his life; she was just there, neither
liked or disliked. So why all of a sudden after all these years would
she being acting funny like this? Or was he just imagining things. Bobby
thought he was probably just very tired and hung over from the
excitement of the ball game. He finally decided it was he and chalked
the whole business up to his imagination.

Getting in the car for the two-hour drive back to Southfield it worked
out that his mother sat up front while his dad drove. That put him and
Caroline in the back seat together. After just a few minutes his mother
said something to him which he didn’t hear. When she finally got his
attention he said, “Sorry, mom. I guess I just dozed off for a second.”

Caroline jumped in immediately with, “We know you’re tired, hon. You’ve
had a big night. Why don’t you just lie down here and go to sl**p.”
Scootching all the way over to the left of the seat up against the door
she patted her lap and said, “Come on, you can rest your head in my lap
and sl**p till we get home.”

Not one to argue, especially now being so tired, Bobby turned and lay
back, adjusting his frame as best he could to the confines of the seat
with his head resting on Caroline’s soft skirt clad thighs and staring
at the dark roof.

“Comfy, dear?” Caroline solicited.

“Uh huh,” Bobby purred as he dropped almost immediately into that half
conscious state most people enter when riding in cars. He felt Caroline
stroke the top of his head a couple of times and then he was out.

The next thing Bobby remembered upon waking was the gentle motion
of the automobile moving down the highway which had lulled him to
sl**p. As he opened his eyes he noticed it was still dark and that
his head was still in Caroline’s lap. Moving his eyes to the right
a bit and looking up he was startled to see one large bare breast
capped with a puffy pink nipple vaguely visible in the low light
jutting out between the folds of Mrs. Bishop’s unbuttoned blouse
and jacket. Then he looked up further directly into Mrs. Bishop’s
lust filled eyes. Just as he was about to exclaim his surprise,
she gently clamped her right hand over his mouth and gently shook
her head back and forth. Confused and not knowing what to do he
just lay unmoving.

Very, very slowly Caroline began to lift the palm of her hand from
Bobby’s mouth. When it was completely off she began to slowly trace
the outline of Bobby’s lips using the lightest of touches with just
the tip of her finger while maintaining a firm lock on his eyes
with her own. When she had circled his lips twice and come to the
center of his mouth she began to incrementally apply pressure with
her finger until his lips began to part and she could feel his
teeth and their slight overbit. Bobby wouldn’t open up just yet so
she started moving the finger around on his teeth and gums and he
got the idea. She snaked her finger between his teeth and finding
his tongue she started to gently toy with it.

Caroline could see from the cornered a****l look in his eyes that Bobby
was frightened, but that quickly disappeared as he closed his lips
around her finger and began to suck on it. Soon her finger and his
tongue were involved in a pleasant duel inside his mouth, but it didn’t
last as long as either would have liked. When her finger was good and
wet she removed it and brought it to her bare breast where she applied
the spit to her nipple which began to shrivel into erection before
Bobby’s eyes. Using her other arm to support the back of Bobby’s head,
she began to apply a slow upward pressure and it only took a second for
him to figure out what she wanted. Giving in to the pressure as she
brought his head up slightly, he opened his mouth and glued it right
over the center of her large puffy pink areola and began to suck.

This caused an involuntary, but slight gasp to escape Caroline’s
lips. The sound didn’t go unnoticed by Norma up front in the
passenger seat talking softly to her husband so as to keep him
awake while he drove. Sensing the nature of the what she heard
coming from behind her she refrained from jerking her head around;
she felt this was something she didn’t want to draw Jake’s attention
to and she was right. When she did finally glance into the back
seat she almost became unhinged and it was with the greatest effort
of her will that she managed to remain outwardly calm and unruffled.

She let a few moments pass and then turned again, this time for a
longer look just to verify what she thought she saw the first time
in the dim light. Nothing had changed. There was her son curled up
with his head in Caroline’s lap. And there sat Caroline with her
jacket open and her blouse undone and one of her big tits hanging
out of her bra cup. And Bobby was sucking one her nipple. What a
scene! Goddamn her!

Norma was filled with an instant rage and anger at what she felt
was betrayal by her best friend. How dare she do this? she thought.
But she also knew that to do anything at the moment with Jake right
there was to risk giving away the entire situation. She was struck
powerless and she knew it and it made her even madder that she knew
Caroline knew it.

With all the enmity she could muster she moved her eyes up to Caroline’s
and found the other woman staring right back at her with an equally
serious expression on her face. They held this emotion filled tableau an
eon until Caroline had the gall to wink. That broke the ice and Norma
couldn’t help but to emit a low throated chuckle. Hearing that her
husband queried, “What’s so funny?”

Norma just shook her head and said, “Oh nothing. Just something that
came to mind.” After all, what else could she say?

A quick take of the situation on Norma’s part revealed to her that she
wasn’t about to try and break up the backseat lustfest. On the contrary,
there was a part of her that wanted it to continue; she was getting
turned on by the thought of her son sucking on her best friend’s nipple.
If she couldn’t get into it she was damn well going to watch them so she
shifted her position putting herself half turned in the seat and up
against the car door. This way she could plainly see everything that was
going on in back.

As she became increasingly aroused Norma still retained a part of
her earlier resentment at Caroline’s brash behavior until she
realized with a start that she was actually jealous; she wanted it
to be she who was in back with Bobby, having him suck her breast.

In order to have an excuse to be constantly looking back, Norma began an
inane conversation with Caroline, rattling on in a steady stream about
some dumb subject or another. The initial sound of his mother’s voice
startled and frightened Bobby and he jerked his head around to look up
over the seat at her. But she wouldn’t look down at him or acknowledge
him in any way; she just kept rattling on about some church social or
other. Caroline took his head and pulled it back against her bosom and
he resumed sucking her breast.

As Norma chatted on and Bobby continued to nurse, Caroline reached down
with her right hand and began to lightly rub Bobby’s side, all the time
working her hand lower and lower until it was directly over his crotch.
Here, she found exactly what she had hoped – a huge lump of muscle
straining the fabric of his pants. She began to rub the lump in a
circular motion with the palm of her hand until she had located its
exact form and position and she couldn’t believe the size of it. Having
done so, she didn’t linger long. She very cautiously began to unzip the
fly on Bobby’s pants. When she had it down she found the opening in his
shorts and inserted her hand inside, grabbed his hot cock and began to
wrestle with it in an attempt to free it from its confines.

Sensing rather than feeling the upcoming groan from Bobby’s throat,
she tightened the pressure of her hand on the back of his head,
mashing it into her tit and muffling the moan brought on by the
feel of her hand on his sensitive bare cockflesh. Eventually she
managed to get his massive cock loose and immediately wrapped her
hand around the hard pole and slowly began to jack it up and down.
Then she looked up at Norma and saw the lust in the other woman’s
eyes. It amazed Caroline that Norma could gawk at the scene before
her, obviously enraptured by it, and continue to chatter away as
she was doing.

And indeed it wasn’t easy for Norma to carry on this mostly one
sided conversation as she took in the scene of her best friend
having her breast sucked by her son while he was being masturbated
by her. Her own crotch was throbbing in sympathy and she would have
given anything to have been able to dive over the seat and join them.

Before the thought was even completed she saw her son stiffen, let out a
slight groan and then saw his cock erupt a long stream of white cream
onto the sleeve of Caroline’s leather jacket. Caroline continued to milk
Bobby’s hard penis which continued to squirt come. When it appeared that
he was finished, Caroline quickly said in a clear voice, “Ahem, uh,
Norma – do you happen to have a kleenex with you. I think I’ve got
something in my eye.”

Norma smiled inwardly to herself as she dug a kleenex out of the
purse on the seat beside her and handed it back. Caroline took it
and proceded to clean Bobby’s semen off her coat sleeve. When she
was finished, she looked up to make sure Norma was looking at her
and then proceded to bring the sopping tissue to her mouth where
she ran it around her lips a couple of times, coating them and
making them gleam, before beginning to noiselessly suck on it. The
irony of the situation was not lost on Norma, whose anger was once
again silently starting to flare at the obvious fun Caroline was
poking at her.

When Caroline was done sucking some of Bobby’s cum from the kleenex
she opened the window and threw it out then slowly licked her lips
clean with her tongue while she smiled innocently at Norma. God,
what audacity, Norma fumed. I’m going to wring her fucking neck
the first chance I get.

During all of this Bobby had been quietly moving around and trying
with a modicum of success to get himself zipped up again without
alerting his father to what had happened. He was painfully aware
of the fact that his mother had taken in the whole event, but he
sure didn’t want his father to find out about it.

Caroline helped him along when she said, “Come on, big boy. Time to get
up. We’re almost home. Rise and shine, now.” And Bobby sat up allowing
Caroline to reinsert her breast into her bra and button her blouse.

When the car pulled in the driveway a few minutes later they all got out
and Caroline headed immediately across the lawn to her own front door,
waving and saying, “Night, all.” No way was she going to give Norma the
chance to corner her alone after what she had pulled off tonight. And
they both knew it.

Jake, Norma and Bobby trudged into the house as if nothing had ever

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