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I just woke up and found myself on some different bed then I realised that I am not at my home and I was naked and alone. No piece of clothes was on me. My tool was fully erect then I remembered about last night and about Sandhya. Now I move towards toilet and after finishing off my daily chores. I tried to search where she is. I was still nude but my shaft was limp after peeing in full strength.

I reached to drawing room and found her in kitchen and she was chatting on phone but she was also nude and was looking like a diva. I was not in mood to disturb her. She was preparing breakfast and baking some bread also. Sunrays were coming from the kitchen window and falling on her body. She was looking fresh but I don’t know whether it was due to good sl**p or good last night fuck.

Her body was shining and her underdeveloped breast was shine like prism and the scene was awesome and my tool was also responding well and lust was again on my shaft. I was feeling urge to suck her juicy lips. I moved towards her. She was still chatting on phone and caught her unaware from hips and touches my tools to her naked ass and pussy. She forgets the chat and moaned immediately aahhhh like she was waiting for me.

Immediately she told on phone ok bye and disconnected the phone. Now she was in same pose and was rubbing her backside to my slowly getting pace cock in the same speed she was moaning also like oooh aah what a lovely cock awesome. Now she turns toward me and bend on her knee. Just after turn she gulped my cock and start fucking my shaft just like. I was fucking her pussy and she was doing very well and making my shaft more and more excited by every gulping shot of her.

Now my cock was fully erect and hard like a rock while fucking my cock she also making eye contact to know when exactly I also want to entered. Her ever push was making me more and more hard and my eyes were shut and I was in heaven amazingly. I was also moaning ohhhh right baby do it fast what a sucker uuuu. This was continued for some time and both felt uncontrollable heat to subsidise.

I sit her on kitchen base and parted her legs oooh what a site of fresh fucked pussy it was a awesome scene for my eyes as well as for my shaft. I start licking her pussy immediately. She was moaning fast ahhh, do it do it, my pussy is very hungry, give her food she is dying from long time.

I was licking her pussy and my tongue was fully inside and making side slurp by every lick and she was continuously moaning. All of sudden she was shattering and her cum was oozing out and drank that cum and also given my cock to taste the cum. Now my erected tool was ready to enter in her hole. I made a push and it was entered into her pussy which was still tight as it was first time fucked in last time only.

A mixed pain and enjoyment impression coming on her face but pain was subsidised by to and from movement of my shaft and after slow fucking she got accommodated my shaft and now she was also participating in fucking and pushing her on my shaft. I also increased my speed and like sound start coming from her pussy and she was moaning in loud voice also. This continues for some time.

This time the time gap was more and we both felt that now it’s time to cum but I don’t want to cum. I was still in mood of more fucking. So I asked her to move to dining table she understood my intention. She come to dining table and brought breakfast on the dining table. Now I lay down her on the dining table and entered my cock in her pussy and again start fucking her after some more time I came in rhythm.
she was moaning very hard and I was also fucking her through big shots.

We were now in full heat and were shouting in excitement and moaning was converted into shouting. She was telling that she is coming but I was not in mood to come so early. I withdraw my shaft from her dripping pussy. I came near to her mouth and push my cock in between her juicy lips. She also starts licking my shaft and dripping juice which was mixture of her pussy as well as her saliva without giving any warning or such.

I pushed my shaft into her mouth and start fucking. Her mouth was small to carry my full 8″ cock but she seems too comfortable and tried to accommodate fully. She was sucking just like an expert and every time to and fro motion was making a sound like slurp. She was also moaning with high speed and breathing with very high speed. She was moaning very heavily and making sound like aahhh, don’t leave me Sam and I am yours, give me mine lovely my pussy is yours, fuck it fuck it.

I again turned to her back and her small ass hole was inviting me again. This time I can’t control myself. I put some butter on her pussy which was brought by her with breakfast. I rub the butter on both my shaft and her asshole. By rubbing butter on her asshole, she understands my intention but she was in full excitement and her body was in full heat. I just put my shaft on her asshole and give a jerk and pushed into her.

My cock was just entered and by just entering of my tip of the shaft she start crying and said stop it and I can’t bear it, it is painful and I will die, ouch I can’t bear it but I did not hear and just stopped myself go further and simultaneously I start pressing her boobs by one hand and by another hand finger rub her pussy lips and g-spot after passing sometime she again start moaning. Now this was the time and I start pushing my shaft in her asshole now it reached to half of mine.

I was pushing my shaft slowly by each of shot into her ass hole and was start fucking her she was also moaning while keep fucking her I also fingering her pussy. In reply she was moaning hard and also cum on my finger two or three time but still she was participating fully and giving me back shot through her ass and I was fully enjoying her though she appears to be weak by this long fucking session. Now she was again ready to cum.

I was also in the same position but she came earlier and all of sudden. She jumps from the table and start sucking my cock again and by other hand she brought bread pieces near to her. I came to know later as my eyes were closed. All of sudden I feel full strength of cum was coming out and she put off her mouth and got my all cum on her bread pieces thought it was weird some sort of but she was enjoying and she ate those ate-cum-bread. I was surprised by her attitude and wild sexy thought.

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