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Fucked by my Friend’s Dad

After getting back home from my second year of college I couldn’t wait to see my best friend Jasmine who I hadn’t seen in around six months. Excited to see each other we decided that we would spend the night together at her house; talk about college, guys, and other girl stuff, watch movies, eat junk food, just like the good ole days. Now I had always had a crush on Jasmine’s dad, Scott, who was 42, 6’2, muscular, and had short brown hair and blue eyes that would always hold my stare anytime we made eye contact. Having not seen him in quite a long time, I had forgotten just how attracted I was to him, but that all changed when I saw him for the first time in over a year, and I knew I needed to do what I wished I could’ve many times when I was younger. Now this time of the month was a bad time, I was ovulating and I had never had sex while I was, but I knew that between me being extremely horny from ovulating, a lifelong crush, and staying the night there, there was no way I’d be able to stop myself. Luckily Jasmine’s mom, Katie, was a nurse, who worked the night shift, so Scott and I would have plenty of time without the risk of having his wife catch us.

Now when I got to her house we spent a few hours in the living room with Jasmine and her parents, watching TV, catching up and talking about our past year at college. Every chance I could, I’d flirt a little with Scott, and lean down exposing any bit of cleavage I could in my white tank top. Eventually, Katie had to go get ready for work, so that gave me an opportunity to do these more frequently, Until shortly after Katie left, at which point, Jasmine and I went up to her room. We continued our conversations about the past year of college, boys, and our various sexcapades, my list of them being considerably longer than hers. We watched some of our favorite movies, just like we had many times before, however, I had a difficult time concentrating on the movie, all I could think about was her dad. I had always been too nervous to try anything when I was younger, but now I’d be doing everything I could to be able to sl**p with him. So, when Jasmine fell asl**p on her bed halfway through Mean Girls at around 4:00 am I knew this was the perfect time to finally act on what I’d felt for years.

Once I was sure that Jasmine was asl**p, I got up off the floor, snuck out of her room and down the hall into her parent’s room. I slowly opened the door and peered inside, seeing Scott sl**ping on his back. I walked in, shutting the door behind me and quickly stripped down to nothing but my black bra and panties. I walked over to the edge of his bed and pulled the covers back. Luckily he only slept in his boxers, so his cock would be easy to access. I grabbed the top of his boxers and slowly pulled them down, just revealing his cock and balls. I got down on my knees and took his soft cock in my hand and slowly began to stroke it. his cock began to harden and grow in my hand as I picked up the pace. Once I felt it was hard enough I worked his 7 inches long and thick cock into my mouth. Bobbing up and down on his dick slowly, it got even harder. I took it deeper and deeper each time I went down, while also using my hand to stroke his cock, while I sucked it. After a few minutes of continued sucking, I felt Scott Jerk awake.

“Katie is that you?” I heard Scott ask in a daze.

“Not exactly,” I said pulling my mouth off his cock. Scott quickly sat up and moved backward, yanking his cock out of my hand.

“Then who the hell are you, and what are you doing?” Scott asked.

“It’s Brooke, Mr. Cook,” I said. Scott turned on his bedside lamp and looked down at me, wearing nothing but my bra and panties.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing Brooke?” Scott Asked rather loudly.

“Shhhh you’ll wake up Jasmine, and you know exactly what I’m doing,” I said before leaning in and kissing him. Our lips met and I kissed him passionately, he didn’t kiss back but didn’t push me away for a few seconds.

“We can’t do this Brooke,” Scott said after pushing me away.

“Sure we can, your wife won’t be home for a few hours, and Jasmine is sl**ping, we won’t get caught,” I told him confidently.

“You sure Jasmine is sl**ping?” Scott asked.

“She was out like a light, we have nothing to worry about,” I told him.

“Well, in that case…” Scott said before grabbing me and throwing me up on the bed. He pulled his boxers off and threw them on the floor. I crawled over to him and grabbed his now semi hard cock and stroked it a few times before once again putting it in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head, and all down his shaft as I took his entire cock in my mouth. I pulled off and gasped for air before Scott grabbed my head and f***ed it down on his cock, I gagged as I didn’t have time to relax my throat. He held me down on his cock before pulling me off and kissing me passionately. We kissed deeply for what seemed like minutes before he pulled back, grabbed my arms and put me on my back sideways so that my legs were hanging off the side of the bed. He grabbed my panties and forcibly pulled it down and off throwing it aside on the bed, revealing my shaven pussy, while I undid my bra, exposing my tits. He got down on his knees and buried his face into my pussy. I let out a moan the second his tongue made contact with my pussy, my pussy was soaking wet and he licked it viciously, he dragged his tongue up and down my sending waves of pleasure through my body each time. He hit my clit which sends a huge pulse of pleasure through me, making me scream a little. He continues ravishing my pussy, hitting my clit ever so often, making me moan loudly. Finally, he turned his full attention to my clit, alternating between up and down, and circular motions. Knowing exactly what to do next, he began sucking on my clit, which nearly sent me over the edge. My breaths quickened and my moans became more frequent, as my orgasm neared. Sensing this, Scott shoved two fingers into my pussy while he continued the onslaught with his tongue. It didn’t take very long after that and I was cumming all over his fingers and face. I started to scream loudly, but Scott quickly grabbed my panties and shoved them into my mouth to keep me as quiet as possible.

Scott stood up leaned down and kissed me deeply, I could taste my pussy juices as we made out passionately. He broke the kiss, grabbed my legs and threw them on the bed with the rest of me, still on my back. Then got on the bed as well and rubbed the head of his cock against my slit, up and down.

“Please, just shove it in, I need it inside me,” I beg and moan. Without saying a word Scott shoved the entire length of his cock into me causing me to scream again, as his cock completely filled me up. He slowly pulled out of me then forcibly shoved it back get, garnering another scream from me. He reached down and firmly grasped my tits as he began slowly fucking me. He fucked me with a slow pace, then every once in a while, he’d surprise me by violently shoving his cock into me, followed by him returning to the same pace as before. I was constantly moaning and occasionally screaming from the immense amount of pleasure I was receiving. Slowly he began to pick up the pace, with the occasional complete thrust, which caused me to moan and scream louder. At this point, it didn’t seem to matter how loud I was Scott didn’t seem to care if everyone heard, even his daughter, who was just down the hall. Scott would stop fucking occasionally and bend down to suck both of my tits, which felt absolutely amazing, him stopping every once in a while is what kept him from cumming quickly, however it couldn’t delay it forever.

“I’m gonna cum soon Brooke, are you on the pill?” Scott asked through gritted teeth.

“No Pill… and… Ovulating,” Was all I could manage to say as I felt yet another orgasm building.

“Fuuuck!” Was all he said, as Scott pushed my legs back above my head and kicked into overdrive. He pummeled my pussy with everything he had, fucking me harder than he had up to that point. I was moaning and screaming out in pleasure as I felt his head expand, and his cock twitch, signaling his impending orgasm. Then with a loud groan, Scott thrust into me with all his might and erupted, spewing cum deep inside my unprotected, fertile pussy. I immediately came on his cock and screamed out loudly, his cock spurted several ropes before he did another little thrust, making sure he was as deep as possible in my pussy, then he collapsed on top of me breathing heavily, as his cock sprayed my pussy with its last small ropes. I wrapped my arms around Scott as my orgasm still rocked my body. We kissed passionately for a bit before he told me he needed to clean the bed up so his wife wouldn’t find out. He climbed off of me and I got down grabbed my clothes and left, heading back to Jasmine’s room.

I peeked in and saw her still sl**ping on her bed, so I put my clothes back on, went to the same spot I was before I left, and quickly drifted off to sl**p, exhausted from the amazing sex. Jasmine woke me up that morning and apologized for me having to hear her parents fucking.

“Yeah they’ve been trying for another k** now that I’m off to college, so they’ve been having sex every chance they get, especially when my mom gets home early from work, and she can get pretty loud, so I’m sorry you heard that,” Jasmine said sincerely apologizing.

“Oh it’s no big deal, I still hear my parents from time to time, so I’m used to it, anyways I’m starving, let’s go get some breakfast,” I said standing up and heading out her door.

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