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Fun Times at The BBQ

It was a hot summer and it really gets my juices flowing. The sweat running down my big tits and pussy just getting wet. It was my husband and I’s annual Employee BBQ. He has one for all his workers. He runs a small construction business and has about 60 people working for him. We have this BBQ every year at our home. This year was extra special. All day I was feeling Horny and tried so hard to get my husband to fuck me. He was too busy setting up and greeting guest. As I was making salad for the bbq I started to rub my pussy and felt myself as I did this. I couldn’t control it. I needed a cock to fuck me and squeeze these big tits of mine. When I finished the salad I went up stairs and changed into my bbq clothing. A nice American flag bikini top panties and jean booty shorts. My husband loved it when I would wear these in front of people. As I looked over my sexy body in the mirror, I heard the doorbell ring. I went down stairs to answer it and it was my husband’s best friend and partner in the company.

As I opened the door I saw it was him and ran and hugged him. Wrapping my arms around him, he gave me a hug back and gave my tits a nice grab and my ass too. I smiled and said “Alex you’re a perv!” He smiled and I told him everyone was out back. I smiled and watched him walk outside and talk to my husband. I knew right there that I wanted his cock inside me. As I made my way outside to talk to my friends, I could hear him talking to the guys about the last girl he fucked and how she wanted it bad. That she liked it rough. I knew even more then that I needed to fuck him. As I watched them I could see him staring at me licking his lips. It was like a lion ready to pounce on his prey. I realize as I’m watching him I ran out of my margarita mix and go inside to make more.

As I’m inside making more Margaritas, I feel hand grab my tits from behind and lips on my neck. I say “John not now there are people here. Later hun” Alex replies “I’m not john” I turn and see Alex smiling and I keep him at arm’s length and say “Alex we can’t do this!” He is like “come on Mands I’m horny you’re horny. Let’s do this.” I then say “Alex you’re a really nice guy but I can’t. I’m married. We can still be friends.” He stopped smiling and then grabbed my head and said “really bitch suck my cock” I smile and drop to my knees without f***e. He pulls out his cock and it’s hard and long. I needed this. I spit on it and start jerking his cock.

I then place it in my mouth as he holds back my hair and face fucks me good. I gag with each thrust of his cock. Getting drool all over my big fucking tits. I pull him out of my mouth and suck on his balls. He moans as I do this. He then stops me and picks me up. There is fruit on the table waiting to be put out. He hands me a cherry and tells me to suck on it while he sucks on my cherry pussy. He puts me on the counter and pulls down my shorts and says god bless America as he sees my American flag panties. He pulls them to the side and starts licking hard and long on my pussy. He slowly puts a finger in there. I know we could be caught by my husband, if he walks in, but I don’t care. I wanted this all day. I needed this. I try to muffle my moans with the cherries as he licks and fingers my pussy. Feel myself coming as he keeps licking and finger. I moan super loud as I cum. His mouth was covered in my juices. He came up and I kissed and licked his face. Tasting my sweet pussy on him.

I told him I didn’t want to get caught. He agreed, and I got off the counter grabbed his big cock and made my way to our garage. We had a nice pool table set up in there for late night talks. As we got into the garage I put the ladder up in front of the door. So no one could get in. Alex then pulled off my bikini top and said I want to fuck those tits! I smiled and rubbed my tits still covered in my drool. I spit on them and dropped down to my knees. He sticks his cock between them and I squeezed my tits around his cock. Feeling his balls slap my under boob, was hot. As he fucked my big tits and loved it. I looked up at him smiling. I said “How you like these big titties?” He smiled and said “they feel great.” I knew he loved it. My pussy was getting wet with each thrust between them. I then said “Alex! I need you to pound my pussy good!” He smiled and said “I can do that, but first!” he then grabs my head and face fucks me hard that I gag and tears run down my cheeks. I f***e myself off and say “my husband has never done that before!” he smiles and does it again. I slap him on his leg tapping out, but he doesn’t care. He keeps face fucking me hard and deep. I love the feeling of his balls hitting my chin. Knowing I’ll have his jizz just kept me going.

Finally he stops and lifts me up and bends me over the pool table and rubs his cock on my clit. I moan as he teases me! I say “Please give me your cock. I need it!” He then rams it into my pussy, we both moan together loud. We then have a moment of silence hoping no one heard us. We then laugh and he starts to pound my pussy from behind. I can’t help but moan with each thrust as he fucks my pussy, with his hips slapping against my ass. Which makes my thick Italian booty jiggle as he fucks me. I moan “fuck me Alex! Fuck this Italian pussy! Fuck me!!!” He goes harder and then grabs my hair pulling it and making me look upward.

He leaned down farther just so his lips brushed against mine and He pulled away when I started to arch and go to kiss him. A second later his lips are pressing against mine and our tongues rubbing together. Breathing heavy now from pushing deep into my pussy, as he drives his cock deep into me I moan saying you’re hitting my guts! He wanted to slow down, but he didn’t want to cum, I lean up and whisper in his ear “I want you to come for me.”

Suddenly my husband comes in the house looking for the both of us. We yell that we’re in the garage and we’re getting something off the dryer. He yells ok and leaves. We laugh and he goes back to pounding my pussy. He pulls his cock out and turns me around and I sit on the pool table and he enters my pussy. I wrap my legs around him as he fucks my pussy good. He sucks on my tits, making me moan like crazy. I tell him to fuck me harder and cum in my pussy.

His cock inside my pussy feels so good as he pulled his cock just far enough out for me to squeeze it closed again and then He pushed it back inside spreading my pussy open again and again. With my legs around his lower back moving in sync with his hips to go faster and deeper as I get closer to cumming. I grip his arm with my left hand and my right starts shaking tapping against his shoulder as I cum. He loses control when he feels my pussy pulsing around his cock and cums hard inside me.

He pulls his cock out of my pussy and I feel his goo spill out of my pussy. I reach down and scoop some up into my hand and taste it. I ask him, “Have you been eating fruit? This cum taste sweet.” He laughed and puts on his clothes and says “We need to get back out to the bbq.” I tell him “I hope I have your Baby. A guy like you needs to pass on his genes.” He smiles and then comes over and sucks on my tits and slaps them. When he is back outside with my husband john, I follow a few minutes later with my new batch of margarita mix and pour myself one and then sit by the pool. I hear him talk about the last girl he fucked and he tells everyone how he fucked me, but my husband has no clue. Then high fives him for fucking another guy’s hot wife. Don’t get me wrong I love my husband! But a girl has needed!!!

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