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Fun with mother-in-law

Fun with mother-in-law


My mother in law is 76 years old and has problems getting around so my wife is constantly asking me to drive her around so she can do everything that she needs to. Usually when she gets home she gives me a instant lottery ticket.

One day she handed over the ticket and I said to her “You don’t have to keep doing that….”

She assured me it was some sort of payment for driving her around but I interupted her “…. there are other ways you can repay me”. I ran my hand over her sagging ass and she froze on the spot, silent. I placed another hand on her stomach while I continued running my hand up and down her ass through the thin cotton material of the long dress she was wearing. I leaned in and started to kiss the wrinkled skin of her neck and her breath drew in sharply. Gathering handfuls of material I lifted her dress to expose her thick legs up to show the huge nylon panties that she wore. I hooked my thumbs into the waist band and pulled them down her legs.

“Please don’t” she managed to croak but I lifted her dress again to show her exposed cunt, whispy grey hairs s**ttered over her mound. She looked so humiliated standing there her dress lifted to her stomach, her panties around her thick ankles. Slowly I lifted the dress up over her head exposing inch after inch of wrinkled sagging skin. She stood before me in just a bra, staring at the floor, tryinig to cover herself with her hands.

“You have a very sexy body Val” I said, walking around her. Behind her I looked longingly at her dropped ass. It was pale and sagged, I lifted one cheek with my hand as I licked her back where the skin was quite taut but a fold of sin over her bra straps. I undid her bra but it did not fall from where her hand held it in place in front.

“Don’t be like that Val, I have watched you shower so many times” and I slowly removed her hands letting her bra fall to the floor. This was what I had waited for and wanked over so many times before. Val’s left breast had been operated on and now she had no nipple on that side. She still had a mound but the breast was smaller than the other, still bigger than some girls breasts.
I stood in front of her and ran my hand over the smooth mound of her left breast. I cupped it in my hand and licked it all over, paying particular attention to the area where her nipple should have been.

I stepped back and looked at her wholly naked. My hands exploring the folds of her skin. I stepped into her and in one movement scooped her naked body up in my arms. She looked ashamed as I looked over her while I carried her to the bedroom. I knew she had only ever been with her husband and he had died 30 years ago. Even then I know she was a prude and still refered to people who engaged in anything but missionary position as “a****ls”.

I laid her out on the bed and stood in front of her removing my own clothes. As I undid my pants my erection sprung forth and Val looked to the side at the wall. I gently pushed her ankles apart and crawled between them.

Her body was stiff, but as I pushed my face between her legs and inhaled the stale smell of her cunt and piss she suddenly sprung to life. “Stop that. That’s unnatural. You can’t do that. No. Stop it.” But I continued probing her and licking the sticky residue from between her lips. I felt her hips moving involuntarily as her protests became softer. Slowly, the taste of fresh juices leaked to my tongue. She let out a quiet moan. Val was enjoying the first time she had been eaten out.

With my wife away I waited hesitantly outside the bathroom door. I heard the shower turn off and opened the door to my 76 year old mother in law, Val stepping out of the shower. Her gorgeous body d****d with sagging skin glistened with the water.

“You can’t be in here” she protested but I scooped her up in my arms letting her know I was in no mood for objections.

I carried her down the hall to her bedroom and laid her on the bed for my viewing pleasure. She was not an attractive woman but she had made life for me a misery since I had first met my wife 15 years before. Val had had a mastectomy years before and now her left breast was slightly smaller than the right and had no nipple. Her stomach lay flat by her sides causing her hips to stick out and her mound looked fresh as a teen’s except for the sparse grey hairs spotting it. Her legs thick and veined pulled hard together marked my last obstacle.

I walked to the end of the bed and took each ankle in my hands pulling her legs apart and crawled between them. I kissed her exposed cunny softly before licking the excess water from it. Val whimpered as my tongue probed her opening. I was the first man to be between her legs in over 30 years and from the stories I had heard, the only man to ever taste her gina. Excited I gulped hungrily on her aged cunt gently biting her lips and using my tongue to scoop out her insides. Val’s breathing became laboured and I knew that my chance was now.

I stepped back off the bed and removed my clothes. My erection sprang from my pants and I was as excited as a school boy about to lose his virginity as I climbed back on top of my mother in law. I reached back down between my legs and guided my cock inside her. She moaned as if in pain. When she moaned I licked inside her gaping mouth. I felt so dirty and her cunt was so tight on my cock that I knew I only had a few strokes in me.

Val was from a time when men didn’t bother to please a woman and I was in no mood to benefit her. I slid a hand underneath her sagging ass and grabbed a handful of empty flesh. My hips smashed away for possibly only 10 more thrusts before I blew the biggest load inside her. I collapsed on top of her as my cock seemed to keep pumping my hot cum inside her cunt for an eternity.
Finally I gathered my breath and lifted myself off my mother in law.
“I’m not finished with you yet” I promised.
Val rolled her head to the side to look at me. Her eyes were vacant but her grey skin was now flushed.

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