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Fun with s****r Ch.2

I slept in as it was summer break, and when I awoke, my s****r was sitting on the couch in the living room watching TV in her pajamas. I looked at her crotch and I swore I could’ve seen a wet spot from last night. I was sure that she hadn’t noticed that I saw her last night, so I didn’t dare to mention it. I sat down next to her and began watching TV with her, not daring to speak for fear of her finding out what I knew. After a few minutes, she broke the silence.



“Can I use your car today to go hang out with some of my friends?”


“Oh thank you!” My s****r hugged me and her huge, juicy breasts pushed against my chest and I immediately got an erection. My mind flashed back to that moment last night when my s****r was squeezing her tit just outside my room. I excused myself and went to take a shower. I jerked off in the shower, as I often do, with that picture still in my mind.

The rest of the day was rather awkward. My s****r was just waiting until after dinner when she could go out with her friends, and I was waiting for that night when she returned. I had a plan. I would wait until she got back (after all, she might be a little tipsy) and I would jerk off in my bed again, but this time a little louder, with the hope that she would watch again.

The time came. I heard the car door close. I started the porn video I had ready. I was naked above the covers. I heard the door to the house open. I began stroking. I heard her footsteps in the hall. I began to moan a little. Silence. And then, after a few minutes, I heard the creak of the door. She was there again. This time she was only wearing a pair of cotton panties! For the first time ever, I saw my s****r’s bare breasts! I began stroking so fast that I came almost immediately. I exploded all over the place. I lay there panting for a while, cleaned myself off, and noticed that the door was still open, but my s****r was no longer there. I waited a few minutes and then I heard it.

From across the hall, I heard some movement. I got up and went to my door. I heard more than movement. I heard quiet moaning. I went across the hall, still naked, and saw that the door to my s****r’s room was cracked open. I peeked in and saw my s****r, completely naked, rubbing her clit and licking a nipple. My cock got hard again and without even realizing it, my hand had already traveled down to my cock and was stroking it. Her moaning and rubbing and licking and my stroking was soooo amazingly hot. I could tell that she was about to cum as her pasce was quickening and her moaning was getting louder. I was going to time it just right. I wanted to cum at the same time as my s****r.

My s****r’s ass lifted up off the bed as her hips gyrated. She was rubbing furiously and I was stroking furiously. Her thighs began to twitch as she came and I lost it. I came all over her door. My cum was dripping down the door. I slowly closed it, wiped off my cum with the towel, and went back to my room to sl**p.

The next morning, my s****r was on the couch in the living room again. I walked into the room and my s****r looked up at me and smiled and said,

“How did you like the show last night?”

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