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f****y Affair

Gary had married Cindy a year ago and had a great sexual relationship with her.Cindy’s eighteen year old daughter Rebekah had been attending a college five hundred miles distant from her mother,and three months into her courses made the decision to return home and attend a smaller community college so that her mom would not have the burden of traveling the long distance to be with her during the holidays.Rebekah enjoyed being close to her mom and the fact that that she was saving a lot of money for dorm fees and could still be around the friends from high school that were in the place she grew up. Gary especially enjoyed the living arrangement because he was able to regularly indulge in his panty sniffing fetish with comely curvaceous Rebekah’s undergarments… One Saturday Cindy and Rebekah were going shopping at the mall,Gary told the ladies that he had some errands to run.As soon as they left the house he decided to indulge his fetish,walking downstairs to the basement where the washing machine and dryer were he sifted through the pile of dirty laundry,spotting a pink thong that belonged to Rebekah he picked it up holding the creamy vaginal discharge crusted panties close to his nose he inhaled deeply,savoring the sweet musky scent of his wife’s young daughters panties,his erection was nearly instantaneous as the chemical attraction of her youthful pheromones worked their magic on his cock.He flattened his tongue to the crotch area,savoring the tangy crystallized crust still moist with the help of summers heat and humidity… In the mean time Cindy and Rebekah had returned to the house to retrieve a spare key because Cindy had forgotten her’s and understood her husband as saying he would be out running errands.Cindy instructed Rebekah to get the spare key that was kept in a false rock beside the basement window.As Rebekah kneeled down to retrieve the key she spotted Gary through the small basement window masturbating with her pink thong.As mother and daughter headed back to the mall to do their shopping and eat lunch Rebekah found herself getting turned on at the sight she had witnessed through the basement window,her step dad masturbating with her worn panties… As the two ladies enjoyed lunch at the food court she decided to bring up the subject with her mom whom she had always shared a close relationship with. You know when I picked the key up back at home I saw Gary standing by the washing machine masturbating with my panties,Cindy looked at her daughter with a knowing smile…It really doesn’t surprise me honey,he has an insatiable sex drive!You mean you aren’t angry mom? Why should I be said Cindy,at least I know he’s not out fucking some stranger..What would you say to sharing Gary with me some time mom? We have always had a close mother/daughter relationship honey I’d share anything with you.Really?,that’s wonderful mom!In fact knowing Gary as well as I do I’d say he’s got a second round in him!When the two returned Gary was watching television,Cindy sat on the couch and Rebekah took her purchase to her room.I forgot my house key today Gary and Rebekah saw you jerking off with her pink thong! Gary’s face reddened as he stammered I I was just feeling horny sweetheart and wondered how they would smell…Well how did they smell?,good I guess as Cindy cracked a smile.You mean your not mad at me Cindy?Why should I be?,if you are here at home sniffing my daughters panties that’s a pretty good indication to me that you aren’t interested in fucking some stranger out there somewhere.That’s great sweetheart!Rebekah had heard the conversation in her room adjacent to the living room and strutted back in the living room wearing nothing but a smile.What do you think Gary my girl has blossomed into quite the looker wouldn’t you say?…Yeah she’s beautiful Cindy!Cindy stripped her clothes off as Gary followed.The three shared a group hug and sat down on the floor.Cindy began sucking Gary’s cock until it was fully hard.When his erection was as stiff as it could get she instructed Gary to take Rebekah’s virgin pussy,as he slid in Rebekah and began pumping her from behind doggie style Cindy squatted down over Rebekah’s mouth facing Gary the two of them shared a sensuous kiss as the f****y trio reached a simultaneous orgasm of ecstacy in each other’s embrace!

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