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f****y FUCK FEST 1

Story 1

Diane a very horny mature platinum blonde asked me to coach her Daughter Eva
Eva was a young platinum blonde student
I called at their house at 3pm as agreed with Diane and her second husband Dave
Eva’s stepdad
Diane opened the door She was wearing a very short black cross over mini dress
Her big tits jutted out hard against the tight material Her white lacy bra was clear through her
transparent dress
“Cum in darling ” Diane purred sexily her big tits jutting out hard in her lacy bra
as she opened the door wide and walked ahead of me in the hallway

Her tight plumb arse cheeks pushed hard against the black mini as she wriggled her way
to the kitchen
She bent down to pick up a magazine from the floor
My cock hardened as her dress opened revealing her skimpy white lacy panty’s
and exquisite black and white lacy suspender belt holding up her black silky stockings
Diane glanced around and caught me ogling her lovely panty clad cunt and arse
She gave me a winning smile
We went into the study and I sat at the table
“I will fetch Eva for you Don darling” She announced stressing the word darling
“Have a read of my husbands magazine while you are waiting”She added giggling
as she handed me a porno mag
I looked at the magazine it,was showing a series of young teens playing with their lacy panty’s
and being cunt and arse fucked by old guys with big hard pricks
As I flicked through the photos my prick stiffened and I had a big bulge in my jeans where
my erect prick was sticking out
Diane returned with her daughter Eva in tow in a white blouse and a very short white tight tennis skirt
Eva had lovely tits with her nipples erect showing clearly through the blouse as she was not wearing a bra

Eva and I sat down at a table and Diane left us to get on with our coaching session
Before we started I dropped my pencil on the floor and as I bent down to retrieve it
I could see right up Eva’s little skirt.I saw her tiny pink silky knickers and
noticed her lovely young fresh cunt lips on view through the flimsy knickers
My prick became hard and erect
Eva smiled and leaned closer to me I could smell her young perfume
I tried to concentrate on the lesson but could not resist putting my hand on her bare thigh
She leaned closer and put her hand on my leg
Great I thought she is a goer
As I chatted I started to caress her bare thigh and slipped my hand up higher
until I reached my goal
Wonderful the feel of her pink silky panty’s
Added to by the wetness of her panty’s from her cunt juice
She was ripe for fucking as I slipped my hand down the front of her panty’s
I started to finger her moist hot cunt hole as Eva rubbed and pressed my rock hard cock in my jeans
Suddenly Diane burst into the room
“Eva your stepdads home and Wants you”Her mom told her glancing at my hand up her daughters skirt
“Mom tell him I am busy with my coach Don”Eva snapped smiling at me stopping my hand from
leaving her excited cunt hole
“Now Eva you know what he is like when he wants you their is no satisfying him so
get your pretty little arse off the chair and go to him ” Diane told her impatiently
“Ok but I wont be long Don “She promised as she squeezed my cock
“I would not bet on that darling daughter” Diane stressed as Eva left the study
Diane had brought two glasses and a bottle of wine in with her
“Lets enjoy ourselves while Eva serves his lord and master” She added sarcasticly
as she poured out two large glasses of wine and handed me one
“Did you like the fuck teen photos in the mag darling” Diane asked playfully
“I expect it gave you a nice hard horn” She giggled resting her hand on my hard bulge
and squeezing my trapped hard cock in my jeans
“Oh that feels lovely and inviting” Diane purred
“Come on darling time to watch the show” She stated standing up and pulling me
with her as we went into the hall and headed for the music room
As we approached Diane was leading me by my cock and balls which she had taken
out from my tight jeans and she squeezed my balls as we walked
I put my hand up under her mini dress and felt her lacy white panty’s wet from her cunt juice
Diane opened the door of the music room a slight bit and we both peeped in
Dave was dancing with his stepdaughter Eva held tight in his arms
He was caressing her pert young arse cheeks through her tiny tight mini skirt
As Diane felt my prick harden even more she asked
“Oh you like to see my young daughter getting fucked by her stepdad you naughty boy”
Diane giggled
Dave started to kiss Eva hard on her lips and then they began to tongue each other
he put his hand up her little mini pushing it right up so we could see
her lacy pink knickers and her cunt lips pressed against her silky panty’s
I put my hand into Diane’s panty’s and started to finger her wet cunt hole
She moaned as she watched her husband feel his stepdaughters young tight fresh cunt hole
through her skimpy lacy pink panty’s
“Oh Don fuck me I am so horny ” she moaned as her husband took out his hard big cock
and made Eva bend down to lick and suck his massive prick
It was so horny watching her young blonde hair bobbing up and down as she gobbled
her stepfathers big hard prick
Diane pulled her skimpy panty’s over and inserted my long hard prick deep into her hot wet cunt hole
Dave pulled her pink panty’s over and lifted Eva up by her lovely pert arse cheeks
and impaled her tight young cunt hole on his throbbing big prick
He started to fuck his step daughter harder and harder
Eva moaned and started to gyrate her young arse cheeks as she rode her stepdads thrusting prick
“Oh fuck me daddy fuck me fill my little cunt hole with your hot cum” Eva begged
I grabbed Diane’s big tits and started to pull her hard erect nipples as I rode her wet hot cunt hole
Eva screamed as her stepdad shot his load of hot cum deep up her tight young cunt hole
My prick stiffened tingled and with joy I emptied my load of sticky hot cum deep up
Diane’s eager cunt hole as she came all over my cum soaked cock
“Oh look who is enjoying watching the fucking Dave’s son Paul” Diane added breathlessly
He was wanking his long hard young cock as he watched his dad fucking his step s****r
and as he saw Diane and me fucking he shot a big spray of his cum all over the floor

Diane dismounted my hard prick and beckoned Paul to join us
He came over his young long prick was softening
Diane bent over and started to lick and suck my cum covered cock
I pulled her up and slapped her arse hard
“Fuck your stepson bitch”I ordered as I caught Paul by his young hardening cock
and opened Diane’s cunt lips and inserted Paul’s long stiff cock into her cum soaked
cunt hole
” OH THAT’S GREAT” She moaned as she kissed her young stepson as
she grabbed his tight bare arse cheeks and rammed her eager hot wet cunt
deeper up against her young stepson’s thrusting prick
Paul started to ride his stepmom’s wet hot cunt hole
His young tight arse wriggled in front of me and made my big cock harden
I love young arse whether boy or girl
“Fuck me Paul fuck me oh yes ” Diane moaned as she wriggled her arse and cunt on her stepsons
long stiff prick deep up her hot cum sticky riding cunt hole
I caressed Paul’s wriggling young arse as he thrusted his cock deeper and deeper up
his stepmoms welcoming cunt
I fingered the rim of his tight young bum hole while caressing his balls
He became more excited as I slowly pushed a finger up into his wriggling arse hole
Diane felt my hard cock and as she rode Paul’s young cock
She removed my fingers from her stepson’s arse hole and
inserted my stiff prick into his his arse hole rim
“No mom not my little bum cannot take his big cock” Paul pleaded
I felt my prick stiffen and ooze out my precum at the thought of fucking his young virgin arse hole
I plunged my cock deep into Paul’s tight ares hole pushing my throbbing prick deep into
his very very tight arse hole
Paul screamed as I squeezed his balls hard and continued riding him
“Oh oh oh ahahah I’m cumming yes yesssssss” Diane screamed as she climaxed
over her stepson shot a load of cum from his spurting prick into her hot cunt tunnel
I was in ectasy my cock buried up Paul’s young tight virgin arse hole
and as my prick tingled I felt the joy of spurting my load of hot cum
up his wriggling arse hole
The joy of another virgin hole added to my cock list was so satisfying
As I extracted my prick from Paul’s bum hole
Diane jumped at the opportunity of sucking and licking my cum oozing out
of her stepson’s arse hole
As I gazed at Paul’s cum oozing out of her cunt hole
I decided to taste it
I bent down and started to taste his hot sticky cum of Diane’s cum soaked cunt tunnel
it was delicious mixed with Diane’s cunt juice
Voices came from the room we rushed to see what was happening
Eva’s uncle John had arrived with his ginger haired wife Florrie and their young schoolgirl
daughter Michelle also a ginger head
“You fucking bastard all you want to do is get into Eva’s knickers and fuck the arse off her ” Florrie growled
at her husband John while Dave was caressing little Michelle’s white lacy panty’s
Eva was smiling at John and glancing at his cock bulging in his trouser’s
He was gazing with open lust at in her tiny skimpy pink knickers and tiny matching
pink lacy bra holding her perky tits
“What about me you pricks who will pull my knickers down ” Florrie asked as
she pulled up her tight flowery mini dress
Florrie was wearing see through bright yellow lacy panty’s
I felt Paul’s hardening prick and said
” Cum with me boy and you fuck her cunt hole while I take care of her bum hole.
It is so tight and she will fight like a lioness to stop me” I laughed squeezing his balls
I shoved him into the room
“Hi Florrie you look ravishing and look what I have brought you” I pointed at Paul’s
hard erect cock trembling for action
I went over to Florrie kissed her and put my hand up her tight skirt
and felt her flimsy yellow knicker’s
“Oh you bold man stop it oh ah ” Florrie moaned as I slipped my hand inside her silky panty’s
and started to finger her wet cunt hole
Paul pushed his hard cock up against her silky panty’s as I went behind Florrie
and continued to finger her cunt hole
John was delighted to see his wife been diverted and made a beeline for Eva
who had just started to talk to her friend Michelle
Dave moved quickly to kiss Michelle who was in her short white tennis skirt
and white transparent blouse.
Her little tities were jutting freely against her flimsy blouse material
“Dad what are you doing with Michelle ” Eva stuttered as John had put his hand
down the front of her silky pink panty’s and started to furyiously wank her
young cunt hole
“I am going to give her what I just gave you darling step daughter” he responded lustily
“Grab this darling and suck it whore” John ordered Eve putting her hand on his big cock
Florrie had grabbed Paul’s big long young cock and inserted it into her eager ginger haired cunt
Dave had pulled up little Michelle’s tennis skirt revealing her white silky transparent panty’s
Michelle’s ginger haired young cunt was on view for all to see
I unzipped Florrie’s tight flowery dress and dropped it to the floor
Next I opened her bra and released her big tits which Paul grabbed and proceeded
to lick and suck with great gusto as Florrie rode his hard prick deep up her wet hot cunt hole
“Fuck me darling boy oh yes ram my cunt hole with your big boy’s cock ” Florrie shouted
John smiled watching his wife being fucked by her nephew as Eva licked the length
of his stiffening prick as well as his balls
John gazed lustily at his nephews young big prick going in and out of his wife’s cunt hole
He became more sexually aroused and pulled young Eva up and
roughly thrust his now rock hard prick deep into her young tight cunt hole
Dave lifted tiny Michelle up ripped open her tiny white knicker’s
and inserted his big cock into her tight tiny cunt hole
“Oh uncle be gentle with me ” she begged
In response Dave pushed her hard down on his rock hard ramming cock
Michelle screamed as he continued to lift her up and down impaled on his huge prick
I played with Florrie’s ripe little bum hole and squeezed Paul’s ball’s
“Don’t you dare put your wiily in my little bum” Florrie declared breathlessly as she eagerly
wriggled her pert bum cheeks as she rode her nephews big thrusting cock up her cunt
“Uncle fuck me fuck me yes yes “Eva cried as she started to climax on John’s pulsating cock
As he felt Eva’s cunt juice squirting all over him his cock stiffened and trembled
and with a hollor he shot his load of hot cum deep up his niece’s hot young cunt hole
Diane who had been watching rushed over to lick and swallow
all the cum oozing out of Eva’s young fucked cunt hole
“Oh I am cumming yes yes “Florrie moaned as she quickly approach her climax
Now is my chance I thought
I grabbed Florrie firmly by her big tits and plunged my hard stiff prick
deep up her very very tight arse hole
Florrie screamed as she climaxed but also felt the pain of her arse hole
being ravished by my ramming cock
At the same time having her cunt hole filled with hot sticky young cum
She tried to dismount from my ramming prick but I held her hard
by her big tits as she continued to scream
This was the best fuck in ages as she wriggled her arse on my cock
adding to my enjoyment until I could hold back no longer
I spurted a load of my hot cum deep into Florrie’s tight tight wriggling arse hole
As Florrie started screaming Dave shot his load up Eva’s willing young cunt hole
Diane rushed around licking and sucking up cum
She even licked and sucked Florrie’s arse hole of my cum

“You bastard that’s the last time you will fuck my poor little bum hole” Florrie declared
with venom
“Florrie it’s the best arse fuck I have had since the last time
I fucked your lovely arse hole” I smiled
What a great f****y fest fuck

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