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f****y ties

The following story is about 100 % fantasy. Once a month it is my turn to have my daughter stay with me, she is 18, we usually go out to dinner on Satureday night come home and watch a movie together. So ths weekend was no different than any other weekend, so i thought. In the midst of eating dinner, I noticed how huge my daughter (Casey) breasts had
gotten. They must have grown over night because I never noticed them before. She dffinitley takes after my ex wifes side of the f****y, my mother inlaw also has huge breast, must have missed a generation, my ex had normal size breast. After dinner casey and I went back to my apartment to watch a movie,
Failure to Launch. Before the movie started casey shouted that she wanted to take a shower before we put the movie on. I replied good idea, I will also shower in the other bathroom downstairs. While I was taking my shower, I became horny thinking about casey’s breast and started to masturbate. This
had never happened before, not me masturbating, but me thinking about casey in that way, sexually. While imaging shooting my load on casey’s breast, Casey shouted from outside my bathroom door, hurry up dad, I am going to put the movie in. Then she said whats taking you so long. Imbarrased, I yelled
be right there as my erection quickly disappeared. Quickly I put on my bath robe and headed for the livingroom where I sat on the sofa. Casey walked in from the kitchen holding a bag of popcorn and wearing only a night gown. As we ate the pop corn and watched the movie I thought to myself as soon as the movie ends I will get up, go to my bedroom and put on some under wear and pants.

To my surprise, as soon as the movie ended, Casey jumped up and sat on my lap, straddled my legs while facing me. She started telling me how badly she wants to live with me and not her mom. As she was pleading her case, her warm butt on my lap actually felt good. But I was concernec that since I had no underware on that something like me having an erection might happen. I tried blowing her off by telling her that I would think about it. But Casey started bouncing up and down on my crotch, pleading for me to let her live with me.
At this point it seemed things were happing at warp speed. My worst possible fear was happining, I was having an erection from her bouncing on my lap. Quickly I grabbed her by her waist and tried to pick her up off of me and move her to the side, but she leaned forward and locked her arms around my neck,
while still pleading to let her live with me. At this point I am not sure what happened next. I shouted ok, you can live here, but it was too late. My erection had seperated my robe, but when I looked down, casesy’s night gown was covering the emmbassament of seeing my cock. All the while Casey still
had her arms wrapped tightly around my neck. But now she no longer was pleading to live with me, her tone had changed to one of comfort. It almost seemed like she had positioned her pussy dirrectly above my cock. Now she was wispering in my ear, its ok daddy as she slowly lowed herself slidding my cock inside of her. My penis was now inside her tight pussy as she moaned
with pleasure. The first thing that went thru my mind was if she was having sex with her boy friend, instead of why is my cock inside her pussy. She slowly slid up and down on my cock. My arms layed powerless down by my side and I let her do all the work, too afraid of thinking I wanted this to happen.
It was a feeling like no other, one of fear, immbassament and fearful if she would ever forgive me. How could i let this happen, what kind of father am i. BUt it was incredible and i didn’t want it to stop. So i allowed her to continue riding my cock. She also was enjoying the ride as her moans of
pleasure grew loader until my little girl reached orgasm. As bad as it sounds i was hoping that i gave her her first orgasm. But one thing i was deffinitley sure about, I was not going to cum inside of her. With the slow movement of her tight pussy, i knew it would happen fast. I firmly grabbed her by her waist and lifted her off my cock telling her that was enough. She agreed and to my amazment, immediatley went down on my cock and started sucking it. Once again
i sat back and allowed her to continue. When i looked down at her sucking my cock, and how beautiful her huge firm tits looked, i was ready to cum. I pulled her mouth off and she started to jerk me off on her
beautiful tits. As one would expect from such excitment, my load was enourmous. Cum had gotten on her face, tits and inside her belly button. I started to apoligize for what just happened and Casey started to chuckle, and asked in a weird way, what are you talking about? That night while laying in bed I thought to myself how could something so wrong feel so good. But I needed to talk to her, and I mean now. I walked to her room, knocked on her door and said we needed to talk. She was wide awake and didn”t seemed bothered at all by what just happened, unlike myself. I sat on her bed and apoligized about what just happened and said it could never happen again. And also asked her never to tell anyone about it. She agreed but only if I would sl**p in her bed that evening with her. I agreed thinking that’s the least I can do considering the circumstance. I tried laying as far away from her in bed as I possible could. Once she realized that she started to laugh and had me roll next to her. She said that she always wanted something special between us that no one else knew about. She felt it would bring the two of us closer. It was crazy reasoning, but I agreed. As we lay there in bed she pulled off her nightgown and started to hug me. I felt we needed to do it again. So I imediatley slid down the bed and began licking her wet pussy. Her pussy had an amazing taste to it, unlike any other pussy I’ve eaten. I slid my tongue in and out of her, her moans grew louder and louder. As I finished and slid up she spread her legs for me, wanting me to get on top. I stayed on top for quite some time, only because i had cum alittle earlier. Once again when I pulled it out she immediatley began sucking my cock. When i was ready i told her to move her mouth but she refused. She allowed me to cum in her mouth, it was amazing.

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