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Gabi’s train trip – Part 4 of a True Story

Monday – Gabi’s train trip – Part 4

‘Morning Darling, where are you? Time to go to work!’ I said, calling her on the mobile.

‘Not feeling too well, might take the day off. I’ll call you later this afternoon, have a nice day at work and message me when you get a chance.’

Shortly after 11 am I got a chance to send her a message. “ How are you feeling? Better? I’m taking the afternoon off, should be on the 1pm train leaving here, arriving around 2pm.”

The response did take long “Great! I’ll pick you up at YOUR station, so we can enjoy the ride back. But I need to get to the station now, so I’ll be there in time. See you at 1pm. Love….”

“Fantastic! So excited. See you.” Was my response.

Her train was arriving some minutes before the 1pm train would leave the station. So there I stood at the platform and was waiting for her. Late November in Germany can be pretty cold and I was wearing my long winter jacket. Couldn’t wait to get into the heated train compartment. There she was, looking stunning as usual. Her long dark hair was blowing in the winter wind. She fell in my arms and we kissed thoroughly.

‘Let’s get going, otherwise we miss the 1pm and have to wait another 2 hours here in the cold’

As we approached the other platform, the train rolled in. There were hardly any passengers waiting on the platform. Nothing unusual for that time of the day. We got in, moved through the first 1st class coach and quickly found an empty compartment. There was hardly anyone in this coach, only some older gents 2 compartments away from us and some ladies another 3 compartments away. Nice, I thought… The compartment was warm and when I moved in, I put the heater to full heat. In these trains, first class compartments have curtains on the doors to the walkway. Most of the time, they are already untied and are dangling, covering ¾ of the window. I unzipped my jacket and sat down. Gabi was wearing a long coat, as most Ladies do during winter.

‘Interesting… !’ was all I could say when she unzipped her coat. To my surprise, she was wearing a skirt underneath her coat.

She sat to the right of me, on the middle seat. First class seats are more like benches than seats. We started hugging and kissing. Quickly her tongue was exploring my mouth. She knew that will do the trick to get me going. The train started rolling out the station, it would be about an hour before we would have to exit and there was no other stop in between. To my surprise, the conductor turned up already a few minutes into the ride.

‘Fahrkarten bitte’ was all he had to say when he surprised us kissing. We showed our tickets and he pulled the door close again.

Gabi could barely wait for him to disappear and she continued her kissing attack. I put my right hand around her neck and gently stroke her head. I knew she’d like that. My left hand rested on her left breast, gently stroking and squeezing.

‘You have to wait until we arrive at my place, Darling’ was her response to my left hand.

‘Do I really?’ I replied, planting another kiss on her opened mouth. I continued my caressing around her breasts, unzipping 2 of the blouse buttons. I slipped my hand in her blouse, under her bar and my index finger and thumb were rubbing her nipple. She tried to moan, but the noise was swallowed by our kissing.

‘What if the conductor comes back?’ she whispered in my ear.

‘So.. what? Do you expect him to join in? Don’t think I would let him.’ I grinned at her.

‘Never mind, they usually don’t come twice, only the waiter will come to ask if we want to order beverages.’ Having said that, we just have to keep an eye out and listen, we would hear the waiter as he/she is passing the other compartments. During the following kiss, which again lasted some minutes, I slid my left hand under the seam of her skirt, following up her inner tight.

‘Take off your panties’ I told her.

‘No… no….. I won’t do that. No. you’re not serious, are you?’

‘I am very serious darling. You have 2 options. Do it right here with the chance that the waiter might come exactly that moment, so you better think of a good excuse standing here, removing your panties. Alternatively, go to the toilette and hand me your panties and bra when you return.’

Whatever she was mumbling, I couldn’t understand. She stood up and left the compartment. Whilst she was gone the waitress peaked in and I told her that I/we don’t want to order anything. The door opened again and Gabi stood there holding her panties and bra in one hand. She tugged them into one of the huge coat pockets.

‘Is that what you want?’ she asked

‘Mmm.. yep. Sit down, it’s been a while since we kissed.’

She took off the coat and placed it onto seat next to her. It was not for long and we engaged into some serious kissing again. I could feel her bare breasts under the blouse, her nipples were hardening. Gently I stroke over them and massaged them. Judging from her response, she was really tuned on. Her kissing got wetter and slurpier than before. We were now some 20 minutes into the hour long trip and it was time to take some action. I tucked my right leg between her legs, forcing them open. My hand started wandering up her knee long skirt. Teasingly, I ran my fingers on the inside of her tights, right up to her naked pussy. She was about to say something, but my tongue in her mouth silenced her. She was wet, quite wet. My fingers circled around her pussy lips and clit. As I looked at her without breaking the kiss I noticed that her eyes were wide open. When we broke our kiss she whispered

‘Darling, are you sure you know what you are doing? You know that I can’t stop once I go beyond a certain point and that point will be reached soon if your fingers keep up.’

‘I know. And I also know what I am doing. I guess you don’t know that you are actually enjoying this. Your pussy is sopping wet. Is it because of the people 2 compartments further down? They might need to go to the toilette and pass here, how exciting! Or is it because you expect the waitress to barge in? Could happen, couldn’t it. But I think that this is exactly what turns you on. Let me put it to you this way. If we arrive at our home station without you cumming, we will go to your apartment and finish what we have started here. However, if you do cum, we will go and buy some nice sex toys for you. Deal?’

‘You know what I think of sex toys. I just can’t see the reason. Your fingers and your mouth gives me more than any toy will ever do.’

Not to have to listen to this again, I planted another kiss on her mouth. My hand was now resting over her pussy with my fingers rubbing her clit. When I heard her moans, I inserted my middle finger in her wet warm pussy. Her G-Spot responded without fail. Her eyes closed and she started relaxing back into the seat. I know pushed my right hand under the bump and was able to reach her pussy from behind as well. Whilst fingering her G-Spot with the one hand, the other middle finger now penetrated into her pussy. The slurping noises surely could be heard in the next compartment, but there was no one sitting, I think.

‘Please Darling… I can’t hold back much longer. You are mean to me.’

‘I would be mean if I pushed my other finger up your bump. But simply fingering your pussy, how can that be mean? If you can’t wait another 20 minutes before we arrive, you know what you have agreed to’ I whispered in her ear. My left hand thumb now was rubbing her clit, whilst the middle finger teased her G-Spot and my right hand middle finger simple finger fucked her.

‘I … I can… I cannot wait another minute! Gosh… Oh my god… oooooaahhhh’ I quickly placed another kiss on her mouth to silence her.

The pussy juices were gushing. The finger fucking sound got louder as she got wetter. As she collapsed in the seat, I withdrew my left hand from under her skirt. My right hand was still under her bump, finger fucking her. We broke our kiss and she opened her eyes as I licked off my fingers. Right then, the compartment door opened. The waitress again. She was not able to see my right hand which had still the middle finger in Gabi’s pussy. I swallowed and ask her for some water.

‘Is your wife feeling well? She seems to be sweating? Is it too hot in here? You have the heater turned up all the way, perhaps that’s the reason.’

‘Perhaps’ I said. ‘Please just bring us 2 mineral water’.

She closed the door and went off.

‘God, that was close’ Gabi said. ‘A minute earlier and she would have caught us in the act. How embarrassing.’

‘Embarrassing? Why? I am not sure if she wouldn’t have joined in. Who knows, perhaps she loves women? There is nothing to be embarrassed about having an orgasm in public. You are not naked and not offending anyone. By the way, do you want me to continue with my hand under your bump until she returns with the water? Or will you lift your bump and let me withdraw my hand now?’

Gabi quickly lifted her bump and I withdrew my onslaught of finger fucking her from behind. She was still breathing quite heavy when the water arrived. It was a great relief for her to get something to drink. From all the kissing, her mouth was really very dry. It was another 5 minutes, before we arrived in our town. We exited the train and started walking towards city center. Orion and Beathe Uhse sex stores were not far from the central station and I was already excited to buy her some ‘unnecessary’ toys. Holding her hand on our way there I noticed that she started to sweat.

‘Ever been to a sex store?’ I asked

‘No. Never. I never even looked at an online sex store yet. I have no idea what to expect.’ was her response.

Poor Gabi, you have no idea what will be waiting for you over the next few days, my dear. For now, you experienced a nice orgasm whilst riding the train. You experienced the thrill of being caught in the act and the thrill of exposure. It got you wet, very wet and horny. Things might be getting better, I thought to myself, with a big smile on my face.

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