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Games That Grown-ups – Part 3

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Games That Grown-ups – Part 3

“Happy Anniversary,” said Joyce.

“Mmmnnn, one week today,” said Dawn as she stretched and opened her eyes. She rolled over on the bed so she was half lying on her Mom. One of her hands moved to her Mom’s nearest tit to squeeze the sexy mound, the other slid over the MILF’s mons, stroking the smooth flesh. The teen’s lips went down lightly onto her Mom’s, the kiss tender, but sensual, “Happy Anniversary.”

Joyce giggled as her daughter’s hands slid down, but she also knew Friday was a school day, “Later… when you get back home.”

Dawn gave a fake pout, it was supposed to show displeasure, but to Joyce all it showed was how sexy and beautiful her daughter was. The teen only kept it for a moment, then she broke into a smile, “Are you sure I can’t take the day off?” she traced a finger round Joyce’s nipple and it slowly hardened. The teen smiled as she saw what her finger was doing and slid it over the newly erect teat, “I’ve got a present.”

For a moment Joyce was tempted, the idea of remaining all morning in bed with Dawn had a strong, appeal. But she shook her head, “No, it’ll keep when you get back.”

Dawn shook her head, “I s’ppose.”

Joyce smiled, “I’m closing the gallery early, so I’ll be back by the time you get home from school. Unless… you’re not going to the Mall with Janice are you?”

“On our one week anniversary,” Dawn gave a squeak of mock horror. She paused, a slow, sexy smirk on her lips “I’ve told her I’ve got a hot date with some sex machine; a top fucking is guaranteed.”

“It is,” agreed Joyce giggling. Reluctantly she pulled back the quilt and slid out of bed. Last night’s clothes were still on the floor, where she had dropped them and she bent over to pick them up. She heard a squeak of the bed as Dawn turned over to get a better view and the MILF gave a small wiggle of her ass, “Later…” she slowly straightened up and headed back to her own room to change for the day.

* * *

Joyce looked at the clock on the wall; Dawn would soon be home – she didn’t think that the teen would be dawdling once the school bell went. Joyce took one last look in the side mirror that her lipstick and make-up was right and then fluffed her hair to give it bounce. She moved to the main mirror to have a look at her whole body; she smiled as she looked at her lingerie – sexy black suspenders attached to a belt round her midriff and an equally black ‘bra’ that held up her titties, without touching the nipples. She slid down to her slit, smooth apart from a small well-cut clump of hair just above the hole. She nodded; she almost fancied herself and she was sure Dawn would appreciate it.

She moved onto the bed, reclining so that her top leg was pulled up just far enough so that you couldn’t see her pussy when you entered the bedroom door, but that her titties were fully viewable and delicious looking, like plump melons waiting to be slurped on. She waited patiently for the front door to open and a sweet teenage voice to call out, “I’m home.”

“Upstairs, Dawn; in my room” called Joyce.

There was the clump of feet on the stairs and then Dawn appeared at the doorway, still wearing her jacket and with her school rucksack slung over her shoulder. She paused in the doorway, a smile spreading across her face as she surveyed the almost naked MILF lying wantonly on the bed. Joyce felt her own insides stirring with desire and she moved her leg slowly downwards so that Dawn could see the uncovered slit. The MILF’s hand moved to the hole and she opened it slightly with two fingers, “Happy Anniversary, Dawn, I thought you’d like a present of pussy.”

“Oh yes,” grinned Dawn. She walked into the room heading towards the bedroom chair, dropping her jacket onto the floor even before she reached it. Her eyes never left her Mom and the MILF continued to slowly move to make sure that Dawn continued to see her in the sexiest pose possible wherever she moved. She licked her lips seductively as Dawn stopped and began to swiftly undress, “I’ll give you present now.”

“Is it Dawnie cunt?” asked Joyce, “I love wet, fresh Dawn twat; it tastes so good.”

Her daughter unclipped her bra, her tits were smaller than Joyce’s but still above average for a sixteen-year-old. She smiled enigmatically as she started to undo her jeans.

“Are you going to finger me hard?” moaned Joyce, the excitement evident in her voice. “Slam three fingers up my cunt, you know how hard I cum when you touch my spot… oooohhhh.”

Dawn stood naked and smiling, “That’s close, but I’m going to give you something more than three fingers.” She reached into her rucksack.

“It’s a dildo,” guessed Joyce. She was almost instantly proved nearly correct as her daughter turned round holding a nine-inch rubber dong, leather straps hung from it. Joyce gasped and giggled before up-dating her guess, “A strap-on. A nice big one.”

“And I’m going to fuck you with it,” said Dawn.

“Oh God, yes, do,” Joyce could barely conceal her anticipation. She was almost salivating with lust and her pussy was so hot with a craving for the large rubber she had to touch it in a vain attempt to stop it itching with horniness.

The teen began to put it on, before looking at her Mom and smiling, “Did I wish you a Happy Anniversary?”

She had that morning, but Joyce wasn’t interested in her daughter’s best wishes, but her daughter’s large strap-on. The blonde gave a moan and rolled onto her back, spreading her legs. She slid her hand over her rapidly lubricating slit and levered it open between two fingers. Turning her head she looked at her naked daughter, “Come fuck me, fuck me hard.”

Dawn got onto the bed, but not between her Mom’s legs. Instead she sat next to the MILF and ran a finger gently, but sensuously over the older blonde’s tits. Joyce moaned at the sensation, her body was so aroused that even the stroke of digit on her areola was enough to pleasure her. The teen moved her finger some more, pressing down and swirling it faster round the erect nipple. Joyce’s jugs juddered at the teenage touch and her back arched, “Fuck me, come on Dawn, fuck me.”

“What? No ‘please’? Where are your manners?” the teen teased, taking a teat between two fingers and gently stretching it upwards. She grinned as she said words that her Mom had often used with her and Buffy when they were small, “I don’t know who brought you up; but it must have been in a barn.”

“Don’t tease me,” said Joyce, writhing under her daughter’s light pinches. She gave another moan as Dawn let go off the nipple and it sprang down against the tits. The teen’s fingers moved to other one, her body moving across Joyce so that the dildo was rubbing over the MILF’s waist, seemingly unnoticed by its owner, who was too engrossed in playing with the titties on offer. It wasn’t unnoticed by Joyce, her tone was a mixture of frustration and anticipation as she spoke again, “Don’t tease, please. Please, please fuck my pussy, please fuck me hard.”

“As it’s a special day…” giggled Dawn. She took the dildo in one hand as she moved between her Mom’s legs. Gripping it hard she moved forward, using her spare hand to open up the willing and wet cunt hole. The tip of the toy touched and Joyce gave a moan; it got louder as the toy went in deeper. Her hands reached out to stroke and grip the bedding; “You like that?” asked Dawn.

It was like asking the Pope if he was a regular churchgoer, but Joyce nodded and groaned, “Yes, baby, I’m loving you in me. Push harder, Dawn, fill up my twat.”

The dildo no longer needed guidance or support and Dawn let go. Her body moved forward and down, as she slid the toy into the MILF pussy, until she was on top of Joyce with their bodies pressed together and the strap-on deep in its target. The MILF gasped as Dawn moved slightly, so that the rubber was stimulating the clit, “That’s it Dawn. That’s the place. Fuck me hard.”

“I’m going to,” laughed Dawn, “I’m going to fuck you until you scream and scream again.”

So saying she began to hammer her dildo in and out. Below her Joyce gasped in pleasure as her daughter’s toy began to repeatedly invade her own wet cunt. The teen’s thrusts was hard and fast, each designed to hit for maximum enjoyment. The blonde moaned and bent her back, her titties pushing upwards into Dawn as the toy rammed her. She had expected something good, but not this fantastic – Dawn had obviously learnt from her couplings with Cordelia and Faith, although she suspected that Faith was the main teacher out of the two; and Joyce was reaping the very enjoyable benefits. The toy hammered over her clit, stimulating it and making it buzz with enjoyment. “Oh, oh, oh,” Joyce let out tiny gasps of pleasure, small spurts of air blowing from her mouth. They got louder as Dawn’s body slammed down harder, “Ohh, ohhhh, ohhhhhh!”

“Fuck,” said Dawn, “This is fucking hot. I’m fucking the sexiest fuck in Sunnydale.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” groaned Joyce, “I’m so hot, you’re fucking me so good, you’re a fucking your Mom well.”

“I’m a motherfucker,” laughed Dawn as she slammed her dildo down and down again.

There was a squeal of agreement, or perhaps enjoyment, from the older blonde, “Aaarrrghhh, yessss, arrrrghhhh!”

The teen paused and pulled out her toy, as her Mom bucked under the orgasm. Joyce groaned and relaxed again, “Fuck me more,” she murmured as Dawn returned within her, hoping for a second bout as good as the first.

If anything the teen was even harder and faster, her dildo pummelling her Mom’s pussy with powerful precision. It was like before had just been a warm-up and now Dawn was hitting her stride. Joyce screamed in pleasure as the strap-on whacked into her clit, driving it wild with lust. Her body arched and shook and almost without noticing she found her legs moving up, her knees pushing against her daughter’s sides as the teen rode her. The cock thrust down deep into her twat and Joyce screamed again, “Oh that’s it, fuck me, fuck me. Aaaarrrgghhh, fuck Mommy hard you sexy motherfucker. Make me yours, I want to cum…”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck” panted Dawn as she slammed and harder into her Mom’s cunt. The hole was slick with juice, cum pumping out the walls like they were leaking. And the more juice that filled the hole the faster Dawn could go, until she was pumping her Mom’s pussy like she was bouncing on a trampoline. The teen’s hot breath was coming fast, the warmth playing over Joyce’s skin like a desert wind. The brunette gasped, “Fuck, fuckity, fuck, fuckity fuckity, fuck!”

The MILF rocked back and forth under the thrusting, enjoying every single second. She could feel the teeny tits bouncing against her own; the hard teats touching her own with every downward motion and the fleshy mounds surrounding them squashing between their bodies. The teen body was on hers, the sweat soaking them both, as Dawn’s mouth slurped and kissed at the MILF’s throat, sucking at the naked flesh, even as her midriff continued to brutally rise and fall. Joyce’s hands were clawing at Dawn’s back, “Oh, oh, oh, ooooohhh, aaaaaargggghhh, aaaaargggghhhh…” The MILF felt the orgasms thrashing into her and body went into paroxysms of lust, leaving her trembling and rent with pleasure. Another scream echoed from her throat, followed by a heartfelt cry of “Don’t stop, don’t stop…”

Dawn didn’t, continuing to pound the open pussy hole deep with her toy. She was moving faster and harder, making Joyce wonder if there wasn’t a bit of Slayer bl**d inside her second daughter. Not that she cared or wondered too long, not with the explosive pleasure roaming through her in gratifying wave after wave. Her body arched again, “Ooohhh yesssss!” Above her Dawn didn’t pause, continuing to suck, lick and slurp her Mom’s neck and below, as her pelvis continued to do tango into the MILF. Joyce moaned again, gasping as the joy raced through her, “Ooohhhh yessssss, ooooohhhhh yesssss, oooohhhh yesssss!”

There was a grunt of exertion from the brunette as her Mom loudly came below her and the rubber cock was slipped out of the cum slicked cunt. Dawn smiled and wiped away a strand of hair that had become stuck to her sweat stained forehead. For a moment Joyce thought Dawn was finished; she was disappointed, but realistic – she had hoped for longer though had expected less. But Dawn had other plans. She climbed off her Mom and beside her. Her hands slid under the MILF, “Roll onto your side,” she said pushing Joyce over.

The blonde MILF did so, moving onto her side and away from Dawn. The teen’s hands continued to guide the MILF, one sliding round to push at the small of Joyce’s back so that it was angled forward, pressing her ass and pussy towards the teen. The other hand moved in and opened the legs, so that Dawn’s own knee could move up and prize apart the MILF ‘s legs; “That’s right,” murmured the teen and slid her toy from behind into Joyce’s cunt.

The blonde gave a moan as the toy moved in. Her daughter’s hands were on her tits, rubbing, pulling and massaging them as she slowly began to rock back and forth, the toy pushing at Joyce’s walls and over her G-spot. The teen wasn’t moving as fast or hard as before, but Joyce didn’t mind – after the hard fucking it was good to go for more relaxed and sensuous. Especially as her daughter’s spooned into her as she moved, wrapping her body into her Mom’s and gently kissing the back of her neck. Joyce gave another small groan as the rubber phallus slid over her special spot, “Oh God, Dawn, that’s it yes, oh yes, oh yes please, that’s so good.”

The teen’s lips pursed and again played on Joyce’s neck, small butterfly kisses, pecks of delicious delight. Her body slid across the sheets and into Joyce. She still moved slowly, but now she was putting pressure on – each thrust had the full weight and strength of her lithe, teen body behind it, slamming the cock deep and hard into Joyce’s wet and willing hole. The MILF gasped with pleasure as the ecstasy flooded through her, her body wracked with pleasure, “Oh yes, yes, yes, Dawn, fuck me good, fuck me good.”

The teen began to move quicker, twisting her Mom’s body over so that she could penetrate deeper. The pleasure coursing through Joyce ratcheted up, until it could no longer be contained. The MILF shrieked loudly, her body bucking and shaking as the orgasm struck. Cum came from her pussy, sliding over her lips and soaking the satin sheets beneath her. Dawn didn’t stop, she continued to pound her Mom’s slit harder and faster, pushing the toy in as far in as she could manage. The MILF gasped and shrieked one orgasm was swiftly replaced with another, the intensity of them both making her insides feel like jelly and sending her mind into another, explosive and colourful, dimension, “Oh… aaaaaargggghhh, yesssssss! Don’t….aaaaarggghhh…. sssstttttopppp!”

Dawn was no longer kissing her she was bucking too fast for her lips to latch to her Mom’s neck. Not that Joyce minded; not with the most intense, exciting and enjoyable orgasms hitting her in wave after wave off gratification. Her body bent and shook as each thrust of Dawn’s dildo sent her to entirely new plane of orgasmic delectation. She screamed again, so loud she feared that her vocal chords would snap and that the windows would shatter. They didn’t – but Dawn hammered harder, encouraged by her Mom’s reaction. Joyce screamed again as yet another orgasm reached in and grabbed her guts to squeeze, “Aaaarrrghhhh, aaaaaarrrghhhhh!”

Dawn’s body slammed into her Mom’s again, driving the toy deep into the MILF. Again and again, vigorous and energetic, deep and fast. Joyce orgasmed and bucked, coming with passionate shrieks, leaving her pussy dripping with cum, sore and stretched, pleasured and gratified. The MILF lost track of the times she came, how often she shouted and screamed her daughter’s name with demands she fuck her hard, how often her body bent and twisted out of control. But it was many.

“Ohhhh,” finally moaned Dawn and pulled out. She let out another sigh of exhaustion and dropped onto her back. She wiped a rivulet of sweat from her forehead, “That was good.”

Joyce rolled over so that she was now facing her teen daughter. She smiled as she looked at the teen, red and sweaty with exertion, her hair plastered to her skin – the sex appeal continued to ooze from her. The MILF smiled, “You’re telling me. I don’t think I’ve cum so hard and so often since… well, ever.”

“Glad you enjoyed,” Dawn said, “Always happy to help you cum.”

“Is that a promise?” giggled Joyce, running her fingers over Dawn’s naked midriff in a walking motion, “Because if so as soon as you’ve got your breath back I could go again.”

“It’s a promise,” agreed Dawn, laughing.

* * *

Opening her eyes Joyce looked at the alarm clock. It was just past eight. Joyce yawned, since it was light it must be eight in the morning. She turned her head to look at Dawn’s, her sexy, elfin face made even more cutely adorable by the small sle*ping smile on it. Joyce brushed a small strand of hair from the teen’s forehead and Dawn smacked her lips together, as if she was about to wake. Joyce remained still and the teen settled back down – she must be still be exhausted, poor dear.

Not that this surprised Joyce – the teen had arrived home about four and headed straight to bed her Mom. And, apart from Joyce making a brief journey down to the kitchen to make some sandwiches whilst Dawn recovered after a particularly energetic bout, they hadn’t left since. The MILF wasn’t sure how many times they’d fucked; so many times that Joyce was still light-headed from the orgasms and her pussy was stretched, sore and happy. For a few minutes she continued to look at her deliciously, delightful daughter, remembering the pleasure she had been given the night before. Dawn remained unmoving and unknowing, as fast asle*p as only a teenager can manage.

The MILF would have remained there drinking in the sexiness, but a rumble in her stomach reminded her that she’d only had a couple of slices of bread and peanut jelly since yesterday lunch. Slowly and carefully, so as not to wake her daughter, Joyce climbed out of bed. For a moment Joyce thought her movements had woken Dawn as the teen gave a small moan. The MILF held her breath, hardly moving, but Dawn just gave another small smack of her lips and turned her head away, a small snore emitting from her lips. Joyce reached for her dressing gown and headed down.

Joyce made some breakfast, before starting to do some laundry. She followed that with some hovering and dusting and was just starting to wipe down the kitchen surfaces when, at eleven, Dawn finally emerged. The teen snuck in so silently that Joyce didn’t hear a thing until she felt her daughter’s hands moving round her waist, pushing aside her gown and coming to rest on the MILF’s stomach. They moved slowly in light circle massaging round the MILF’s belly-button, before one slid lower to rest on the small brush of pubic hair on the mons. “Morning sexpot,” said Dawn sensually.

“Good morning sweetheart,” Joyce replied, giving a small giggle as Dawn’s finger slid through her small, but well-kept bush and down onto the lips. For a second Joyce thought (hoped) that her daughter was going to slide a digit into her cunt and finger fuck her there and then, but Dawn was either teasing or not noticing how horny her touch made her Mom. Joyce hoped it was the former, otherwise she wasn’t communicating quiet how much Dawn turned her on and given how loud she had been screaming last night she didn’t think she could give a signal that was more blatant.

“Not dressed yet?” though it was phrased as a question it was obvious that Dawn knew her Mom was wearing nothing beneath the gown. Her hand that had been touching the mons was slowly sliding up to replace the hand that had been massaging the MILF’s belly; that hand was now cupping one of Joyce’s tits and sexually exerting a light squeeze against the pliable flesh.

“No, I didn’t want to wake you,” Joyce had to stop herself moaning out the reply as her daughter’s second hand moved to join the first, the two of them kneading and gripping the MILF’s tits, squeezing at them like ripe melons about to explode.

“That’s considerate of you. After all my exercise last night I needed a sle*p-in,” grinned Dawn and as suddenly as she wrapped her arms round her Mom she let go, to step back and hoist herself on the kitchen table. Joyce straightened her gown, pulling it back to cover her; or at least half-cover – she didn’t quiet pull it over her titties leaving a nipple peeking out. She turned round. Dawn was sitting sexily on the table, a small pair of hot-pants covered her swinging legs. But they looked almost decent compared to the crop top which seemed to cover more of her arms than her body – it was ripped down to expose her teenage cleavage and cut so high at the midriff that it just missed exposing her titties. Joyce licked her lips, unable to stop her gaze turning lascivious as she looked at her sexed up daughter.

Dawn grinned, obviously not unaware of the impact she was having on her Mom, “I was thinking we could go out to with the icebox, and have a picnic. It ages since we’ve had a picnic.”

Joyce nodded, “Okay, let me get dressed and pack some things.” She gave another look at her daughter, “Are you planning to go out like that?”

Dawn pulled a face, “Yeah, I was.”

“Just checking,” smiled Joyce and slid a hand over her daughter’s thigh as she walked past.

* * *

Joyce had expected them to head to park or perhaps to the bluffs above Sunnydale, both were popular picnicking spots – at least during the day. But as she had reversed the car away from the drive, Dawn had suggested a spot she had heard about from Faith. It was much more secluded than the park or bluffs, in fact so secluded that it was even safe at night as no vamps would hang round where there was no midnight snacks on offer. Following her daughter’s directions Joyce pulled away from Sunnydale, along the coast road and then took a small inward turn down a track, which gradually petered out next to a small copse, with a burbling brook and a scenic view of the sea on down the cliffs below. It was almost as beautiful as the teen in the car beside her.

“We’re here,” said Dawn and smiled, flashing her white teeth at her Mom.

Joyce smiled back, her hand slid down and surreptitiously stroked Dawn’s naked thigh, “I’ll get the box from the trunk, if you lay the rug.”

“Sure,” Dawn twisted round and pulled the rug from the back seat. Her crop top moved up her body as she did giving her Mom a quick flash of side boob – which is exactly what the MILF had planned to happen. Joyce smiled and watched as Dawn got out and bent over to lay the rug, as expected her shorts rode into her ass, accentuating her cute cheeks and sexy ass crack. Joyce salivated internally for a moment, then seeing that Dawn was sitting and not going to expose more than what was already on view, she got out of the car and got the box from the trunk.

By the time Joyce got the icebox out and was round the side of the car Dawn was sitting down, her legs spread apart in an unladylike pose, though unfortunately still wearing her hot-pants. On the more positive side Joyce could definitely see a camel toe where the material was riding into her daughter’s sexy slit. Joyce sat down and made sure she leant forward as she opened the box, she had chosen a very loose blouse and had loosened it even more by leaving the top three buttons undone. Without a bra her titties almost flopped over the top and she saw Dawn looking with lust at her cleavage. Joyce smiled, “Peanut butter and jelly?” she passed the sandwich over, bending as she did so her titties almost bounced out.

“Thanks,” said Dawn, her eyes focussed on her Mom’s bosom.

Joyce deliberately stretched her arms over her head and pushed her chest forward, the look of lust on Dawn’s face was as much of a compliment as she needed. Joyce smiled and relaxed, moving her ass across the rug so that Dawn’s foot could touch her own; “Soda?”

“Yes… please,” said Dawn and took a mouthful of sandwich. Even as she chewed she took the hint from her Mom’s movement, kicking off her pumps and touching her Mom’s ankle with her foot. Joyce kicked off her own shoes and shuddered with pleasure as her daughter’s toe touched her sole and pushed. The teen smiled, a grin filled with carnal desire, “Nice sandwich, very soft and tasty.”

“MMmnnn,” Joyce took a bite of her own, almost swallowing it in lust as felt the touch of her daughter’s foot moving up and down her inner calve “Anything for you Dawn, you know that.”

“I do now,” said Dawn. She took a sip of her soda, before pulling back the can and licking her lips a sensuously as Cleopatra, “That’s cool… and yummy. I love yummy juice, warm, tasty, lovely, fresh juice.”

Joyce gave a titter, it being obvious that Dawn wasn’t talking about her soda, “I know darling. I remember.”

Dawn put down her sandwich and soda and twisted onto her knees. She rocked forward and slid herself onto Joyce, pushing her body at the MILF’s. Her lips moved onto her Mom’s and opened, her mouth locking to Joyce’s and the tongue flicking out. For a moment Joyce reciprocated before Dawn moved back, the teen’s hands moving to inside her Mom’s blouse to hold the titties for a moment, before with a smile she let go, “After we’ve eaten, I’m going to take off your clothes and fuck you here.”

“Good,” Joyce said, “Now don’t eat so fast you choke, my pussy will still be wanton and willing in five minutes.”

“I can feel its heat from here,” said Dawn moving back and taking another bite of her sandwich.

“Think how hot it is for me,” said Joyce. She unbuttoned another couple of buttons on her blouse, letting her tits come free, “Whew, that’s better.”

“You sure you’re not trying to get me to choke?” grinned Dawn as she looked with desire at her Mom’s pair.

“I’m just giving a preview of what I’m offering for dessert,” countered Joyce.

“Looks good,” said Dawn, “Though I’m greedy, I want more.”

“Eat up and you’ll get it,” Joyce ran a hand round her nipple before gazing downwards at the spot between her legs.

Dawn quickly finished her sandwich and licked her fingers to get rid of the last crumbs. She waited impatiently, her feet tapping, as Joyce finished her sandwich more daintily as befitted a lady. She didn’t lick her fingers either, but brushed them with a paper napkin. She smiled at her daughter, “You said something about getting me naked and fucking?”

“Yep, I did,” agreed Dawn and pulled off her own crop-top. Joyce felt herself warm up lustfully as she eyed her daughter’s bouncing boobs. Dawn licked her lips sensually, her expression one of intense desire. The teen reached forward and undid what was left buttoned of Joyce’s blouse. The MILF just had time to shrug it to the floor before Dawn was on her again, the teen standing on her toes to plant her mouth hard on her Mom’s. Joyce kissed back enjoying the slither of her daughter’s tongue on top of hers, the way it probed and pushed and penetrated deep into her mouth.

“MMnmmnnn,” the two Summers slurped hungrily, as if they hadn’t eaten. Joyce’s mouth worked harder as she felt Dawn’s hand on her slacks, undoing the buttons and sliding the pants down. The blonde MILF had gone commando so there was no impediment to Dawn’s finger sliding into the moist hole. Joyce gasped and brought her mouth away from her daughter’s so she could moan with passion; “ooooooohhhh, yes, ohhhhhhh.”

At the same time her own hands were fiddling with Dawn’s hot-pants, undoing them and sliding them down the teen’s thighs. Like her Mom the young brunette had decided that underwear was an unnecessary encumbrance. Sliding her digit into Dawn’s cunt, Joyce began to replicate her daughter’s movements. Both Summers gasped and shuddered as their fingers fucked each other hard. There was a squeak from Dawn as Joyce found her clit and pushed at it hard. Joyce knew how she felt, Dawn was ramming her fingers at Joyce’s special spot so hard that the MILF felt her legs weakening like they were boiled spaghetti. She reached out with her spare hand and gripped Dawn’s shoulder to help balance herself; almost simultaneously Dawn did the same to her Mom. Both women drew closer so that their bodies were touching, the titties bouncing against each other as they hammered the digits home.

“That’s it baby. Finger fuck me, finger fuck my juicy wet twat. I want you to make me cum, make me cum like a sexy, dirty whore,” Joyce moaned.

“Yes, yes, yess, yesssss, yesssssss” Dawn’s reply got more and more high-pitched, her back bending as her Mom f***ed her to orgasm. Joyce slammed her finger in vigorously, piling on the pressure and desperate to make Dawn explode with sexual gratification, “Yessssss, yesssssss, yessssssssss!” screamed Dawn.

Cum shot out of her pussy and squirted over her Mom’s thighs, before running down the flesh in rivulets. It felt so warm and sexy on her skin that it made Joyce salivate – she knew how fresh Dawnie tasted as well and she wanted some. The desire to eat her daughter’s juice overcame the pleasure of the digit in her, she knew she would come later and often, but right now she needed to drink Dawn right down. She pushed Dawn back a few inches and dropped to her knees on the rug. She looked at Dawn, hungry lust written over her face, “Let me eat you baby. I want to thrust my face in that sexy pussy and slurp you all up.”

“Okay,” laughed Dawn, “How can I resist.”

Joyce had been expecting to dive straight in, but Dawn moved away a few feet and then lay down on her back. She spread her legs, the juice of the cummy cunt glinting in the sunlight, “Come on then, eat me, tongue fuck my twat until I cum in your mouth.”

With an invitation like that Joyce knew she had to give her daughter a good lapping, one to make the teen cum like a porn star on film. She lay down on her chest, pushing Dawn’s thighs further apart and resting her chin on her daughter’s pelvis. She gave the teen a smile, “I am going to suck that pussy until you’ve I slurped out every bit of cum.”

“Mmmnnn,” Dawn moaned, her body quivering in anticipation. She shook some more as Joyce face pushed into her pelvis. The MILF’s mouth opened and she took a small slice of the teen’s labia between her teeth, nipping it gently and making Dawn shake and moan even more. Joyce bit a little harder, but not too much, pinpricks of pain just to heighten the soon to come pleasure. The teen squeaked, “Oh, ohhhh.”

Joyce let go, and almost before Dawn had realised what was happening, had replaced her teeth with her tongue. She tenderly licked the indentations in the pussy lips, lapping away any soreness. The teen giggled and moaned as her Mom’s tongue teased at her outside, “Ohh, ooohhh, that’s it you slut, kiss me all better, put that slutty mouth down my hole and make it all good.”

Joyce was almost tempted, but she wanted to tease her daughter’s tantalising teen twat some more and so she resisted the temptation to drive her head down into the flesh. Instead she took the lips between her teeth again, pulling her head up slowly and stretching the teen’s labia. Dawn clawed at the rug and moaned, the sounds a sign of increased sexual desire, if not desperation. Joyce’s tongue slid over the lips as she let the flesh spring back.

Dawn moaned again, “I want you in me, lick me, eat me, stick yourself down my cunt, oooooohhhh.”

The teen gasped as Joyce’s tactics changed as suddenly as a light switch being flicked. The blonde MILF’s face buried itself deep between her daughters legs and she began to slurp and lick at the pussy, sucking in the walls and the cum coating and then slamming her tongue deep to hammer them back into place. Dawn squealed with excitement, her body bending in gratification and her thighs crushing against her Mom’s head, “Ooooooh, fuck, fuck, fuck, tongue me, tongue fuck my fuck-hole, lick it, oooohhhh fuck that’s the spot, suck my clit.”

“Mmmnnn,” the taste of Dawn was delectable and Joyce lapped up her daughter’s juice, gratefully swallowing the tasty girl cum. “Mmnnnnn.”

The teen bucked and screamed in pleasure as her Mom drove forward, the MILF ploughing her tongue through the soft, wet flesh surrounding the clit and hammering the bud with frenzied pussy licking. Deeper and deeper Joyce’s face pressed, her nose rammed so far into Dawn’s flesh that the sensual, sexual aroma of the aroused teen was almost overpowering. Joyce slammed hard, “Mmmnnnn, mmmmnnnn…”

“Aaaaarrggghhh,” Dawn’s cunt exploded with juice, the gushing geyser of liquid squirting all over her Mom’s face and down her throat. There was too much too swallow, and whilst Joyce took down as much of the warm, sweet cum, more dribbled from her lips to mix with the liquid which had splattered her face.

The MILF raised her head and licked the cum away. It took a while to clean her face as the juice steadily dripped down from her nose and slid down her cheeks. In fact with all honesty Joyce was f***ed to admit whilst she licked down a lot, she missed a lot more – a shame, but not to be helped. She gave one last lick of her lips, “Tasty.”

Dawn sat up half-up, leaning on her elbows and smiling back, “You like the taste of teeny twat?”

“I can’t say I don’t like the taste of wet Dawnie pussy,” said Joyce. She moved up her daughter’s body, running her naked tits over the teen’s soft flesh and rubbing her midriff against the toned midriff of the younger Summers. She stopped as her mouth came to Dawn’s and she slowly, sensually kissed her lover’s lips, “I’ve got to say Dawn cum is the sweetest thing ever.”

“You don’t say,” Dawn smiled and kissed her Mom tenderly back. She lay back down and slid her arms up round the back of Joyce’s neck and brought the MILF down, “You don’t say,” the teen repeated and kissed her Mom again.

This time the kiss was longer and more passionate, mouth open and tongues probing. After a few moments Dawn swung her Mom round, so that the teen was lying on top, rubbing her pussy, still wet with cum and saliva on her Mom’s stomach as they kissed. The feel of the damp cunt slithering up and down her made Joyce even wilder with excited lust and the make out session got more and more passionate. The warm sun played down, providing a comforting heat on their nude bodies and the crickets chirped, providing a background their gasps and moans interspersed with slurps and suckling.

Eventually Dawn broke the kissing. She lay on top of her Mom, looking deep into her eyes – Joyce thought the teen’s pupils looked like diamonds as she looked back up; the teen was beautiful. Dawn’s voice was soft, compelling and enticing, “I want to fuck you properly now. I want to fuck you like last night. I want to fuck you like a woman should be fucked.”

“Yes,” agreed Joyce, her heart sped with excitement, battering against her ribcage, “Fuck me.”

“I brought the strap-on,” Dawn got up and headed to the car. Joyce watched as her daughter reached into her bag in the back seat and brought out the toy. In the outside light it seemed even bigger and thicker than last night and Joyce felt her insides leaping with lust as the teen pulled it up her thighs and tightened the leather straps that held it in place. Dawn looked at her Mom, “You look wet already.”

“I am,” said Joyce, smiling. She moved her legs apart and waited for Dawn to slide on top of her. The teen did so, taking her toy in one hand and moving on top of Joyce’s naked form. With her spare hand she began to open Joyce’s wet cunt. The MILF moaned as the teen’s fingers pried her apart and the palm slid over her quivering labia lips. It felt good to have Dawn touch her, but not as good as it felt to have the Dawn’s rubber toy enter her. The MILF gasped as the tip of the toy slid in. Her back arched, pushing her pussy up to greet the down coming cock, “Oh baby, that’s it.”

“I’m going to fuck you,” confirmed Dawn as if it needed confirming. She pushed the toy in and moved her hands to rest either side of the MILF’s body as if she was about to do press-ups. Her head moved towards her Mom and their lips met.

For a moment the two of them lay like that, Dawn pressed down on her Mom, the toy deep in the MILF cunt and their lips locked in passion. It was only for a few moments, just enough time to let them both gain some balance before the main bout. Suddenly without warning Dawn’s mouth lifted and her body raised, the dildo coming half-way out of Joyce’s wet slit with a slurp. And then the teen began to go to work.

Joyce let out a screaming gasp of pleasure as the thrust down hit her clit, “Oooohhh, yesssss, yesssss, baby, yessss.”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” gasped Dawn, “Take it all, take all my big fucking dildo.”

The teen’s words shifted to grunts as she pushed herself up down vigorously. Beneath her Joyce was in heaven, her pussy pulsating with pleasure as waves of sexual gratification spread from it. Further and further they rippled, making her body tingle. And the tingle turned to throbs, explosive orgasmic explosions rending and ripping through her naked body, jellifying her insides and blasting her into a blissful carnal paradise. The blonde’s hands gripped the rug, “Fuck me… fuck me… I want you to make me cum, Oooooh… oooohhhh… uuurrrggghhhh…urrrggghhh… fuuucccckkk… meeee!”

Dawn’s naked teen tits were beating against her Mom’s each time she came down, the firm nipples grazing into the fleshy mound of the MILF ‘s. The teen pounded down hard, slamming the wet dildo into her Mom’s hole; the toy so big and wide and the thrusts coming with so much pressure and vigour that Joyce’s cunt was stretching and aching. But the soreness was nothing compared to the pleasure she felt from Dawn’s intense banging. The MILF’s mouth opened and her head thrust back, as another bomb of orgasmic proportions blew within her, “Aaaaarrghhhh, uuuuurrghhhhh, oooooohhhh…. Yesssssss!”

Dawn pulled out, her body shining with sweat and panting with exertion. Cum dripped from the dildo onto the rug. Joyce felt disappointed – it had been fun, but she had been hoping for more, obviously she had tired Dawn out too much last night. The brunette teen smiled, as if she was reading her Mom’s mind, “I haven’t finished yet. Get on all fours, I want to take you from behind.”

Joyce was in position within moments, waving her ass at her daughter and reaching down with one hand to slide open the her pussy for Dawn’s grand entrance. The teen moved behind her Mom and pushed the strap-on into the soaked hole, making Joyce whinny with joy. Dawn’s hands clasped her Mom’s waist and she started to rock back and forth, the dildo sliding easily in the well lubricated cunt. The MILF moaned as it rolled over her G-spot, “Ooooooh, oooooohhh, feed me your big dildo, fucking fuck me with that great fucking toy…”

Dawn gripped her Mom harder and slammed down. Her thighs cracked against her Mom’s ass, the stinging blows reddening both their flesh. Joyce squealed and bucked like a bronco, her head twisting from side to side and her hair bouncing like it was made of springs. If anything Dawn was hammering even harder and faster than before, slicing the dildo through the cunt to hit the special spot with an accuracy and precision which was impressive.

The heat of the afternoon and the exertion combined to make Dawn sweat, the perspiration sliding down her skin in rivulets and onto her Mom – who was also covered in a sweaty sheen. The teen’s hand slid over the MILF’s skin, never able to stay quiet in one place without sliding away, but them acting as a massage at the same time. Dawn shook her head quickly, sending her hair spinning and beads of sweat hurtling away. She gave a grunt, “Having fun? Are you enjoying your little pumpkin belly fucking you to pieces?”

“Yessss, yesssss,” squealed Joyce in pleasure, “I’m loving it… fuck me more, just fuck me more.”

“Mmmnn sure will,” said Dawn and redoubled the pounding.

Joyce shrieked in pleasure as another orgasm rushed through her. Her inside leapt around like jumping beans on a hotplate. The MILF felt her muscles in her arms sagging and unable to keep her body up she let her front drop. Dawn continued to fuck, merely shifting her stance slightly so that she was as much slamming down as forward – the new position worked as well as before and the strap-on continued to pound into Joyce’s favourite spot. The MILF gasped and shrieked, her hands clenched. Her face was rubbing into the rug, which was damp with a spot of either her cum or Dawn’s – the MILF couldn’t be sure, but the aroma was delicious.

“Fuck, fucking fuck,” panted Dawn as she continued to hammer her Mom.

“Yesssss, yesssss, fuuuuccckkk!” replied Joyce as she came again, the orgasm overwhelming in its power. “Aaaaaaarrrgghhhh….. aaaaaaarrrrghhhh” she screamed, all self-control gone, “aaaaaaarggghh, urrrrrrrrgggghhh, aaaaaaaarggghhh.”

Dawn gave one more thrust, hitting the clit and then pulled out. She tottered over to beside Joyce, who rolled onto her back, and then virtually collapsed onto her ass. The teen was red and sweating, her breath coming in pants. Joyce waited for the teen to get her breath back, using the few minutes silence to run her finger over the soaked dildo and then, when the digit was nice and cummy, suck it clean.

Dawn saw what she was doing and smiled, “Jeez, you are such a cum slut.”

Joyce sucked her finger and smiled, “I am, aren’t I?”

Dawn laughed, “Let’s get dressed and head home. It’s been a fun picnic, but I’ve burnt so many calories I could eat a horse.”

“Or a pussy?” Joyce giggled and raised an eyebrow.

“Later,” laughed her daughter back.

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