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Games That Grown-ups – Part 5

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Games That Grown-ups – Part 5

After a hard week there was nothing like relaxing in the hot tub in the back yard, thought Joyce Summers. The warm water frothed and fizzled, the bubbles forming and popping in a continual effervescent surge, each one making a tiny, but important, contribution to the feeling of relaxation flowing through her. The MILF lay back, resting her neck in the headrest in the corner, closing her eyes to the coming dusk and letting the steam envelope her, cleaning her pores and relaxing her aching muscles. After another week running Sunnydale’s premier Modern Art Gallery Joyce was in serious need of relaxation. “Mmmnnn,” she let out a sigh of utter contentment and sunk deeper against the headrest, letting herself drift into dreamy contemplation.

“Hi. I’m back. Where are you?” Dawn’s voice came from front of the house, waking her Mom from the meditative state she had been sinking into.

Joyce opened her eyes; there was still some sun in the sky, even if it was heading rapidly to the horizon. Joyce smiled as her heart gave a skip of joy at Dawn’s return, in Sunnydale even the Slayer’s s*ster shouldn’t be out after dark, but that wasn’t the main reason her heart had given a patter. It had been breakfast when she had last seen Dawn, as Joyce had slowly f***ed herself out the door to head to work, after a long, lingering kiss goodbye and after nearly twelve hours she was now missing Dawn so much it hurt. She sat up a little straighter and called out, “I’m in the hot tub.”

A few moments later Dawn appeared in the kitchen doorway, leaning against the frame. She was dressed in tight jeans and a dark jacket, it made her look so sexy, thought Joyce, as did her daughter’s smile, the lip-gloss sparkling beneath the outdoor lamp over the door. She stood there for a second, looking at her Mom lying back in the tub, eyeing up the MILF’s body, blurred by the ballooning bubbles, but still gorgeously bangable.

“Hi sexy,” she smiled, before giving a small frown and a fake shiver, “Isn’t it cold?”

“Not once you’re in, it’s just the perfect temperature” said Joyce, “How was chess club?”

“Y’know chess club, a laugh a minute,” smiled Dawn, “Wait a moment, I’ll just get changed and join you.”

“Okay,” said Joyce, who had been hoping that would be Dawn’s response. As her daughter turned back into the house, Joyce called after her; “There’s some wine in the fridge.” If Dawn was old enough to bed her Mom she was old enough to drink was Joyce’s view, one not disputed by Dawn – though in this case there was no response, whether that was because Dawn hadn’t heard or because she assumed her Mom knew she had, Joyce wasn’t sure. It didn’t matter, if Dawn didn’t bring the wine they could either do without or one of them could quickly run to back to the kitchen and get it. The blonde MILF relaxed in the corner.

A few minutes later Dawn reappeared clad in a tiny two piece bikini, the open bottle in one hand and two plastic beakers in the other. For a moment she stood in the door way, measuring the distance between the relative warmth of the kitchen and the absolute heat of the tub and calculating how many steps she’d have to take on the frigid looking wooden slats of the porch to get there. She gave a small shiver, “It’s cold out here.”

Joyce sat herself up and quickly pulled her own the coverings of bikini top to one side, briefly exposing her nipples; “There’s compensations.”

Dawn grinned and scampered across the floor, hopping across the planks like they were ice against her soles. She stopped at hot tub, standing shivering as put the bottle and beakers down, before fishing in under her bikini top and pulling out a packet of cigarettes and a lighter. She put them down on the hot tubs ledge, near enough to get too, but not so near the edge that they’d fall in. Ready now, she gave another hop and ended up in the hot tub next to her Mom. “Hi sexy,” the teen grinned and leant in her mouth opening.

Joyce had time to respond, “Hello lover,” before their mouths met. Their lips moved up and down, like they were talking, but the only sound was that of slurping and pleasured sighs as their tongues caressed each other. Dawn’s hands were on her Mom’s waist, pulling her closer along the bench until there thighs were rubbing under the water and their bodies were pressed together. Joyce continued to respond passionately, enjoying the feel of Dawn’s hands on her sides, the fingers lightly scratching at the MILF as she moved. Her own arms were round Dawn’s back, holding the teen close and not letting her go. The water bubbled gently against them, as the steam rose.

They broke the kiss to give themselves a breath. Joyce looked at her daughter, swimming in her eyes, “Still cold?” she asked smiling.

“Now I’m hot,” replied the teen with a teasing smirk.

Their open mouths closed on each other again, munching and moving, twisting round like they were trying to fit against each other, their tongues probing and exploring, sliding round and slipping against each other. Their thighs and chests pressed together, rubbing and touching each other, competing with the bubbling water as a pleasurable sensation. Dawn’s hands moved from her lover’s sides to her back, clawing at the skin passionately and gripping Joyce and pulling her closer. Her fingers were under the bikini straps.

When they broke again Joyce bikini was drifting away, bouncing in the water effervescent water unsure whether to float or sink. Dawn looked down approvingly at her Mom’s bosoms, before stretching up and reaching behind her own neck. She undid her bikini and dropped it out of the tub, exposing her own lovely pair. “I’ll pour us some wine,” she said and without waiting for an answer took the bottle and poured a generous portion of the wine out into the two plastic beakers.

She passed one to Joyce, who took it. She would have preferred it in a glass, but Dawn’s sixteen year old palette was not so refined that she noticed the difference. More often or not would take one of the easier to reach plastic beakers, rather than stand on the stool to get the wine glasses in the top shelf of the cupboard. It was one of the drawbacks of dating a young teen, though as Dawn drew close, sliding her arm round her Mom’s shoulders so that the MILF was half reclined against her breasts, Joyce was reminded there were plenty of benefits as well. Dawn’s lips brushed against her Mom’s ear and her empty hand moved over to cup one of her Mom’s tits. Joyce relaxed into her and took a sip of the wine.

“How was your day?” asked Dawn.

“It was OK; missed you,” replied Joyce truthfully.

“Awww sweet,” giggled Dawn and kissed the back of her Mom’s neck, “I missed you as well.”

Joyce smiled and let herself drift further into Dawn. She was sure they’d be having sex later; not that this was particularly unusual – they had sex virtually every night, “I missed you more,” she giggled.

“Mmmmnn,” said Dawn and kissed her neck. Joyce moaned as well, especially as Dawn’s hand moved from her tit, down over her stomach and into her Mom’s bottoms. Her fingers expertly played with the slit, rubbing over the lips. Her mouth moved from the side of Joyce’s throat to her ear lobe and she murmured, “I’d say you were wet, but…”

Joyce giggled, “Oh I’m wet,” she replied.

Dawn continued to gently stroke at her pussy as they sipped wine and giggled, telling each other the story of their day. After they’d finished that Dawn lit one of her cigarettes and lay back, very much a woman, blowing the smoke into the air as her Mom and lover lay in her arms, enjoying the feel of the warm water and smooth skin equally as she watched the light fade. After a while Dawn dipped the nearly finished cigarette in the water, before dropping it down on the ground next to the tub, Joyce made a mental note to pick it up… tomorrow.

The teen gave a shiver, “Now it’s starting to get cool.”

“We should go inside,” said her Mom, ever practical.

“We should,” nodded Dawn. She unwrapped her arms from her Mom and gave the MILF a cute and sexy, but quick, kiss on her lips.

She moved to the other side of the tub, nearest the door and paused as she eyed the number of steps she’d have to make over the cold wooden planks before she reached the warmth of the kitchen. She turned as Joyce came up beside her and joined her in working up the courage to face the cold.

Dawn slid her hand into her Mom’s “We’ll make a run for it on the count of three, okay?”

Her Mom nodded.

“One, two, three…” the two of them jumped out of the tub and ran across the slats, the wooden planks freezing their feet and the cold night air stabbing at their soaking wet skin like a thousand little pins. And then they were in… crowding each out as they tried to push through the kitchen door and into the warmth, giggling and laughing as the heat of the indoors suffused through them.

Still holding her topless daughter’s hand Joyce turned round to face her. “Warm again,” she smiled.

“Just about,” replied Dawn and moved in to kiss her Mom, dragging the MILF’s head down to her lips and thrusting her tongue into the sexy blonde’s unresisting mouth. Joyce replied in kind, munching and mouthing as her hand moving from holding Dawn’s to round the teen to caress her lower back. Dawn’s own hands moved as well, sliding down Joyce’s spine and then under the elastic of the bikini bottoms to fondle and stoke the round cheeks beneath. Joyce slipped into a dream-like state, feeling time slip into a blur as Dawn’s tongue probed and pressured her and her hands massaged and rubbed the MILF’s tush. They continued, pushing together passionately, their titties rubbing and stroking the others.

They broke and Joyce rubbed away a tiny slip of saliva that had trickled down. She glanced at the clock on the wall, time had moved even faster than she thought. Reluctantly she dropped her hands from Dawn and made to straighten up, “I better make a start on dinner.”

“Don’t bother,” giggled Dawn. She didn’t let go off her Mom’s ass and indeed, gave it an extra squeeze, “Let’s get a pizza.”

“It’s not very nutritious…”started Joyce, but Dawn squeezed her butt and kissed at her nipples disrupting her train of thought and making her end her sentence in a moan… “mmmnnn…”

“Mushroom topping and bacon…” Dawn giggled, knowing she had won the argument. She kissed her Mom’s nipples, one and then the other as one of her hands slid from her Mom’s behind and round to the mons. The teen squeezed at the flesh, the tip of her thumb just entering her Mom’s hole. Joyce gave a long-drawn out moan of pleasure as Dawn continued, “… and we can sprinkle with just the right amount of pussy juice… y’know to give it flavour.”

That sounded good to Joyce, though she was hoping that her and her daughter rather than the pizzeria would add the juice. She slid away from Dawn, picked up one of the towels she had left on the table and walked over to the phone, leaving wet footprints on the kitchen floor. By the time she’d finished with her order Dawn had left the kitchen. Joyce followed the trail of little damp spots, slightly annoyed that Dawn hadn’t bothered to dry herself, but also turned on by the memory of Dawn’s wet, nubile form. The spots led Joyce upstairs and into Dawn’s room. The teen had peeled off her wet bikini bottoms and dropped them on the floor; she was leaning over one of her dressers as Joyce entered, giving the MILF a great view of her daughter’s sexy behind. Dawn straightened up and turned round, in her hands was her strap-on. She smiled at her Mom as she put it on the bed and reached for her robe, “Just getting prepared for later,” she smiled as she tied the knot, but not so tightly that the gown covered her firm teen tits or her smooth slot.

“I’ve ordered the pizza,” said Joyce. She shivered, clad just in her bikini bottoms there was a chill. “I’ll just put on my robe as well.”

“Okay, I’ll put on a DVD,” smiled Dawn. She picked up her strap-on and headed downstairs.

Joyce picked up her daughter’s damp bikini bottoms and the towel she had used to dry herself (once she had got to the room and soaked the carpets all the way up). She slid out of her own bottoms and dried her legs and pussy where the damp material had left her wet again. On the way to her room dropped the wet things into the laundry basket. She paused at the mirror in her room, not bad, she thought, her thighs and belly were still mostly firm and if her boobies sagged a little they were large enough that they always had. She put on her own robe, making sure that it covered enough for warmth, but exposed enough for Dawn’s edification.

“I thought I’d put on some romance,” Dawn said as her Mom entered the main room.

Joyce raised her eyebrows in scepticism at her daughter’s comment. She slid onto the sofa beside her. Dawn’s arm moved to let her Mom snuggle in, the MILF’s head resting on the teen’s shoulder and one of her hands sliding up and down the teenage thigh on offer. She lifted her face enough so that was looking at Dawn as she asked, “So what’s the plot, then?”

Dawn paused, smiling as she thought, “See the brunette, she’s just broken up with her boyfriend and the blonde is her best friend, who’s trying to console her.”

“By licking her pussy?” asked Joyce quizzically.

She smiled at Dawn and her sexy lover smiled back as she said, “How else would she comfort her?”

Joyce turned her head away from Dawn’s and snuggled deep into her and they settled into comfortable silence to watch the porn. Though if they were silent they weren’t still, at the back of Joyce’s head Dawn’s fingers twisting her Mom’s curls round, sometimes drawing a tip across the back of the neck. At the same time Joyce’s hand crept up and down her daughter’s thighs, sneaking beneath the robe and threatening, but never quiet touching, the teen’s pussy. On screen the two porn stars licked and slurped each other in a sixty-nine that seemed to go on forever; it contributed to the wet and warmth of Joyce’s pussy, though the MILF wasn’t going to deny that most of her arousal was from Dawn. She could smell her daughter’s sexual excitement, feel her sexy, warm body – the bump of her heart, the rhythm of her breathing – see the sexy, slender curves that made the teen look so fuckable – her half-uncovered tits, the firm, toned tum, her perfect thighs.

The doorbell rang and Dawn hit pause on the remote control Joyce reluctantly got up and reached for her purse on the table. Dawn grinned at her Mom, “If it’s a guy see if you can get a discount, give him a flash.”

“What?” Joyce paused her hand on the door handle.

“You know,” tittered her lover with a wicked grin, “Let him see some boob or flash him some gash.”

“I will not,” said Joyce primly and opened the door to the young man delivering the pizza.

His eyes widened as he was presented with a MILF wearing only a loose gown at the door. For a second he stared at her, before he regained his composure, “That’ll be twenty dollars.”

Joyce looked over her shoulder at Dawn. The teen was sitting on the couch, and as her Mom turned she spread her legs so that her slit was on show and licked her lips naughtily. Joyce gave her a naughty grin back; perhaps it was the wine from earlier, perhaps it was her libido taking control, but she turned to the young man, “What about making it fifteen?” she shrugged her robe back enough to show her titties and twisted her waist so they shuddered.

The pizza guy said something that sounded like, “duh, duh…” but didn’t give her the discount. Joyce slid her hand down, under her belt – the loose knot of which fell away letting the gown flap open – and down to her pussy. Her finger rolled over her slit, “So what about it?” she purred sensually, “Fifteen dollars?”

The guy stood staring, the pizza held on his outstretched hands and his tongue almost hanging from his mouth. Joyce moved her hand again, feeling the dampness of her slit, the itch of horniness not being subdued as she stuck her digit in the hole and out again, “What do you say?” she giggled, “Have we a deal?”

“You are such a slut” said Dawn smiling as she stepped into the doorway. Her robe was open, hiding nothing. She took twenty dollars from her Mom’s purse and gave it to the young man. He took it and held out the pizza box. Dawn didn’t take it straight away, instead she wrapped her arms round her Mom’s waist and slid her knee between the older woman’s leg, moving it up and down the inner thighs as she stood, balanced on one foot. She smiled at the pizza guy, “Yeah, I’m fucking this hottie, fucking her like crazy. She’s such a dirty skanky whore as well; she bangs like she’s on steroids. And she lets me do it up her ass. I bend her over and I fuck her beautiful, round butt until it’s wide open and she’s screaming like a slut.”

The boy’s mouth went even further open as Dawn took the pizza and shut the door on him. She turned to her Mom and for a second she looked at her po-faced before doubling over in giggles, “I didn’t think you do it. Show him your twat…”

Joyce laughed back, “I just felt the need to be a little bit naughty, that’s how you make me feel. Anyway it was you who came up and started to make it really hot, with all those wicked things you said.”

“I think we made his night,” said Dawn and opened the box.

The pizza was still steaming and it the smell of it made her stomach grumble and reminded Joyce that it wasn’t just pussy she was hungry for. She took a slice and started to eat it as Dawn put the box down on the floor and sat cross-legged in front of it, from above her Joyce could see her daughter’s medium sized (but growing) tits and the beautiful slit – seductive and sexy. Joyce took another bite and sat down next to her daughter/lover as Dawn fished a slice out of the box. She looked gorgeous as she bit into it, a sliver of cheesy tomato juice trickling down her chin.

“You are a messy eater,” said Joyce and leant forward to lick the juice away.

“I am,” said Dawn and deliberately let some more warm cheese dangle down, so that her Mom would lick that as well.

They ate; Joyce continually leaning forward to clean her daughter’s chin and neck and the tops of her titties as the teen let little specs of cheese and bacon and mushroom fall on her naked skin. The MILF didn’t complain again; it tasted nice. Dawn finished chewing another slice and licked her lips, sucking away the grease, “That was tasty.”

“There’s still plenty left,” said her Mom, pointing to the box, still almost half filled with pizza slices.

Dawn looked at it and smiled, “We have two choices. We can watch a TV and dip into the pizza if we feel hungry, or….” she paused and looked her Mom up and down, drinking in the MILF’s naked body exposed between the open flaps of the robe, “… we could take it upstairs and work up an appetite.”

There was no doubting which option Dawn thought was best.

Luckily it was also the option that Joyce favoured. The MILF got to her feet, picking up the box, “Let’s go to my room.”

She headed for the stairs, Dawn behind her, the teen pausing only long enough to pick up her strap-on. On the landing Joyce carried on into her room, putting the pizza box on the dresser next to her bed and slipping out of her robe. Dawn followed her, shrugging off the robe as she entered her Mom’s room and standing naked holding the toy by the strap as Joyce turned back to her. She was beautiful, thought the MILF, so alluring and sexual, with her smooth snatch and tits that had the perfect balance between pert and bouncy. The teen could see her Mom admiring her and she grinned, “I better put this on,” she wiggled the strap-on to indicate what she was talking about.

Joyce sat on her bed, watching as Dawn gracefully slid the straps up her thighs and began to buckle the toy in place. The red phallus was near ten inches of joy the MILF knew from past experience; it also told her that her sexy daughter had an uncommon expertise with it, making her Mom cum again and again in blasts of pleasure. The blonde’s fingers moved down to her slit as she u*********sly rubbed herself in anticipation; her own slit was shaven – just as Dawn liked it – wet with lust, slick and hot. The brunette teen buckled the last strap in place and took a step towards her Mom, smiling, “You know what gives me an appetite?”

“I’m hoping its hard-core fucking,” giggled Joyce as she pushed herself back onto the bed and opened her legs invitingly.

“Close,” said her daughter. She licked her lips seductively and tossed her hair back over her shoulder as her Mom looked at her quizzically, waiting for the response. After what seemed an age of sexy posing Dawn gave her Mom the answer the older woman had been waiting for, “It’s hard-core ass fucking.”

Joyce giggled again. It must have been at least three days since her daughter had butt-fucked her and she could feel her anus had tightened. Not that this was a problem, not at all. She rolled over so that Dawn could see her butt and know that her Mom was happy with the choice of hole, “There’s some lube in the dresser.”

“I know,” grinned Dawn. She opened it and pulled out a half-empty jar, “We’ll need some more soon.”

“I’ll get some,” said Joyce. She turned her head so that she could watch Dawn oil up her toy. The teen scooped the gel out and massaged it in to the dildo. A second scoop followed and a third, the teen working it into the strap-on, making sure it slid over the ridges and in the grooves between them. Her hand moved up and down, looking like she was masturbating a slicked up prick, the toy shining with the lube, like sunlight on ice. Joyce felt her pussy steam up, she loved being butt-fucked by her daughter; it was both intimate and ecstasy inducing. She gave a moan of excitement and slid her hand under her body to wiggle at her pussy, “God, I am so horny for you.”

“I am as well,” said Dawn, “I want to fuck your round, sexy ass so hard.”

The teen stopped oiling in the lube, leaving the cock glistening. It jiggled as Dawn approached the bed, “Get on your hands and knees,” she instructed, “I’m going to fuck your butt open.”

Joyce almost bounced up as she got into position. She wiggled her butt in invitation, “Fuck me, honey, come and fuck my asshole.”

The teenager moved behind her Mom. Her hands moved to the woman’s cheeks, massaging them like they were two round mounds and squeezing them like play dough. Joyce moaned as her daughter played and kneaded with her flesh. One of the MILF’s hands moved to her slot and she began to rub the slick hole, trying to curb her enthusiasm and keep control. It didn’t seem Dawn was in a hurry, even if her Mom was, the teen continuing to grip and grope the cheeks, pulling them apart and pushing them back together, letting them spring free and grabbing them hard. The MILF moaned and rubbed her pussy harder, “Come on Dawn honey, fuck me, fuck me hard.”

The teen pulled apart her Mom’s cheeks and rubbed the toy between the crevasse. Joyce groaned as the ridges rode over her puckered hole, scr*ping it, but not entering. It was so near and yet so far. She pushed her finger into her slot, trying to gain some release from her daughter’s naughty teasing. Dawn rubbed the dildo up and down the anal valley, her hands squeezing the mounds as she did. “You want me to fuck you?” she giggled.

“Yes,” moaned Joyce, tried not to sound like her sexual frustration was overwhelming her, “I want you to fuck me, please. Please, honey, I want you to bang my ass.”

Dawn pulled back for a moment, leaving the dildo wiggling over her Mom’s ass. She held the cheeks and plied them apart, freeing her Mom’s back hole from any obstruction, before coming forward again. Joyce groaned and squirmed as the tip of the toy went in, not very far, but enough to open the top of her hole. Dawn moved back and came forward again, a little harder, a little deeper. The toy edged in further, the lube doing its work in easing its passage. Joyce groaned again and pushed her ass back so that when Dawn thrust again she was moving to meet her. The toy went in another inch, stretching the asshole to accommodate it. “I love fucking your tight ass,” grinned Dawn happily. Her hands took hold off her Mom’s ass for extra leverage and she shoved in again and again.

Joyce grunted and gasped, her body shuddering as Dawn went deeper with each push. Her anal tube was opening, slowly and gradually, like a very tough elastic. It was sore, aching like a sensitive tooth dipped in ice-cream. Dawn rammed down, the dildo going in further, the walls of the ass still trying to resist, but loosening to the teen’s pounding. Joyce gasped again, sucking in air like she was suffocating and blinking her eyes as they watered like she was walking in a sandstorm. She gripped the bedding tighter, “Baby, fuck my ass, fuck it.”

Dawn grunted with exertion and pushed harder, thrusting the toy deeper into the MILF’s butt. Her legs jerked and her waist shuddered as she pounded hard. Each thrust took the toy a little further, spreading Joyce’s hole and making it ache. But at the same time the deeper it got the more it made Joyce cum, the ridges stimulating her asshole and the head pressing at her cervix, working her clit from behind the wall. The MILF moaned and groaned, working her finger in and out of her slit, enjoy the sexual ecstasy that was flooding her; the pleasure worth the pain.

“Yes, this it, your ass is so fucking good; it’s so tight,” gasped Dawn as she slammed down, feeding the full length of the toy into Joyce’s ass. The MILF screamed in pleasure; Dawn ignored her and carried on, “This is the best butt in Sunnydale; you’re the best butt-fuck with tightest, fuckiest ass. Your ass is just made for fucking.”

Orgasms swept through Joyce in a tumultuous tangle. She screamed and cried, one hand clawing at the bed, the other fingering her pussy in time to her daughter’s pounding. In and out the toy went, blasting in and rushing down the hole to bounce against the wall; then being dragged up as Dawn bounced off her Mom, the ridges racing over Joyce’s sensitive asshole flesh – all of it making her cum and cum again, “Fuck, honey, fuck my slutty butt, bang it as hard as you can, fuck me like a whore.”

“Oh shit, this so great. I want to ram your ass so hard,” her Dawn grunted in reply, shoving down into her Mom’s most intimate hole. Sweat trickled down the teen as she gave it her all, pumping hard at her Mom. Her body slammed into her Mom’s, their flesh cracking together. Dawn shook her head and more perspiration flicked out with her hair, like she had stepped out of a shower in a shampoo advert. Harder and harder she pounded.

Joyce squealed in pleasure as another orgasm welled up and took her. Her large tits bounced and jumped, bashing against the bedding as she lay face down, ass up, a hand between her legs. She rubbed at the wetness of her cunt, she was soaking, the juice covering her hand as it flooded from between her lips. Dawn was going so hard, so fast, ramming the toy into her Mom, it was like being in sexual heaven. She screamed again and again, the orgasms so intense that they were shattering her, “Aaaaarrrghhh, aaaaarrghhh! My ass! My ass! Fuck my ass!”

Then Dawn was out, dropping onto her back and gasping for air, panting with exhaustion, her chest moving up and down as her lungs gulped in precious oxygen. Joyce moved and dropped into the crook of her daughter’s arm. She turned into Dawn’s face and lovingly kissed her lips; they were salty from the perspiration that had slid down the teen’s face. Dawn smiled and Joyce kissed her again, not minding the taste, just wanting to feel her daughter’s lips against her. They remained in situ for a moments, pressed together, before Joyce brought her head back, “You were wonderful, honey. You always are.”

“You were as well. You are just so fuckable; I love doing you,” Dawn smiled back. She struggled to sit up, “I want another slice of pizza.”

“Okay, sexy,” said Joyce. She sat up and reached over to take the box from the side-dresser, putting it between her and Dawn. Dawn reached for a slice, putting it in her mouth and chewing. It was strange how sexy the teen could make such a mundane activity and how Joyce had never noticed what a delightful eater her daughter was before she had started fucking her. She picked out a slice herself and bit into it; it was cold, but after the energetic fucking she had just got it was just good to get some food into her stomach and replace all the calories she had lost.

Dawn popped the last of her slice into mouth, following it with her greasy fingers, which she licked clean. She looked at her Mom and grinned, “I’m still horny.”

Joyce tittered, “Dawn… you are insatiable…” She raised the half-eaten pizza slice to her mouth and then dropped it as Dawn’s hands reached round her waist, pulling her close.

“I am, insatiable for sexy ass,” the teen purred. She twisted Joyce’s body so that her Mom was face down, half lying on the pizza box and tipping its contents onto the bed. Joyce didn’t care, she’d wash the bedding tomorrow, tonight she was going to get her ass filled… again.

Dawn moved on top of her Mom, spreading the MILF’s cheeks with her hands. This time she didn’t tease and tantalise, instead taking the toy and pushing it straight in. It had lost a lot of lube, but Joyce’s hole was more open and the toy went deep in with just a thrust. Dawn raised herself up, placing her hands either side of her Mom, just next to the MILF’s titties squashed against the bed. “I’m going fuck your butt so hard,” the teen promised and slammed down.

Joyce squealed in pleasure as the strap-on dug deep, ramming against her G-spot through the ass wall and straight off sending her into a realm of orgasmic delight. Even as she was shrieking with wild enjoyment Dawn was raising herself again and then slamming down, drilling the toy deep into the hole. Joyce screamed in pleasure, her body twisting and bending as the orgasms hit her. Dawn’s butt raised again and came down, slamming the dildo in. The teen grunted, “Yes, yes, that’s it, let me fuck your butt.”

The bed creaked, the headboard banging loudly against the wall, as Dawn moved up and down vigorously. With each thrust her body smacked into her Mom’s, the teen’s tits slapping at the MILF’s back like she was paddling it, her thighs cracking loudly onto the back of her Mom’s. There was the sound of the toy hitting deep within the hole, whizzing over the flesh and slamming out the air like a pump emptying a mine of gas. And above it all Joyce was squealing and screaming, “Aarrrghh, yessss, fucccckk!”

“That’s it, take it all. Take my big dildo in your tight ass,” panted Dawn, though with her brutal thrusting it would have been difficult to agree that her Mom’s ass was tight any more. Dawn crashed down, the hole opened wider, the walls retreating back from the repeated batterings of the anal invader. More air hissed out. Joyce screamed and gripped the bedding, as her daughter moved even quicker, ramming without resistance and driving Joyce into yet another orgasm. “Aaaaarrrghhh, aaaarrrggghhh, fuuuuuccck!” Joyce screamed. Dawn was moving fast and hard, pounding deep and passionately, thrusting the toy deep into her Mom’s asshole. Her ass was blazing with pleasure, it might be stretched, it might be sore and aching; but it was also her gateway to delight and all she wanted was Dawn to hammer her hard, “Aaaaarrrrghhh….”

Sweat was dripping from them both, sliding down their sexy bodies, cool rivulets of water striping their warm bodies. There was no let up from the teen, she continued to pound hard and deep, making her Mom cum. Joyce shrieked some more, “Oh fuck, honey, fuck my ass, fuck it to hell…”

“That’s it, let me bang that butt. I want to fuck your butt, I want it and ram it and wreck it,” gasped Dawn, continuing her pounding and slamming, ramming the toy down, hammering the asshole like her life depended on it.

Joyce shrieked and came again, an explosion of bliss, “Yessss! Aaaarrrghhhh, yessss!”

Dawn pulled out and fell on her back, rolling over the pizza and s**ttering it still further. Joyce followed her, rolling over so that too went over the box and ended on her side, with her head on one of Dawn’s side and her thigh squashing a piece of pizza into the bed, “Wow, baby,” the MILF gasped, “That was something.”

“That pizza sure did work us up an appetite,” her sexy daughter agreed.

“I’d say,” said a voice they both knew all too well from the open bedroom door.

They turned to face the owner of the voice and saw not just Buffy there, but Dawn’s friend Janice too.


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