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Games That Grown-ups Play – Part 2

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Games That Grown-ups Play – Part 2

“What are you looking at?” asked Dawn opening her eyes. She had always been able to be instantly alert, like her s*ster, but unlike her Mom who was a gradual waker. The fact Joyce was cradled in Dawn’s arms with her eyes open and a small smile on her face said she had been awake for a while – otherwise she’d still be yawning.

“Nothing,” blushed Joyce, moving her eyes upwards and away from her daughter’s face.

“Liar,” said Dawn, grinning. It was obvious that her Mom had been staring at her daughter’s sexy features, same as when Dawn swung back the covers and stood up. Her Mom was checking her sexy behind. Dawn slowly straightened and moved her hand to scratch her naked butt-cheek; there was no itch, but Dawn felt it was a sexy move that would get her Mom. Then she slowly sashayed over to the drawer and opened it.

She pushed some old clothes to one side and looked at her secret stash; her dildos and her girlie magazines were there as were her cigarettes and lighter. Her Mom hadn’t mentioned anything, but Dawn had noticed a few days ago that they’d been disturbed – a sure sign her Mom had been rummaging and noticed. The teen reached in and flicked open the cig pack, she pulled one out with a lighter and paused, her hand still in the drawer

It had been obvious for a few weeks that Joyce was starting to develop feelings for Dawn, feelings she would never act on. Which was why Dawn had to. It was Sunnydale and it wasn’t that hard to find a Wicca who was willing to make some magic dust to lower Joyce’s inhibitions. She had sprinkled the dust on her Mom’s cereal yesterday morning, whilst her Mom wasn’t looking, and waited for the effects to come – praying that she had judged Wesley right and he was such a dork that even with lowered inhibitions her Mom wouldn’t be interested. ‘It had been a good call,’ Dawn thought, now she just needed to follow it up with a reminder to her Mom that she was an adult. And that she was in charge.

She turned round and lifted the cigarette to her lips, she flicked the lighter and a flame shot up, but before it was lit she pulled the cigarette out of her mouth and dropped the flame. She looked at the cigarette and then at her Mom, her Mom blushed – still admiring Dawn’s naked form, rather than her smoking habit. Dawn grinned, “I’m going to have a cigarette, want one?”

Joyce shook her head, “No… thanks. I didn’t know you smoked…” she paused and then added quickly, “Not that I mind. You’re a big girl.”

Dawn grinned. It was the answer she had wanted to hear. Still she decided to give her Mom a little treat for saying so. Licking her finger she ran it round the aureole, smiling, “In more ways than one…”

Joyce licked her lips, “Yes,” she agreed.

Dawn grinned and picked up a cup from her sideboard, she never drank from it, instead using it as an ashtray the few times she had smoked at home.

She crawled onto the bed, the cigarette clamped between her lips and put the cup down between herself and Joyce before moving into a cross-legged position, as she did so briefly exposing a breast before her long hair fell back over to cover it. She made sure, as she sitting position didn’t conceal her smooth, tasty teenage pussy so that her Mom got a good view of her cunt.

Dawn took a drag of her ciggie, before speaking, “We need to talk… about us?”

“Us?” Joyce sounded nervous and as if to drive home the point her hand reached up to play with her blonde curly hair.

“Yep, you and me, Mom,” Dawn took another drag of the cigarette and frowned as she thought of something, “Mom… it sounds weird calling you that now… I should call you Joyce, shouldn’t I? At least when we’re alone.”

“Joyce… yes that’s fine,” Joyce nodded she still sounded nervous.

There was a nod from Dawn, “Good. I think Joyce sounds better, but perhaps I ought to think of a nickname – Joy? J?” she shrugged and tapped some ash into the cup, “I guess Joyce will do. Have you thought how weird this is?”

Joyce nodded, “Yes. We’re Mom and daughter… we’re having… we’re doi… we’re very close.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Dawn frowned as she thought, then she smiled, “I was thinking more our age difference – I’m sixteen, you’re in your forties. That’s some gap.”

Joyce nodded, obviously unsure what to say as she didn’t want to say it was a problem, she didn’t want to say it wasn’t. There was silence for a few moments as Dawn waited for Joyce to speak, but then seeing that she wasn’t the teen continued, “Last night was really fun. I’ve no regrets.”

“No, nor me,” said Joyce, she smiled, it was a nervous smile, but still a smile.

“Good,” Dawn tapped the cigarette and took another suck, blowing smoke to one side, “I want us to continue, but are you… do you? It’s not like I’m Mom age, and you’re not going to be making out with me at parties with half Sunnydale High d***k round us. So I want us to be sure…”

“Y… Y… yes,” Joyce’s voice quavered. She stopped and swallowed, forcing herself to breathe easy, “Yes, I want it Dawn. I want us to continue our relationship… our sexual relationship.”

“I do too,” Dawn confirmed, she stubbed out the cigarette and leant forward to tenderly kiss her Mom’s mouth, her hand leaning on one of the MILFs tits as she balanced herself. It was only for a moment and then Dawn rocked back to her cross-legged position. She smiled, “We should keep it quiet. I think Buffy would wig if she knew. With her and me it was just about sex, her teach me. And we don’t need to move too fast – it’s new for me and I guess you’ve not dated too many schoolgirls either.”

“No, yes. I mean no I’ve not dated many schoolgirls, not even when I was at school. And yes, let’s take it slow and keep it from Buffy at the moment,” Joyce replied.

Dawn swung her legs off the bed and followed it with the rest of her body, “I said I’d hit the Mall with Janice and grab some lunch. So I better have a shower and head out.”

“Will I see you later?” asked Joyce, her voice sounded so worried it seemed she had forgotten Dawn lived there.

“I’ll be back for dinner,” said Dawn, picking up her robe. She hummed a little ditty as she headed to the shower.

* * *

Joyce looked in the mirror; not bad she conceded, before popping open another button on her silky blouse; ‘better.’ She ran a hand through her hair, frizzing it slightly and making it bounce, and before rubbing her lips together for about the sixth time to remove any excess lipstick – there was none. The outfit was all new, sexy blouse, short skirt and heels, which both added to her height and drew attention to her legs.

At first Joyce had been disappointed that Dawn was out for the day; as she had lay looking at her sle*ping daughter she had been hoping for some one on one time with her. Not that Joyce had been expecting anything – she hadn’t been even sure that Dawn wouldn’t wake up and freak out – but expecting and hoping are seldom on the same planet. Her stomach had lurched from one extreme to another during their brief conversation this morning; but once it had finished looping the loop one thing was clear – Dawn did want to continue.

Which was good…

As her daughter showered Joyce quickly collected her thoughts. Perhaps Dawn going out for the day was for the best; rather than just having a random morning and afternoon Joyce could plan an evening. It wasn’t long after Dawn had left that Joyce had headed for her car and to the shops; new clothes to wear and food for Dawn’s favourite home-cooked meal. Joyce had wondered whether to get some wine and then decided that if Dawn was old enough to smoke and old enough to finger-fuck her Mom she was old enough to drink.

* * *

The meal was almost prepared, simmering nicely. Joyce just hoped that Dawn would be back soon; it would be just her luck to go to all this trouble and for Dawn to call to say she’d be late. In fact so nervous was she that Dawn wouldn’t be in for dinner she’d been jumping all afternoon as she imagined every noise was the phone ringing. It hadn’t rung once; not even Buffy to confirm she’d be round for Sunday Roast tomorrow. Nervously Joyce looked at her watch and wondered whether to turn down the heat to give Dawn a little more time to arrive.

Just as she was considering it, she heard the front door open. Joyce rushed out into the landing and towards the stairs, meeting Dawn as she came up laden with bags. The MILF tried to appeal nonchalant, “How was your shopping?”

“It was fun; I got some things I wanted,” grinned Dawn. She looked at her Mom’s new clothes, “Looks like I wasn’t the only one – new gear?”

Still trying to appear casual Joyce nodded, “Oh just some things I picked up whilst I was out; nothing special,” the words were ruined by the way Joyce ran her hands down her sides, smoothing the material, but also pulling her blouse further down onto her large. She watched for an immediate reaction, but after half a second not getting one she continued, “Do you like them?”

“Very sexy,” drawled Dawn. Her eyes ran over her Mom’s body appraising the sexy MILF. Joyce went red, but didn’t make any effort to play down her sexiness – it was good that Dawn thought she was attractive. The teen licked her lips and sniffed, “And is that Spiced Pork Burgers I smell – home made. You hardly ever make them…”

“Oh,” Joyce again tried to appear nonchalant, “I had some free time this afternoon, so I thought I’d throw something together.”

Dawn gave a slow nod, which suggested that her Mom’s attempt to appear effortless hadn’t fooled her daughter for a moment. Joyce side-stepped, “Why don’t you put your things in the room and come down to dinner; it’ll be ready in five minutes.”

“I’ve got time to change?” asked Dawn.

“Yes,” said Joyce, making a mental note to turn down the grill a notch to give Dawn a few minutes more. She side-stepped and headed downstairs.

It was lucky she had turned down the heat as it took Dawn slightly over ten minutes to put on some lipstick and change. ‘Though,’ Joyce thought, ‘it was worth it.’ Dawn didn’t so much as enter the room as flow into it, moving slowly so her Mom could admire her. The teen’s mouth was bright red, the colour bringing out the sensual curve of her mouth and the tint of her skin. Instead of the jeans and baggy sweater she had been wearing she had changed into a dark dress, which clung firmly to her body, exposing the sexy curves of her hips and bosom and the tight firmness of her stomach.

“I hope you like red,” Joyce poured it into a glass and passed to Dawn; “I’ve some white, but it’s not been in the fridge long enough.”

“I hope you’re not saying that you just happened to find some wine,” said Dawn, “Red’s fine…”

“I may have done a little preparation,” conceded Joyce, “I thought it would be nice… after our talk this morning and last night.”

“Oh, it is. I’m not criticising, not at all,” said Dawn. She took a seat and sipped at her wine, “I like it, it’s very flavoursome.”

“Wait here,” said Joyce, “I’ll go get dinner.”

She headed to the kitchen, returning a few minutes later with the meal, home-made spicy pork burgers, fries and veg – all Dawn’s favourites. She served it onto Dawn’s plate, “Enjoy…”

“I will,” grinned Dawn as she tucked in.

Joyce sat down at the table opposite and began to eat herself. She looked nervously at Dawn, “Enjoying it?”

“Yeah, it’s good,” said Dawn, “You know it’s my favourite.”

“I do,” said Joyce and normally she wouldn’t have had any concerns that Dawn would eat it and love it. But then normally this wasn’t a first date and Joyce felt herself worry that she might blow it and Dawn would realise she’d made a mistake. Whilst Joyce thought it was unlikely poor cookery would be a major factor in Dawn ending their relationship, at least compared to things such as them being mom and daughter and the age difference, it might be the final tipping point. She needed to make sure she was a good hostess, hopefully even if the meal wasn’t up to par – and from her own tasting the burger was too dry and potatoes too hard – Dawn wouldn’t be too unforgiving. She reached for the bottle, “More wine?”

“Sure, yeah,” smiled Dawn, “Are you trying to get me d***k?”

Joyce blushed, “No, why would I do that?”

The grin from Dawn was lascivious, “Oh I don’t know, good food, drink… perhaps you’re trying to get into my panties…” she paused and licked her lips seductively, “…not that I’m wearing any.”

“Oh,” replied Joyce. Before she could say anything else she felt Dawn’s foot sliding up her legs; the teen had kicked off her shoes and the touch of her skin on Joyce’s calf was soft, but sensual. Dawn smiled as she moved further up her mom’s leg. Joyce smiled, “That’s nice,” She popped a bit of burger into her mouth, from the heat she felt she might have overdone the spices.

Dawn slid a piece of food into her mouth; even that looked sexy as she slowly chewed, whilst eyeing her mom with seductive eyes and massaging her leg slowly. Joyce took another sip of wine; ‘she should have put the white in earlier and chilled it,’ she decided as Dawn seductively swallowed. Her daughter licked her lips again, “Yep, I’m free of underwear. My pussy is totally bare and I shaved it smooth as well. It’s like velvet to touch.”

“That’s good. I remember,” said Joyce. She took another deeper drink of wine as Dawn lifted her head and brought the fork to her mouth, sliding the small piece of potato off with her tongue. She chewed it slowly, as her foot moved higher.

“Are you wearing panties?” she asked as she slid her foot over Joyce’s thigh. The MILF gave a little moan as the teen slid under her skirt and touched the thin cotton of her underwear with her toes. Dawn smiled, “Oh you are… that’s a shame.”

“I could take them off,” Joyce made to get up.

The teen’s face creased in a sensual pout, her foot was unmoving, gently forcing her Mom to remain sitting; “But we’re still eating…”

“I’m almost finished,” said Joyce.

“I’m not,” said Dawn, in unison she lifted a small chunk of meat to her mouth and prodded her Mom’s pussy through the material. Joyce felt it tingle and she took another drink to remain calm. At least, it seemed, Dawn was enjoying her food. The teen swallowed and licked her lips, cleaning away a trickle of juice; “You know why I’m not wearing panties?”

Joyce had a pretty good idea, but decided it was a rhetorical question and the correct answer was, “No, why?”

“Because my cute little cunt is so, so hot. It’s boiling, almost molten,” the teen’s toe pressed harder at her Mom’s slit, pushing the material into the hole, “Your pussy feels hot as well. Red hot, like its melting.”

“It is a bit,” said Joyce, feeling herself straighten as Dawn’s toe pushed at her. Her slit was starting to leak, the cum clinging to the cotton panties and making it stick to her, “Ooohhh, that’s good.”

“It’s wet as well. So slick I can feel the dampness. You’re the same, I can feel it,” Dawn’s toes moved round and pushed deeper, the teen leaning back seductively on her chair as she felt her Mom’s slot.

“More wine?” asked Joyce as she started to refill her glass. Dawn’s touch made her shiver with lust and not all the wine made it into the glass.

The teen ignored the interruption and purred “Oh my red hot, wet pussy; it’s so horny that just a touch will make it cum – gushing warm juice everywhere… so warm, so hot, so damp, so smooth and wanton…”

Joyce quivered as Dawn’s toes traced a pattern round her own wet and warm hole; one also wet and sticky with cum against her underwear. She gulped down some wine and wiped her head with her napkin. Dawn smiled seductively and put her knife and fork together, “Pussy hot,” she purred. Then with a wicked smile, she slowly slid her leg away from her Mom’s slit and back down the thigh and calf, at the same time sitting up straight like a good little schoolgirl. Finished she gave an innocent smile, “Is there afters?”

“Ice-cream,” said Joyce, “I’ll get it.” She stood up, collected the plates and headed into the kitchen. After scooping some ice-cream into the bowls she paused and put the carton against her forehead to cool her after Dawn’s footsie. It partially worked, though as she removed her panties they were damp. She dropped them in the washing machine; she’d not want them again tonight and headed back into the dining room, “Here it is.”

“Thanks,” said Dawn, “Spiced burgers, ice-cream and wine… I am being spoilt.”

“I think you’re worth it,” replied Joyce.

She sat down and waited in hope for Dawn’s foot to move up her leg again. But as she had teased by touch during dinner Dawn had switched tactics and was now teasing by non-touch during dessert. Which wasn’t to say she sat demurely, she slowly moved the spoon to her mouth and equally as slowly sucked in the ice-cream; for a moment she slid the ice-cream round her mouth, before swallowing it “Mmmmnn, oooohhhh, mmmmmnnnn,” she moaned sensually. Joyce took a taste of her own ice-cream as Dawn took a second dip. The movements were just as sensuous, but this time she let a little trickle between her lips. She swallowed the remainder and stuck out her tongue, moving it slowly, but firmly round and round her red lips, continuing way after she had licked away the spillage. She smiled, “Ooooohhhh, mmmmmnnnn, oooooohhhhh…”

Joyce felt her pussy stirring with anticipation as Dawn continued to slowly and seductively finish her dessert. The teen was so slow and seductive that soon the ice-cream was melting, dropping from the spoon and down her chin as she brought it up. It ought to have been disgusting, so that Joyce should have words on table manners; but the way Dawn’s tongue flicked out over her red lips, licking and lapping at the cream on her chin was so sensual that Joyce found it impossible to complain. The teen’s mouth opened as she swallowed the last bit, “Ooooohhhh…. mmmmnnnn… that was so hot…”

“Did you enjoy it?” asked Joyce, despite all the evidence she still felt a bit nervous.

“A lot,” grinned Dawn. She stood up, “A ciggie would be just perfect though,” she said and headed out. A few moments she returned with a lit cigarette and sat down. She drew on it and blew the smoke in a blue plume above her head, “See, that’s good.” She flicked some ash into the empty bowl in front of her and sipped the last of her wine. She looked at the bottle, it was empty.

Joyce stood up and took it, “I’ll get us some more.”

Dawn shook her head, “Don’t bother. I’m fine… unless you are trying to get me d***k?”

Joyce didn’t answer, but she stood up and started to clear the table, “Do you want anything else? Coffee?”

“Sure, why not,” Dawn sucked at her cigarette.

“I’ll bring it into the lounge,” said Joyce. She picked up the dishes (except the bowl Dawn was using as an ashtray) and took them into the kitchen, putting them into the dishwasher as she waited for coffeemaker to come to the boil.

There was a footstep behind her and Joyce turned to see Dawn walk into the kitchen. The teen smiled at her Mom, “I thought I’d see if you need any help.” She took a step forward to stand behind the blonde MILF, sliding her hands up under Joyce’s short skirt to clasp the butt. The teen leant her chin on the top of Joyce’s back and said, “I see your panties are off.”

“They were getting sticky,” giggled Joyce.

“Were they?” asked Dawn. She moved one hand to Joyce’s slit, running her finger over the smooth pussy lips and up to the small tuft of hair and then down again. Joyce purred as the touch made her quiver with excitement. Dawn lips lightly touched the back of her neck, kissing her gently as she continued to stroke the cunt. After a moment Dawn’s mouth moved away, “Shall we skip the coffee and head to my room for an early night?”

“Mmmnnhh, good idea,” said Joyce. Dawn let go of her butt and took her hand instead, leading her upstairs to her room.

As soon as they were in Dawn twisted her mom round to face her and brought their mouths together. Joyce returned the kiss passionately, knowing now that this is what she wanted. Their hands moved over each other’s bodies as their lips pushed together and their tongues intertwined and glided around their open mouths. Joyce could feel her daughter’s body under the tight dress the teen was wearing, it was firm and toned round the waist, but squeezable and bouncy tits.

“Nice…” purred Dawn, she took a step away from her Mom and turned her back, “Unzip me.”

Joyce did as she was bid, sliding the zip slowly down Dawn’s back to the top of her ass. The dress was so tight it didn’t fall of its own accord and Joyce put her hands on it to slide it off. Once past the hips it dropped and Dawn stepped out of it, exposing her sexy butt. Joyce fondled the cheeks, whilst resting her head on Dawn’s shoulder and kissing behind her ear and at the lobe, “You are so sexy,” she murmured, “cuteness on legs.”

Dawn swung round again to face her Mom and began to undo her blouse, “You’re pretty fuckable yourself,” she smiled, as she slid the blouse off her mom’s shoulders and down her arms. The MILF’s large tits wobbled as Dawn rubbed her naked body against her mom. The teen’s hands moved to the back of the skirt and Joyce could feel her daughter playing with the button and zip, undoing them and sliding the skirt past Joyce’s hips. The teen and her Mom’s pussies rubbed against each other; both damp with anticipation.

Dawn smiled, “Yep, Joyce, def a fuckable fuck.”

The swearing turned Joyce on even more and her hands slid down to her daughter’s ass, “You better believe it. My cunt is just itching for a fucking.” She kicked off her shoes and kissed her sexy daughter, their mouths opening and closing against each other. Joyce grinned, “What do you say? My cunt’s so hot it’s melting, you can feel it wetness.” She moaned as Dawn took her up on the suggestion and rubbed the wet twat, “Bed me, baby, fuck me.”

They moved to opposite sides of the bed and pulled down the covers, getting in and rolling so they met in the middle. Joyce ended on her back, she stopped and gave a moan of pleasure as Dawn continued moving, rolling onto her Mom and lying on top of her. Their cunts were touching, the juice from one soaking with the juice from the other. Dawn grinned “Such a fuckable pussy, you’ve got. So fucking sexy.”

“Mmmnnn,” Joyce replied, a light moan of pleasure as Dawn began to slowly rub her twat against her mom’s. The teen’s movements were slow, but she pressed down hard, making Joyce wet with excitement as her cunt vibrated with Dawn’s motion. She groaned, with pleasure and moved her hands to Dawn’s back, massaging the teen’s spine and squeezing the flesh between her fingertips. “Ohhhh, oooohhhh, mmmmnnnnn, don’t stop, don’t stop.”

Even as she rocked against her mom, Dawn’s finger was touching just below the hole, a light scratch and rub in the flesh between the start of the ass and the end of the pussy. Joyce moaned as her daughter continued to tickle her perineum; it felt so good, especially combined with the rhythmic motion of Dawn’s pussy against hers. She moaned again, “Oooohhhh, baby, baby, that’s it, that’s it. I want you… I need you.”

“So fuckable,” giggled Dawn. She began to lightly kiss her mom’s nipples and then lick round the areola. Joyce moaned and stretched, gripping Dawn more tightly, as her daughter’s tongue stimulated another erogenous zone. The teen’s tongue pressed harder, pushing at the tits and flicking the nipple hard. She moved her head up. “Mmnnnn, tasty tits as well,” she murmured before dropping onto Joyce’s other teat, licking, sucking and kissing it.

Joyce gasped in pleasure as Dawn’s smooth pussy ran over her, “Oh God, Dawn, that’s it. Make me cum… Make me cum.”

The teen moved faster, rocking her body and pushing it hard against Joyce. Cum from her teen twat dripped out as she stimulated her cunt. The juice came out, leaking over Joyce’s equally wet cunt and soaking the well-kept tuft of blonde pubic hair above the MILF’s cunt. Joyce could feel the perspiration as well as Dawn moved faster, the teen’s skin heating up and secreting little drips of salty sweat. The tears of salt slid down and onto to Joyce’s flesh, covering her in the sheen of her daughter’s sweat.

Dawn was starting to move faster and faster, her body rhythmically slipping up and down her mom’s, both cunts grinding together in a slick embrace. Joyce could feel the excitement building up, higher and higher, an avalanche of excitement. The orgasm hit her and she screamed, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Dawn continued rocking hard at her, the teen’s head up and moaning as she ran her body at her mom’s. More juice came out over her mom and she gave a series of guttural moans, “Ohhh, oooohhh, oooohhh!” Then she began to slow, gradually her rhythmic motion became less intense and friction between the cunts less heated. Then with a moan she stopped, “Oh God, that was good,” she rolled off to lie next to Joyce.

‘Last night,’ Joyce remembered, ‘Dawn had said she gushed when she had a really good orgasm and had then gone onto to show it. Dawn had certainly leaked, Joyce thought, but she hadn’t squirted.’ She smiled at Dawn and started to move down her daughter’s body, worshipping and kissing her as she moved down. She stopped when she came to Dawn’s moist cunt. The teen’s legs opened as Joyce looked up and gave a sultry lick of her lips, “It isn’t over yet, sexy thing.”

The pussy was already wet when Joyce slid her face between the teen’s thighs and her tongue into the cunt. She licked slowly at first, savouring the taste and enjoy her daughter’s moans of pleasure. The slit began to get damper, more cum and Joyce’s saliva mixing together in the hole. Joyce pushed her tongue deeper, exploring and probing until she found the hard bud of the clit. Above her Dawn gasped, “Fuck… fuck, fuck, fuck.”

Guessing that Dawn wanted her to concentrate on this spot Joyce began to lick and lap harder and faster. The bud quivered under her ministrations and the rest of Dawn’s body shook and tensed, relaxed and trembled as the sexual gratification became more intense and enjoyable. The teen was gripping the bed clothes and moving her pelvis up, grinding the cute cunt in her Mom’s face, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!”

Joyce hit home, slamming her tongue hard at the bud, making her daughter’s erogenous zone slick with cum and hot with excitement. The teen screamed in pleasure and shot her girl cum load over her Mom’s face. The gushing liquid slapped into Joyce like a fountain, leaving her dripping with juice and licking her lips in a vain attempt to drink as much as she could. Dawn gave another quieter murmur, “Oh fuck.”

“It was,” said Joyce and moved to spoon into her daughter.

* * *

For the second morning in a row Joyce had woken naked in her daughter’s bed; it was becoming a habit – though she had to admit, an agreeable one. Her head lay on her daughter’s breasts, as Dawn absent-mindedly stroked at her hair. The MILF yawned and stretched, “Did I say morning?”

Dawn stroked the top of her Mom’s forehead and gave her a small kiss, “You grunted something and dropped your head on my tit. I took that as you being awake.”

“Morning then, sexy,” Joyce kissed the near-by nipple tenderly, “That was some night.”

“Mmmnn yes,” Dawn agreed, “That was one fuck of a pussy licking you gave me. Best I’ve had.”

“You’ve had others?” Joyce raised her head and looked at her daughter. She had assumed she was the first, though from the skilful way Dawn had done her over the last two nights she should have realised she wasn’t.

“Yeah,” Dawn shrugged, “A couple. I’m not a virgin.”

“Oh. Anyone I know?” asked Joyce. “Aside from what you’ve said already?”

Dawn gave another shrug, “Me and Janice helped Cordy get over Xander a few times. And I had a couple of one-nighters with Faith before she went loony-tunes.”

“So, nothing serious?”

“No,” Dawn kissed her Mom’s forehead again, “Not until now. Although I would have guessed Faith may have wanted to be serious with Buffy given half a chance.”

That made Joyce squirm and giggle with happiness, “I’m your first serious girlfriend… that’s a big responsibility.”

“I’m sure we’ll manage,” said Dawn laughing. Her face straightened, “When’s Buffy round?”

“About four,” her Mom replied. “She’ll stay until after dinner.”

“That’s a long time to keep my hands off you,” said Dawn.

Joyce’s face gave a little crease, “We’ll have to. I don’t think Buffy would cope yet. Despite what she’s been through.”

“She would wig,” agreed the teen. She gave a theatrical sigh. “I’ll suppose I’ll have to keep my legs crossed and try to ignore any horny itches in my cunt.”

Joyce looked over at the alarm and smiled, “Well we’ve got some time yet.” She slid down under the covers, licking as she went down.

* * *

Dawn loved her s*ster, ‘but God’, she thought, ‘couldn’t she be gone already.’

As expected Buffy had arrived about four with a grin and a bag full of dirty clothes for the laundry. It had been fun to catch up with Buffy and Dawn had missed her, at least a little, and much more than she would be ever willing to admit. But dinner was way over and one could get too much of a good thing. She surveyed the empty dishes; it had been Buffy’s favourite food, not hers and a soft drink not wine – and she was dying for a cig. And to fuck her Mom…

Joyce, was showing, no hurry to get rid of Buffy. ‘I know she’s her daughter and she’s been away,’ thought Dawn, ‘but she does realise her other daughter is hot to trot.’ She gave Buffy a grin as her s*ster continued telling them about some boy she’d met called Parker; Dawn had a feeling that one wouldn’t last.

Suddenly Buffy turned to her Mom and shot out, “And what about you and Dawn?”

The switch of conversation between threw Dawn and it seemed to do the same for Joyce as she looked stunned that Buffy had picked them up. All she could say was, “Dawn and I?”

“Yeah,” Buffy took a drink of her cola, “You’re both looking happy. Is it cos I’ve left?” she smiled to show she was joking.

Dawn felt herself relax, Buffy hadn’t discovered their secret after all. She was about to answer that having Buffy around was exactly the reason she was looking so happy, but her Mom spoke first, “I maybe… er… seeing someone.”

Buffy’s eyes widened, though not as much as Dawn’s; it was lucky that Buffy was looking at their mom and not her. The blonde teen gave a small gasp, “So go on Mom, spill it. Who is he? Where did you meet? What’s he like?”

“It’s early days, not worth discussing,” said Joyce, obviously regretting saying anything, “Perhaps in a few months… Christmas at the latest.”

“Oh, okay,” Buffy sounded disappointed, but she quickly perked up and looked at the clock on the wall, “Look I better be going. I really need to get back and change before I put in a quick patrol.”

She stood up and gave her Mom a quick peck on the forehead, unaware of Dawn’s split second of jealousy as her s*ster’s lips touched her Mom’s skin. Dawn stood up and went to get Buffy’s bag from where it had been tossed; she didn’t want any further delays in her s*ster’s exit. Buffy took the bag, unaware of Dawn’s ulterior motive and grinned, “Thanks Dawnie,” she said as the two s*sters hugged each other tightly. Buffy then headed to the front door, turning to her Mom as she opened it, “I’ll be around next Sunday to pick up my clothes.”

“Okay, see you then,” Joyce smiled and gave her daughter a small kiss on the cheek.

Before she left Buffy gave Dawn another quick hug, and managing to whisper to her little s*ster that she fondly remembers their adventures together in the bedroom, and has been reliving them in her head, giving her ass a quick squeeze and quoting the fact that she was not wearing any panties, before waving goodbye and headed down the path to get the bus. The MILF and teen waited a few seconds to politely wave goodbye before Joyce shut the door.

As soon as it was closed Dawn grabbed her close and pulled her Mom’s face down to kiss her. The MILF’s mouth opened and Dawn pushed in her lithe tongue, moving it around and forcing it against her Mom’s. Her lips pressed hard against the MILF, as did her body and her hands moved sexily and speedily over Joyce’s ass and waist.

“Fuck, I thought she’d never leave,” Dawn broke the kiss and grinned at her Mom.

“You managed to resist the horny itches in your cunt?” Joyce asked, laughing.

“I did… just; when you bent over to take the chicken out of the oven I almost finger fucked myself – that skirt is way tight. And almost jumping on Buffy if it meant I’d get off.”

“Mmmnn,” Joyce gave a titter, “That’s the kind of reaction I like. I was tempted to wiggle, but I thought that Buffy might notice.”

“I think she almost did, I thought you were about to blow it when you said you were seeing someone,” admitted Dawn.

“I don’t think she’d guess it was you,” Joyce giggled and ran a finger down Dawn’s sweater, between the teen’s firm tits, “Though you are sexily gorgeous enough for anyone. Maybe even Buffy herself.”

“Let’s get you out of that skirt, all this talk of sexy women fucking is getting to me.” Dawn’s hands moved to her Mom’s ass as she undid the skirt and pulled it down. Her hands moved to her mom’s naked butt cheeks and massaged at them lightly, “No panties again, this looks like it’s becoming a habit.”

“And are you wearing underwear?” Joyce asked.

“Of course not,” said Dawn and pulled off her own skirt. The two women’s hands moved to the others naked pussies, rubbing and touching the lips and sliding fingers into the holes. Dawn smiled, “Looks like there’s a benefit from being panty-less. Even Buffy mentioned it.”

“Buffy?! No panties?!” Joyce said, astounded that her eldest daughter was just as naughty at time as she herself and her younger s*ster.

“We’ll have to teach that nymph a lesson… sooner or later,” Dawn commented with a smile.

Giggling Joyce nodded, “So I see.” She gave another giggle, which turned into a deeper moan as Dawn’s finger slid into her pussy, pushing at the walls and swirling round the hole. She returned the favour, moving her finger back and forth in the tight teen cunt. It didn’t take long for both the Summers women to dampen. The wetness slid down from the slits, covering their digits and palms. Joyce moaned again, “This is good,” she gasped, “So good.”

Dawn gasped in pleasure herself as Joyce hit her clit. She fell forward leaning against the MILF, even as Joyce leaned against her. The elbows of the two women jacked in and out as they hit each other’s pussies, extra fingers being added to give additional excitement. With their spare hands they clutched and grasped at each other, as if they needed the support. Dawn gasped again and moaned, “Fuck me, finger me, finger my fucking cunt.”

Harder and harder the teen and MILF fingered, hammering their digits deep into the other’s wet and willing slots. Their bodies trembled bouncing against each other as the pleasure hammered home, making them slaves to lust.

“Oooohhh, aaaaarrgggghhh,” Dawn gasped, giddy with excitement as her pussy shot pleasure barbs through her, “Ooooohhhh, ooooohhhhh…. Yesssss, aaaarrrgggghhh, oooooohhhh.”

Joyce’s mouth was buried on Dawn’s shoulder and the teen could feel the warmth of her Mom’s pants and the light bites of teeth as the MILF gasped into the flesh. The moans were muffled, but still loud enough to be distinctively recognisable; “mmmnnnn, ooooohhhhh, mmmmmnnnnn.”

Dawn shook and squealed more as the orgasms tore at her, she thrust harder into her Mom, slamming the MILF’s clit and transferring the orgasmic pleasure. Joyce squealed harder.

They came apart, panting heavily, their faces red and giggling. Joyce smiled, “I hope that helped your itch.”

“Only a little,” replied Dawn, “With you standing in front of me it’s coming back.”

Joyce blushed at the compliment; giggling she said, “Well let me see what I can do about that.” She took Dawn’s hand and led the sexy teen into the lounge, positioning her on the couch, “Would a pussy licking help?” the MILF asked.

“It couldn’t do any harm,” Dawn smiled and pulled off her sweater, before unclipping her bra and dropping it to the floor. She opened her legs wide and stroked Joyce’s head as the MILF leant forward.

The brunette’s twat began to seep in anticipation and she moved her hands up to rub and cup her teen titties. She gave a small whine of pleasure as Joyce’s tongue flicked out and ran over her quim lips. The MILF gave just the merest dab into the hole before moving round and licking at the outside. Her laps were slow and sensual, playing skilfully with the puffy labia. Dawn squeezed her titties as the tongue teasing continued, “Oh that’s it, that’s good, lick me out, Joyce, lick me out.”

Joyce gave a small giggle as she paused and pushed a strand of hair away from her forehead. She quickly returned to the juicy slit in front of her and continued to lick, but still she teased. Any touches inside the hole were brief, but tantalising, tasters. They still made Dawn quiver with excitement and she knew that once Joyce slid down the hole it wouldn’t take much for Dawn to cum. She gave another cry of excitement, “Eat me, eat me, eat my fucking hot cummy cunt!”

It was getting frustrating that Joyce still wasn’t going in, continuing to tease her daughter with long, slow, licks of the exterior. Trails of saliva marked the progress of her tongue, circles round the outside with brief detours where it would go in and tickle the inner twat. The teen shivered, “Oh eat me, fucking eat my cunt.”

It was like flicking a switch. Joyce moved from long, low sensual touches round the outside to brutal, fast, hard thrusts at the teen’s clit. Dawn squealed in ecstasy, her whole pussy alive with sexual delight. She felt herself shaking, her body tensing and relaxing in time with the orgasmic waves riding through her, “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Eat me, fucking eat me,” she screamed loudly.

Harder and harder Joyce slammed her tongue down, driving Dawn from one orgasm to another until her whole world was an explosive blast of gratification and enjoyment so mind-blowing that it was like her brain had disconnected from any ability to think. She screamed, her back arching and her pussy thrusting at her Mom’s face as the orgasm volcanoed within her. The cum blew out, like warm lava from Vesuvius, splattering her Mom’s face and blouse, and soaking both. Joyce pulled her head away and wiped her lips as Dawn fell back to the sofa, panting heavily as the orgasm slowly and reluctantly dissipated.

The MILF looked at her sexy daughter, “That help?”

“Y’know,” gasped Dawn, “I think it did… at least for a little bit…”

“Well let me know when you get the itch again,” giggled Joyce as she stood up, “I’m more than happy to help relieve you.”

Dawn looked at her Mom’s face; it was still dripping with girl cum. The teen stood up and took her lover’s hand, “Let’s have a bath.”

“Together?” asked Joyce.

“Yes,” said Dawn leading her Mom upstairs, “I promise to scrub your back.”

When they left the lounge the figure watching through the window from the outside smiled to herself, knowing that her mother and s*ster had found someone to share themselves with. Leaving them to patrol Buffy felt the slightest pang of jealousy hitting her.

* * *

In the bathroom Joyce took off her blouse and dropped the cum sodden garment in the laundry basket. That done she leant against the wall and admired Dawn’s butt. The teen was running the bath water and was leant over the side dipping her hand in it and swirling the water round to make sure the bath foam bubbled. Joyce felt her excitement mount as she looked at the smooth cheeks, wiggling enticingly in front of her. Dawn must know exactly what she was doing to her mom, which was why she remained in situ, allowing Joyce to gaze lustfully at her sexy ass. Joyce touched herself and gulped as Dawn straightened up and turned, having place two little clumps of bubbles artfully on her titties. The teen smiled, “Bathy time.”

She stepped into the bath and lay back against the end. Joyce stepped over to the bath. She couldn’t see any of her daughter’s body beneath the hordes of bubbles, if Joyce hadn’t explored it before, they would have given Dawn an air of sexual mystery. Joyce smiled and got in, lowering herself between Dawn’s open legs and lying against the teen’s tits; the curve of her ass fitted snugly against Dawn’s pussy, as if they had been designed to fit.

The teen picked up a sponge, “Lift your arms, and let me give you a wash.”

Joyce did as she was told, giggling as Dawn sponged her waist and under her arms, swashing the MILF’s flesh with the warm sponge. The teen moved to the MILF’s back, moving round in circles, slowly at first and then more vigorously so that Joyce could feel the friction, even with the warm bubbly water, sluicing down her back. It was a good feeling, making her warm and relaxed at the same. She gave a little moan, “Oh that’s good.”

Dawn ignored her, “Let’s give these large titties a wash now.” She leant her body forward, pushing her own firm pair into Joyce’s recently cleaned back. The MILF moaned as Dawn hands came round and she began to sponge at first one tit and then the other. The MILF felt her nipples stiffen, as Dawn tweaked at it with her finger, like she was trying to wipe away a particularly stubborn stain. The teen grinned and push the sponge hard into the ample flesh, “They’re very dirty, y’know,” she giggled.

“I am very dirty person,” tittered Joyce back; she pushed her ass backwards, grinding it into her daughter’s pussy so that Dawn would know exactly what she meant.

“So I see,” grinned Dawn. She gave the titties one last sponge and then dropped it to float just under the top of the water. She wrapped her arms round the MILF, just under her titties and lent back again, bringing the MILF with her. Joyce lay back against her daughter as Dawn kissed the top of her ear and blew away a bit of bubble which had cheekily ended in the permed blonde hair, “That’s it Joyce, relax with me.”

“Mmnnn I am,” said Joyce truthfully. Dawn’s hands were squeezing and massaging her stomach, with the teen’s lips brushing her ear. The hot water lapping at her body and the soft bubbles running across it were a bonus. The MILF lay back closed her eyes and drifted in a sensual dream state, it was like there was nothing but her, Dawn and the warmth. She wasn’t sure how long she lay there, it might have been minutes or close to an hour – it wasn’t that she was sle*ping or dozing, more that time lost meaning.

It was only when Dawn gave her a shake that Joyce moved back to reality. The teen gave her a kiss, “We better get out and dried; it’s getting a bit cooler.”

“Okay,” Joyce hopped out of the bath and got a towel. Dawn followed her and grinned as she picked up another towel and began to dry herself. She looked so sexy in the buff, thought Joyce, her wet hair clinging to her equally wet skin; both shining under the bathroom light. The teen moved her towel over her body, the motion sexual as well as practical as she slid it under her cunt and over her titties, making the pert pair bounce.

Dawn chucked her towel over the laundry basket and grinned, “Are you finished?”

Joyce nodded and looked at the drying bubbles and the wet spots on the floor, as well as the discarded towel and soaked bathroom rug, “I’ll just give a quick tidy.”

Dawn shook her head and moved closer to her mom. Her hand slid down the MILF’s tummy to her pussy and she lightly ran a finger over the labia, “No, bed now, tidying in the morning.”

“That’s a better idea,” laughed Joyce as she followed Dawn to the teen’s bedroom.

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