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(Gay) Newcastle Train Station Toilets

Hi lads.
As normal, all my stories are true and I’ll only change names to protect identities. Don’t forget to comment after reading if you enjoyed it 🙂
Happy reading guys.


Another boring day in the North East. With money to burn, me and my friend (lass) decided to get the train from Darlington through to the Metrocentre. If you’ve done this trip, you know you have to transfer at Newcastle.

Newcastle station itself is a dull dreary place, loud and unexciting. But there was one constalation: the toilets.

Since there was a 35 minute transfer time inbetween our trains, I told my friend I had to “go for a slash”. I left her on platform 5 with a coffee and made my way to the bogs.

I never have high expectations as mostly they are used by the normal transfer croud doing the normal business that toilets were intended for.

Entering the bogs, there was a guy in the cubicle and an older man at one of the urinals.

I’m more into young guys my age so I chose a urinal further away from him, unzipped my fly and fished my cock out of my breifs. The older gent was therepurely to releive himself and he zipped up and left.

I let my cock hang out and get semi and waited for someone to enter the loos.

A chav lad about 25-ish entered the toilets. He stood at the urinal and flopped his dick out. To my disapointment he took a pee, shook off and left. It was good to sneak peeks at. He had a nice uncut cock and wasn’t bad to look at either.

The door swung and another lad entered the toilet. Thinking I was going to have no luck, I watched as yet another chav lad made his way to the urinals.

The guy who was in the cubicle was done, and the flush echoed throughout the bathroom. He made his way to the sinks and started washing his hands. He was about 30, slim, short dark hair, stubble, jeans and a hoodie.

The chav lad that was at the urinal 3 away from me coughed. I had forgotten about him. He coughed again and spat into the urinal next to him. Gross.

Deciding to sneak a peek, I looked down. This lad was not having a slash. His cock was in his hand and he was rock hard. He saw me looking and moved from being side on to facing me, slowly wanking his dick. 7-7.5 inches uncut I guessed.

He nodded his head down and I knew he was signalling for me to suck it. I glanced at the guy at the sinks. He had finished washing his hands and was playing with his hair in the mirror.

Throwing caution into the wind, I moved closer. The chav lad reached over and have my stiffening cock a few tugs. Then another downward nod.

Getting on my knees, I opened my mouth and his cock slid in. The lad grabbed my head and started fucking my face. A few gags and a bit of saliva and his glistening cock was pistioning in and out of my mouth. I was enjoying every inch of this lads knob.

Pulling back, I used my hand to wank him off as I figured out what happened to the guy at the sinks as I hadn’t heard the door open or close whilst I was in my knees sucking dick.

He was still at the sinks, but his hand was a blur. He’d whipped his dick out and must have been enjoying the show.

I needed more. I left them both and went into one of the cubicles and dropped my jeans, bending forward.

The chav lad was in first. I could hear him spit and next thing, his cock was sliding into my hole. This lad fucked for England. Hard, fast and deep. His balls slapping mine as he made me take every inch inside me. I felt his hand wrap around my cock and he wanked me as he owned my hole.

Grunting a few times, his hips thrust in harder and harder and I knew he was close. A minute later, he slowed down and I knew he was emptying his balls inside me. Whitout warning, he pulled out completely.

I looked back and the other guy was walking forward. His cock was about the same size, but circumsised. The chav lad sat down on the floor which confused me a bit. The other guy was now alligning his cock with my hole. He had shut and locked the door.

As his dick worked his way inside me, I felt the warm wetness of the chav lads mouth as he took my knob in his mouth, sat on the floor, back against the toilet.

Our stubble guy wasn’t hard and deep as a fucker, choosing to push his cock head and the first 2 inches inside before pulling out.

Moaning, I felt the chav lad lick my balls for a while before taking my cock back in his mouth.

Hoping for a longer fuck, I was left disapointed as the guy in my arse grunted in my ear that he was “gonna cum soon”.

And he did. I could feel his cock get that little bit harder as he dumped his load in me.

Expecting the fun to be over, I straightened up. But he left his still hard cock in my hole.

He reached around and began jerking my way cock. The chav lad was still sitting in the floor. I was moaning and panting.

As I declared I was close to blowing my load, the chav lad opened his mouth. As my fun spurted out, the hand was removed and the chav out his mouth over the head of my cock.

Amazed, he swallowed and cleaned my dick of cum.

Pulling out, the stubble guy pulled up his pants and unlocked the cubicle door. I pulled mine up. The chav stood up. One by one we left the cubicle.

I made my way back to platform 5. My friend was in her phone. We still had 10 minutes for the train.

The best surprise was as we got on the train, there was my chav lad, shooting next to a stunning lass. He leant over and kisses her.

Hot! A cheating chav. I was horny all over again.

As we left the platform and over the airbridge over to the Metro, I watched as the chav lad linked fingers with his girlfriend a few paces ahead of us. He glanced back and saw me.

Coming last the Platinum section, I saw him glance back again and say something to his lass.

They parted hands and he turned to the left as she stood by a bench and got her phone out.

As he walked towards one of the toilets, he glanced again at me and moved his head in the direction of the loos.

I told my friend I had to pee again and I’d be back in a minute.

Walking into the bogs, I saw the chav lad entering a cubicle and glancing around. Spotting me he went in and left the door open.

I walked in. He had dropped his pants and was bent over the loo.

I closed and locked the door, stoped my pants and ranked my semi into a boner.

He moaned slightly as I slid my 6.5 inch uncut cock into his manhole. I grabbed his hips and started thrusting my dick in and out I him. I could hear him jerking off as I thrust in and out of him.

Five minutes later, I could feel myself getting close. “I’m cumming” I said, giving him the chance to pull off my dick. He didn’t, so I emptied yet another load. This time, straight up inside him.

As my orgasm subsided, I could still hear him wanking so I got to my knees. He turned around and I dive into his dick like I was starving.

He grabbed my head again and fucked my mouth like he hadn’t had a bj in years. With no slowing down, I swallowed as he shot 4 loads into my mouth.

Standing up, he grabbed my arm and thrust his mouth against mine. His tongue proved inside mine for a minute.

When he was done, I unlocked the cubicle door and walked out like nothing had happened.

I smiled to myself as I went back to my mate and saw his girlfriend still standing there waiting.

Best day out ever. Especially as I could feel two loads leaking out of me as we sat in big lukes and I eyed up the cute teenaged waiter.


So guys, there’ll be more stories soon.
As always, *please* comment below and give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Add me as a friend: I accept all.

Love in the North East of the UK and want to be one of my stories? Give me a message! Sex is always welcomed.

Lastly, if you have a suggestion for the type of story you’d like to hear about (eg more cheating, toilet, travel etc) send a message and let me know.

Cheers lads

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