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Genie’s Wish

Genie had been serving his master
Aladdin for some time now.
Sure he thought of Aladdin as a friend,
but as a genie he was never
able to make his own fantasies come true.
Always having to grant wishes
to make other people happy.
Aladdin said he would be setting him free
and once he did, Genie was going to make
his own come true.

It took a long time, Genie had to go through
all kinds of bullshit because of Jafar wanting
more power. But finally Aladdin made his last wish
and set him free.
Now that he was free he whispered in Jasmine’s ear,
which caused Jasmine to look at Genie and smile.
Genie walked off to Aladdin’s room and lay on the bed.
Jasmine followed and shut the door behind her. She
made sure to turn the key in the door to lock it.

Aladdin stood outside on the balcony of the palace
looking very confused. He’d just given Genie his wish
of being free and now he was standing alone with no idea where
girlfriend was or what she was doing.
He walked through the palace to his and
Jasmine’s room.
Something was wrong. He couldn’t open the
He tried knocking and heard Jasmine saying:
“Oh my god, Genie! Your dick is so much bigger
Aladdin’s. And it goes so much deeper inside my
pussy! Oh! Keep fucking me, Genie! FUCK ME HARDER!”
Aladdin’s ego felt bruised. He tried to do the right thing
for his friend and his friend just betrayed him with his
The ridiculous thing was that if Genie had took him
aside and said “Al, once you free me, would you mind
if I fucked your girlfriend? 10,000 years without sex
and being around your hot girlfriend, I’m gonna need to
If Genie had asked him he may have
considered helping him out.
But the fact that neither of them
asked if he was OK with it, they just
went ahead and did it.
He felt so…so out of control.
He knocked again.
“Come on, Genie, Jasmine, just open
the door. I won’t stop you, I just wanna

On the other side of the door, Genie was
pounding Jasmine deep inside her pussy,
doggy style. His balls slapped against her
arse as he fucked her jet fast.
Jasmine’s toes curled as they both climaxed
together. They held each other as their juices
continued spurting jets of cum. Jasmine’s
pussy dripped with her cum and Genie’s.
Jasmine let Genie slowly ease his cock out
of her. She turned around and faced his massive
blue schlong. She grasped his cock with both
and jerked and sucked his gigantic dick until
his balls were empty of jizz.
Jasmine walked to the door, while
Genie lay down on the bed, completely spent.
She let Aladdin in. He stared at his cum covered
girlfriend and at Genie laying down naked on
their bed.
“Oh good.” said Jasmine as she lay on the bed
with her legs wide open.
“You arrived just in time for cleaning us up.”
Aladdin had no idea how to respond.
His friend and girlfriend had betrayed him
and now they just expected him to
lick their after fuck juices?!
But Aladdin thought about and realised
that Jasmine was being fair including him.
He got on the bed and began lapping up
Genie’s cum on Jasmine’s feet, legs, pussy
and all the way up to her mouth, till Jasmine
was clean of cum. Jasmine pointed to Genie’s
unerect cock and Aladdin licked all the cum
from the head of Genie’s cock, all the way
down to his balls.
He lay in between Jasmine and Genie and they
after cuddled.
Jasmine laughed and said “Mmmm. That was fun.
Genie, you can fuck me anytime you want.
And Aladdin, if you want to stay with me, you
better let me fuck Genie whenever he wants.”
So Genie got his wish to fuck Jasmine and Aladdin
found a whole new world of cuckoldry and the
new position he was given in his and Jasmine’s
He was hurt at first, but his little dick got hard just
thinking of the new experiences he’d be having
and how he’d get to watch his girlfriend get off
from another man, with his dick in his hand.
He couldn’t wait to watch them fuck.

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