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Girl Friend and Mother – true story

I was twenty and was at a dance with a mate of mine one Friday night and we were chatting when I noticed this gorgeous girl taking glances at me then looking away. This went on for a few minutes so I excused myself to my mate and walked over to her.
She was a little shorter than me beautiful hair and great body. Her eyes just melted me and her lips so inviting.
I said ” Hi I am Robert what’s your name” she replied “Jane” then smiled at me.
I said ” you were really trying to catch my attention so I guess you want to dance with me”, She just smiled and took my held out hand.
We danced and chatted for the next hour or so until the dance had finished and asked her would she like a lift home. She told me her father was picking her up but would like me to ring her so I chased around and found someone with a pen and wrote it on the back of my hand. She said goodbye and left me standing there wondering why I didn’t try to kiss her or she didn’t.
The next day I rang her and made a date to go to the pictures with her that night. I picked her up at home and drove to the theatre. I held her hand as we enterd the theatre and continued during the movie but felt unsure about making a move on here. On the way home I asked would she like to pull over somewhere but she declined and said she should go home.
I thought that was the end of that relationship. I went around and opened her door and walked her to the gate and leaned over to kiss her but she moved away and said” I don’t kiss on the first date” Wow I thought if she wasn’t so gorgeous and had such a hot body I would have dumped her there and then. She said would I like to go to the beach with her the next day which I jumped to the oportunity to see her in a bikini.
At the beach she removed her shirt and shorts revealing the hottest body I had ever seen and all the guys around just stared at her in awe.
We swam around in the water for a while and she came over to me and kissed me and said she was haiong a great time and really liked me. I was tempted to reach out and feel those nice round firm tits but wasn’t sure how she would react on second date..
It was getting late in the afternoon when we left the beach and I drove her to a remote ocean lookout. When I stopped the car she moved over and kissed me again. I took her in my arms, caressed and kissed her lips. I then nibbled on her ear and moved my hand to her breast. I felt a bit of hesitation from her but then she relaxed and let me fondle her tits. I removed her bikini top and licked her firm breasts and nibbled on her nipples. She then told me that she was a virgin and wasn’t sure if she wanted to do it. I told her to relax and just enjoy some kissing and touching. My hand moved down to her thigh and I slowly moved it up between her legs. She parted them so I could feel her front of her bikini pants. I rubbed my finger over it and then moved my hand up and pushed it down the front of her pants feeling her warm wet lips.
I was thinking to myself that this wasn’t working so I reached over and pulled the lever to lower her seat backrest down so that she was laying almost flat.
I took hold of her pants and pulled them down and off. My finger rimmed the edge of her virgina, then ran over her clit and circling it.
Jane was now moaning and sqirmming on the seat, her fingers running through my hair. I pressed my finger between her wet flapsand slid it up and down parting them and then slowly pressed a finger in. She stiffened up and said “don’t hurt me” so I removed my finger and moved around between her legs. She raised her head just in time to see me run my tongue over her clit.
“what are you doing” she said ” I am going to give you pleasure with my tongue”,
“just lay back and enjoy it”. My tongue worked feverishly on her clit and tongue fucking her. She moaned until she let out a little squeal as her juices flowed into my mouth. She wiggled and jerked as my tongue lapped up her sweet virgin love juice.
I stopped when she started to get sensitive aand asked if she liked it. She said she had never felt anything like it.
I undid my pants and pulled them down as i moved up on top of her. I was now laying on her with my hard cock between her legs and was kissing her.
I reached down and held my cock and slowly slid it back and forth over her clit until she was relaxed and ready.
My tongue slipped into her mouth at the same time the head of my cock slipped between the flaps of her virgin pussy. I am not sur she realised it was my cock entering her until I had about 2 inches in her when she said ” are you going to do it to me”. I whispered that I will take it real slow so that she could feel every inch and to stop me if it hurt too much.
I looked into her eyes and told her how beautiful and sexy she was and how I wanted to be deep inside her. She seemed to relax so I proceded a little deeper, pressing against her hymen. Her face contorted as i broke through and my cock slid a few more inches into her. I noticed tears welling up in her eyes and asked if she was ok but she assured me that se felt overwhelmed and even thought it hurt she wanted me in her.
I lowered myself until our groins met aand I had all 7in insude her. She wriggled around to make herself more comfortable and feverously kissed me and thanked me for doing it to her. I told her it felt really great and that she had taken it better than other girls I had fucked.
I withdrew it a few inches and started stroking it inside her, she started to shiver then squeal as she came again frantically kissing me as she came over and over.
My cock was ready to squirt so i sped up my strokes and shot a whole lot of cum deep inside her..
I collapsed on top of her and all she kept saying was she loved me and how great it was.
We cleaned up and drove her home, she leaned over , gave me a peck on the lips and said that was better than anything she had ever felt and to ring her tonight.
I drove home wondering how a chic wouldn’t kiss on the first date but would fuck on the second.
Next time we went out I booked a motel room for the day and taught her lots of positions and how to suck cock. Every time we went out it was to fuck, she just wanted it all the time.
One day I was at work and received a message that Lane had rung and could I call into her place on the way home.
I thought that unusual as she worked Thursday nights as an apprentice hairdresser but called in anyway.
Her mother Alice answered the door and asked me in. We sat in the kitchen where she offered me a soft drink which I accepted. I asked where Jane was and she said at work and that it was her who wanted to speak with me.
All of a sudden I became nervous wondering what she wanted with me.
She then told me that she knew we were having sex because she was the one who did all the washing and found all the cum stains in her pants, letting me know that I could not deny it.
” did you know that she is only fift een” well my jaw just dropped open as I had never asked her as she looked about 18.
“no I thought she was older”
“well she is not and you know that is not legal”
She also told me she found bl**d in her pants often and that I must be hurting her.
I told her that she never complained and liked having all my cock inside her.
She said that her husband would kill me if she told him and I begged her not to.
Thinking for a while she said get up and come with me. She lead to her bedroom and told me to take off my pants. I was shocked as she was early thirties and was even hotter than her daughter. She looked at my cock and said no wonder she is enjoying it and went down on her knees and took it into her mouth. Sucking and stroking as she fondled my balls. It only took a few minutes to shoot a load of cum into her mouth which she gagged a little but swallowed what she could.
She stipped off her clothes and laid on the bed and told me to eat her out. Alice had a nice cunt which was fully shaven and a huge clit which I could easily suck like a nipple. My tongue licked her and slid in and out of her and soon she was holding my head and pressing my face hard into her cunt and my tongue licking her out.
Her orgasm came like an erruption and squirted in my mouth and onto my face. She bucked and rammed my face harder into her juicy pussy. I had to pull my head away to take a breath. I was gasping for air.
I moved along side her and she kissed me as she fondled my cock getting it hard again.
She straddled me and manovered my cock until it was pressing against her cunt and she lowered herself down so I was fully inside her. She bent over and kissed me and then started pumping up and down on my cock. I know she had at least two orgasms befor I finally errupted inside her.
She climbed off me and licked my cock clean, fingered herself and licked them too.
Alice told me that I could still keep seeing her daughter and she wouldn’t tell her husband if I called in every Thursday after work.
I fucked them both for about a year before I finally moved on.

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