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Giveing Beth what she wants

My cock was still wet from my girlfriend when I pulled up to my s****r’s boyfriend’s house. I beeped the horn twice and waited, my mind flashing to about 10 minutes earlier when I was laying on my girlfriend’s bed as she rode on top of me, cumming on my cock as I filled her with my load.

When I saw the front door open and my s****r step out, all thoughts of my girlfriend were pushed from my mind and my cock started to fill up again. Her hips swayed confidently as she walked to the car, Smiling brightly at me, she opened the door and sat in the seat next to me.

No sooner than the door closed, she leaned over and kissed my cheek. I could smell sex on her. “How was Karen today?”

“Good, but nothing compared to you.” I replied as I pulled away from the house.

“Charmer.” She smirked. We hadn’t gotten 20 feet away from her boyfriends house when she reached over and started stroking my bulge over my jeans. “You’re still hard, she couldn’t have been that good.” Delicately, she took hold of the zipper and slowly pulled it down.

“Judging by how quick you’re moving to get my cock out, I guess Richard wasn’t at his best today either?” I asked mockingly. She huffed, reaching into my jeans and grabbing hold of my cock, giving it a couple strokes before pulling it out.

“He’s still not as dirty as I want.” Her eyes were locked on my shaft as she continued, slowly stroking it up and down as I carefully drove us both home. “I told him I want him to be rougher with me, but he’s doesn’t have it in him.” She licked her lips. “Which is why I’m glad I have a big b*****r who will take care of those thing for me.”

“It’s a pleasure, believe me.” As I pulled into our driveway, thankful that Mom and Dad weren’t home, she stuck out her tongue. She brought the tip to the base of my cock, slowly dragging it up my shaft, staring me in the eyes as she reached the head. I watched as her tongue rolled back into her mouth, as if she’s just licked an ice cream cone. “Mmmmm” she moaned. “I can still taste her on you.” She grinned. “She tastes good.”

I put my hand on the back of her head and guided her lips down around my cock. She took the hint, and sucked hard on my cock as I pushed her head down. Her cheeks puckered in as she sucked, bobbing her head up and down. “Fuck that’s good” I moaned and leaned my chair back, looking down as my s****r sucked my cock like a slut. I ran my fingered through her hair and held her as her head bounced up and down in my lap. “All the way. Take it deep.”

She managed to wink at me before pushing down, opening her throat to allow my cock to slide in effortlessly. She bobbed up and down, in quick shallow strokes, masturbating me with her throat. “Oh fuck… you’ve gotten good at that”. I groaned loudly as she deepthroated me, drooling and gagging around my cock. When she finally lifted her head up, a trail of saliva followed. She used it as lube in her hand to stroke my cock. Breathing heavily, looking at me with watery eyes.

“I want your cum so bad.” She whimpered. The hand that wasn’t stroking me was hidden under her skirt, furiously fingering herself. “Cum down my throat, please. Treat me like your slut.”

I grabbed her by the head and put her mouth back around my cock. I held her steady as I thrust my hips up, fucking her face. The sound of her gagging and the feel of her hand massaging my balls made me crazy. “Fuck, I’m about to cum.”

Even through all the gagging I could hear her moan, as if begging for it. At the last moment I pulled out of her throat, leaving the head of my cock still in her mouth. She wrapped her lips tightly around it as I started to empty myself. She moaned, cumming herself as my hot cum flooded her cheeks. She gulped shot after shot, not letting any escape from her lips. And when I’d finally finished cumming, she sucked hard on the head, thirsty for every drop she could get.

“God I needed that.” she said as she licked her lips, then licked my cock and balls clean. “Let’s go inside. I need you in my ass before Mom and Dad get home.”

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