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Giving Auntie a Foot Massage.

I have a pretty big foot fetish thanks to my Auntie. Back when I was young I used to spend a lot of time at Aunt Chrissy’s house, mostly on the weekends. She was kind of a second mom in some ways and I preferred to stay there as often as possible. She enjoy my company and used to let me hide under her dress all the time when other people were around. Other than getting up close and personal with her panties and smelling all the strong aroma of her obviously hairy cunt (very puffy and you could see the black hairs) and being curious of that, I always loved playing with her feet. I learned to appreciate pretty feet very early in life. She always had her toe nails painted bright red to match her finger nails and her lipstick (that never really changed over the years). Her feet are very detailed, if I recall her feet are a size nine, she has long toes and very long nails that seem to border on just long enough to ridiculously long. Her big toes are definitely my favorite because they’re the kind that are obviously the leaders! They’re nice and thick, pretty long and the length of the nails are insane and without a doubt the biggest features of all. Her feet have lots of wrinkles and just enough veins to give them even more quality. The wrinkles on her feet are gorgeous and I love wrinkles so it’s very hard not to look at them. And of course the smell was always pleasant. I love the look of a pretty foot but the smell is the most rememberable! They smelt very pungent yet delicate at the same time. Except when they get real sweaty which brings us to the real story.

Not long ago I gave aunt Chrissy a foot massage. It wasn’t the first time, I’d done it before with hard-ons each time. Sometimes I’d use the excuse of “getting some lotion” first so I could realign my cock so she could never see that my cock was getting hard as I massaged her feet. This time however I was older and decided to do things differently. I was at Chrissy’s house visiting because I don’t live close to her anymore and it’s only her and her husband since the others have moved out. It was just me until Chrissy came home from work (she’s a public school teacher) and it was a pretty hot day, for some reason she decided to wear boots. Apparently she had been standing more than usual that day and she knew I was always happy to give fer a foot massage anytime, not to mention there was no one else there but us. She unzipped her boots, took them off and proceeded to remove her socks that were totally soaked in sweat. They were so drenched and sticky that they didn’t just slip off, they were sticking like a second layer of skin. Once she got them off she threw them to the side and smell was super intense! It was extremely pungent and not very sweet at all but it made my cock hard as fuck! First thing I thought was I’m keeping those fucking socks no matter what! Second, I’m not hiding my boner! It’s too big and I’m too old to pretend I don’t have one.
Her feet were glistening with fresh stinky sweat! I went in immediately and started rubbing them and she let out this sexy sound that was a mix between pleasure and ultimate relaxation. I didn’t care about lotion because there’s a time for lotion and it’s not when her feet are covered in delicious sweat for lubrication. As I rubbed them I made sure to caress ever part of her feet that I knew were always sore, ever toe was played with I loved sliding my finger between each toe. I basically used her sweat as an oil to produce some kind of the****utic experience for her while I imagined I was jerking off or using her sweaty feet for a footjob. They were so sweaty you could hear these little sloppy, wet sounds as I stroked her feet.

I did this for at least half an hour until she fell asl**p. She’s a heavy sl**per too and snores a lot so I decided to take advantage of that. We were both on the couch and she had her legs stretched out with her feet between my legs right in front of my cock. I unzipped my pants and pulled my hard cock out, her sweat had dried out so I grabbed her still soaking wet socks and squeezed out a ton of leftover sweat of one of them onto my cock. My heart started racing as I jacked off using her sweat as lubrication while she snored away. I knew I would cum pretty fast so I hurried up and put my cock between her feet and actually received a foot job from aunt Chrissy. I carefully stroked my cock with her feet starting from my ball sack and going up my shaft to the head of my dick. Then I used one foot to focus on my cock and the other on my balls. Feeling my sack between her toes was enough to spray my load everywhere and I did. It shot all over her toes and my hands. I squeezed a few leftover drops of cum under some of her long nails and rubbed all the cum into her feet because her beautiful feet deserved it. I took the other sock and put it on my stick rock hard cock, zipped my pants and went on about my day with a story to tell. Before I left her house that day, I took a min to cum in those same boots she wore to work as an extra thank you.

Btw if anyone wants a better idea of what her feet look like, go look up “Kathy Baker” and go see what her feet looked like in that movie “Edward Scissorhands” Chrissy’s feet look very similar to hers. Enjoy : )

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:29 pm

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