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Giving the neighbours an eyeful

Hi, my name is Annie and I am happily married. I am in my late 40’s and still have a very sexy body. I always wear stockings andarely wear any pants.

As I have got older sex has become better and more daring Me and hubby love driving along the motorway so that I can flash my shaven pussy to truckers and anybody who wants to watch. We also love havingh sex with the curtains open in the hope of being seen and recently we have driven to local beauty spots where we both sit in the car and masturbate.

Anyway, back to my neighbours. Two weeks ago new nmeighbours moved in opposite us. A couple in their early 30’s both very good looking. Although they have been there for two weeks they id put up any curtains in their bedroom for the first few days and I was traeted to some fabulous sights.

I first noticed the action on a sunny morning at about 8am. The sun was shining straight into their bedroom and it lit it up so that I could see everything that was going on. At first I thought my eyes were deceiving me. I noticed Mr walking around the bedroom with a nice hard on and I wondered why. I did not have to wait for long for the answer as almost immediately Mrs appeared and grabbed his cock and started sucking it. I watched open mouthed they progressed to full sex on the bed. I could see everything as my house is slightly elevated above theirs. I was so turned on I just stood in the window and watched. Before I knew it I was playing with myself totally oblivious of the fact they might have seen me. When they ended I had to finish myself off with my favourite dildo and had a fantastic orgasm.

I was thinking about what I had seen all day and was so horny. When hubby came home from work I jumped on him and shagged him rotten telling him about what I had seen.

Why don’t you put on a show for them? he said. If you can see them in the morning then they will be able to look into our window when the sun lights the room up in the early evening. My juices were really flowing at the thought of this and I knew that I had to follow this idea through.

The next day I was up again to see if they put on a show and whilsdt they did not have sex they both walked around their bedroom naked for about 15 minutes. That made my mind up. I decided that I would put a show on for them one eveing if the opportunity arose.

For a couple of days I sat in the bedroom hoping they would go into their bedroom so that I copuld start the show but nothing happened.

Then about a week after they moved in my opportunity arrived. It was a glorious Summer evening and the sun was shining straight into my bedroom so that it was totally lit up. The neighbours had had their curtains delivered and were putting them up. I had mixed feelings – I may not see them again performing but I knew they would be looking out of their windows on a regular basis as they hung the curtains.

I dressed in sexy seamed stockings, no pants and a wrap around dress that fell open to reveal everything. As our house is slightly above theirs I had to put a chair by the window to stand on so that they could see me perform.

My heart was pumping and my pussy was so wet. I stood on the chair and pretended to clean the windows in the bedroom. At first the neighbours did not notice but after about 5 minutes Mrs stopped and looked over at me. I could not believe what I did but I opened the front of my wrap around dress to ensure my pussy was on full view. Mrs turned around (must be calling Mr) and within seconds Mr also stood in the window looking over at me. I comtinued to pretend to clean the window. I loosened the tie on my dress so that it fell totally open my pussy was now on full view and I was so horny to know they were watching me. I dropped the duster I was using and jsut stood there with my dress wide open. I slowly took off the dress to reveal my totally naked body apart from the seamed stockings.

I was getting so hot My clit was rock hard and my juices were flowing down my legs. I could not believe what I was doing but I could not stop. I looked across at the neighbours. Mr had his hands up Mrs top and was playing with her tits and Mrs had hold of his cock. I could not believe that I had the power to turn other people on. By now I had to finish myself off. I got my favourite dildo and pushed into my pussy and with a finger up my ass I had a shuddering climax.

As soon as I finished the neighbours disappeared. I think they went for a fuck.

I have since spoken to them a couple of times to say hello and neither of us has said a thing.

What an experience that I hope to repeat when on holiday later this year. I am also going to have sex with a woman whilst my hubby watches. I will post the story when it happens

Updated: October 20, 2016 — 7:23 pm

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