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Glory hole fantasy

I’ve always wanted to be a dirty little cock sucker and head down to a glory hole. Maybe not even knowing that I’m going to one..
I think about stepping into a dirty public wash-room.. maybe at a truck stop or something.. sitting down on the toilet paper covered seat and as I survey the stall I find a hole in the wall.. nervous at first, as I see movement on the other side.. someone is stirring. Next thing I see is a huge hard cock start to poke though.. I cannot see the man’s face.. or body.. the only thing that’s right in my eye level is his huge dick… many thoughts ran through my mind.. maybe I should scream.. maybe I should just pull up my pants and run out of here.. but before my mind could clear my hand instinctively rose to meet it. My body was in auto pilot.. and soon the only thing I could think was “put it on your mouth”. My hand squeezed it hard one last time and then my lips met the tip of his waiting cock. I could feel him pulsating as my warm mouth slid all the way down his shaft. I could hear him groaning on the other side. His hips started moving, and I started to feel that tingle in my pussy. To my surprise I reached down to feel my self and my fingers were covered in my wetness. “This is it” I said to myself. my mind still racing with excitement, I stood up, jerked that cock a few more times with my hand and then I bend over. He moaned as soon as my wet warm pussy met his horny cock, and I slowly backed my ass back up on him. It was so wrong.. I didn’t even know him.. he is not wearing a condom.. “fuck me harder” I don’t care. I want his cum. As I start to grind my pussy on him harder and faster, I grabbed on to the handicapped bar right next to the toilet and just started slamming my ass into the wall as hard as I could. “OHHH GOD” His dick felt so good in my warm pussy, it stretched me out a little, but it felt good to be so full. Still pounding him nice and hard I could hear his moaning getting faster and louder. He trust into me one last time and I could feel his cock pumping his seed deep inside of me. My pussy was flooded with a strangers cum.. and it felt SO fucking good. I pulled my pussy away and felt a huge load of his warm juices drip out of my bare pussy and fall to the dirty ground. I sat back down, cleaned the cum from between my legs, pulled up my pants and got back in my car and drove away.


Updated: October 21, 2016 — 12:09 pm

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