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my g-pa has 13 horses and when i was in school i would spend a few weeks out there every summer to hlp out n visit. he just got a new palamino (light tan) mare and nobody had ever ridden her i got on and got her to calm down and from then on out she would only let me ride her so we became kinda attached. one night i was brushing her and i got twords her rear and she lifted her tail up high and i saw her big giant pussy… theres more…
[6/4/2012 12:43:55 AM] Charles j blair: i got closer and closer with my hand until i was actually rubbing it and she leaned backward twords it and i slid a finger in it. way warmer and wetter than any human pussy. i got a bucket and some food and came back into the stall and fed her and then went back behind her. this time when she lifted the tail i bent over and burried my tongue in her and massaged her giant clit with my hand. after a minute or so i took the bucket and flipped over behind her and climbed on top. my cock which was soooooo hard by then was at the perfect height i rubbed her clit with my dick and she leaned back again pushing my cock deep inside her… more…
[6/4/2012 12:44:05 AM] Charles j blair: it felt amazing its a little looser than a girls but was warmer and deeper and tastes way better. at first i just let her push hard against me cuz she pushed me (while standing on the bucket with my cock in her) up against the wall. ive never had my cock as deep in anything. then i started off slow going all the way in and all the way out. then then i let go of the tail and wrapped my arms around her and held her tight and slammed my cock in and out of her she pushed back again and made a few little huff noises and all of a sudden it got rly tight and then streight back to how it was but her juices wete flowing out every time i slid in and out. i went slow and hard and deep for about 20 more minutes her pussy slurping every time i entered it. i leadned down and pinched a spot on her thigh tht makes them back up and she held me hard against the wall while i unloaded deep inside her

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