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Graduation Party

It was my high school graduation party. All of my f****y and friends were there and we were really enjoying ourselves. It was also one of the first times I had been allowed to drink, and I was really taking advantage of that. I mingled and socialized with my f****y friends, men and women who had watched me grow up from a young girl. There were a couple of my father’s friends who kept inviting me back to chat more and give me more elongated hugs and congratulatory kisses on the cheek. I didn’t mind and chalked it up to them just being excited for me.

Fast forward several hours into the party and I had become increasingly intoxicated to the point that I was stumbling around and slurring a bit. One of my Dad’s friends, Mike, caught me as I tripped and helped stand me back up. He found my father and told him he would bring me upstairs to my room to make sure I was okay for the night. I tripped and stumbled over and over as we ascended the stairs, apologizing profusely to Mike for the seen I was making. He smiled and continued to pick me up and give me little pats on my rear, saying it was my celebration and that I shouldn’t worry.

We got to my room and I immediately laid down on my bed. Mike said that I couldn’t pass out with my shoes on, and sat down on the edge to unlace my heels. I began drifting in and out of sl**p fairly quickly and hardly noticed that Mike had stayed to massage my feet. I woke up for a brief moment and complained it was hot in my room and asked Mike to turn the fan on. instead he suggested I change into something lighter. He stood up and turned around. I got up and slid my summer dress off, forgetting Mike could see me changing in the full body mirror opposite him.I laid back down now in some cheer shorts and a low v-neck blouse. He said he wanted to stay a bit longer to make sure I was sl**ping alright, So I smiled and said okay.

I woke up next feel Mike’s hand on my breast.
“Mike what are you doing?” I asked. He said he wanted to check my heartbeat, the pulse in my wrist felt weak. I asked him if it was easier to check there and he said that he was worried that he couldn’t feel a strong pulse. He said that my bra may just be in the way and he wanted to be certain that I was alright. I was getting worried so i agreed to remove my bra. He leaned his head in so he could put his ear to my chest, sliding his hand back up my shirt as well.
“False alarm” Mike assured me I was alright, but left his arm under my shirt and began feeling and squeezing my nipple. Before I could Say anything Mike was on top of me, kissing my lips, and pulling my shirt up with his other hand. He pried my lips open with his tongue, plunging deep into my mouth while progressively squeezing and pulling harder on my nipples. He began biting my lower lip and slid a hand down to my shorts.

“Morgan, you were such a beautiful girl, I can’t believe you are a woman now. I want to make this night even more special for you.”

“Mike are you sure this is a good idea. What about everyone downstairs?”

“It’s okay, they are too d***k to notice I’m gone.”

Mike then pulled my shirt completely off and started sucking on my nipples, taking his free hand and rubbing my inner leg. I had only ever been to this stage with my ex boyfriend and make was over twice his age. Mike started sliding his hingers under my shorts and I couldn’t believe how my body was already wet, despite me being unsure of Mike’s advances. He bite my nipple hard and i let out a little whimper. Mike slapped me gently and told me that good girls are quiet. He then asked me if I had ever given someone a blowjob before.

“No Mike.” I replied sheepishly.
“Good, I’ll Teach you”

Mike took his cock out and repositioned on my bed so his waist was in my face in one swift motion. I didn’t know what to do or say so Mike put two fingers into my mouth and told me to suck on them while he stroked. After a minute or two he started finger fucking my mouth first with two fingers, then 3 and four. I started gagging and once again Mike corrected me with a slap. He wiped my drool onto his cock and pressed his head to my lips. I opened and he thrust in immediately. my eyes watered quickly but i resisted the urge to gag.. at first. Mike held my hair and pulled himself deeper into my throat which became too much for my young throat. I pushed him back and drool ran out of my mouth while i gagged.

“Good girl,: said Mike as he slapped me hard and then leaned in to kiss my messy lips. I half smiled and he instructed me to lick his balls and shaft. He reached down and pulled my shorts and panties off.

“This should be wet enough.” Mike pulled my legs open and pushed his cock in. I’ve never felt such a mixed sensation. I was confused and scared, but my body was now shuttering with pleasure, and my pussy wetter than it had ever been. He put a hand on my throat and squeezed until I felt my face going flush. He would release to slap my face, and then go back to choking. The lack of air caused my pussy to tense and the tighter I got, the more it seemed Mike swelled inside of me. Mike thrusted for a good while before eventually pulling out. He leaned over my face once again and instructed me to open my mouth. I did and he let his load go all over my face. To this day I think it is the biggest load I have ever gotten. Once he was done he pulled out his phone and snapped a couple pictures saying he wasn’t sure if we’d be able to do this again. He gave me a last kiss and squeeze and left back to the party.

To this day I have mixed feelings about the experience, but I don’t regret a thing.

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