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Mona lost her parents in a car wreck when she was sixteen and was sent to live with her grandpa who lived alone on a small farm. He had a one bedroom home so he put a rollaway bed in his room for Mona. Grandpa was a handsome energetic man and happy to take Mona in. The first night Mona was there grandpa heard her crying. He got out of bed and went to her bed and hugged her telling her not to be sad that he was going to take good care of her. He held her tight and kissed her on the cheek. She wrapped her arms around him and cried. He felt her tits pressed tight to him. He pulled her over on to his lap and she then realized grandpa slept nude.He could feel her firm body thru her sheer night gown. Grandpa then began to rub her back and feel her relax. Mona could also feel grandpa’s cock get hard as she sat on his lap.

Grandpa lifted her gown and began to rub her bare back. Her skin felt so good and he felt Mona cuddle closer to him. He rubbed her back for several minutes when his hand went around to the front of her and rubbed her titties. She had nice firm tits and he loved the way they felt in his hands. Mona did not push his hands away so he kept rubbing the tits. His fingers circled the nipples and they got hard under his touch. He whispered in her ear “does that feel good getting those titties rubbed? When Mona said “Yes.” he told her “You have nice titties. They feel very good and grandpa likes to touch them. Let’s take off this gown and show them to me.” He pulled the gown over her head and she was naked except for her panties.

He looked at her tits and squeezed them between his big hands. He kissed her neck and then lower to her tit. He kissed the nipple then licked it. He heard Mona moan and then took the nipple in his mouth. He sucked one nipple as his hand played with the other. He than begin to suck her hard loving that round nipple in his mouth. He said to her “Lay back and let grandpa enjoy those nice tits. I will make you feel good.” He then sucked and licked and rubbed her tits.

His hand then went down to her pussy. First he rubbed her thru her panties feeling her pussy lips. As he sucked her tit and rubbed her pussy Mona moaned out loud. “So you like your pussy rubbed don’t you? I am going to remove your panties so I can rub that pussy and your clit and make you cum for me.” He pulled her panties off and tossed them on the floor. He spread her legs and began to feel her pussy and finger her clit. He told her “you have a nice pussy. Your clit is so hard when I rub it between my fingers. You are wet so I am going to put a finger in your hole. Now relax and enjoy.” He sucked on her tit as his finger entered her pussy hole. She was wet and tight and felt so good to the man. He was finger fucking her when he felt her cum and his finger got very wet. He then added one more finger and kept fucking her. He could tell she was liking his finger as she kept cumming and soaking his hand.

He let go of her nipple and moved his head down to her pussy. He whispered to her “Grandbaby, you feel so good and look so sexy. You have great tits and a nice tight wet pussy. I am going to eat your pussy and taste your cum. Now see how good my tongue feels inside your fuck hole.” He licked her pussy from one end to the other then took her clit in his mouth and sucked it. As he sucked he felt her cum again. He then licked down to her pussy hole and licked then pushed his tongue in her. She was warm and wet and he pushed his tongue in deep and really fucked her hole till she was screaming and raising her hips. She was sexy and so liked him in her cunt. He sucked her cum as he tongue fucked her.

He then put her hand on his cock and told her “See what your sexy body does to grandpa? You have my cock so hard. I need to relieve it in your pussy. Lift your hips as I push my cock in that tight pussy. I am going to fuck you and make you cum and scream for me before I cum inside that pussy hole.” Mona lifted her hips as grandpa slid his cock in her. She was tight and he went slow to get his big cock inside her before he started fucking her. Once in he pulled almost out then went back in again and again. She felt so good and his cock could feel the walls to her tight hole all around his big hard cock. He loved the feel of her pussy and fucked her deep for over forty minutes and listened to her scream before he gave her a big load of his cum.

He stayed on top of her and kept his cock in her while he caught his breath and let his cock get hard again. He told her “You fuck good baby. Want more of my cock? Shall grandpa keep fucking you?” She nodded and he told her “Put those legs up to your chest. This time I am going to get deeper in that pussy and fuck you harder. I want to hear you scream as my big cock fucks you. I haven’t had pussy in a long time and I want to fuck you all I can tonight. Now raise those legs and open wide for grandpa’s big cock.” This time he got in deep and really fucked the girl hard and fast. Even when she screamed he kept his cock fucking her. He knew for that the second time he could fuck a long time in her tight pussy. He loved his cock inside her as she was so tight and warm and very wet. The time clicked away as grandpa fucked and fucked and fucked the young pussy. He was really pounding that tight hole on the young girl. He knew she would be sore but he needed pussy so bad.

When he finally filled her with cum he pulled his wet cock out and laid beside her. He sucked her nipple as he talked to her. “You fuck so good angel baby. Grandpa needed pussy and you have the best one. I like that it is young and tight. I am going to move you to my bed so we can fuck any time we want. Now sl**p baby. Tomorrow is waiting for more fun.”

As they slept grandpa turned her so her back was to him and he rested his cock between her legs and filled his hands with her tit. She felt good at his side. In the morning he told her don’t get dressed. “I want to be able to see your tits and pussy any time I look at you. Now come eat breakfast as I want to take you to the barn and fuck you out there. Then you can ride on my lap on the tractor with my cock in you as we work in the field. Every time we hit a bump I will fuck you deeper and harder. Then I can’t wait to lay you in the hay and eat your pussy. Grandpa’s big cock has found a home in that pussy of yours.”

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