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great white witch p1

Recently I visited this antique store in the Chinatown section of my city.
The store had numerous interesting objects that caught my attention, plus
Everything in the store were being sold at a discounted price. After browsing
Around I found an old trunk in the back of the store buried behind lamps and other
Odd articles. I asked the clerk on duty “if the old fashion item was for sale”.
The clerk indicated “that I could have the chest and anything inside of it for $10”.
I didn’t even open the chest I paid the clerk and lugged the heavy old-fashioned item to my
Car. If the items inside of the chest were worthless I had something to stockpile smaller items
In. On the drive home I wondered what was inside of the container.

Once I made it to the house and got settled in, I opened a bottle of Jack Daniels
Black label and began to examine the items within the chest. I was shocked to
Find that an undersized chest was inside of the larger container. On top of the smaller trunk
Was a note written on a piece of paper that seemed to be very old, the note stated that
Whoever found this chest should beware of the dangers associated with opening the miniature
Trunk. I paid no attention to the message, to be honest the notice made me want to open the trunk.
Without thinking twice I opened the smaller chest. Inside of the tinier trunk was several drawing
Of an old lady who was supposed to be some sort of medieval witch. There was another noted that
Read “To a far and lost land may the reader of this letter shall go, never to return to their homeland.
Cast away from those they love, to a far and lost land you shall now see”. With those final words being
Spoken my house began to shake, there was no way in hell an Earthquake this strong could hit Alabama.

The next thing I remember is waking up in the middle of a field at the edge of a thick forest.
I walked for seemed like hours, in the distance I saw a small house and a lady working in the garden.
As I got closer to the house I noticed that the lady who was working in the garden had a nice
Voluptuous figure. It seemed as if a huge birth mark covered one side of her face, the dress she
Had on fit her thick house glass frame to perfection. I had to tell myself “King this is not the time to
Daydream about some woman round ass”. You have to find out where you are so you can make it back
Home. I guess the lady felt my presents because she jumped up and asked me to stop and identify
Myself. I told her that “my name was King and I was lost”. As she looked up at me I noticed that
The birth mark I first saw was gone. This lady had one of the prettiest faces I had ever seen in my life.
She greeted me and sated that her name was Eliza. I asked Eliza “did she know how to get to Alabama
From her house? Eliza stated “that she had never heard of a place called Alabama”. She handed me
The basket that she was placing her vegetables in. Then she gestured for me to follow her to the small
House. As we walked I began to tell her about the chest and the note that I had read. The entire
Time I talked she listened quietly asking a few questions here and there.

Eliza’s house looked nice on the inside. I sat down as she began to prepare dinner for the two of us to
Eat. As I waited Eliza gave me a cup filled with a sweet tasting drink that I causally sipped on as she fixed
Dinner. Once again I began to daydream about how lovely her voluptuous figure looked in that old
Dress. Each time she bent over all I could do was stare and admire that enormous plump booty. One
Time she caught me looking her body. I don’t know if it was my mind playing tricks or this lady liked
The attention I was giving her. My lustful eyes followed her every move around the small dwelling.
I had to admit that if I got the opportunity to undress her I would pound that ass doggy style.
I bet I could make her squirt and crème on my ten inch black serpent numerous times in one
Loving making session. The cocktail that she gave me had my head spinning, it had to be
80 proof because I had quite a buzz going.

When dinner was ready I assisted her with fixing our plates, as we ate she
Asked more question about the unheard of land called Alabama. I also found out
That she was a maiden, which made my chances of fucking her increase. Since
I knew that no other man would interrupt us the rest of the night. I began to openly
Flirt with her. Eliza giggled and laughed like a teenage girl, my open passes were working
Magic. As soon as I had enough to eat Eliza stated “that I could rest at her place for the night.
In the meantime she began to prepare the bed that we would share since there was no other
Place for me to sl**p. Eliza asked “if I could be a gentleman and turned around while she got ready
For bed. When I turned around I noticed that she had on a small evening dress that
Barley covered her voluptuous figure, her huge tits was exposed and I could see a lovely bush
Of pussy hairs sticking out. My young and hard black dick began to grow by the second.
I could not help myself. The only way I would be able to soften this steel rod was by fucking
This lady. Meanwhile Eliza eyes were transfixed on the monster hidden by my undershorts.
Bluntly she stated “King you have a man part that is like a horse, I have never seen a man
With such a large body part. I began to apologize for my current state, I tried to explain
That her beautiful body caused me to grown an erection. Eliza shocked me by stating
“It has been a long time since a man had wanted to enjoy my body and tonight I
Will let you take pleasure in knowing my body”.

I walked to the other side of the bed as she stood still waiting on me. I pulled this
Sexy lady into my arms and began to rub my hands all over her thick hour glass
Frame. Gently I kissed on her neck as I squeezed her huge tits. With each squeeze
Her nipples began to grow. Eliza’s swollen nipples were made for sucking, I fitted as much as
I could into my mouth. My soon to be slut let out a soft whimper, to state that she
Was relishing the attention I was giving her. Eliza was breathing hard and deep from the soft touches of
My hand. Without a word I picked her up and placed on her the bed. First I kissed her forehead and
Made my way down to her soft juicy lips. I took extra time to savor a deep and hard kiss. When I
Stuck my tongue in mouth she melted like butter and wrapped one of her arms around my neck.
With her free hand she was trying to thrust my stallion dick inside of her burning pussy. I
Was not ready to have sex yet so I broke our kiss and began to kiss further down
Her body. Passionately I kissed and sucked on each of her nipples, Eliza was moving
Around the bed like a bitch in heat. Eliza stated “that no man has ever made her inside
Burn with lust like this before. I placed a finger on her juicy lips and said” be quite
And enjoy the moment. Again I began to kiss down her body until I reached
Her hairy and aromatic pussy. This slut pussy was so pretty I could hardly wait
To kiss and suck on it. Like a man that had not eaten a meal in days.
I made love to her pussy with my experienced mouth, my face was dripping wet
With her pussy juices. Eliza was rubbing her hands all over my head moaning
To the Gods about how good this new form of sex felt to her body.
Now I was ready for some sex. I started to rub the head of my dick up and
Down her tight pussy. As I slowly shoved my black snake into her
Womb Eliza spread her thick legs to permit me to venture deeper inside
Of her body. Passionately I made love to her, while softly whispering
In her ear how beautiful she was. That I had waited all my life to
Find a lady that looked like her. When I placed her thick
Legs on my shoulder I noticed that the birth mark on the
Side of her face and hand were back. I paid it no mind as I pounded
Her body in a full blown volcanic sized orgasm. Her tight pussy
Had a death grip on my steel dick, I could hardly move in and out of her
Pussy even though it was drenched in her pussy crème. Her moans
Were driving me over the edge without warning I bust a load that kept
Pouring out of my cock for what seemed like a full minute. As I got up
I noticed a large puddle of sperm leaking out of her tight cunt. The sight
Would not let my long black dick go soft.

Eliza placed her hand with the birth mark between her legs and stated
“King you shot a load like a horse. The she noticed the birth mark herself
In the blink of an eye she was out of the bed and fixing to cast a spell
On me. I told her before you work your magic could I enjoy your
Body one more time. She gave me a confused look and just stared
At me when I reached for her hand she asked me “my face
Does not frighten you. I replied “no and if you are going to cast a spell
On me I want to be able to make love to you one more time. I told her to
Look at my cock and that she could see it still wanted her body. In her natural
Form I pounded her in the doggy style position. Eventually I lost count
On how many orgasm Eliza had that night. All I can say is that my horse
Black dick tamed the old witch.

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