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Growing Up In The Country.

The events that are unfolded here are all real and not just a part of my fantasy world that I must admit I do often sink into.

I was born and lived in a small Village in the countryside of the East of England, and it was not too long after the war so most of the people around us were sort of poor (like us) and many were farmers too.

Life was easy going and as a teenager who needed pocket money ? I was doing my daily “Paper Round” delivering news papers and magazines to many of the local farms that surrounded our house in the small village, and this was a Monday to Friday task that I undertook before I went off to school in the big city some miles away.

It was on The Saturday morning’s back then that I had to also collect the money too ? from as many farm people that I could find at home as I was also dropping off their News Papers to them for the week-end too, and of course being that most of my places were farms that I went to ? the lady of the house would be alone as the husbands were out in the fields working hard, most of them were not very attractive to look at and were often over weight and some of them also had a lot of c***dren all running about the farm.

One really big farm that I had to call at back then, was also one that had a Small Swimming Pool at the back of the large house ? and back in those days that was something that was almost un-herd of I can tell you.

The land owners wife was almost always alone I had found out ? as her husband was someone that did a lot of travel trips to Europe and even farther away too ? for his work as a salesman in large farm implements.
His wife was about 40 or so and had a big pair of tits on her along with a nice slim body too….. I had been having LOTS of fantasies about this woman for Month’s and Month’s now ? and had masturbated so many nights about her as I laid in my bed.

This particular Saturday morning in question I had left her house until last because I wanted to also get to Pick some Strawberries in one of the fields at the rear of her farm house and then pay for them at a greatly reduced price and take them back home for us all to enjoy that week-end at our later afternoon meal time.

As I rang the front door bell my anticipation was on High Alert with thoughts of seeing her again and maybe even getting to catch a glimpse down her dress front of her lovely “Full Heavy Looking Pair Of Tits” as she leaned over towards me to pay for her paper’s ?

All of a sudden the door opened and there she was mmmmmm just as mouthwatering as ever, wearing a thin short blue dress that did nothing to hide her lovely pair of Breast’s… that seemed to be almost straining to get free of the tight V Necked open dress top….LOL my eyes were drawn to them and I know that she could tell that I was staring bug eyed at what she was displaying to me.

“Hi there P…” she say’s in this soft almost sexy voice of hers and sweeps her long black hair out of her eyes, then adds as an almost after thought ? “do you want to come in for a cold orange drink ?” I took my horny eyes off of her Breast’s and replied “”yes please Mss…….T””. Call me Carol she then says back to me, and we both walk into her kitchen at the rear of the lovely big farm house….

As we get to the big window facing the rear of the garden I can now see the Swimming Pool, and notice that one of the covers to the Pool Water Filters on the edge of it has been lifted up and left just laying there ? she looks over at me and say’s ” I see that your looking our Pool ? and maybe see that I have been messing about with the silly Filters ? You like to do repairs your Mom’s told me ? why not see IF you can make that filter work again me for please OK ? “” I looked at here standing there beside the kitchen table and thought… OMG she want’s for me to work on that lovely Pool of hers…. I replied back to her “” Sure I will, do you have any tools to use ? or shall I ride back home and get mine ?”” She points to the garage and says “” In there you should find some OK”” ?

Our Drinks finished we go outside and I start to try and find out just why the Pool Filter is not running like the one on the other side of the pool is ? I get down beside the edge of the Pool and can see that the “Skimmer Unit” built into the wall of the pool is Blocked !!! She’s standing beside me looking down and I can see right down the top of her dress waaaaaaaaa the view is making my Cock grow harder and harder by the minute, and I need to hide it now a best as I am able too…..? so I just leaned back over the edge of the Pool and did the best that I was able to do to hide my straining cock from her eyes…..!

“So what’s the problem then “” ? she says in that sexy soft voice of hers….

Its blocked up because of leaves and other trash that’s floated into it from the strong winds last night I guess ? I reply back to her.

“OK then can you do it for me ? do you have to go into the Pool to get it all done with then” ?

Well I replied ? I may well have too, but I can just slip off my Pants & Shirt, it’s a really warn day so I will be OK.

“”Fine she say’s, I will go look for a pair of my husband’s swim briefs for you to wear as your both about the same waist size from the looks of it and I will also help you do the job in the water too OK” ? and then she winks at me mmmmmmmm my heart almost stops when she says that to me….. OMG she’s going to come INTO the Pool with me too ???? wearing WHAT I now ask myself ????

My Cock is now hurting me because it needs to be released…!!!! and I am about to “Explode” soon IF I don’t stop letting my mind wander to her Big Pair Of Tits and how much I want to stroke them and suck on them….LOL ? I am a virgin and have wanted to get
:laid” for so long now ? with this be my chance ? or will she just keep me at bay and do nothing ? I am just not sure of course ?

She’s sweeps out of the kitchen that we both had returned back too after my look at the Pool Filter, and I can hear her going up the stairs of the house…? it seems to me as if she’s almost rushing to get me a pair of Swim Briefs ? and from that “wink” that she gave me I could almost get a feeling that this MIGHT just be a lovely Saturday Morning……. ?????

After what must have been only about 15 or so minutes I hear her returning back again and ?????? “O My Goodness” she’s now wearing a Black One Piece Swimsuit…. the type that has that Front Lower Panel across just above the Crotch part area of it ? that women in the late 50s & 60’s would wear ? I love seeing that type of swimsuit mmmmmm and I get a shiver right down my spine as I look at her !!!! Shit I am going to have a total melt down soon….!!!!

Her Full Pair of Big Tits are pushing the front of that Swimsuit right out weeeeeee and she’s filling that costume right out everywhere else too, plus I can see that her Nipples are sooooooo Hard and doing their best to poke out of the thin swimsuit material too…..?

She hands me a pair of White VERY sexy looking Swims Briefs and winks at me as she does it ? saying “”these should fit you I am sure ?”” and then says “”Do you like this”” ? and does a turn around showing me her lovely sexy Butt then too…. I just stare and gulp..yessss I weakly say back at her I really do.

With that she walks out towards the Pool and I start to pull my pants and shirt off too, LOL I look down at my Poking Cock and it’s about as hard as it’s ever been….LOL I am a full 9 thick inches and I know that for my age it’s very big sized one too ? because I have seen other boys one in the school showers and they pale in size to my own !!!!!
Now all I have to do is pull on these rather small looking sexy swim briefs of her husband’s ???? and I am thinking to myself now ? What is he really like ? when he wears this type of clothing ???

I manage to get them on myself and do my best to push my half swollen cock into them at the same time…..

Carol is waiting for me beside the edge of the Pool now and she looks first at my face then….down at my Swims Briefs OMG I can feel my face going Red, and then she says “” My O My P…L you do look so good in those Swims Briefs… and all of a sudden she Licks her lips with her long tongue…………! Is she trying to SEDUCE ME ???? I now am thinking that IF I play my cards right here she and I will end up IN the Pool and maybe even fooling around too ?

I get the tools that I think that I will need and walk towards the Pool steps… Carol is already standing there and asks me “” Shall I just sit on the edge of the Pool or come in with you “” ?

“O My God”” I want to see that swimsuit of hers getting all wet.. and I say “” just give me a moment to see what I can do and then maybe you can help me OK “” ??? She smiles back at me and once again her eyes are looking DOWN at my hard bulge that is filling the small briefs that I am wearing !!!!.

I get into the warm water and it does feel good too…. My Cock seems to be now be able to feel much better for me due to the soft pool water and I can feel it slowly growing Out & Harder too under the thin material of the swims Briefs…. I am not worried so much now of course ? because of being in the waist deep water, I reach the Filter Box and start to pull the leaves out of it, it’s really full and I am having a problem lifting them all up onto the pool edge now…. she’s looking down at me and from my position standing like I am in the pool water I am able to get an even better view of those lovely big pair of Tits hanging down inside of her Swimsuit top…..!!!

My Cock does a twitch and I can’t help but keep looking up at her…… she’s looking at me then smiles again and says..”” You like looking at my ‘Twins’ don’t you ? “” and with that she uses one hand to cup under one of her tits in her hand….. shit I felt that I would almost Explode right there and then…… she knows what she’s doing to me and I can tell that she’s liking doing it too !!!!

I say “” I think that your so attractive and that the Swimsuit sure does fit you so well ???”” She’s now walking to the Pool Steps and I can see just a hint of a couple of her Black Pussy Hairs poking out from the edge of one of the leg openings waaaaaaaaa Shit I am going to **** her soon IF this continues on like it is ????? Married or Not Married I really don’t care…..

She starts to wade into the Pool water and then stops just as the water is about to reach the Crotch of her swimsuit…. I love seeing that post and it sends me nuts to see the water just about to reach and then flood a woman’s Pussy area !!!!

“”The water’s so warm she says to me”” I want to swim after we have cleared the leaves out OK ?””

I say to myself;….. And I want to FUCK your Brains out after the leaves are out…. But I simply say out loud “”Yes that would be a good thing for us to do””.

She steps down looking right at me as she does so …..mmmmmmmm OMG ? now she’s IN the Water and the Swimsuit looks even thinner than it did when it was DRY ??? Her Nipples are REALLY poking the material outwards now…. and I can see that she’s also just sort of holding onto one of her Tits at the same time too….!! She looks at me and says “” I really should buy a New Swimsuit ? but my husband likes the older style ones on me ? so I have not bothered to look for another as yet ?

I say “”I love what your wearing it’s so Sexy If I may say so that is ? “”

She gets right up close to me and I can smell her perfume now, and then say’s “” P…L I am so pleased that I look good to you, as my husband is not always able to enjoy what I wish to offer him these days ? and for that I am sad at times””…!!!!! Then she winks again at me mmmmmm.

My Cock is poking right out from under the Swim Briefs and I can see that she’s looking downwards in the water and must be able to see it too ? I smile at her and just then it happens…….. her hand reaches out under the water and rubs along the outline of my Swollen Cock….. “” I love a nice hard young cock she says……. I am going to Pull Yours Swim Briefs down and stroke that Hard Looking Cock of yours OK ? “” and with that said, she goes right UNDER water and grips the Briefs and pulls them down and off of my legs all in one fast move !!!!

I can’t believe that she’s doing this to me ? and all I am able to do is stop my pulling the leaves out from the Filter and enjoy the feelings that she now giving me, my Cock is in her hands and she’s almost cooing now as she’s stroking it along it’s long hard shaft…. “”O My God your sooooo Thick and Long ? it’s so much Bigger than my wimpy husband’s one is ?”” She’s now saying to me and I can feel my Cock Throbbing in her hands now too mmmmmmmm.

I reach out one hand and cup one of her lovely big wet Tits still hidden inside her Swimsuit… I love the feel of it and how heavy it must be when not in the water…. and her Nipple is so Hard poking from under the material of the costume !!!!

She’s moaning a lot now and saying some REALLY dirty sexy naughty words at me…… oooowaaaaaa yess baby stroke that TIT let me feel your fingers pulling on the Nipple…. go under and SUCK on it…I know that you want too yeessssss, let me feel your hot mouth on my Breast’s my cute horny baby…. mmmmmmmm Finger Fuck me while your under OK ? waaaaaaaaa.

I then with my free hand reach between her legs and can feel that Front Panel across the Crotch part and I love that feeling of it under water with my probing fingers…. OMG ? I love all of this and I want MORE !!!!!

Carol is really moaning much harder and louder now ? as she feels my probing fingers rubbing against the crotch of her Sexy Wet Swimsuit…… She’s saying to me, “”Pull it over to one side baby OK ? poke your finger into my hole yessssss do it go on Do IT…. pleaaasessss…..

I want to do it to her too LOL ? and take my other hand off of her Tit’s and use it down under the water and use that one to pull the leg opening of the swimsuit over and a little bit over to one side allowing for my fingers to find her hairy flooded pussy hole….. OMG it’s my FIRST time of ever doing this and I am in heaven right now…… to REALLY FEEL a woman’s Cunt under my fingers….!!!!!

Carol’s breathing heavy now right into my left Ear ? and I can feel her full pair of Tits rubbing against my chest as we stand in the waist deep water…. I love the feel of her wet swimsuit against me and she’s once again saying her dirty words at me in a half whisper now… “”O Fuck I need this Big Lovely Cock in me honey…. you’re so bl**dy Big… Pull my swimsuit off OK ? Let’s just Fuck right here In the Pool…. Is this your First Time ? “” She’s asking me, “” Do you want to lose your virginity to me ? “”…….. LOL I want to Fuck you right now baby…… hurry up OK ? let’s do it UNDER the Water too mmmmmmmm””…..!!!!!

I stop my fingers from poking into her Hairy Soft Flooded Cunt Hole…… and start to pull the two swimsuits straps off of both of her shoulders…. as I do so, her lovely Big Tits come into my view weeeeeeeeeeee they are so Big & Full Plus she’s got Saucer Sized Areolas to them too mmmmmmmm her Nipples must be at least and Inch long poking out and soooooo Hard too.

My hands keep pulling her Swimsuit down her legs and I take a breath and go under water now to remove it from her completely…..
as I surface I am holding onto it and just lay it on the side of the pool….. she’s now like a Bitch in heat…. and I am almost having a real problem holding onto her because she’s trying to grab my cock while at the same time pulling us both deeper into the 6′ end of the pool…. I know what she’s after… she want’s for us to Fuck Under The Water for that First Time of doing it together !!!!!!!

My Cock’s about as Hard as a Metal Pole and from the feel of her Swollen Pussy Lips she’s as Horny as she could ever be I felt ???

Just then she looks right at me and say’s… “” Take a deep breath baby and let’s go under” ??? as she’s saying it to me she’s also taking her breath and I just follow her lead and let her pull me under water with her….. she’s done this before I am sure of it ? and I am just loving the whole adventure….

As we go under she rolls under me and makes a grab for my hard Cock…. I am holding onto both of her Tits and simply let her do the moves to get us together….. she looks at me and then brings her face to mine and we Kiss Un der The Water mmmmmm it’s so Erotic and I am just he’s for the taking now…. I can feel her Pussy Opening against my Cock head and then all of a sudden she’s pushing herself ONTO me…. OMG ? LOL ? Fuck I am going INTO her…..

That feeling is something that I will never ever forget, they say that you never DO forget that First Time Of Fucking ? and I sure never will anyway.

Her legs wrap around me and we are a single floating body now in the water… her pussy is milking my cock now mmmmmmmm.

Her tongue is right in my mouth…. I am now certain that this horny woman loves to fuck UNDER the water……and this is not her first time and doing it either ????

We come up for air and she looks at me and says “”Put it back IN me honey and give me a long hard Fucking””…….

I plunge right back into her again and start long deep hard pumping, I am surprised that I have not already “cum” ? but the feeling of the water and being Under it ? plus how she’s leading things along just has me so Horny and yet wanting for it never to end !!!!

All of a sudden….. ? she says “”Lets go Under again OK ? and this time CUM in my waiting horny hot flooded cunt baby “” !!!!!!
and IF by chance you DO manage Breed with me ? then it’s OK, I am not on the pill and anyway he can’t give me a Baby and has plenty of money too ? so just go for it and send your load right in OK…. I will deal with the after things when they happen,

Then Adds “”Call me your hot sexy bitch OK ? and that your going to impregnate me ? that will bring Me OFF so fast under the water honey…. mmmmmmmm “” ?

Just then I can feel the desire and need to “Explode” so I say the words to her and plunge us both under the water once again…. and this time I am doing the leading of us both…. I pump her fast and then push my mouth onto hers and hold onto her long hair with one hand while the other holds her hips onto and close to my own…. I feel her shudder and that just sends me over the edge and I just ‘Explode” and send my “CUM LOAD” right deep up into her waiting flooded cunt tunnel….

We come up to the pool’s surface after a few seconds of feeling each other cumming under the water…. and then we both kiss again long and hard, standing like we are out in the middle of the Pool Water…..

She looks at me and say’s “” That’s been my first fucking for almost a year ??? and it was beautiful…. and the next time that we do it baby ? I will wear for you a Full Bra along with an Open Bottom Girdle and Black Stockings hooked to the Garter hooksthat it comes with too OK ? and when I come into the Pool with you honey ? your going to love the look and feel of my Older Style of Sexy Lingerie’s as it gets all WET”” !!!!!!

My reaction was, “”Yessssssssss lets do it IF I am a good lover for you and I would love to feel that Lingerie on you”” ?

“”Baby she says ? your lovely so never worry of it OK ? We will have lots of fun both IN and OUT of the pool here……


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