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Gym buddies

Every week I go down to my friend’s bar for a couple of beers and a catch up to moan about life, people, love and talk about any news we feel may be of interest. Recently I’d joined a gym with my mate, and 3 times a week we’d begrudgingly meet early morning to work out and encourage each other to finish our circuits. Chatting over the week’s events and sinking another beer, we started going on about the gym and what we could do to improve things, when a voice from behind the bar asked “which gym do you go to?”

Emma was about 5’7”, brown hair tied in a short pony tail, always smiling showing the cutest dimples in her cheeks. Difficult to tell how her body looked. She wore a black t-shirt, leggings and an apron. “I go to that gym” she responded when I told her where we go.
I’ve always liked Emma. She never had a bad word to say about anyone, was very witty, pretty and if you read into some of the things she said, she seemed a bit dirty.

We joined her into the conversation asking what days did she go to the gym, who did she go with, what times she went etc, and my mind began to race. Certain lycra would give a better impression of how she shaped up I made sure I’d got the times and days right, and began making plans to be at the fitness studio on the same day as she was. I left it at that and got back to my friend, finished our night and made my way home. The thoughts in my head were simple. Be at the gym Friday, wait for her to arrive, get in 5 minutes later and make my way around the machines as close to her as possible, manipulating conversation to set her up for my big move.

I packed my gym bag early Friday morning and made my way down. I pulled into the car park at the same time as her, and pulled into a space a few cars away. She was alone – good start, she got out her car and went to get her bag & drink off the back seat. She was wearing short grey lycra running shorts, a pink tight vest top and trainers. Fantastic. Tight ass, slim waist and a good C-cup at a guess up top which you’d say when the sports bra came off, they’d stay where they were. I guess being over 20 years my junior at 20 years old they ought to be in their rightful place. We’d have to wait and see.

After a couple of minutes I went through reception and into the locker room, put my bag in the locker, took the key and went into the gym.
“Hey you!” she said. You’re not stalking me are you?”
“Ha, no, I said I come on the same days as you, I’m just a little late today.”
“Bet you can’t keep up!”
“I may be twice your age but let’s see how it goes eh? You’d be surprised how long I can keep it up for!!!”

We both took similar circuits and chatted as we went. She asked me about my wife. I asked her about her boyfriend. Usual innocent stuff. I had to somehow, within maybe 15 minutes, move the conversation on to the scenario spinning round in my head. I was worked up. She was stunning. Her face was so pretty but the body was something else. I was lifting weights behind her which was close to the elliptical trainer she had been on for a few minutes. I started to notice her sweat glistening on her back, and the darker area of sweat making the grey shorts darker in her as crease. She turned round and her camel toe was showing clearly. Wet with sweat, perfectly shaped, and my shorts began to fill.

“I’m going to finish on the rowing machine, there’s 2 spare, care to join me?” she asked.
This was my time. I said “yes” and we both sat down and set up our workout. I had to figure out a) if she had a high sex drive, b) if she was getting enough and was happy with her boyfriend, and c) if now was the time or if she’d need a bit of wine to make the approach. In the bar I’d sometimes said “we’re alone, what shall we do?” or “I’m home alone next week, you should come round for a coffee after work”, just messing, nothing serious, but she’d often tease me the week after by saying sorry she’d not come round but she was washing her hair or an equally rubbish clichéd excuse. I always wondered if I’d kept a straight face and genuinely asked, whether she’d say yes. She never put me down saying that it was stupid idea, and there were times when she’d unexpectedly flirted with me. I had to do this.

Too many questions and too little time to ask, I went with a different tactic. “Did you leave your stuff in the locker room or in the village changing?” (The village was more for families and the poolside, the lockers are for the gym goers). She said she thought about a swim after so she was in the village. Easy to sort, the cubicles in the village were f****y sized; the locker rooms were small with an open changing area. The showers were glass fronted with a misted middle and not idea for taking a member of the opposite sex into. “Mind if I join you?” I asked. “To swim or change?” she said, smiling as always. “Either or”, and she giggled. “You’re rude!”

It went quiet. Had I ruined it? Subtle question, but enough to make her think, I thought. Was the silence her thinking about what she was going to say, or had she shut me out for good?

“Ok then, I’m not swimming, all this talking has tired me out, but yeah, we can change together, it’ll put my mind at rest as to what you look like without those shorts on, it’ll at least give me a laugh, I had been wondering.”

Oh my. Oh yes.

I raced through my final pulls on the rower, took a drink and said I’d go and get my bag out of the lockers. I took off and went thought to the village, just checking the pool as I went by to make sure there weren’t too many people in there. I hadn’t realised but the pool was closed, she obviously hadn’t checked either. Unless the 2 other people in the gym were planning on cutting their session really short, getting showered and changed in the village too which was really unlikely, then we’d be alone. I’d thought about this every week I saw Emma. Was she an innocent girl or would she, could she be what I hoped she would, a girl who wanted the most out of life and everything that went with it, including the risks?

I struck up the shower; it had a door that couldn’t be seen through. Better than the locker room showers for starters, good choice. As the steam began to fill the air I heard the door squeak as someone walked though. “Are you in here?” I heard her ask. “Em, is that you?” “Yeah, are you down the end?” “Yep, I’m in here”

The minute she took to get her towel and sort her things seemed to take an age. My heart was racing, thumping through my chest not because of the workout but because of the impending events. I had no control over my cock. It was thumping to the heartbeat too. She came into the entrance to the shower, dropped her towel and I turned towards her. She said “at least I’ve something to hang my towel on, bl**dy hell!” I apologised and slightly embarrassed turned away slightly but I couldn’t take my eyes off her body. Pale skin, soft pink nipples, erect from the workout, totally shaved between her shapely slightly muscled legs, very pretty small feet with ruby red nail varnish. There she was. In her naked glory. Sweetly looking all shy, yet exposed from head to tiny toes looking as beautiful as any woman I’d seen. I’d not noticed the belly button jewellery dangling over her taught stomach. Amazing. Just stunning. “Wow, Em, just wow!” I couldn’t get much harder if I tried but I felt like my cock was going to burst. She stepped towards me and pushed me back under the jets of water into the misty booth. Not so innocent then?!

I lifted my hands to her face and kissed her softly on her mouth, She closed her eyes and let the water run down our faces then pulled back and ran the tips of her fingers down my face, my chest, my stomach and then to my balls. She took my shaft into her hand and began, slowly, working her clasped fist up and down. I took her wonderful breasts that were glistening under the flow of water in my hands and held them, gently squeezing them until I took her nipples between my fingers and rubbed, pinched, rolled them around until they were even harder than when we began. She let out a little giggle then a moan. “This is happening then?” she said, and pushed me out of the stream of water against the wall.

Kneeling down she flicked the tip of my cock with her tongue a couple of times before grabbing the shaft and pushing it in to her mouth down towards the back of her throat. She eased back and rhythmically continued, letting go and grabbing my ass to pull me in, out, in, out. She stood smiling and asked me to slide inside her. I wanted to go down on her. I wanted to taste the sweat, the juices between her thighs, the sticky, tangy, salty wetness on the tip of my tongue before I entered her. We swapped positions. I pulled her body round to the wall and knelt under the spray of the shower. Lifting one leg slightly I pushed my head lower and angled to get beneath her. Her thighs either side of my face I caressed her ass with my hands and glanced my tongue across her clit, flicking and tickling her making her flow. She f***ed her hands down onto my wet hair and held me into her groin. My tongue pushed into her hole, lapping up the syrupy taste of her soft oozing femininity. She tugged at my hair and pulled me upward; I stood for a second and smiled at her.

For the first time since I’d met her she wasn’t smiling, she looked deep into my eyes with an expression of yearning passion, a serious face telling me in no uncertain terms it was time. Time to ease inside her. Time to allow ourselves this moment of opportunity, this risk, this excitement, this thrill. The pleasure I felt as I pushed deep inside her was intense. She lifted her leg around my hips, then as I held her she raised the other, leaning back against the wall I eased, slowly at first, up and down, in and out. She let out a quiet moan. We were both aware of where we were; there was a possibility of a member of the public or staff walking in at any moment, so we had to be quiet. We had to be quick. As I thrust inside her I could feel her begin to tighten and twitch. I could tell her body had begun to tingle. She had closed her eyes as she lost focus, her head spinning. All our sexual energy had begun to move from around our bodies and focus inside her pussy. Everything else had disappeared. The thought of being caught, gone. The hot shower pulsing against our skin, gone. We could be anywhere. Our breathing had turned to panting. I lowered her down to the floor and turned her round, my legs couldn’t hold us both much longer as my leg muscles had wanted to stop working, she placed her hands on the wall, I put mine on her hips and threw her back onto my cock, harder and harder, deeper inside. Her breasts were swinging forwards and back. The pressure was welling inside my balls. I looked down at her ass one last time and her legs gave way as she came. She tightened around me as I let myself go. The heat of my come took me by surprise, pumping inside her loosening pussy I slowed and the tingling sensation at the tip of my cock became too much to bear. I pulled myself from her and she squeezed my come down her legs and onto the shower floor. She took my face in her hands once more and kissed me hard on the lips, smiling again.

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