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Hairy and Wet Encounter with a Security Guard

My wife & I have always enjoyed a vibrant sex life, we’ve always had an open relationship, we love ass fucking and piss play especially. Often I would arrive home to find my wife with her face buried between her best friend Kelly’s legs, eating out her hairy cunt (Kelly is very hairy, just like my wife). Or they’d be out by the pool drinking each other’ urine from a champagne flute (I would occasionally join in, but that’s another story).

However, unlike my wife’s long term attraction to the same sex, I’ve only just recently started fucking men. I have played with dildos all my life, I’ve always loved something in my ass but until recently it was always a toy. Then I found the real thing….

Just to describe myself, I’m a really hairy guy, about 5’10” tall with a 6” cut cock. I am really attracted to hairy men and women. Several months ago I was fucking my hairy wife when she suggested we add another bear man to our sex life occasionally. Long story short we placed an advert online and we met this guy called Chris, who has been showing me the pleasures of MM sex ever since.

Anyway, last Sunday I was doing an audit on a construction site that was closed. It was a warm day and as I expected to find a closed site, I was only wearing a pair of shorts, work boots and a tank top. Not the most professional outfit to wear to work but I wasn’t expecting to see anyone. I had been auditing the job for about an hour, I was about to have some lunch when I heard a voice behind me. Turning around I found it was a security guard employed to protect the site from theft (which is rife in this industry). He approached me and asked me what I was doing. I couldn’t help but notice he couldn’t take his eyes off my hairy shoulders & chest, exposed through the tank top. We made small talk, his name was Theo, we chatted about the heat and within a minute I noticed a bulge growing in his black pants. I commented that he must have been hot wearing a long sleeve black shirt & pants and he replied that he was, it was hell dressing like that in this heat. As it was nearly lunchtime I asked Theo did he want to sit down with me and have something to eat. He eagerly accepted. I suggested we head up to the second floor of the building, it was partly shaded up there.

Upstairs we both sat down on some chairs, Theo wanted to sit out in the sun. He asked would I mind if he took his shirt off to work on his tan. He unbuttoned his shirt to expose a truly magnificent body. His whole upper body was covered in thick black hair and he had a nice big hairy belly. I took my tank top and boots off and lay back in the sun, taking frequent glances at this gorgeous Greek bear beside me… his back was hairier than mine!

I had a strong suspicion that he was wanting my cock, the bulge in his pants hadn’t reduced. I suggested to Theo if he really wanted a tan he should sit there in his underwear. Theo replied that he would love to take off his pants but he had a bit of a problem, smiling and motioning to the large bulge in his pants. I asked him would he mind if I helped him with that bulge. Theo stood up, took his pants off and came over to my chair in just his underwear. His cock was huge, protruding out from his underwear it must have been at least 10” and it was really thick. I sat up and leaned forward and pulled down his underwear, his cock just jumped up and sat there, a massive purple head just asking to be sucked. I didn’t need a second invitation, I moved to the edge of my chair and began licking his cock head and shaft, running my lips and tongue down his full length and burying my nose in his thick black pubes. The smell of his pubes was awesome, a thick strong stench of manliness sweat and stale piss. I moved down to lick his hairy balls, and worked my lips from his nutsac up to his cock head and back again, covering him in my spit.

After a minute or so Theo turned around, bent over and pulled his ass cheeks apart exposing the most beautiful hairy asshole (not unlike my wife’s). I dove straight in, my tongue licking at the hairs that surround his shithole, darting my tongue inside his anus, savoring the taste of his ass juice. I am a massive fan of rimming ass, and judging by the grunts coming from Theo he was enjoying it. I reached around and grabbed his shaft and began stroking that while I was eating him out, running my fist up and down his cock, pumping it in my fist. He was clearly loving my work and probably wasn’t going to last much longer.

Theo, nearing the edge, turned around and lay down on the concrete floor. He motioned to me to take a seat on his face. I didn’t need to be asked twice. I lowered my hairy ass down on to his face. He held my ass cheeks apart and started licking my asshole. There’s just something about being rimmed by a man, I just love it. He was running his tongue from my shithole across to my hairy balls. I have a lot of hair between my anus and my balls and Theo was licking it, coating my hairs in a mixture of his saliva and my ass juice. I knelt back on him a little and pointed my cock in his face, he got the hint and started sucking on my cock. He was really really good, an expert cock sucker. He had only been sucking me off for a minute or so when I felt the cum rising from my balls. I’m no long stayer, sometimes I’ll only last a few minutes before I cum. I didn’t want this to end so quickly so I climbed off Theo’s face and with him still lying on his back, I started sucking his cock again.

I used a lot of spit on his cock, I was going to need it soon. I lapped at his shaft, it was truly a magnificent sight. Licking him up and down, I coated his shaft in my saliva. Once I was happy that he was adequately lubricated I climbed over him and lowered myself down on to his shaft. I felt his cock head press between my hairy ass cheeks, forcing them apart. Then I felt it press at my shithole. I knew this was gonna hurt, my wife has used a large dildo on my before but she has always fingered me for a while first. This time my asshole was tight. I just went for it and felt a mix of pleasure and pain. It was worth it though when I had his full 10 inches in me, my hairy ass cheeks were sitting in his thick black pubes. I started riding this Greek god like a pony, slowly sitting up so I could feel the head of his cock about to pop out of my asshole, then back down all the way in again. He really filled me up. I fucked him for quite a while, every few minutes I had to stop, climb off and re-lubricate his cock with some more spit. Tasting my ass juice on his cock was an added bonus.

Several more minutes of solid assfucking later Theo put his huge hairy arms around my hairy back and held me tight, pressing his hairy body against mine. I was still riding him, the feeling of his huge cock in my ass was fucking unreal, then I felt him start to cum, I could feel his warm juices entering my lower bowel, filling me up. I kept slowly riding him, savoring his cock for a final time. For a while I stayed on him, squeezing my ass cheeks together, draining every last drop from his cock.

Once he had finished he lay down on his back and I spun around and sat on his face again so he could eat his own cum from my ass. This is a specialty of mine, I love eating my own cum out of someone’s shithole, the mixture of cum and assjuice is something I’ve grown to relish. Theo eagerly lapped at the juice running out of my ass, licking it off my ass hairs, some of it running down his chin. Once I felt I was empty I wanted to cum, so I spun around and Theo started sucking me off. I was moving my hips back and forth, sliding my cock up and across his open mouth so he could lick my hairy balls. I must have only lasted a minute, the cum started its journey from my balls so I grabbed my cock in my fist, removing it from Theo’s mouth and started jerking my cock, shooting ropes of warm cum across Theo’s face. He tried to swallow as much as he could but he wasn’t fast enough, a lot of cum shot across his forehead & nose. What he missed with his mouth he scooped up with his fingers and we both licked his fingers clean.

We both stayed as we were, enjoying the warm sun, Theo lying on his back and me kneeling next to him, my cock now limp just hanging down between my legs. I was just running my fingers across his hairy chest, playfully massaging this gorgeous body of his. A few minutes later Theo said that he needed to get up to take a piss. I asked him if he was into piss play and he indicated that he hadn’t been before but that he was willing to give it a go.

I climbed back on top of Theo so we were in the 69 position, my hairy ass over his face. Immediately he started pissing, I quickly grabbed his shaft and directed the flow into my mouth and over my face. What piss I missed flowed down over his hairy body, I would get that later. His piss was tasty and warm, I was a piss connoisseur, I loved the stuff. He obviously hadn’t pissed in a while, he pissed and pissed and pissed. He was nearly finished pissing when I started, Theo reached up and put his big hairy hand around the base of my cock, holding my hairy balls in his hand he directed my urine down into his mouth. With his other hand he fingered my asshole, great use of imagination! He drank my piss down quickly, gulping mouthfuls of urine like he was an expert. He also pointed my cock over his body so some of my piss washed onto his hairy chest. Once I’d finished pissing I lay down next to Theo, both holding each other in our hairy arms, I was licking his hairy arm pit & chest hair, all coated in urine.

We lay in the sun for another 30 minutes or so, both caressing each others hairy bodies. Then he said he needed to go and check more building sites. I had a laugh, he was covered in piss and he had dried cum on his face. We exchanged contact details, I made him promise to come over to my place one day, the thought of a big fuck and piss session with him, Chris and my wife made me hard again. Stay tuned….

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