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Halloween, a pregnant wife, and her slutty friend

It was September, my wife Kristine was 7 months pregnant with our first, due in November. It had been a good year, ever since she had gotten pregnant, she had been really horny. Almost constantly, she was easily worked up and ready to go. At this time, she was still enjoying the fantasy of being shared and fucking other guys, and her being pregnant even played into the fantasy. I was still trying to push the issue, even though I knew she wouldn’t be fucking anyone else, I tried to talk her into more photos or flashing or sex in public. Alas, even though she was always very horny, and looked really amazing preggers, I wasn’t getting very far.
So it’s September and she decides she wants to have a Halloween party. I am pretty much dead set against it from the gitgo. For one, I was beyond busy at work, for two, I just didn’t feel like entertaining friends and doing all that extra work. We went around and around and finally I said, “I’ll tell you what, we can have a party, but I get to pick out your costume, no questions asked.” She gave me a look like “what are you up too,” but she agreed. Her only condition was no nakedness. So we set about planning the party.
Come October she was now 8 months and she still looked even more amazing. She was very petite but with a nice round belly and her tits had almost tripled in size. Her shape in general was very sexy. She hadn’t gained any weight except for the baby and boobs, the rest of her body was still fit and tight. The “costume” I came up with was “Pregnant honeymoon dead girl,” but the costume wasn’t really what the whole thing was about. I wanted her hot body on display; the costume was just the feeble excuse. I started with a pair of panties and a see through negligee that split in the middle to expose her belly, but she went back on her deal and refused to only wear lingerie. There was a lot of back and forth and whining and debating and in the end I don’t even remember what the exact end combination was, but her belly was exposed, albeit with some gory makeup. She had to wear the see through shear top because we had gory make up on her tits also, but I had to let her put band aids over her nipples. When it was all said and done, she looked great, and from the waist up, she was really only covered with band aids and make up; the sheer negligee left nothing to the imagination. I can’t say she was overly thrilled with the end result, but she decided to let me have my way and make the most of the situation. After all, it was Halloween and it was supposed to be fun.
We had invited about 15 couples, a few singles, maybe about 25 people showed up. My wife’s costume was a big hit, the guys loved it and definitely ogled over her body. She got a lot of compliments from her female friends also, so this boosted her confidence level and she became really comfortable. Everybody wanted to touch her and I loved it. Many of the ladies had dressed in sexy costumes, I don’t even think Kristine’s was the most revealing. A friend of hers, Samantha, came dressed as a sexy witch and looked like something straight out of a porno. She was showing a lot of cleavage and wearing a skirt so short you could see her red satin panties underneath fishnet stockings. Her husband Dave was dressed like a wizard but he seemed a little uncomfortable with how his wife was dressed. I loved it and so did all the other dudes!
The night wore on and everybody was getting d***k, except Kristine of course. I ended up in the Kitchen with Kristine and we were talking about how everything was going and how much fun everybody was having. I asked her how she liked her costume. She said she was surprisingly very comfortable and felt sexy being a dead zombie or whatever she was. I told her she was very sexy and I was beyond horny. For some reason she hadn’t been her usual horny self that week and we hadn’t done anything sexual. I was ready to explode, especially being a little d***k and turned on.
While we were talking I asked her if she would take the band aids off and let her nipples be exposed. She was very reluctant but I kept at her. I tried to convince her that she was basically topless anyway, her tits were exposed except for the nipples, and no one had been shocked or offended. In fact all she had received was positive comments…what would it hurt…besides, by this point, probably no one would know but me and her anyway. I was surprised when she finally relented and agreed to do it. I took the band aids off and was surprised at how noticeable her nipples were. We had put bl**dy makeup over the band aids, so with them off, her nipples now were very visible. I told her you couldn’t really tell, but she knew I was lying. She agreed to do it for a little while, but the band aids were going back on before too long. She was still very reluctant and not convinced we hadn’t crossed the line.
We went back to the party and mingled and I was a little surprised, no one else seemed to notice, or at least not care. Huh, I thought to myself, I guess it wasn’t a big deal after all, no one cares but me. I wanted to make sure everyone got a peek so we walked around and asked everyone if they were having fun. We hadn’t gotten to everyone when I stepped away for a second, I was talking to someone, but was still close enough to hear Kristine talking to one of her close friends. When she walked off, one of our neighbors, Frank, came up and started talking to Kristine. Frank was early forties, married with a couple grown k**s, his wife hadn’t come to the party and he was pretty sauced. He mostly made small talk and I wasn’t really paying attention until Frank says, “I really like your costume Kristine.”
I am listening and watching out of the corner of my eye but I don’t even think he saw me standing there. He made some comment about her being pregnant and if the baby was very active and enjoying the party. Frank put his drink down, reached out with both hands and started to feel and caress her belly. I liked the way he was touching her, it wasn’t a “feel the baby kick” type touch, it was more a sensual rub. As he felt around her belly he says, “I like how you incorporated your condition,” Kristine said thanks but I could tell she was not enjoying the rubbing Frank was giving her. He then says, “I’m glad you lost the band aids, it makes it all real sexy.” With one hand still on her belly, he reached up with the other, cupped her breast, and rubbed her nipple with his thumb. I was surprised; she just kind of stood there looking at him. Since she didn’t right out object, her brought his other hand up to her other breast and did the same. They stood there in the corner of the room, Frank lifting and squeezing and playing with her tits while continuing to flick and rub her rock hard nipples with his thumbs. I looked around the room and no one else was even paying attention. It was surreal, and I thought I would cum in my pants. I was hoping he’d lean down and start sucking them but it didn’t get that far. Finally Kristine said something like, “Are you enjoying yourself Frank? He continued his manipulations and responded with something like, “You have great tits. At this point she took a step back and I could see she was a bit angry, “Play time is over Frank, hope you enjoyed it.” As I saw him move toward her with hands still out, I intervened before anything else could be said or done. I put my arm around Frank and said, “Let’s go find a drink.” As we were walking away, he d***kenly says, “sorry about that Jim, I couldn’t resist, don’t be mad.” I laughed, “No worries, I’m not mad, I know they are like magnets, they draw you in!” Once I got Frank out of the way and got back, I noticed the band aids were back on. I also got a look like, “That’s the last time I do you any favors asshole!”
I knew my shot at getting any lovin’ was done for the night. I went down to the basement where a few people were playing pool. I saw Samantha’s husband playing pool with a few other guys but she was nowhere in sight. I went out to the porch to check on the keg and found her leaning against the wall in the hallway. Sam was about 32, she had a few k**s, she was a bigger gal but not fat by any means. She was a fitness nut and her body was proof of that. She worked hard to keep her mommy body hot. As I walked past her, I asked “Sexy witch, you doin’ ok?”
She replied with something along the lines of “You think I look sexy or slutty?” I laughed and half jokingly said, “Either way, you are giving me a hard on and I want to put it in you!” She clicked her wedding ring on her glass twice and said, “I can keep a secret.” Maybe it was because I was pretty d***k, maybe it was because watching my wife get felt up by the neighbor had turned me on, or maybe it was because Sam was her good friend and looked really sexy…I don’t know…but I quickly grabbed Sam by the arm and ducked into the storage room off the hallway. “Are you sure you can keep a secret?” I asked with heavy breath. “Oh, I’m sure,” she d***kenly replied.
I kissed her once and in about one move, pulled my cock from my costume and pulled down her red panties. Her fishnet stockings were only leggings and not full pantyhose. I had lifted her leg and was in her in about 10 seconds. We stood there fucking next to the hot water heater. I pulled her top down to free her tits, I grouped and squeezed them as I continued to fuck her hard and fast. The whole rush of what was happening moved things along quickly. I came in about 4 to 5 minutes, I didn’t really notice if she did or not but I think she enjoyed it. As quickly as we had ducked into the storage room, we as quickly dressed and straightened ourselves out. I peeked out to make sure the hallway was clear, gave her a once over to make sure nothing was amiss. I kissed her quick and said “Thanks Sam, that was great. As we walked back through the basement she went over to her hubby and I walked back upstairs. I saw Kristine and she looked less angry. “Still mad at me,” I asked. “I guess only a little,” she replied. I smiled and thought to myself…if only you knew!

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