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Halloween, a Pregnant wife…part 2

I decided to write a follow on part 2 to my “Halloween, a pregnant wife, and her slutty friend” story. I recommend reading that first. I hadn’t planned on more because there was nothing else that came from that one off. But, I thought a little fantasy part 2 would be a nice companion piece. So this part 2 is completely fabricated, but maybe it will be fun and a good read anyway!

Once the last of the partygoers had left, we locked up and did a quick assessment of the clean-up required. It wasn’t too bad so we decided to leave most of it for the morning. Kristine was pretty tired and I was bleary eyed and loopy from all the drink. Even though I had fucked Samantha a few hours before, I was still horny, though I knew Kristine was tired and my chances for any fun were almost nil.
Kristine plopped down on the sofa to relax while I blew out the candles in the jack o’ lanterns and put away some food in the kitchen. “I think the party was a huge success! Thanks for all the help Jim, did you have fun?” She asked me. “Yeah, it was fun, I liked the way your costume turned out. Will you take off the band aids for me again baby?” I blurted out. Now that we were alone, she took them off as she sat there and said with a laugh, “You would have had me naked all night wouldn’t you?” “Hmm, probably, Let’s see how you would have looked.” I suggested slyly. “You are such a pervert Jim, but ok, come over here and help me out of the rest of this costume.”
There wasn’t much to help her out of, but I was at her feet and getting her naked quickly. As I was helping her out of the rest of her costume, she said, “I still can’t believe Frank thought it was ok to play with my tits like that.” I caught something in her statement, in that it almost sounded like a question. When it happened she had obviously appeared irritated, but something in the way she said it, didn’t sound like she was really upset. “I’m not surprised, you look amazing, and I thought it was really hot.” I replied. “You thought it was hot that our dirty old neighbor was feeling up your pregnant wife”? She asked feigning slight disgust. “Yeah, I really did, I was hoping you would let him do more.” I answered. “Oh really, so pervy husband, what did you like about it, and what more were you hoping for?” She said with a hint of playful sexiness. “I loved how hard your nipples got when he was rubbing you. I liked how he was staring. I wanted him to suck them. Admit it, you liked it.” I challenged her with the last comment. She was looking at me intently as she softly rubbed her belly. “Maybe it was a little exciting.”
She was naked now in front of me, I spread her legs slightly and ran my finger up her slit. “This is interesting, for somebody so tired and who didn’t like Frank touching her tits, someone is pretty wet just talking about it.” “Maybe I liked it a little, it felt nice, but everyone was here,” she said breathily, almost unsure of what she was saying. She was still rubbing her belly, but one hand moved to her breast as she rubbed her erect nipple with her thumb like Frank had done hours before. “So if no one had been here, you would have let him keep playing with your tits?” She was still looking at me intently as I slowly alternated between rubbing her clit and fingering her deeper. “maybe,” she answered quietly. She was now pinching her nipple and rocking on my hand. “Baby, you are so wet, were you this wet when Frank was playing with your tits? “Yes,” she moaned a little louder. I moved her down to the edge of the sofa so I could lick her pussy. I couldn’t believe she had gotten so hot so quickly, but she was as worked up as I had ever seen her. I stopped moving my fingers and pulled off her clit as I could tell she was getting close. “Would you let Frank eat this pretty pussy?” I asked as she tried to push her cunt back into my face. “Yes, please don’t stop!” As I started in on her pussy again with slow hesitant licks I asked, “Do you want to fuck him baby?” She was twisting her nipples and pushing her hips forward, dying for more contact. “Oh my God, I’m coming…” “Answer baby, Will you fuck him for me?” “Yes, Yes, Oh God, I’ll fuck him!” She screamed as she started to cum. “Promise me you want to fuck him?” “God yes, don’t stop, I want to fuck him.” I stopped. “Say you promise…” “Oh God I promise, I’ll fuck him, don’t stop, Pleeeaasseee.” I dove in with my tongue and continued to piston my fingers in and out of her sopping pussy as she had a massive orgasm. It was so huge, I thought she might give birth right then! Her thighs clamped on my face as I slowed my licks to gentle kisses, she shuddered as waves of ecstasy moved through her. I stood quickly and dropped my pants, my cock as hard as iron. I sat next to her on the sofa and lifted her leg. I couldn’t believe how limp and pliable she was. I latched on to a nipple as my cock buried in her wetness. I sucked her nipple hard and was rewarded with the slightest taste of sweetness, not much but a little. Soon I’d be fighting the baby for my share. I came off her tit and grunted, “are you going to let Frank fuck you like this?” She was almost passed out from her orgasm but she moaned, “He can fuck me however he wants.” “That’s my good girl,” I grunted. “He can cum in me,” she said almost in a whisper. At that point I exploded in her with passion. It was such a turn on, it didn’t take me long to get off. We lay there for a moment, joined, completely content and half asl**p. “I’ll see if Frank can come over tomorrow, will you fuck him tomorrow?” “Sure Jim, I’ll fuck him tomorrow,” she said dreamily. “Promise?” I asked. “I promise I’ll do whatever you want tomorrow.” I pulled a blanket over us and we both fell asl**p.
I knew that all the talk about fucking Frank the neighbor was nothing more than talk. It was all part of the sexy games that Kristine liked to play. She knew I had long wanted her to be open to the idea of being a naughty hotwife from time to time, and deep down I think she liked the thought also. I decided with her being 8 months preggers and her hormones and horniness being at their highest levels, it was time to try and push the envelope. She would probably never fuck him, but she might be up for something sexy.
We got around slowly the next day. When Kristine came out of the shower after cleaning off all the makeup she looked as radiant as ever. “What time should I tell Frank to get here?” I asked non-chalantly. “What do you mean?” She asked just as non-chalantly. “What time are you going to feel like fucking him? Earlier or later?” I asked with a smile. “Um, how about much later, like never!” she replied with a laugh. “That’s not right, you promised you would fuck him today.” I said with a little pout in my voice. “You know that was just fantasy fun,” She said with a laugh again. “But you promised.” I said almost with a whine. “I’m not fucking him ever.” She said as she gave me a kiss. “I don’t even know why you would think something like that would happen. I have no idea why you would even want it to happen.” She added. “C’mon baby, you know you are as sexy as hell, I love it when guys get all hot for you. I love it when you are a little naughty.” She smiled and gave me another kiss. “I love you more than anything,” she said, “and I like being a little naughty, but you know that is just way too out there.” “So, you are telling me there is no chance of it happening today?” I asked in my best irritated voice. “No, I’m telling you there is absolutely no chance ever!” She laughed. “Were you lying then when you said you liked him playing with your tits last night?” I asked. She thought for a moment as she stood there naked, rubbing her belly. “No, I admit, I liked it, but it was not appropriate at all.” “Well, I thought it was hot as hell, and you got so wet when we talked about it, I want to see more.” I said. She looked at me, but didn’t say anything. “How about we make a deal, we let Frank play with your tits a little more, and I’ll never suggest such crazy things again. It will be our last little bit of crazy fun before parenthood.” I rationalized. She stood silently and did not respond, but at least she didn’t say no, so I went on. “I’ll offer him a one-time chance to come over and give you a little massage only, all you do is lay there and let him touch you, you don’t have to fuck him or touch him, then he goes home and I promise I’ll never ask you to do anything like it again. I mean he has all ready felt you up and it all turned out fine, it’s not like it hasn’t all ready happened, this is just an extension” It was mostly silent and I could tell she was thinking. I figured there was no chance and the suggestion would be nixed like they always were. I was both shocked and hopeful when she finally spoke. “You promise?” she asked quietly. “Cross my heart baby, I’ll be satisfied.” I said eagerly, probably too quickly. “What if he can’t come over today, or doesn’t want to?” she asked just as quietly. “The deal will stand and I’ll never ask again. We are going to be responsible parents soon, this kind of thing will be in the past.” “Will it make you happy?” She asked sheepishly. “Very happy, but if I didn’t think you would like it too, I wouldn’t be pushing it, but I think deep down you will enjoy it also.” She walked around the room, rubbing her belly. I stood there and waited. “I guess a little massage might not be so bad,” she sighed without looking at me. “I love you baby,” I said truthfully. She turned around and looked me in the eye, “Promise me, no more crazy requests with other men, this is it.” “This is it baby, I promise.” “Ok then, I guess I can let him play with my tits for a LITTLE while. IF you REALLY want it and you swear this will be it.” She said with authority. “I think it will be a lot of fun!” I said excited now beyond belief. “Only a quick massage, that’s it.” She reiterated f***efully. “Agreed” I said with a nod. “I don’t even think he will show,” she mumbled. “Hang out in your robe for awhile, let me go see if I can find him,” I said as I threw on some shoes. “You’re ridiculous, but ok, this is your thing.” She yelled at me as I rushed out the door.
Frank only lived three houses down but I practically ran down the street. As luck would have it, Frank was out in his front yard. He saw me coming and waved, “Hey Jim, where you off too in such a rush?” I came up to him panting a bit. “Hey Frank, did you have a good time at the party last night?” I asked him without answering his question. “I did…Hey, real sorry if I…” He started to reply. “No Frank, it’s cool, listen, I’m not going to explain a lot, but it was really hot watching you play with Kristine’s tits. I have talked her into letting you have a little more fun. How would you like to see her completely naked and touch her as much as you want?” I blurted out. I had never thought that Frank might think we were a couple of weirdos, or had sobered up and wouldn’t be into playing our crazy game. When he laughed out loud, those thoughts crossed my mind and I felt stupid for a second. Maybe Kristine had been right after all and I was just deluded. “Hell yes, I’m in! What’s the catch though, you guys hurting for cash or something?” He asked skeptically. “No catch Frank, except that Kristine is somewhat reluctant. She has agreed to a naked massage and you will have to be happy with that, a small extension of last night. She was adamant that was all that was going to happen, but she’s super horny, and once she’s worked up, anything can happen. You might be able to fuck her if she gets into it, but don’t go in thinking it’s guaranteed.” I summarized. “Are you k**ding me Jim? You think she would actually…you don’t mind if I fuck her?” He asked a little shocked. “Well, I hope it goes that way, I’ve been trying to get her into being a little slutty for years, this might be my last best chance. You don’t have to do it obviously, but it would be cool to see if you did. If it doesn’t though, you have to be willing to accept the limits and respect Kristine’s wishes.” “Shit, I’m thrilled just at the thought of seeing her naked and feeling those perfect tits again, anything more…well that is just a bonus…wow, ok, when are we going to do this?” He asked, more confident that I was serious and that something could actually happen. “Can you be cleaned up and at my house in like 45 minutes?” I didn’t want a lot of time to pass for Kristine to get cold feet. “You better believe I can.” He said excitedly. “Ok, just so you know, I’m going to film it so hopefully you’re ok with that, and also, remember that I hope she fucks you, whatever I say otherwise is just for her benefit. Lastly, this is probably a one-time thing, we aren’t swingers. When it is over, I don’t want any weirdness.” “I’m good with all that Jim, Can you promise me my wife won’t find out, because she won’t appreciate it and then I’ll be the one with money problems.” He said with a big grin. “Perfect, it’s our three secret; all right then, I’ll see you in 45, thanks Frank.” We shook hands. “No, thank you Jim, I can’t wait.” With that we both hurried off to get ready.
I bolted back into the house. Kristine was still in her robe in the bathroom doing her hair and makeup. I found this a promising sign that she at least was entertaining the idea that we would have a guest, and she decided to do some prepping . I stood there in the doorway as she ignored me and continued with her application. “Well?” She asked indifferently. “He will be here in 45 minutes.” I said slightly out of breath. “Seriously?” She questioned as she looked at me briefly. “Yep, 45, and he’s as excited as we are.” “Ugh, as excited as you are maybe. At least I’m not doing all this prep work for nothing I guess.” She said flatly. “You are as sexy as ever baby.” I said truthfully. “Well, I admit, I feel a little sexy.” She said as she pouted and made a face in the mirror. She opened her robe and pushed out her beautiful breasts. They had always been wonderful, but now they were wonderful and huge! “Are you sure you want to see our neighbor’s hands on these?” She asked with a raised eyebrow as she cupped and raised them slightly. “Oh, I’m sure.” I said. “It’s gonna be so hot…oh, and since this is the one and only, I’m going to record it so I can keep it forever!” I declared, expecting a negative response. “Hmmm, probably an awful idea, but ok, this is your thing.” She said with a chuckle. “Do you think I should wear the white or black panties?” She asked as she moved over to her dresser. “Oh no, no panties, this is a naked massage, remember?” I corrected her. “Oh my god you are ridiculous!” She said with a slightly nervous laugh. “Sorry baby, you know he is going to have to see your pretty little pussy.” “Fine, fine, I won’t argue, I guess that was the deal…he can look at it…but that’s all…and I don’t have to start out naked either, I can tease a bit.” She said nervously. I was sure deep down, Kristine was not convinced of her own willpower, I was convinced she was going to enjoy it. “Will you check her for me? Make sure I’m presentable. I shaved in the shower but I can’t see down there.” This was a good sign, even before this conversation she was anticipating showing her pussy. I got down in front of her and touched up a few stray hairs with her electric razor, but her pussy looked fantastic. It was impossible not to notice, she was also all ready getting wet. “Might as well check Annie too,” she said as she turned and spread her cheeks. Annie was our pet name for her asshole. Annie was clean and perfect so I leaned in and gave her a little lick and kiss. “Mmmm, that feels nice, I’ll want more of that later,” she said as she wiggled her ass a bit. I was tempted to make out with her ass a little longer, but time was short, and we still had some work to do.
While Kristine did some last minute things with her hair, makeup, and outfit, I got my old massage table out of the garage and set up the living room. I moved quite a bit of furniture around to make sure there was plenty of room to move around the table. I also tested it to make sure it wouldn’t collapse. I covered it with a sheet, put on some soft music and got out some towels and lotion. I also got out the video camera and made sure the battery was charged. I was surprised she was allowing the filming and that she hadn’t protested more. Kristine came down barefoot in her robe and looked stunning, just like the pregnant Goddess she was. She had just gotten her nails done and her toes were sexy with bright red polish. We made small talk nervously, anxiously, excitedly, going over all the small details. Kristine had told me she was in charge, which I knew, and that she planned on teasing Frank a bit. My job was to enjoy the show and make sure Frank backed off when she wanted. My mind was spinning that any of this was happening at all.
When the doorbell rang, Kristine took my face in her hands and gave me a deep kiss. “I love you honey, I hope you know how much.” “I do, you know how much I love you, thanks for doing this baby, I know I will owe you a lot,” I said with a genuine smile. “I just want you to be happy sweetie, so let’s have fun.” With that she turned and went into the kitchen and I went to the front door. Frank stood there with a big smile on his face. He wasn’t an ugly dude by any means but he wasn’t good looking for sure. Maybe it was his bushy mustache, or balding head, or paunchy mid section, or combination that made him seem less attractive…less threatening. Maybe it was because he was pushing 50 and obviously not into fitness, I don’t know. I don’t imagine he’d had too many encounters with hot, pregnant 26 year olds…outside of maybe his wife years ago. But here he was, confident and excited, maybe slightly nervous, ready to get his hands back on my wife. I knew for sure I had to see him fuck her, it had to happen.
“Hey Jim, everything still good to go?” He asked, his eyes darting around. “Sure is Frank, really glad you could come on such short notice.” I said as I stepped back and allowed him into the house. “No, thank you Jim, really glad you two weren’t mad at me and invited me back, really looking forward to this…Ah nice massage table, nice ambiance…Kris is here right?” He asked with a slightly nervous laugh. “She sure is, she’ll be out in a minute, don’t worry, we aren’t playing tricks.” I said as I patted him on the shoulder. “Now, remember Frank, this is just a small extension from last night, you can look all you want, and give Kris a little massage, that is all,” I said loudly but with an obvious wink. “Yep, no problem at all, I completely understand.” He said returning the wink. “Now, I’m being serious Frank, this is my beautiful wife, not a cheap whore, you will respect her, and when she says no, it means no. It should go without saying, baby safety is priority #1.” I looked him in the eye and did not wink so he knew I was serious about respect and being careful with her and the baby. “I have the utmost respect for both of you…all three of you, and certainly agree. Also remember this is our secret.” He replied, reminding me he had things at stake too. “I think we understand each other Frank. My advice to you is Kristine likes her shoulders, thighs, and feet massaged, if you start there and are patient, this will last longer and be a whole lot more fun for all of us.” I said. “I was hoping I could take my time.” He said with his big grin returning. “Oh, and she loves dirty talk, but take that slow too, let her lead,” I said with a lowered voice. Frank’s only reply was a thumbs up.
“Excellent…Kristine, we have company!!!” I called out over my shoulder. I left Frank standing in the middle of the floor as I fired up the camera. I wanted to capture everything and focused on the kitchen entryway. I was all ready rock hard and uncomfortable in my shorts. A few seconds later she appeared in the doorway, poised, stunning, amazing, and walked slowly over to Frank. She looked at the camera quickly and smiled then focused on Frank and made complete eye contact with him. His mouth hung open as she stopped a few feet in front of him, barefoot in her robe. “Well hello Frank, nice of you to come back for a visit today,” Kristine said very sexily as she stood with her hands rubbing her belly. Frank looked like he was in a trance as he looked her up and down. “Jim and I thought I was a little rude last night when you were trying to admire my costume.” “Not at all,” Frank faintly mumbled. “Well we felt awful about it. There were so many people here, you understand why I reacted the way I did right? Kristine asked slowly and very sweetly. Frank still looked like he was in a trance. “Of course…Jesus you look beautiful!” “Thank You Frank, that’s very sweet.” She said as she batted her eyes at him. “So we felt terrible, because Jim really enjoyed watching you touch me, and I liked it too. Did you like it Frank?” She asked playfully. “Oh I loved it, I’m glad you really weren’t mad.” He said, still looking her over. “I’m sorry I’m not wearing the costume today, I know you really liked it, I hope you don’t mind,” she said with faux sadness. “Not even the band-aids.” He said with a loose laugh and a swing of his arms. “Jim didn’t like those either, Hmmm, I guess we won’t know until you open up this robe,” she said dropping her hands to her sides for access to the tied sash. “You want me to…” he stuttered and stammered. “Open me like a present,” she giggled “I’m not going to do it for you, so if you want to see I guess you’ll have to.” Frank rubbed his hands together, smiled at her and took a small step forward. “Here goes nothing,” he said as he gave the sash a tug and pulled until it unknotted and the robe fell slightly open. Not waiting for further instruction, he pulled at the fabric on her shoulders and with a slight arch of her back, it fell in a heap on the floor.
She was naked now except for some sexy red panties (red hadn’t even been one of the choices she asked me about…and obviously no band-aids!) “Oh my God…just beautiful…you by far…best damn gift I ever opened.” He also said “Damn” about 10 times as he stood there rubbing his face, openly ogling and admiring her sexiness. Kristine stood there proud, I could tell she was nervous but also confident and glowing. She knew she looked amazing. “Do you like what you see Frank?” She questioned. “Uh-huh” he said as he nodded, once again back in his trance like state. “You like my big pregnant belly?” She asked as she started to rub and sway a little. Frank again just groaned and nodded. “The baby is moving a lot today, do you want to feel?” She asked as she reached for his hands. She put one on the top and one on the side. For a few seconds they stood silent and still like that, neither moving, his hands on her belly and hers on top of his. I had seen Kristine do this with a lot of friends and f****y, but now she was in just red panties with a lecherous man and it was extremely erotic. “Oh yeah, moving a ton,” Frank finally said. Kristine dropped her hands to her side and Franks roamed all over her belly, much like they had the previous night. His movements were slower now and were both gentle and highly sensual. He starred at her tits as his hands continued to roam. I could see the bulge in his pants.
They stood close like that, mostly silent in the middle of the room, for a few minutes. Frank’s hands moving slowly and gently all over her belly. Occasionally he would stop and hold his hands still, maybe feeling the baby move, maybe just enjoying her soft skin. Both just stood and watched as if they were both mesmerized. “I think I could stand here all day,” Frank said very quietly. “Do you like how I feel?” Kristine asked just as softly. “You feel as beautiful as you look,” he sighed. “You’re sweet Frank, it feels really nice. Frank raised his hands to her breasts and cupped them, but Kristine grabbed his wrists and took a small step back. “Nope, not yet, you haven’t finished unwrapping me.” Frank’s eyes grew wide, “All that’s left are those little red panties.” He said as he looked down. “I thought both you and Jim wanted me naked, but we can leave them on if you…” She was cut off before she could finish. “Oh no, we better take them off, you are like the gift that keeps on giving,” Frank said as he knelt down on one knee before her. He didn’t immediately go for her panties though, instead he started rubbing slowly around her belly again, staring straight ahead. As he rubbed the sides of her belly, he leaned in and started gently kissing and licking around her protruding belly button. I thought she would stop him, but she let him continue to kiss and lick around her belly. He finally rocked back a little as he hooked his thumbs in her panties and slowly lowered them. Once she stepped out, she was standing there naked in front of him and with Frank on his knees he could look directly at her pussy. He made no move to touch her, but starred openly, once again in a trance like state. Kristine in turn starred at him admiring her beauty with a smile on her face. I was shocked when she reached down and opened herself up and purred, “Do you like this?” Before he could answer or move, she spun around and headed to the massage table. “Come on Frank, be a nice guy and give me my massage.”
Frank shook his head and slowly rose from his crouched position. He looked at me and I gave him a thumbs up as she gently climbed on to the table and adjusted a small pillow. Frank walked over to the table and watched her as she got comfortable. He walked slowly around the table, admiring her sexiness. As he moved around her, he lightly touched her and moved his hand along the contour of her body. He didn’t touch her pussy and only lightly brushed passed her tits, but her nipples responded and were rock hard. He got a little lotion and rubbed it into his hands, then got behind her head and started massaging , gently applying focused, hard pressure on her neck and shoulders. He bent down a bit so he was closer to her ears, “You are an amazing woman Kristine, your body is so sexy and perfect,” he said in a low voice. “I’m glad you like it, all the compliments are wonderful and the massage feels really nice.” There was something in her voice, a quiver maybe, I knew she was fighting to keep control.
He massaged her upper arms and shoulders for quite some time, occasionally he would rub her temples or her neck and then return to her shoulders. He was deliberately relaxing her and building tension at the same time. Suddenly he reached out and pinched one of her nipples which caused a surprised gasp from Kristine. Before anything could be said he pinched the other, then gently squeezed and rubbed her tits. “You’ve got great tits Kris,” Frank said as he cupped them and flicked her nipples with his thumbs. “Are you enjoying yourself Frank,” she asked. This whole exchange was reminiscent of the previous night, except Frank wasn’t slurring and Kristine’s tone was one of acceptance rather than irritation. “Yes indeed, this is a great day.” He said as he moved around to the side of the table. Then he did what I wanted him to do the night before. He bent over and latched on to her right nipple while he rolled the left between his fingers. Kristine let out and audible moan and I saw her grip the table. Frank alternated between each breast, each time biting softly, licking, sucking, and tugging with his teeth and lips while squeezing and kneading with his free hand. Kristine’s eyes were shut and her hips were rocking, her toes were curling and I could tell she was trying hard not to cum. She suddenly raised her hand and pulled at his shoulder, “you have to stop Frank, I can’t take anymore!” she whimpered. He pulled up with a loud smack and gave her tits one more squeeze then continued moving down her body. He rubbed all over her belly, and kissed and licked around her belly button. He massaged her thighs deep and hard, this elicited another deep sigh from Kristine. He didn’t touch her pussy but he spread her legs enough for a good look. I could see her wetness through the camera.
Once he got back to her feet, he started to rub and massage them, and his gaze locked on her pussy. He reached in to a shirt pocket and pulled out a small point and shoot camera. “I need a picture of that pussy…souvenir for later,” he said as he spread her legs further. I thought it was bold of him to not ask and I expected her to protest, but she offered no resistance. “No face Frank,” was all she said. With her legs voluntarily dangling off the side, he climbed on the table and got between her legs. “Goddamn you are so wet,” he exclaimed as he started snapping pics. “There’s pussy juice everywhere! Reach down and open up for me Kris,” he ordered…and she obliged. After he took a few he stood back up. “Need to get those tits and full body too, hold your tits and smile for the camera baby!” I was a little shocked, she had just said no face, but there she was smiling for the camera.
He put the camera away and quickly climbed back between her legs, “I’ve gotta taste this pussy.” Kristine mumbled “no” and tried to close her legs, but Frank’s face was up there fast. “Oh my God,” Kristine moaned as her hands went down to Frank’s head. Instead of pushing him away, she pulled him closer. “Oh my God, don’t stop,” Kristine hissed as she pushed herself into his face. Frank had no intention of stopping as his tongue dove deep and his nose rubbed back and forth across her clit. Kristine raised her legs, “I’m cumming…faster…oh God,” she shuddered as she had a monster orgasm. Frank continued to lick and suck her as she went stiff and convulsed as waves of pleasure shot through her body. Eventually, she pushed his head away, “you have to stop,” she moaned breathlessly. Frank eased off the end of the table and stood up. As he moved back around the table, he pushed his sweat pants down freeing his cock. By the time Kristine noticed he had moved to her side and with his left hand started pinching her nipples while his right started rubbing her pussy. “Jim…Frank…what are you doing…you can’t fuck me,” she said with no conviction.
Frank stood at her side, his face covered with pussy juice and worked both her tits and pussy. “This pussy is so sweet, but hot baby, you need more,” he said as he furiously rubbed her clit and twisted at her nipples. His cock bobbed there, almost touching her belly, but not quite. It was a good 6 inches and quite thick, nicer than I expected. Kristine was writhing around on the table, “we can’t fuck,” she moaned loudly, then reached for his cock and started pulling it. Frank took a side step, but never took his hands from her pussy or her tits. She swallowed it greedily once it was in reach. “That’s it, that’s a good girl, you needed that cock didn’t you,” he groaned. Kristine’s hand barely fit around his fat cock and she muffled ascent. “You like that don’t you baby? You love sucking my cock.” Kristine popped of his dick as she started another huge orgasm. “I love your cock, oh God, don’t stop.” Frank slid back around and quickly climbed back on the table. As quick as he was on the table, he lifted her legs and easily pushed his cock into her pussy. She was so wet, even though it stretched her, it slid in easy.
“Oh God yes, fuck me, oh god, fuck me!!! I love this cock…don’t stop.” Kristine screamed with passion. She twisted her own nipples mercilessly as Frank carefully pounded her pussy. Her orgasm seemed to continue on, rolling from one to another as he fucked her senseless. “I knew this pussy would be so good, Goddamn it’s tight and wet…fuck…I knew you wanted this cock,” Frank said with a sneer as he slowed his movement and let her come down from her sex high. “Oh…It’s so good…it feels so good…oh…oh,” she moaned breathlessly. Frank pulled out of her and scooted further up the table, he lifted her leg so he could enter her from the side. Kristine was limp. “Baby, now we gotta let Jim get some good video of his slut wife fucking this fat cock,” he said as he began fucking her again. “Oh..mmm…I am…God…such a slut,” she moaned between thrusts. “Here you go Jim, you got a hot dirty whore for a wife, she needs dick, watch her sweet pussy take this cock,” Frank directed. It was so hot to see, I got in close and captured what I had always wanted to see. As I filmed them fucking, I felt like I would cum in my pants.
Frank was like a machine fucking her, he played with her tits and rubbed her belly, but he never stopped thrusting in and out of her wet cunt. They continued to talk back and forth, sometimes loudly and sometimes in inaudible whispers. “Ok baby, I want you on your hands and knees.” He groaned. He got off the table as Kristine willingly but weekly repositioned herself. “I can’t take much more,” she whimpered as she thrust her ass in the air. Frank stood on the floor and pulled her closer to the edge and once again began sawing in and out of her cunt. “Yes you can baby, this hot little whore pussy needs more. I’m nowhere near done,” he said as he grabbed her hips and continued thrusting. “Oh…it’s too much…God…oh…so good,” she mumbled. He hunched over her and squeezed her tits, pulling hard on her nipples and she responded with load moans. He rubbed and cradled her belly as he continued his hard deliberate fucking. “That’s it, I think the baby likes all this movement, and Jim likes watching his slut wife fuck, and I know you can’t get enough can you?” “Oh God…fuck me…fuck me…I need your cock…so good,” she moaned. “That’s right baby, this is my pussy now isn’t it?” “God…yes…just fuck me…oh…I’m cumming!!!” “Who owns this pussy?” Frank barked as he shoved a finger in her ass. “Ohhhh, you do…you own it Frank…ohhh, she howled with pleasure or pain, I couldn’t tell and it didn’t matter, the orgasm was huge.
She was so weak after her cum, she flopped over on her side and his cock pulled out of her. He walked around the table to her face. “Not yet baby, take this cock in your mouth, I know you like the taste of your slut pussy.” She opened her mouth as Frank held the back of her head. She was once again limp as he fucked her face. “Jim, get some of this footage,” he called out, even though I was standing right there. But it was great porn. Her lips were stretched, eyes closed, spittle pushed from the corners of her mouth. “Damn she’s a great cocksucker,” Frank exclaimed. He slowed his thrusts, moving his cock slowly in and out of her mouth. “Take my camera and get some pictures of this,” Frank directed as he handed me his camera. I put down the video camera and snapped away. I thought he would cum, but he stopped suddenly and pulled off her mouth. “Get back on your back baby, I need more whore pussy,” Frank said as he climbed back on the table. “I can’t…please…no,” Kristine whimpered, but she slowly spun around and laid on her back, legs spread wide. “Baby, you got one more cum in this hot pussy,” he said as he reached out and squeezed her slit hard. “Oh God…one more!” she practically screamed.
Once again he was fucking her with abandon. “You gonna cum on this cock for me?” “Yes…oh God…I need it…I love your cock” “You want to feel me cum baby?” “Yes, oh…cum in me…please…I need it!” “I’m gonna fuck you again baby.” “Oh…God yes…I’ll fuck you whenever…whenever you want…you can fuck me whenever…I need it…Oh…best sex ever…Godddddd! “That’s right, this is my pussy now!” “Oh…it is…you can fuck me whenever…it’s yours…I’m yours.” “That’s a good slut, this hot pussy needs cock.” “Fuck me…whenever…everyday…best ever!” “Here it comes baby!” “I’m cumming!” Frank pushed himself in to the hilt, his ass flexing as he dumped his load into Kristine. He pinched her nipples but she was beyond stiff, not breathing until she exhaled with a long scream. Frank fucked her slowly for a few more minutes, then hopped off the table and presented her his slimy cock. “I know you want to taste this,” he grunted. Kristine barely opened her mouth, but Frank slid his cock in slow, letting her gently suck his softening cock. He pulled out with a plop then bent down and kissed her forehead. “You are an amazing fuck baby…Goddamn,” he said a little breathlessly. “Mmmm…amazing,” she purred. Frank moved slowly down her body, kissing both breasts, her belly, then her feet. “I’ll be back for more pussy tomorrow baby,” he declared. “Tomorrow,” she replied dreamily.
I stopped recording and put the camera down. As Frank was looking on the floor for his pants I tried to hand him his camera. “Take some more pics while I get dressed will ya Jim, she looks great.” I snapped a bunch while she curled up and napped. As she laid there on her side, I lifted her leg to get a shot of her pussy. As I focused, a pearl of white cum came into view. After I took the picture, I couldn’t help myself, my rock hard cock needed relief. I got behind her and slid into her well fucked pussy, pushing Frank’s cum deeper into her and feeling their juices slide around my cock. Her pussy felt like it never had before, stretched but still tight, and wet and slimy beyond compare. She hardly moved. “There you go Jim, that pussy can take a lot, next time we should double her! I bet she could take four or five cocks…maybe more. I bet it feels nice with all that cum in there…I might need to get back in once you add yours.” Frank picked up his camera and walked around snapping pictures as I fucked my wife. Kris lay barely moving, and I unload in about 2 minutes. I grunted and moaned and asked her how she liked having a second cock but she was mostly silently but sl**pily said she liked it.
I pulled out of her and got off the table. I expected Frank would want to fuck her again but he was dressed and ready to go. “You got a special lady there Jim, I appreciate you both having me over today, what a great thing,” he said cheerfully. I clapped him on the shoulder, “that was amazing!” Once we got outside we shook hands and thanked each other again. “So, Jim, it’s ok if I come over and fuck her tomorrow right?” He asked with a raised eyebrow. “I’m working tomorrow, plus you know all of that was just sex talk, she won’t want to fuck you again.” I said with a half laugh. “I wouldn’t be so sure, that wife of yours has a little whore in her, wouldn’t surprise me one bit if she’d like a little more,” he said with a laugh of his own. “I doubt she would be down for anything else Frank.” I stated truthfully. There was an awkward pause for a few seconds, “Well, do you care if I try?” He asked hesitantly. “She was an amazing fuck, I would love another go.” We both laughed a little, “understandable Frank, I guess you can try.” We shook hands again, and with a wink he was off.
I went back into the house and puttered around for a bit while Kristine slept. I went to the basement to watch the tape and got through it twice before I heard her moving around upstairs. I went up and she was in her robe making a cup of tea. “Hey baby, you doing ok?” I asked. “I’m fine, are you ok?” she asked with a smile. “I am great, and you have to be the coolest wife ever,” I said honestly. “Can you believe what happened? I can’t believe things got so wild. Did you enjoy today? Was it all you wanted it to be?” She questioned. “It was very hot, and you were sexy, so very amazing.” “I felt really sexy,” she replied. We hugged and her hair smelled like cum, I looked close and saw a small crusted glob. “You know Frank is coming over tomorrow, he loved it so much, he wants to try again.” I told her plainly. As I held her she looked in my eyes, “Do you think that’s a good idea?”

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