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Halloween party

I love Halloween. My f****y have always had fun with Halloween since I was a k**.
I have recently returned home to my parents after being away at college the last four years. My parents have lived without k**s for the last two years so it has been a transition for them to have me back in the house.
My parents have had a great Halloween party for years. People go all out and dress up in costumes. There are so many people that dress up in total disguise so you don’t know who is in that costume.
So I was looking forward to attend this party and being able to actually drink this time since I now was over 21.

I found a makeup kit and make myself look like a much older man, dressed as a street person. I work out a lot so it was cool to make my head look like I was an older man while my body looked young and strong. I got a lot of attention from people at the party. I loved the fact that my own parents did not know how I was. The went and got changed after I came out and there wer
I did not remember that people were drinking so much alcohol at these parties, maybe things had changed in the years I was gone. Of course, I had a few on my own.
I was sitting in a bar stool when two ladies in masks came over to me. Both ladies were a bit d***k and giggled as they asked what a homeless person was doing at this party. I told them I was invited because I was really an uncover stripper.
They touched my arms and back with their hands as they explored my body. I told them to watch out because they might not be able to handle this package.
They were both older women, both had plump bodies and showed ample cleavage. I had a difficult time keeping my eyes away from those two big valleys.
One of the women giggled and said that she suspected that she was more than this uncover stripper ever could handle. She put her hand on my leg and slowly caressed her way up to my groin. I felt so hot in my costume and my cock reacted by starting to swell. She wiggled her tits in my face and told her friend that it sure felt like this uncover stripper had a good package that they should check out. Her friend reached out and touch my cock too. I now had two hands caressing my cock that was straining under my pants. Since I was dressed as a homeless person, my pants was old sweat pants and it made it easy for them to slide their hands under my pants. I had not underwear on underneath, so when the first hand went inside my pants she could easily wrap her hand around my shaft. She leaned into me and moaned that she was willing to see how would win, the uncover stripper or this old fashion princess as she was dressed as.
I felt a second hand on my cock and looked over at the other lady, dressed as a German Bier maid. Her tits looked even bigger and was more exposed. She told her friend that they needed to get into a room quickly, she really wanted to feel this big cock. They giggle and then removed their hands from my pants. Princess grabbed my hand and lead me over to where our bedrooms where. I did not hear what they said, but the Bier maid lead the way into my parents bedroom. I hesitate on entering the bedroom, but Princess said she would lock the door and that nobody would disturb us.
The Bier Maid did not wait, she pulled me closer to the bed and told me to sit down on the edge. She sat down in front of me and pulled down my pants. MY cock was standing very proud and erected. She grabbed it and started to kiss my shaft and worked her way to my head. Princess joined in and they both licked and sucked my shaft.
Princess said that this was a very nice cock. She stood up, lifted her dress and bend over with her elbows on the bed and told me to get behind her. She told me she wanted to feel this huge cock before anyone missed us at the party outside the door.
I quickly got behind her and slide my very hard cock into her pussy. Bier Maid got on the bed and lifted her skirt. She moved over so that Princess could get between her legs and told her to lick her. She wanted to be real wet before she took that big cock in her pussy.
I was so unexpected that I was in my parents bedroom fucking one women while she was licking another one that was waiting for me to fuck her too. I reach around and started to play with Princess’s pussy. She was soaking wet and her clit was big and erected. I really enjoyed fucking this lady that was my own mother’s age. I wish I could have the rest of the night with these two and get naked with them so I could suck and lick their big tits as well.
Princess started to cum without warning. She grunted that this felt too good and that she wanted to cum. I did my best to hold back and not cum in her. I wanted to fuck the other woman too.
I pulled out as Princess climbed up on the bed next to the Bier Maid. I decided that I wanted to taste this pussy before fucking it. I leaned down and first kissed her lips gently, then I started to use my tongue to explore her pussy. Her clit was very hard and she moaned every time I nibble on it. I used two fingers to fuck her as I brought her closer to orgasm. I loved when she started to buckle under me and I brought her to orgasm.
When she recovered, I pulled her closer to the edge and started to fuck her. She was so turned on and kept saying, – I’m cuming, I’m cuming, I’m cuming…..
I was fucking her in long nice slow strokes. Her pussy felt so tight around my very hard cock. I could not hold back much longer… I reached up and grabbed her big fucking tits as I grunted that I was cuming too….
If felt better than any other fuck I had experienced in my life. Bier Maid was arching up and cuming hard as I went as deep as I could and erupted in her. I felt my cock pump put big globs of cum into this wonderful older woman. Fuck her pussy was amazing.
I was still deep in her, when Princess told the Bier Maid, – We better hurry up, your hubby and son might miss you, Mary, since you are the hostess of this party!
Oh, my fucking god. I had just licked and fucked, not to mentioned deposited a huge amount of cum into my own mother!
First I was too chocked to say anything, then my cock reacted and started to swell again. I had not even pulled out yet and my cock was ready again. My mother felt this and told me to fuck her again. She moved so she laid on her side and I still had my cock buried in her pussy and her big wide ass against my tummy.
I told myself, I was already in so much trouble so why not enjoy it while it lasted. I started to fuck her with more intensity and f***e. My mother whimpered that this was amazing. She called out and said she never wanted this to end!
I fucked her hard for a few more minutes. Princess was laying next to us and rubbing her pussy when I called out that I was cuming again.
My mother told her friend that she could feel how my cock was growing even bigger, she told her she needed to fuck me again and have me cum in her so she could feel this too.
That was too much for me. My mother telling her friend to fuck me, even if they did not know who I was. I erupted and thrusted hard into my mother’s womb and let another load go off.

When we calmed down, my mother sat up and said we needed to get back to the party. She said that she wanted to do this soon again!
She got up and hugged me. Then she managed to get stuck in my faked beard and pulled it off.
She suddenly realized that it was her son standing in front of her and that her pussy was full of his cum. She did not say anything, she quickly put the beard back on my face and told her friend that we needed to get out…… She smiled at me and told me to not show my face and that we needed to have a talk later, she then rubbed my cock and left the room…..

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