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Story by Priya

“There it is!”

“Would you look at that…”

A van of four college students slowly drove up the long entranceway to the abandoned Waverly Hills Insane asylum in Kentucky that shut down decades ago. A dark place that housed thousands of people who died of tuberculosis, or TB. It also housed many mental patients that were dangerous to themselves and others. The sun was getting ready to set on the cold October afternoon; making the perfect environment for the four ambitious college students. They weren’t there to explore the paranormal or hunt ghosts. They were there for a challenge, and a dare.

Two of the students were Indian females named Ashley and Mindy. They were there with their white boyfriends; Tom and Philip. A porn website named XGerebil was doing a contest to see who could produce a video of them having sex in the scariest locations for a cash prize and to be featured for a day.

The group decided they would fuck in the middle of the night in the heart of this asylum. Something they all felt confident about. None of them believed in the paranormal or spiritual except for Tom; who didn’t believe in ghosts per se; but believed in residual energy or strong emotions latching onto a place. Such as the terror that went on inside insane asylums; giving Tom somewhat of an uneasy feeling in his gut.

“I’ve got the tripod” Philip said.

“Mindy and I have the supplies.” Ashley said as they got out of the van which was parked on the side of the building. The huge building was quite well hidden by forests but it was still private property; so they didn’t want to get caught trespassing.

“Cameras all set.” Tom said.

The building was almost shaped as if it was an open book. There were also four large gargoyle statues that stood atop the entrance of the building; giving it a dark and menacing vibe. The two couples stood and looked up at the statues as they became darker and darker as the sun disappeared. They all felt somewhat of a sad strange presence emanate from the asylum as darkness fell. As if all the happiness in the world left with the sunlight.

“Let’s do this.” Tom said. The group walked up the five front stairs and opened the loud squeaky front door. A sound that seemed to echo down all of the hallways on the first floor.

“Holy shit, this is creepy.” Mindy said half-jokingly.

“The only beds that will function are supposed to be on the fourth floor. So let’s find some stairs.” Ashley said as everybody turned on their flashlights.

“Try not to make too much noise. If there is some crazy homeless dude here, I don’t want him to know where we are.” Philip said.

“Good point.” Tom responded. As they walked along the dark long hallway they looked into the rooms that had no doors and held equipment and tools from decades ago. From the 60s 40s 20s… This place was old. The place felt much colder than the outside. Almost suspiciously cold….

The girls grabbed their boyfriends arms as they walked down the long dark corridor finally reaching a destroyed sign that was scribbled out by nature that said “S–IR”.

“Stairs must be in here.” Mindy said as Philip pushed aside the broken door.

As he did a loud door slamming sound happened down the hallway making everyone look back in shock.

“The fuck was that?” Ashley said, gripping Tom’s arm even harder.

“Must be the wind, come on.” Philip said as he stepped over the debris by the stairs and started to walk up with the others following closely.

As they arrived at the fourth floor hallway, Tom pointed his flashlight down the hallway as the others looked inside a room, searching for the beds. As he flashed his light out he saw a dark shadow figure jet across between two rooms towards the end of his sight. Quite startled, Tom said nothing, thinking he was just seeing things.

“The mattress should be somewhere in here; keep looking Tom.” Philip said.”I don’t want to fuck Mindy on cold broken tile.”

Mindy was at the back of the group as they slowly walked down the hallway. This one felt even scarier than the previous. The four spoke about how they imagined all of the chaos and terror that happened inside these rooms and corridors. They could also see the outside opening leading out. As Mindy looked around she heard a weak whisper behind her that muttered something incomprehensible.

She jumped around “Something was just behind me….”

“The wind can sound like different things in here, and yes I heard it too.” Ashley said.

They all continued exploring until Tom let out an exuberant shout.

“Guys over here in room 432!”

The others walked towards him and saw him sitting and bouncing on one of the two mattresses in the room. “This is gonna be great!”

Philip pulled out his night vision camera and started recording. “Okay, we are here at the Rolling Hills Sanitarium in Kentucky, and we are here to enter the XGerbil Halloween sex contest.” He panned the camera through the hallway and out the window to show proof of their location. “I’m also here with my girlfriend, Mindy. And we’re also with my buddy Tom, and his girlfriend, Ashley. So tonight were gonna fuck our girlfriends on these old mattresses in this insane asylum that has been abandoned for years. Lets get started!”

He set up the green nightvision camera on its tripod at the edge of the room; so that it got both beds in view. There was no light for the couples except the dim camera LED light. The couples started quiedtly making out and removing eachothers clothes. Tom grabbed Ashley’s breasts while Philip caressed Mindy’s. Both couples were separated and at their own mattress, making sure they faced the camera as often as possible. The girls both got on their knees and started sucking.

“Mmmmm I love that juicy cock!” Mindy said as she sucked.

“MMhhmmm.” Ashley groaned in agreement, with a mouth full of Tom’s penis.

After a while they both got up and sat their men at the bed side and they pulled down their skirts and panties to reveal their smoothe big asses. They then wrapped their arms around their boyfriends necks while sitting on their laps. Bouncing up and down on their cock, they seemed to be quite quiet in their moaning. Usually they would be screaming in pleasure, but the building began to give off a much darker feeling in the past few minutes. It was almost as if they didn’t want to wake the building. What they didn’t know, is they already did….

As they all fucked on the two mattresses in the dark, they had no idea what the nightvision camera was picking up. Flashing orbs that occasionally flew in and out of the room. Faint voices that were only picked up on camera. Shadows darting across the room quickly. Objects such as a doll and rolling chair moving by themselves. And the worst of all during the hour long group fuck session. A shadow figure that walked in and stood near the bedside watching them for a good 2 minutes on camera before turning back and walking back into the hallway.

They had no idea as to what was going on but they felt uncomfortable.

“Cum inside us!” Mindy said.

Tom and Philip thrust into their women harder and harder, eventually shooting their hot white seed into their Indian pussies.

The four layed on their mattresses in exhaustion. As they layed down in quiet they were startled to hear a loud door slamming sound. This wasn’t down the hallway, this was in their room.

After a moment of terror, Tom exclaimed ” Lets get the fuck out of here!”

Philip picked up the camera and kept recording as they ran out of the room. The girls ran as if they had a rash between their legs. This was due to the cum that was in their pussies leaking out onto their legs as they ran; greatly slowing them down.

They quickly got to the stairs at the end of the hallway as they heard sounds of breaking glass just a room behind them.

“Come on let’s go!” Mindy shouted from behind as they descended the stairs carefully, but quickly to the bottom floor.

As they got to the bottom floor stairway, it was as if the entire building had come to life. The door that they had left open to get into the stairway was completely shut and blocked.

“Come on; put the camera away and push!” Tom said as they all struggled to open the door. After 3 good pushes, the door busted open and the men grabbed their ladies hands and made a break for it.

As they got to the entrance together, they heard one last crashing sound as an empty vase flew at their heads; shattering on the wall right next to Ashley’s head; just barely missing her.

They jumped in their van, never to look back or return ever again.

A few weeks later, they found out they won the XGerbil contest and had extraordinary paranormal footage as well that spread like wildfire. Oddly enough, both Mindy and Ashley became pregnant afterwards as well. Maybe it was good luck, maybe it was bad.


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