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Halloween: The Book

Halloween Two, 10/10/2016: The Book

Abergale threw her coat over the back of her regular seat at the library next to the window directly opposite the storage heater which for some reason was always on and pumped out huge amounts of heat year round. She sat down heavily in the seat and placed her head in her hands, rubbing her eyes trying to relieve the pain of a head ache that had developed since breakfast and was getting worse by the minute. She got headaches like this every month on her period but that wasn’t due for about another week. It was as if a itch had appeared in her centre of her brain and she was totally unable to scratch it.

She sitting back in the chair she ran her hand lightly over the heater. The heat was at least getting bearable again as the early days of October came in but during the summer months it had been oppressive and yet she always sat in the same seat. If asked she would make up a story about bad circulation but had her doubts if anyone believed her but no one else wanted the seat so it was more or less always hers.

Her choice of seats had, of course, nothing to do with her supposed bad health and more to do with the location of the occult section which had been build up over years by Dora the old head Liberian who had died last month and been replaced by Sarah Winters a retired school teacher from two towns over. An ardent Christian rumours had begun to spread that she had in fact been f***ed out of her teaching position after refusing to teach Darwin. Nobody really knew and nobody had gotten to know her that well yet to find out. One thing Abergale did know was that she has started making changes to the library some of which were not welcome.

Since the new Liberian’s arrival Abergale had noticed that the occult section was getting smaller each time she visited the there. At first it was just the more popular titles which Abergale had dismissed as basically useless but soon after she noticed that the older, out of print titles had also begun to disappear off the shelves until today when she came today and the section had disappeared completely.

Abergale went over to a pc and typing in several titles she knew were there last week the computer came back with a, “No Title Listed” message. Abergale then went to the old card index and confirmed that the titles were indeed in the catalogue. Going up to the help desk she had to wait behind an old lady who was taking out several books and was gossiping to the girl behind the counter about her neighbours and how several of their pets had gone missing in the last few days.
Abergale inched closer as she saw the old lady had finished her transaction but was still busy gossiping away.
“There’s something serious is in it. You mark my words” The old lady confided in a whispering tone to the young girl behind the counter and then leaning in she continued, “I’ve heard a dog has been found in the woods ripped to shreds. The poor little creature.” She said shaking her head and started walking toward the door, “There’s something in it, you mark my words.”

The librarian looked at Abergale and shrugging indicated towards the door that the old lady had just walked out,
“She lives alone so she likes a gossip.” She said by way of explanation, “How can I help you.”
Abergale moved closer to the desk,
“Can you tell me where the occult section had been moved to?”
“Oh that Section has been moved it’s now in the Mind, Body, Sprit section.”
“But that doesn’t make any sense; one has nothing to do with the other.”
“It was done on the instructions of the new Liberian.” the young girl answered.
Abergale walked over to the Mind, Body, Sprit section and could find none of the titles she was looking for. As she read the titles on the shelves her headache seemed to grow worse. She wasn’t sure why this was but bad self help books advising you on how to find your angel weren’t helping.

Abergale marched back to the help desk just getting there before another old lady with a huge pile of books. Handing in the old index cards she had found Abergale asked where she could find these titles.
The girl looked at the cards and typed the title into the computer.
“The computer hasn’t these titles listed.” She said looking at the computer.
“I know, “ Abergale said, “but the titles are there.” Indicating the index card.
The girl looked blankly at her.
“They were there last week.” She said trying to control the emotion in her voice.
“But the computer hasn’t the titles listed.” The girl repeated.
“I realise …” Abergale voice was easily the loudest thing in the library. She stopped and began again at a normal level.
“I realise” she said as calmly as she could manage, “that the computer says they’re not there,” Abergale said in an increasingly exasperated tone, “but you see they were here … last week.”

“Is there a problem here?”
Abergale looked around to see a tall woman standing behind her hands clasped under a large crucifix which hung around her neck. She looked down at her as if Abergale was something unpleasant she had found on the sole of her shoe.
“This lady is looking for these titles.” The girl behind the counter said handing the librarian the index cards.
The new Liberian took the cards and turning them over in her hands said, “This is the old index system. We don’t use these index cards anymore.”
“I understand that but the books should still be there, shouldn’t they?”
She looked at the titles for a seconds then back at Abergale nodding to herself, “Yes these books are now in the academic section of the library.”
“Where do I find the academic books then?”
“You have to apply for access to them in writing along with a letter of introduction from your university outlining your area of interest along with any papers you have written.” She smiled patronisingly at Abergale who looked at her stunned. “After that the library board will decide.”
“Who is on the library board?”
“Myself, Rev Jackson and Mr Wilson.”
Abergale winced, event the mention of the name Wilson seemed to make her headache worse,
“Mr Wilson?” she asked, “School Principal Wilson?”
The librarian nodded, “Yes indeed. You were expelled from his school weren’t you?”
Abergale sighed holding up her hand,
“it’s alright,” she said, “Don’t worry about the books.” And at that she collected her stuff and left dejected.

Abergale sat in a nearby café drinking a coffee. What the fuck. She thought to herself. It’s a public library. Why can’t a member of the public read books in a public library without a note of approval? She took another sip of coffee and tried to rub away the pain behind her eyes.
How am I going to read those books? Wilson is never going to give me approval for anything after expelling me, let alone the other two. She looked out the window at the gathering storm clouds which appeared almost totally black. She quickly finished off her coffee calculating that she should just make it home before it started to rain. Unfortunately she was wrong as she had just passed the library when the storm set in the strong gusts of wind sending sheets of rain over her.

At first she thought of going back into the library only noticing a new sign on the lawn as she approached it announcing a new prayer meeting would take place each after noon. She rolled her eye as she read the sign deciding not to go in after all.
“This may be more difficult than I thought.” She said to herself as she walked by the door. Already soaked. Abergale then remembered a short cut and ducked down the back of the library.
This should take at least five minutes off my trip, she though. However the high walls of the adjacent building formed a wind tunnel focusing the gusts almost blowing her off her feet on the slippery concrete. Taking shelter between the back door of the library a skip the large drops of rain soaked quickly into her fleece jacket till it was soaked.

A strong gust of wind blew her into the wall at the same time blowing open the lid of the skip which narrowly missed her head. Another gust of wind blew a book from the skip straight at her hitting her in the face and then landing in a puddle by her feet.
“Fuck it.” Abergale shouted holding her hand up to her face her nose was bleeding heavily, “Dam it.” Abergale took a paper tissue out of her pocket and tried to stop the bl**d.

Looking down at the book Abergale picked it up she Read the title.
“What the hell?” Abergale reread the title page, there was no mistake it was one of the titles she had asked for but was told was in the “Academic Section“ of the library. Holding the book with one hand and the tissue up to her nose with the other she went up on her toes looking in the skip as best she could only to find a number of old looking books in there waiting for the garbage truck. She was just about to have a better look through them when she heard the door begin to open behind her. She immediately shoved the book she had into her bag and walked quickly down into the alley and towards her home before the door could open fully.

By the time she reached home she was soaked to the skin, had a pounding headache and shivering uncontrollably. Her body seemed to weigh twice as much as normal as she made her way to the stairs of her house to the bathroom where she pulled clinging wet clothes off her body till she was totally naked. Throwing them clothes directly into the bath abandoning them to drain as best they could. Pausing briefly to examine her bl**dy nose in the mirror she stepped into shower in attempt to remove the cold feeling that seemed to be coming from the base of her spine and spreading throughout her entire body. However no matter how long she stayed in the shower or how hot the water was nothing could shift the cold that had taken hold of her.

Stepping out of the shower Abergale towelled herself off as best she could and wrapped herself in a soft dressing gown shivering as she pulled the collar tightly around her neck. Her legs seemed oddly detached from her body as she made her way to the kitchen in order to prepare something to eat.
“Do you feed a cold or starve it?” She said to herself trying to decide which one she had as she was both running a fever and shivering with the cold. She decided to eat anyway as she hadn’t eaten all day. The food seemed totally tasteless and she left half of it on the plate. She decided to go to bed but only made it as far as the living room. Flopping into the sofa she lay there her arm over her eyes motionless her head feeling like someone was slowly filling it up with snot filled cotton wool After a while she leaned over drawing over her nearby back pack to her opening it. Taking out the book she had found in the skip out she lay back again and began to read.

Carefully and gently she opened the sodden pages of the book and began to read. As she read she found to her surprise that it was actually more a book on the local history of her town. However she had never even heard whispers about what was contained in its pages. She could see why the new librarian who was by any measure a devoted Christian wanted to get rid of this book.

It described a very active occult community which had thrived in her town in the early 1900’s and had been practiced by most of the leading families of the town. It described how regular meetings had been held in “Hangmans Wood” and how they had only stopped when the building had been burned down in mysterious circumstances after a week of demonic rituals culminating in an attempt to summon Satan. Abergale reread the passage. She was amazed to find that it was the ritual she had tried a few weeks ago.
Abergale placed the book on her chest its wet open pages pressing down onto her chest
“Hangman’s wood?” Abergale repeated to herself and closing her eyes she rested her head against a pillow. All the energy in her body seemed ebbed away as her temperature rose higher and higher her face was now almost burning. She wanted to get up and go to bed but she just didn’t have the energy.
“Hangman’s wood.” She repeated lacking the energy even to open her eye as she drifted off to sl**p.
“Must be Hanging Wood?” She thought to herself, “No one ever goes there now.”

A strong gust of wind blew inexplicably over Abergale. Confused she opened her eyes thinking she must have left the window of the living room open only to find that she was standing alone in an Autumnal wood. Trying to find her bearings she looked up at the yellow brown toxic looking clouds which flew past the bare branches of the surrounding trees faster than she ever seen them do before. Naked apart from her dressing gown Abergale was still holding onto the old book she had been reading in her living room. Utterly confused she started to walk in an attempt to find something familiar.

As she walked the wood seemed to grow thicker leading her in the direction of the older part of the wood. Finally she came to a fallen tree teetering on the precise of a steep incline. Walking up to the edge she carefully looked into the pit below at the bottom of which was a black pool of still inky water out of which reached the skeletal branches of dead trees which moved in the breeze as if they were clawing at the air in a vain attempt to drag themselves out of the quagmire.

Turning away from the pit a gust of wind hit her opening her dressing gown exposing her naked body beneath, the fallen leaves lashing against her naked body scratching her flesh. The inexplicably warm breeze moved over her caressing her breasts and between her legs like countless invisible hands causing her to gasp at the unexpected feelings it aroused in her.

Another gust of wind blew hard over Abergale, the material of the dressing gown opening up completely acting as a sail pulling her towards the precipice. Unable to resist the pressure of the wind against her she adjusted her footing to try and stop falling down the incline Swivelling around as quickly as she could she pushed back against the wind fighting the elements that seemed to be edging her inexorably towards the menacing incline.

Another gust of wind saw her pushed just over the edge of the drop. Losing her footing she instinctively grabbed at the tree stopping her fall letting the book disappear into the pit below. Desperately scrambling to get back on solid ground she climbed over the top of the ditch to safety. Exhausted by her exertion she leaned up against the tree resting her arm again the exposed roots moving away immediately as she realised she had unbalanced the tree. However inexplicably the sleeve of her dressing gown had somehow become entangled in the exposed roots of the tree. Tugging sharply at the tree to disentangle herself from it her heart started to race as the tree begin to move gently but inexorably over the top of the slope.

In desperation Abergale pulled hard against the woody fingers of the trees exposed roots in order to rip herself free. Each attempt to release herself however only served to sap her strength and increase the speed the trees decent. Inch by inch the tree moved towards the edge dragging her with it. Finally the tree reached its tipping point and disappear over the edge. Abergale dug her heels deep in the earth and pulled back with all the strength she could muster but it was has no effect at all and Abergale was thrown over the precipice and down the slop to the pit below.

Abergale came too completely naked her dressing gown having been ripped off her as she fell. She lay almost totally covered in the dirty, cold, black swampy water which had pooled at the bottom of the incline. The whole place reeked of rotting vegetation and the putrid, rotting flesh of any unfortunate a****l which had fallen into this stinking pit. Still groggy from the fall Abergale looked around seeing the remains of large dog which had been ripped apart by something.
I must be in at Hanging Hill, she thought, where that old lady said the pets had diapered to.

Slowly she tried to get up however as she put pressure on her her hands and feet they only sunk deeper into the thick black mud which seemed to be all around her. She tried to move again but the suction of the mud made it impossible to move her limbs. It seemed that the more she tried to extract herself she only succeeded in covering her naked body in the thick cold slime. Abergals frozen fingers and toes slipped through the goo unable to find anything solid to push against in her attempt to make it to more solid ground.

Again and again she fell into the slimy filth that now seemed cover almost every inch of her body reaching into every crevice and matting her hair. The muscles in her body strained against the exertions of straining against the mud as it held her downwards. The more she struggled the deeper she sunk into the it and the deeper she sank the faster it seemed to leeched any body heat she had left until she could hardly feel her extremities. Finally she gave up and lay completely immobile stuck in the icy clinging grip of the surrounding mire.

Suddenly a look of terror shot across Abergales face. If it were possible her situation had just gotten worse. She began to struggle once again trying desperately to extract herself from the icy creamy goop her panic fuelling her exertions. She was sure she had felt something moving in the mud, by her feet. There, she felt it again, something unidentified slithering around each of her feet. Unable to move she lay there nauseous with fear as she felt it slither its way inch by inch up her legs, drawing them apart.

Something moved under the water making its way towards her pussy as another slithered between her ass cheeks finding her asshole and slowly pushing in. Abergale screamed her and in her panic tried once again to pull her arms free of the mud to extract whatever was penetrating her ass. She then became aware of another set of tentacles slither their way around her arms twisting up over her shoulders and circling her tits squeezing them hard. She tried to turn away but the creature held her in place flicking the end of a tentacle against her nipples making her cry out. At the same time another tentacle swam its way up to her cunt where it slowly began working its way into her wriggling from side to side as it did so. Despite the nausea and disgust she felt Abergale cried out in pleasure as she felt the tentacle squirm its way deep into her gliding past her g-spot, filling her. Held in place by the mud and the tentacles of this unknown creature she lay back helplessly as the both her holds were explored fully. Despite herself her body started to respond as the two moved in and out of her body her cunt starting to produce its heavy lubricating secretion. More and more tentacles emerged from the thick filth surrounding her and like thousand hands they started to lift her out of the water while holding her limbs firmly in place.

Again and again she tried to fight against their grip but to no avail and as the creature pushed deeper into her ass and cunt she was sure that she would soon burst. However she could only struggle for so long until finally her muscles gave out and she fell back helplessly accepting her powerlessness and waiting, her body open to whatever would come next. The tentacles seemed to be constantly moving, wriggling and writhing all over her, deep inside her, expanding and contracting getting deeper into her holes than anyone had managed to before finding sources of pleasure she had been totally ignorant to before. The tentacles doing things to her body that she would never admit to anyone were pleasurable in the dirtiest sickest way. The tentacles then started to exude a tepid slim that lubricated her helping them to push deeper into her. Despite her initial disgust at the slim as it slowly covered her loved the warmth it gave her as it oozed over her covering every inch of her.

As the warmth began to permeate her and residual tension she felt started to leave allowing her body to respond naturally to the tentacles that were expertly teasing the deepest parts of her. Abergale began to moan in pleasure as the tentacle started to spin in her first one way, then the other. Very quickly she could feel a sensation start to grown deep in her. u*********sly she began to writhe about in the warm slime enjoying the sensation as the thick goo squelched under her squirming limbs.

The added lubrication allowed her to twist her right wrist free of the grasping tentacle then shortly after her left. Almost without thinking she sat up putting as much weight as she could onto her ass allowing the tentacle in deeper. Then spreading her legs as wide as they would go she grabbed the tendril had worked its way into her cunt with both hand but instead of pulling it out she began to push it in as hard as she could. Then started to fuck herself with it as hard as she could she started to scream in pleasure as a combination of tendril slime and cunt juice squelched out from between her pussy lips.

After a few seconds she started making a deep growling sound unlike anything she had ever heard a human make before. The part of her brain that was totally a****l and bestial took over her mouth hanging open as she began to drool her hair matted and stuck to her face with a combination of mud, slime and drool. Finally, physically unable to continue, she fell back into the pool of slime and her own filth it covering her face. Getting into her eye it blinding her as an orgasm exploded all over her body. Abergale still deep in the slime involuntarily took a breath the gunk going up her nose and down her throat giving her a momentary sensation of drowning which only served to add to the orgasm that was washing over her body it jerking violently and uncontrollably under it power.

Abergale eyes opened wide screaming loudly the sound filling the small space of her living room which slowly coming into focus before her eyes. Another wave of her orgasm hit her hard, a continuation from her orgasm from her fever dream. Every muscle in her body contracted hard causing her to sit bolt upright sending the old book straight the floor. Her face becoming bright red as she moaned loudly her teeth clenched tightly. Unable to control her body she started to piss. Again another contraction hit her this time a thick slim squirted out of her cunt and down her legs. Abergale then fell back onto her sofa lying in her own filth. Finally after a few minutes she got up and stripping her dressing down off her and wiping the thick squirt from between her legs as best she could she walked naked slowly to her bed room collapsing face down into her bed. Exhausted she fell into a deep sl**p as the last waves of orgasm swept over her causing the final globs of the squirt to gently ooze out of her dripping cunt as she slept.

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